The Winter Memoir Challenge

December 2, 2017

It’s bloody cold isn’t it? The last two days I’ve been staring out my window watching constant snowfall, the kind that lies and blankets the ground. It’s been a veritable winter wonderland round my way. What is there to do in such times, when going outside is foolhardy? [1] My own plan is to crack on with volume three of my memoir, provisionally titled Younger Hotter Tighter [2]


Like this, but drop a few points

But why should such fun be limited to me?

In my last post I did a first impressions of Alex Shrub’s Thicket’s Jungle’s Forrest’s daygame memoir. I’ve since finished the book and rather enjoyed it [3]. I wasn’t joking when I mentioned in the comments to that post that I wish their were more such memoirs [4]. Considering how many man-hours are invested in this wild seducer’s ride across the globe and how many amazing stories there are to tell, there are precious few books about it [5]. Frankly, the daygame community is under-served for good books [6]

Surely somebody somewhere has been daygaming a while, has a story to tell, and has been thinking about writing it down. Allow me to encourage you with the Winter Memoir Challenge.

You’ve got three months ahead where the daygame is shit. You’ve got this season’s stories fresh in your mind, and the background context of how you got into this game in the first place. You have Print-On-Demand publishers where it costs literally nothing to get your book into print. You have where people will design book covers from $5 a book.

There is nothing stopping you from writing a memoir.

And here’s the other thing – it doesn’t matter if it turns out to be a bit shit. You can always just give it away on PDF if you really feel bad charging money for it. C’mon, tell your story! Get it down into posterity. Let the feverish hordes of your fellow daygamers who are thirsty for action have some fresh meat to sink their teeth into. It doesn’t need to be a classic [7]

I’ll do my bit. Here’s my proposition…… I hereby solemnly swear to…..

  • Read your draft and give some feedback
  • Advise you on the details of finalising and publishing a book
  • Announce your book’s existence on my blog when it’s done

All you have to do is open your laptop and type up all those stories you’ve already told your mates in the pub. Add a little context. Ruminate a little on what it all means. And then when you hit 50,000 words (the lower limit for being a real book) let me see it.

I have no idea if there’s any real interest in any of you writing such a book, but if so talk a little about it in the comments here. Tell me what’s holding you back. Pitch a theme or a hook [8]. If there’s enough real interest I’ll do a post giving more precise advise to a would-be writer.

ANNOUNCEMENT – And in other news, I’ve confirmed with Eddie of Street Attraction that we’ll be doing a joint event in London on Saturday, December 16th. Go here for the sign-up. I’m there for a book launch and I’ll be talking through the concepts in Daygame Infinite. I may also take pre-orders on the blog beforehand so copies can be handed out at the event [9]. I’ll have another post up once the book arrives so you can all see it. Details will be in there.

[1] Aside from play video games, of course.
[2] This will complete the quadrilogy and may also be the final Game book I ever write. It all depends how I feel next year after having finally cleared my 2014 grand project.
[3] My favourite lines being, “So I struck out on my own path. I decided to ‘go solo’. I was a wolf, not a lamb. A lone wolf, just like the sinister reprobate Nick Krauser, the notorious daygamer with unsavoury views whom every man admired and respected but disliked.”
[4] This was before all the ‘tards came in and shifted the conversation entirely away from Alex’s book, doing him rather a disservice I think. It could’ve been a fun discussion on the topic of memoirs and his journey.
[5] I’ve been pestering Roy Walker for a memoir as he has perhaps the funniest stories. I suggest you all pester him too and maybe it’ll happen.
[6] And no, that’s not dissing some of my fellow-traveller’s work. Even including these within the ‘good books’ population, there’s still not many. You could read everything within a couple of months easily.
[7] That territory is already occupied by Balls Deep, Deplorable Cad and Adventure Sex.
[8] Most first memoirs follow the zero-to-hero template of the monomyth. This is fine, but it would be nice to have more variety.
[9] Signed, if you really want it. It depends on how the colour test print looks like that I’m currently waiting to be delivered. The timing is a bit tight.


  1. I get the sense that you always want to control others Nick (which is a good trait with girls but no so much with readers) and this is you way of saying you will be the head of the community. Same with the critiquing of others videos and being the self appointed judge of pickup morality. I don’t mean this as a diss. It’s just a dark triad observation which I guess makes you good with girls as control is what they want. Just makes me bristle. [That is a diss. You’re saying that I do not help people without trying to control them. If I dragged you out of a burning building you’d say “you only did that so I’d feel obligated to you”. I suspect you’re projecting your own selfishness here. Are you also suggesting I shouldn’t critique videos that people link and ask me to critique? Are you suggesting I should let the scammers and vermin in the PUA industry continue to defraud vulnerable customers? Are you advocating a PUA world where anyone can do anything and no-one is allowed to judge them? Don’t be passive-aggressive. Tell me what you actually think. Make some clear statements about what someone in my position should be doing in these situations. K.]

    • Ok if you want me to hold your feet to the fire directly I will (I refrained from doing so because I thought you’d delete the comment). You are such a harsh judge of others from a lofty moral high ground when those who have followed you over the years are well aware of your failings (as well as many positives). You have driven away wings from your domineering value tapping behaviour (my current housemate lived with you in Hampstead). You have been criticised for your pseudo rock band scam which you have never explained. You seem to have bled Bodi dry to the point of ruin and hijacked Steve Jabba for all his worth. Your view and treatment of your readers and customers is one of utter distain. I could go on and on but you get the idea. Why play the role of pickup policeman rather than taking a long hard look in the mirror. If you’re going to grill others then you’ve got to be able to take it too. [Pure fantasy. I have a ton of wings. Rock band is not a scam and I’m totally upfront with the people I tell about it but it’s none of your business. Bodi is a shameless ingrate who took years of help and then had the gall to write a book accusing me of being the cunt, which despite that I still promoted it and to this day recommend it to readers. Jabba value-tapped me hard. You also completely avoided the question. You’re a prick who just wants to believe the worst rumours about me for whatever reasons motivate you. Most of my readers like me and I try hard to deliver them value. I have contempt and disdain for people like you who are snipey, passive-aggressive, completely lacking in judgement, and rumour-mongers. Bye. K.]

      • I think Dean is obviously bothered about another man having attained genuine authority in a field through individual achievement. He just can’t stand to see another man have power, even if it’s earned. Might sound like I’m kissing Krauser’s ass, but the guy has obviously worked hard at this and he’s providing massive value to others in a bunch of different ways. Dean is like Ellsworth Toohey in The Fountainhead, seeking to tear down successful individuals with strong frame. Don’t be like Dean.

    • Dean… you make this claim on a post where Krauser is literally encouraging other men to share their own tales (which is agency and independence to the max). He’s pointing to the resources. He’s fucking volunteering to help.

      (All of which is almost a metaphor for the larger project of him SHARING EVERYTHING on the path… which how many guys have benefitted from?)

      And Big Dean is like… “See! What a taker!” Lol.

      You’re doing something here… and I think Krauser’s encouragement itself is what set you off. There is something going on for Dean here. [Dean has a lot of inner game work to do. Hopefully he does it before commenting again. His leftism, bitchiness, and self-absorption make me suspect he’s gamma. If that’s true he’ll react in one of two ways: 1. A long pedantic “rebuttal” of me, aimed at giving me a thorough public “dressing down” that makes every reader wince, or 2. Silence for a while then coming back as if nothing ever happened. K.]

      • Naah.. C’mon Nash!

        If only Krauser’s Twitter account hasn’t been suspended, I’m sure he’s the main proponent of #SoyStreamTwitter bringing his integrity behind Rollo’s back and not to diss him instead!

        You on another side become full of soy and hypocrite. [It seems Moroccans only know how to bitch or blow themselves up in airports. K.]

  2. All this gossip is womanly and time wasting. Lets get back to game theory and techniques. Starting to sound like a female social club on here. [Agreed. This post is trying to get more books written. I couldn’t let a concern troll go without unmasking him, though. K.]

  3. This community is a complex one.

    I think it’s forgotten that the vast majority of guys (successful and unsuccessful ones ) involved in this are gamma by nature. [Agreed. K.]

    • I think it’s forgotten that successful pickup artists automatically have big egos, delusions of self grandeur, dark triad traits, are natural grifters, hustlers etc. To be morally outraged that a cad is a floozy is like being shocked that a magician is good with sleight of hand. C’mon chaps, let’s stop the he-said-she-said tittle tattle as TheDonald said which is really just virtue signalling.

  4. Does value-tapped mean taken advantage of?
    Cause I have heard jabba is like that tbh.😁

  5. Nick, for the people in the US/Canada/Continental Europe who can not go to London you should record the lecture. I would be more than happy to pay some money to watch it on the Internet. [My current plan is to put the talk on youtube K.]

  6. Really looking forward to this event and the book. My Nan has been asking me to find something for her to “gift” me for Xmas.

    You have inspired me to start a players journey blog Nick, unfortunately I am many years off of a memoir but I hope someone takes you up on your generous offer.

  7. It just so happens I’ll be going through London and staying overnight on my way back to the US that day. If I can get the timing down I’ll try to be there, especially if the book is available.

  8. I love all the concern trolls coming out the last few posts. Hilarious. Like a liberal leftist infestation from out of nowhere.

    Biggest thing in common here I see from them is complete denial of reality and weak, feeble attempts to — for whatever reason — shit on K’s parade.

    Except he’s just posting in his regular style, which is refreshingly candid and I bet what attracts the majority of normal, strong minded commentators who see the world as it really is and break from the PC bullshit infiltrating our world. The weirdo passive aggressive whiny woe-is-me Krauser-why-are-you-so-harsh-my-feelings-hurt guys are a grand joke.

    Tbh I enjoy their posts because they’re such a debacle. Breakdown in regular thinking.

    > brb let’s all fly on white winged unicorns pissing out rainbows and wave the lgbtq flag hoping it will get us laid

    (my fucking county just gave $145 million to that group, after our PM cried giving them all a grand old fucking apology. 2018 and the start of my eurojaunt season can’t come soon enough…)

    • Agreed! I hate all the PC brigade and fun police lecturing on here. I like my pickup “gurus” to have a dark side. It’s pickup FFS! I don’t read PUA blogs for squeaky clean sermons or squares wagging their finger at me. Have people forgotten that game is about sex? This is meant to be rock and roll not a Christian bible study.

  9. This is a good post and quite a generous offer from K. Hope someone does take him up on it.

    I’ve been writing books (real books, fiction books) since 2011 and the success of my publishing company let me retire last year. Writing is fantastic fun when you have a story to tell, but for somebody just starting out it’s both intimidating and lonely. Having someone like K in your corner giving feedback and advice (we all know how detail oriented he is) would take a lot of the monotony and isolation out of the process.

    Really do urge a daygamer or two take him up on the deal. It’s a great one you really can’t find anywhere else.

  10. You do seem like a fanboy but well done on the retirement and good luck with the euro jaunt!

  11. Ticket bought, looking forward to it.

    And the challenge, hmm, that’s got me thinking. I’ve written lay reports from Daygame T0; ranging from initial 1500 word pieces to my current ~4000 word behemoths with full analysis. I could pull those together and then intersperse those chapters with the ongoing story of my inner game progression. The lay reports being the comic relief from a pseudo-intellectually heavy IG monomyth. How does that sound? [Sounds good. Get cracking! You’ll “find” the book during the writing of it. K.]

  12. I am not really a day gamer, but I used all the advice and wisdom published on this site.

    In short my story goes like this.
    After 35 years of being a guy who dreams about love and feels bad about himself for desiring women I found “The Game” of Strauss and then Krauser and other PUA blogs.
    In Feb 2016 I left home and started to travel on the bicycle from Ushuaia in Argentina to Alaska. After 9 months on the road I reached Bolivian capital of La Paz where I started to work in one of the party hostel there as an Event Manager. This is where everything changed for me. In 14 weeks working as a bartender I slept with 14 different women. All of them were young or very young. The oldest one was 26 and the youngest was …( in some countries it wouldn’t be allowed as she told me after sex ). After 3 months of working there I left the bar as I didn’t want to live my life only to drink, party and have sex. Experience was amazing and some situations were simply hilarious. The process of leading women to have sex with them was more than amazing. Some situations also: like one French girl who fucked me one night only to tell me on the other night that she wants to have fun to fuck a guy who worked for me in the bar. This guy wasn’t even trying to fuck her. She simply fucked him :). She looked like an angel and this was pretty shocking to my previous self. But there was more…..much more 😉

    It wasn’t like those girls were jumping to my bed. I still had to have a game, but my event manager status was helping a lot. This completely changed my perspective on everything related to women and sex and it also proved many things which are shared on this blog.

    I hesitate to write about this because I don’t want to be publicly shamed. I run my own blog under my real name so I write a book it is going to be also under my name. [Sounds great. I’m not sure I understand. Are you planning to write your story? K.]

    • Yes. I want to write my story. I am not sure how deep I want to write about it. I can start from sick Polish mentality about sex and how I was raised or only describe my sexual story in La Paz and other places I have been. Cordoba in Argentina, Mancora and Truillo in Peru, Santiago in Chile and now Medellin. In each and every city something happened and I guess it would be good to describe it all. [Start by writing the sections you’re most enthusiastic to write about, to get something on paper. Then fill in the other sections. K.]


    these comments on the last couple of posts have almost gone off the rails! Nick should be commended, imo, for giving some of these dipshits the column inches (and the responses) and not smashing them with the deserved ban hammer

    the posters on here badmouthing nick for various reasons need to go back to the start and read the fucking site. and then come back and thank nick for the value provided and the lessons learned.

    as for a memoir … i have a bunch of lay and field reports archived, as well as a bunch more memories i didn’t write down. i could probably compile them into a decent narrative but it does feel a bit like ego stroking or showing off, or approval seeking, which is why i stopped writing reports … it would be something though, didn’t know it was that cheap and easy to get a book in print [Every single writer is motivated partially by ego stroking, so discount it imo. Try to be humble and talk about your faults too, then the book won’t come off as just a victory lap. I suggest you start assembling the book and see how it looks. You’ll probably find that once things are slotting in, you’ll find a good message you like writing about and the book will take shape. People can learn from your experiences so you’ll be adding value to the world. K.]

    i was researching the KEEP CALM AND ..,. meme last night, going down the rabbit hole … it was a propaganda failure during WWII so not widely circulated – the general public found them to be patronizing.
    this one also never made it into circulation. i think its more appropriate for our modern UK:

  14. I would love to throw my hat in but my daygame is as consistent as Theo Walcott in an Arsenal shirt. Make no mistake though i’ve been through hell and back in this rough journey. [And that’s why it could be a compelling story. Alex and Bodi’s books have only a few lays apiece but they are still interesting. 90% of the daygame audience are guys who are struggling. A book showing how you struggle and persist will be inspiring and helpful to them. K.]

  15. I am writing an autobiographical novel detailing my life over the past few years.

    It is not solely dedicated to daygame but there is a lot of daygame in it.

    I will focus far more on the hilarious failures I’ve experienced during my journey rather than the successes.

    I believe readers will be able to relate to my struggles and catastrophes throughout my journey, such as me stumbling awkwardly through dates, walking around the streets for two hours and not doing a single approach and getting stopped by the police in set. (I didn’t get arrested, thank God)

    I am currently at 56,000 words but I am not even half way through yet. I’m aiming for a late 2018 release.

    Some advice on finalising and publishing the book as well as a plug on this site would be greatly appreciated. [Sounds good. Let me know when you want me to have a look at it. K.]

  16. Sounds like a very cool idea, not only for the final audience, the readers, but even more for the aspiring writers. The World is hungry for real life stories and perhaps a new Bukowski is yet to be discovered.

    I have a few of them but sadly the best ones are not from Daygame proper.

    As a general advice for those who are working on their memoirs now, people love struggling and drama more than anything else.

    For example, I dated a lingerie model girlfriend (Intimissimi, etc) for a year and a half…And I’ve been behind bars too. Guess what raises interest and questions the most [Sounds like you should write it, daygame or not. K.]

  17. Hey Krauser, thanks for this!

    I already wrote a book but it’s a day game instruction manual (obviously with my own ideas and credited ideas for the others)

    Would you prefer a memoir with our personal journey and experiences rather then a teaching manual. [Good luck with the manual. My offer is only for memoirs. If that kind of project interests you, I suggest you write the kind of book you’d like to read and then it’ll naturally express your narrative voice. If you go ahead, let me know and I’ll pitch in. K.]

  18. Hey Nick, (writerly rub n tug) I wrote a memoir about game called A Thousand Tiny Failures. The bitch took me almost two years to finish and publish. It’s been reviewed by a few industry peeps but is mostly ignored cause I suck at self promotion, or the book sucks. Matt Forney shit on it, but Tenmagnet loved it.

    It has lots of sex and violence and cheap laughs. It covers a few years I spent learning game in Montreal back in 2007, and I basically ripped off Charles Bukowski. I tried to make it the Catcher in The Rye of cads. I think you’d like it. Sent you a copy on Facebook. Here’s the link.

    I’d be stoked if you read it, since your blog has helped me pass many hours.

    I also have infield vids and a million words of blog posts and all that.


  19. My goodness I’m in a central european city & nearly ALL my sets are hooking but are turning down the close. I usually filter out all the time wasters with me being an ethnic minority and all back in London. I know the solution is to be more sexual but there’s a fine line between being a sexual threat and being a sex-pest. Anyone with friendly suggestions?

    • Oh shit, my luck is changing. Man this game is so volatile 😂

      • “The strength of your reality should overcome with your presence and outcome independence any limiting beliefs that are using force rather than power to transfer your state of self amusement to all sets on the whole street so they open up like moses parting the sea of chodes” – Tyler 😂😂😂

  20. Hey K,

    What do you think of this? [I’m sick of RSD and sick of former RSD coaches who get fired, then release videos about how pickup “really is” now they no longer have to tow the RSD line. They are all shills. Fuck those guys. From now on, linking anything RSD or former-RSD is banned. Jesus, can’t you people spot a bullshitter when you see one? K.]

    • The link to this video was still available in the email notification.

      there was a lot of weirdness with RSD from what I know previously, bit this guy makes lots of good points . It is the guys who have been through the process, the pioneers, who are now advocating working on yourself forget about pick up work on yourself and the girls will come to you.
      but that advice doesn’t work for younger guys they still need the training wheels they still need the roadmap they still need to be told what works with girls and why. [People who’ve gotten good at something often forget how they got good. If so, they make terrible coaches. K.]

  21. Nick. Have you read Adam Lyons’ PUA memoir ? There’s also a memoir called ” A Thousand Tiny Failures” by a Canadian daygamer called Tony D. It’s available on Kindle [Adam is a shameless liar. I’d believe a Hillary memoir before I’d believe his. I heard of the other one but never read it. K.]

    • All I know of Adam is seeing his vids on YouTube and hearing Craig Cassidy praise his skill. Can you give examples of major lies has Adam told in the past ? [You might want to ask Craig precisely what evidence he saw of Adam’s skills. I see a low-T bullshit artist who married a mediocre tart who shamelessly bilked him for money. You have to go way back for the AFC Adam story. Basically he told everyone he was a D&D boardgame nerd who used game to transform into a player who could use “entourage game” so he was walking into nightclubs with 20-50 girls at a time. Look it up. He put up some daygame videos doing shit “promoter closes” then tried to pass them off as real sets. The reality is before game he worked for a London marketing/PR company and he ALREADY had an “in” at all the clubs and a company backing because it was HIS JOB. He was already a motor-mouthed PR bullshitter BEFORE pickup. Also, I challenge you to find any photo evidence of him doing at all well with birds. This is the ONLY one I can find, where he’s clearly the “useful promoter” guy to a pack of mediocre birds. He’s now with these hatchet-faced trouts pushing his latest scam. Try to find ANY photo or video evidence of him with any hot girls who like him. Look at him talking in this video, when he was supposedly at his peak and ask yourself if he looks more like (i) a legit player hot girls would fancy or (ii) a snake oil seller who wouldn’t even be the best salesman in the Milton Keynes branch of Carphone Warehouse. For fucks sake, people, you’ll believe ANYTHING. K.]

  22. Vast majority of guys in game are not as good as they think they are though.
    If we’re talking about guys that genuinely get hot girls from game on a regular basis without putting in many approaches that figure would be tiny.
    The reality is that when you read ‘lay reports’ the guy writing it will always rate the girl as a 7 or above just to save face. They really mean she’s average and probably slutty but can’t say that as they’ve approached x amount of girls to get the lay so need to boost their own worth up a notch to feel it’s worth it.
    What about richard la ruina?
    Everyone sucks up to him and yet still no infields after all these years. I think I know how he gets girls and I’d hazard a guess ‘game’ is not what’s making the magic happen. [I agree but some guys are sincere but lacking a firm rating system. I know I was like that for a while, overrating girls but really believing the rating I gave them and then in hindsight realising I’d got it wrong. Other guys know they are overrating and doing it for other reasons, such as to sell an image. I met Richard and found him likeable in person. I’ve never seen any evidence he has pick-up skills. K.]

  23. Nick, where’s that article where you mention the video game Remember Me and you compare it to another one? I wanna read it again. I know how much you love video games [Google. K.]

  24. The only other decent game memoirs I read were from Roosh, which are very entertaining books, but not literary. I also like Jeffy’s Nine Ball, which is a fun read. and Sleazy has a book about night game which was alright though his game sucks in it; he gets like one bang as it’s his newbie stage. There’s “Around the World in 80 Girls” which isn’t really a game book as much as a travel memoir about banging foreign women, but still fun. Naughty Nomad has a pretty fun book too. I didn’t learn anything from any of those books, but they are fun to read. I call the “Pua Porn.” There are more but I have a hard time reading game books these days. But I still pop in to a few blogs, like yours.

    Personally I can’t really learn much about daygame at this point from anyone other than myself. But I still like to watch youtube vids by guys like Adrian Gee, Angry Picnic, and those clowny “prank” vid guys. I find them more entertaining than listening to some dude’s conversation for fifteen minutes before he gets a number. Why educational? They show what you can get away with. It’s also why I don’t hate much on guys for being “real” pua, or whatever. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. If they make something that inspires men towards redpill, to take action, then that’s a good thing. If a guy is dumb enough to give money to a scammer, then he’ll learn from that and grow anyway.

    I think you either have the “genetics” to be good at game, and you can learn it, or you have the “beta” genetics, and just won’t. Intelligent men who can dress well, hold eye contact, and form coherent sentences can learn a little push pull, and how to close. It’s really not rocket science. Mostly it’s about putting in the numbers and gaining reference experience. In my humble opinion. If you can embrace being a bad boy, you can do well. If you’re a Hillary supporting male feminist, good luck. You have a lot of reprogramming to do.

    That’s why I like memoirs in general. They’re more for inspiration than anything tactic wise. I’ve opened women with my ass, literally. Try walking into a group of girls ass first and saying “Oh sorry, my ass has a mind of its own.” If you’re confident the girl might find it funny. If she’s open to that sort of humour. Or she might think you’re a clown. It really depends what country, city, community and culture you game in. That and the luck that she’s single, or looking for a new dick, or she finds you attractive.

    Memoirs about game are inspirational porn for men. They’re the mirror of Fifty Shades of Grey. We love the hunt, the conquest, and the relief of tension. Every approach is it’s own little drama. [This was in the auto-spam queue. I’ve just found an unspammed it. K.]

  25. Krauser-rōshi,

    Your your offer generous. But I guess it’s a trap.

    What could a beginner to intermediate daygamer want more than getting approved or at least commented by the great K. AND having a good excuse to drop the grind in order to do some [armchair] desktop game?

    As compelling as your call is, I better get my ass in set and off the laptop.

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  32. I’ve been procrastinating to commit to this even though I have most of it written, but here is my official commitment. I’ll send you my first draft next month.

    It won’t be your typical zero to hero daygame memoir, I have one of those in me and may do it someday, but I feel I want to write something a bit different. It is a squalid and erotic sex fuelled travel of Thailand and how game made me realise I can get laid for free. I am letting loose the shadow Henry Miller esque. You will probably hate it, but I think you will like the title – White Man Privilege. [It’ll be an interesting counterpoint to Little Brown Sex Machines. Send it over when you’re ready for me to take a look. K.]

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