Demolition Lovers Out Now

November 28, 2018

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Regular readers who are not suffering from pre-senile dementia will remember around this time last year when I announced my Winter Memoir Challenge. Not to put too fine a point on it, I wanted some daygame memoirs to read and thus tried to cajole people into writing them. I’m very pleased to say that four worthies stepped up to the plate and completed serious first drafts that I test-read.

The first of them, after twelve months of polishing and editing, is now officially released, and by golly it looks rather good doesn’t it?


Yes, rising star in the London Daygame world [1] Thomas Crown has just released Demolition Lovers, a memoir of his 2016/17 period of daygame carnage. Those of you who read his rather excellent blog [2] will know he’s a capable writer and good communicator [3]. I can personally vouch for the extreme care Thomas has lavished on this book, having read three different drafts as the memoir took shape over the past twelve months. It’s not a rush job at all.

I’ll review it properly at a later date, but I want to get a paper copy to read at my leisure when I’m back in Newcastle for Christmas. For now, I’m just fulfilling my promise of announcing its existence to my readership.

Go here to purchase your own copy. If you’d like to leave your thoughts on the book in the comments here, please do. Let’s try and get a little buzz around the book. In our little daygame corner of the internet, there are very few good books released. Let’s celebrate when one comes out [4]

I shall forgo the usual opportunity to pimp my own memoirs in italics, so go have a look at Demolition Lovers before an irate boyfriend murders the author in revenge for shagging his bird.


The interior, yesterday

[1] That’s five pounds you owe me, Tom.
[2] Make it a tenner.
[3] Fifteen.
[4] Call it a round twenty.


  1. Well done Thomas. I’ll buy it right away. I’ll also review it here, for the purpose of buzz.

    As for my book. Sorry for the delay (If anyone is asking). Been quite busy this year. Recommencing work next year. [My promise still holds, so update me when you’ve got something to show me. K.]

    • Here is my review of Demolition Lovers.

      I could not help but compare this book to my own experience. The main difference between me and Thomas Crown is that he started game with a decent sexual market value, getting lays early on. This meant that while I learned more about the beginning parts of the model, like approach anxiety and getting over rejection, he would learn the later parts better like escalation, female nature and so on. So this book is a good example of that experience.

      What I wanted to see from this book were new ideas that push the level of game as a whole. Someone who has their own style. Thomas has good entitlement. There is one new idea that I like a lot and will use. The early frame announcement. Setting the frame of the relationship right after sex. Not sure if people have said this before but I learned it and could read the stories seeing it at work. It is more tangible upon reading this book.

      I think that to really enjoy this book you have to be obsessed about Daygame like Thomas is, so that you will want to read every bit about all of the lays. Otherwise it can get repetitive. But it’s always the hardcore people in the community that get the community to where it is.

  2. While I’m ordering at Lulu, what other Lulu books should I buy to offset the cost of shipping?

    I’ve already got Bodi’s and K’s books and Alex Forrest’s book. But I seem to recall at least one other Lulu book recommended here that I’ve forgotten the name/author of. Thanks. [If you like fiction, you could try one of Torero’s memoirs. K.]

  3. Krauser, maybe a way to encourage people to write memoirs is answering this simple question: What sells more, your textbooks or your memoirs? Because if Memoirs don’t sell that much, and are more of a “vanity project,” then it’s understandable that not many people would be doing it. But if it sells as well as any other product, then more people would be willing to give it a try. [Nobody should write a memoir for money. There isn’t any. K.]

  4. Hahaha at the Torero comment

  5. Ordered my copy – look forward to reading

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