Millennials Among The Ruins Out Now

January 31, 2019

“Nick, weren’t there four guys taking up your Winter Memoir Challenge?” asked some lad I don’t know in the comments. What fortuitous timing because I had just received the email from one of the four announcing he has pulled the trigger on publishing his first memoir.

So, with Thomas Crown having made a strong statement of intent with his memoir before Christmas, it is the turn of Oswald Kuragin to throw down the gauntlet with Millennials Among The Ruins….


You want squalor? You want Bottom World? You want to see a man mired in a world of alcohol abuse, strip-clubs, and liberal arts student go onto a long journey of Game and self-development? Well, let’s hear how Kuragin describes his memoir:

In this horrific and depressing tale, Ozz presents us with his descent into the dark depths of Edinburgh’s underbelly: the goth subculture, Pick-Up Artistry and long, freezing cold nights of excess and self-indulgence. The Twenty-First Century has never looked bleaker.

I was fortunate to receive the first draft of this last autumn and found it a good solid read. It differs from the usual daygame memoir because though Kuragin is an actual on-the-street-doing-his-sets daygamer, his book is written to cover the full panorama of squalor of which daygame is but a piece. Right from the beginning I was regaled with stories of closet homosexuals running dating skills meet-ups, of drunken strip club addicts, and of insufferably pretentious art-cafe students.

This is a proper 372-page book available now in paperback on Lulu and on Kindle at Amazon. We are lucky to have a new crop of memoirs coming through from a new bunch of writers. Let’s encourage this creative output and reward the writers for giving us another real-life document and another view on the avant-garde lifestyle we all swear allegiance to.



  1. Consider it bought.

    That line ‘it’s easy, just lower your standards’, is already interesting for me.

  2. Mah nigga Nick!

  3. Also, on the subject of memories – my mate from back in the day when I still lived in the UK who ran the Scottish forum (‘Scotlair’) wrote his own story about his pickup journey a couple years ago: titled ‘One Saturday Night’. An older guy based out of Aberdeen, tackling both the day and night scene. May be of interest to some of the over 40s guys here.

    Obvious plug cos he’s my pal, but it is genuinely a good read:

  4. Nick, any plans for a color Daygame Nitro v3, with the old parts updated, and maybe the layout made similar to Mastery?

    Maybe including it a kind of weekly missions, what to work on each week for a specific number of sets until a 1000 sets and being ready for Mastery?

    I reckon so many people would need that ramp to get to Mastery, so also great for you because when they graduate to Mastery level, they become buyers of that and then Infinite. But mostly, it’s needed in the community. Explaining all the basics of game that Mastery assumes are already known. [I’d like to redo Nitro but there are five books ahead of it in the queue. K.]

  5. Hmm is this the same Ozz that was on Torero’s documentary?

  6. please consider publishing an audio version! memoirs like this are made for narration.

  7. Hi Nick, is deplorable cad not on Amazon? I have Amazon Prime subscription and would have received it same day (and read it no doubt!) now I’m waiting just under a week for it 😕 [Amazon links to the Ingram publisher page, so it’s the same paper versions that I sell directly, except Amazon take a big % as distributor. It’s still Print On Demand, hence the slow speed. K.]

    • My my ignore my tosh Nick. I’m few hundred pages in and I tell you I knew something was cooking in the London daygame scene! I wasn’t expecting it to be so big! 99.9% of men would fold like a cheap tent at the players journey. Will give a proper review it due course. [I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the book. K.]

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