Too Late, Mate?

November 30, 2017

It’s funny how many things I learn about the world just by following back-links to my blog in the WordPress admin dashboard. Three weeks ago I saw a couple of hits from a blog called streetstories. What’s this? I ask myself. That sounds an awful lot like daygame. So I clicked it. I had a little perusal and yes, it’s another player’s journey blog. I seemed to vaguely recognise the guy who writes it, Alex.

Isn’t he that British guy living in Warsaw? Yep, I remember now. What’s that? He has a memoir out? Well, well, well. How interesting. I’m writing volume three of my memoir so I’m pretty interested in that kind of thing right now. I ordered a copy of Too Late, Mate? [1] and it arrived yesterday. I just got to page 42 (of 322) so here’s my impressions so far.


First impressions, yesterday

First thing that’s immediately apparent is that Alex cares about the book. It’s a big weighty tome that has been carefully written and clearly gone through planning, editing and multiple rewrites. It’s a real book. The first 42 pages flew by with very few clunky moments to break the narrative immersion. It flows nicely, and I’m a harsh judge of such things. But lets get to the content.

The main hook of the book is that Alex began his journey aged 46 after a fifteen year dry spell. Yes, I shit you not. That’s getting his last lay at 31 and then suffering grinding celibacy for as long as the New Labour government’s run in power. As you’d expect his pre-game story is one of grinding failure perhaps even exceeding Bodi’s in Death By A Thousand Sluts. It gives the book a self-effacing and genial tone as Alex writes in the same affable lovable-loser tone that characterised his early adult life.

Some of his recollections show serious psychological issues. Technically, the big one is his complete lack of sexual threat. He’d been brought up sackless and thus never escalated girls. Several times girls give him a chance only to eventually give up in disgust having endured months of intent-free gentlemanly dating. This comes down to a central identity problem – he wanted to be a gentleman. Consider:

“I reminded myself that I was a 46-year old lawyer with a strong social circle and a certain status, and a part of me, the old fashioned Victorian-era gentleman Dr. Watson, said, Mm! This is all a bit sketchy. These [PUAs] are not respectable individuals… Yad, for instance, seems like some unusual street animal” (page 41)

This is a similar issue I had, expressed in Balls Deep:

“Yes, I messed it up. Again, I just couldn’t find it within myself to escalate. All of my existing beliefs about myself, about women’s sexuality, about what is possible in dating were hamstringing me. There was a little voice telling me she was in a serious relationship and it would be rude for me to push towards sex. Perhaps even immoral. So she stood at the bar in hot pants and tight top, gazing into my eyes over the top of her drink while she got some “plausible deniability” alcohol into her system… and I just chatted. Didn’t even try to kiss her. She was doing everything she could to make me fuck her, and I just wouldn’t take control. This was the second chance she’d given me. Poor girl. And she was a stunner too. I was so frustrated with myself.” (page 127)

It’s easy to puff yourself up that you are “not that kind of man” and to hang on to your self-perceived high status as a man of respectability. In my case it was my academics and finance job, in Alex’s case his spirituality and lawyer job. It’s a front, part of a superiority complex, and neither of us really believed it. You can’t escalate girls if your identity believes you’re too gentlemanly to do that kind of thing.

There’s a refreshingly candid tone to Alex’s book. I can tell you from experience that it’s really tough to open yourself up in print and write humiliating stories of your own cringe-worthy behaviours. Most game memoirs are victory laps, trying to get the reader to agree that the author is awesome [2]. Like Bodi before him, Alex wants to tell the story as it happened and give you a window into what he really thought. I admire that.

Believe me, Alex was as gamma as they come. That makes this kind of thoughtful and unflattering self-reflection particularly difficult [3]. Here’s an example:

“[I] deliberately failed my A-Levels by sheer intellectual arrogance; being unwilling to allow the examiners to judge me on my favourite topics of Art, History, and English, I did not write a word on one of the exams.” (page 10)

Holy fuck, the smug delusional gamma arrogance of that teenager! Now imagine what another thirty years of intellectual and professional success would do to that mind while starved of female sexual access. That’s what Alex had stored up while heading into his first bootcamp in 2014. I’m amazed he didn’t top himself, and interested to see how he dragged himself through his first thousand sets of hell.

So far the book is good. It takes a leisurely pace in setting the context for discovering daygame and patiently lays the groundwork. There are some choice words for navel-gazing self-help charlatans and like me he thinks Kezia Noble’s PUA business is just escorting without the sex. He’s foreshadowed talking about the hapless Johnny Cassell so I can’t wait for that story.

You can buy the book here. Bear in mind this is just my impressions based on first 15% of it and I don’t think I’ve ever even spoken to Alex never mind offered to promote his book.

[1] Yes, even though he’s on Team Torero

[2] The memoir is itself an attempt to draw narcissistic supply from readers in order to puff up the writer’s own false idealised self
[3] And, therefore, critically important in making progress


  1. Man, what a cool dude. Even older than me. And it takes courage to do real videos without masking, probably he also uses his real name – in HIS position as lawyer and friend of so many women. I don’t want to know what they threw at him when finding out him doing daygame.
    I have utmost respect for him, chapeau. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Krauser!

  2. Interesting, had never heard of him. But I do enjoy daygame memoirs. Will have to check this one out.

  3. Dear K,

    Todd ex-RSD is back and he’s saying some things that agree with what you say: edited

    What do you think about this? [I think you should not link people’s sales pages to my blog. I haven’t kept up with Todd’s material since his RSD Daygame video, which was absolute shite. Perhaps he’s better now. K.]

    • Thanks K.

      I don’t think he has changed. He just talks now about stuff he said wasn’t allowed to talk about on RSD, like: the importance of looks, that natural game is BS, that tyler’s metaphysical teachings are just BS, etc. He’s just using controversy to build up hype, which isn’t bad marketing. [I’d probably like Todd if I ever meet him. I just always have a negative opinion of anyone who signs up to be part of the RSD bullshit express. Such an odious company. K.]

  4. Bought. Thank you for the public service.

  5. Beginning at 46?

    Wow. If that’s true, this may be the most inspirational thing ever in game literature.

    Gotta check out this blog.

    • I agree man, at 46 starting Game, that is inspirational really.

      Hopefully K will be 46 and still chasing 18 year old virgins. hehe.

      Me I hope to do it till my last day. I’ll be the 70 years old grandpa daygaming in college campuses hahaha

  6. the gentleman thing hits hard. always being “nice” my story isn’t as extreme so i won’t go into it. however, there’s an article by chase amante of specifically on the subject of what it means to be a gentleman. i think many readers will find it a worthy read.

    i’ve mentioned GC on these boards before, no affiliation, just trying to add value

  7. What’s bodi up to, anyway?

    Read both his memoirs last month and loved the writing style. Great wit and clarity. But in both he alludes to eventually becoming successful yet we barely see a glimpse of that in the narrative. [He’s had a major backslide. Beyond Game now. K.]
    The truffle episode was hilariously awesome, too.

    PS: Nick just started your memoir, on the first one, page 63, you use the girl’s real name accidentally I think. 2nd paragraph from the top, first word. Just fyi.

    • fuck assumed the comment would be moderated before posting as per usual, so you could edit the details on the PS out if you so wished. sorry about that man. [No big deal. Haven’t seen her since 2010. She probably looks like one of The Weathergirls now. K.]

  8. I met Alex and Torero last year in a mall in Warsaw. Both were extremely welcoming and forthcoming with information for a new guy like myself (I am 43). Tom gave me part of a two-way microphone system and kindly let me listen to him in the field. Alex was inspiring in his dedication and the fact he has come to it much later in the day than other guys. I didn’t know he had written a book but I will buy it for sure.

  9. { [1] Yes, even though he’s on Team Torero }

    1) There are Krauser or Torero teams. Both of you are equally valued as a source of excellent technical knowledge by the daygame community at large . We’re men here not women engaging in petty gossip about others’ personal conflicts.

    2) Tom is liked because he has a friendly personality. I’m not going to debate politics with you here but let’s be honest you are intelligent enough to know why you comes across as a sociopath to so many. You can’t blame people for getting turned off by the violent racism of your (now banned) twitter account.

    • Agree and 100% Correct!

      I don’t have even at slightly inclination in Team Krauser.

      Krauser accused Tom as liar, cheater, faker blah blah blah.. but as you see recently Krauser show himself are man who doesn’t have dignity. His actions doesn’t match his promise.

      Beside, I just don’t like Krauser’s vibe in general; this especially if you are spending time/wing with him. More heat&hate than true spirit of Daygame itself and it’s become very gravitating pull once you more listen to him frequently.
      (Heuristic: See how Krauser vs Tom closest wing as reflection on measurement)

      Even though I must admit Krauser’s material is slightly more ‘advanced’ than Tom but still his attitude towards life is fatal.

      Still come reading and consuming Krauser’s material, but then adamantly disregard his misanthropic motive. [Evidently Team Torero has a sub-group of Team Faggot. K.]

  10. Is this trolling or actual bickering? It reminds me of being at school when kids would crowd around chanting “beeeeeeef”… At the end of the day, you’d be a fool not to read both of their work.

    Going back to the actual topic of the post: I read it a couple of months ago. The book was solid, but within the already narrow demographic of Daygamers, I wasn’t the target market. If you’re over 40 or are a recovering romantic, you will feel a much deeper connection to the story. I say romantic rather than nice guy, although the two are related, because that’s the vibe I got from Alex’s book. That deep down he wished that grand gestures of affection would sweep the girl off her feet. This is something I’ve seen before in Daygamers who come from an artistic background (while being a lawyer he also talks about acting and dramatics at school and university). [I think anyone with average or better social acuity can see what’s going on here. The aspies and fanboys are a lost cause. For a start, I just gave a positive review and free advertising to a book which, aside from it’s narrative strengths, has a dual function as a 322-page Torero sales testimonial. I recommended the book because it’s good and my readers are likely to enjoy it, regardless of the fact that the book is strongly talking up a “rival”. Hardly the actions of a jealous man, no? Aspies and fanboys never understand that men of integrity often have brusque manners, and men lacking integrity are often ingratiatingly polite. They start reeeeeeeeeee!-ing the moment someone stops buttering them up. Idiots. K.]

    • I always laugh a little when you call yourself a man of integrity Nick. Men of integrity don’t advocate for the murder or death of others simply because of their ethnicity.

      That’s the real reason people dislike you.

      No one really gives a shit what personal or business conflicts happened between you and Tom. [I don’t give a shit what a man named Akash thinks an English person should say about England. K.]

      • We could poll every white Englishman alive today and well over 90% of them would find you to be repulsive.

        I’ll place more value on the opinions of educated British Society than some fringe conspiracy theorist who is stupid enough to take his news from Breitbart and Infowars.

        And if attacking me based on my name or ethnicity is all you’ve got I recommend you re-enroll yourself into your local Primary School.

        The brains of those children haven’t fully developed yet so you’ll find it much easier to befriend them and fit in. [You have to go back. K.]

  11. I have taken this year to not only game but self reflect and deal with my anger. I stopped reading Roissy, Roosh, Rollo. I tried to remember that every time I posted angry or snarky comments then it was coming from my feeling of jealousy or inferiority. Funny how your outer game can be tight but inner game demons can be still there. I plan to quit reading all pickup sites next year and just enjoy doing it for the sake of doing it if that makes sense. Thanks for all the practical material over the years. [I don’t read any manosphere except occasional check up on Heartiste. K.]

    • Rollo’s books provide a good foundation for viewing relationships but I would agree that reading his blog obsessively tends to turn one into an angry and bitter person.

  12. { [You have to go back. K.] }

    Oh no ! Some random nutjob on the internet is telling me to do something. I guess I’ll have to comply.

    Feel free to spew your racist nationalism around on the internet if it helps you to sleep at night but we both know that guys like you will never again be taken seriously by British society at large. [Nice try. You still have to go back. K.]

  13. For anyone who couldn’t see the big picture here…

    Nick is establishing his (only) name on the Daygame’s Sphere ALONE. Anyone who’s not him are a Buffon and/or just his secondary.

    Nick definitely want to be on the top of DOMINANT HIERARCHY of DAYGAME!!!

    Tom is the last person he would diss! Because after years they build their reputation together, then it’s final streak would gonna be great if Nick also finally remove him from the competition.

    >>>> This also happen after Nick become more open to diss Yad, the person behind London Daygame movement itself; the original of The Daygame Godfather.*

    • These views make me laugh. I feel a sense of duty to set you right on a few things so you can get yourself on the right & not the wrong path as you go down the PUA rabbit hole. Yad doesn’t have any Game. This is not hyperbole, he really was just a complete charlatan. He was pretending to get girls in London when in reality he was getting NONE. He is an affable bloke so when he did the odd infield with he looked like he was getting great reactions. He was just having nice chats on the street but was not getting ANYWHERE with those girls. None of the guys in the flat saw him bring back even ONE girl during all that time. Oh and that story about Yad being a pioneer in game was made up by Aslan (nee Andy Yosha … who now has the most gamma name in the universe) as he realised blokes seeing a guy whose not the most physically blessed getting a number would sell more bootcamps etc, it helped the whole looks dont matter BS they promoted. If that all isn’t bad enough I heard he now bangs hookers … what sort of super star PUA needs to pay for sex? Oh and he pays for it by scamming high end American students now, walking around for days with them, making them take him shopping, out to eat etc on the pretext it helps their ‘vibe’. Really you could make a great comedy out of all this stuff.

      On Torero the guy is a weasel. He actually does have good Game, but he’s not come up with one original idea despite somehow getting through an Oxford degree (reinforcing the fact that the British education system is a joke). Instead he rips off everyone else including Krauser and passes their stuff off as his own. He would sell his own mother if he could to get ahead. Ive seen pictures of a lot of his girls and they range from mediocre all the way down to ‘what the fuck!’ level (thats what you’d expect though even with good game as he is a male 4 or 5). Thats why he always emphasised to guys ‘if she was on your bed would you do it?’ .. a low bar test which he has been using for years. His whole friendly ‘Uncle Tom’ routine is a front he puts on to get clients he can parasitically suck dry and sell his rehashed products which repeat the same crap over and over again. One small act of justice is that when he walked out of after parasitically sucking on them he got socked in the mouth by the big boy of the London PUA scene Ruina. I just wish it was a bit harder so he would F off permanently.

      Good advice: Learn to look a bit deeper. You cant look just at the superficial. Judge people not by what they SAY but what they DO. Apply this to women too and you’ll be a lot happier in life. Peace.

      • I don’t think Torero has ever tried to pass something off as his own, has he? It’s pretty clear that he rehashes material, but there are really no original ideas, just original packaging. His videos and blog content are top-notch and really appealing to beginner-intermediate guys. Hat’s off to him.

        Agree that his girls are mediocre, but again, game is a lateral movement, not a forward movement. Pretty hard to bang 8s when you’re a 4/5. [I think you ought to look a bit deeper into this. I won’t rise to the bait for the 97th time this issue has been brought up, but my readers are welcome to. K.]

  14. Had a run in with this guy in a Facebook group he runs. He’s 100% on Tom’s team. He threatened to kick me out of the group and wondered what my “angle” was because I mentioned Tom’s fake video event. [I say Team Krauser and Team Torero facetiously and I’m pretty sure Tom doesn’t take it seriously either. However, the weird fanboys certainly do. I’m all in favour of Tom doing products and people writing memoirs. K.]

  15. I don’t see the need for anyone to take sides between Nick and Tom. They are the two biggest names in daygame, have contributed tremendously to the field, and you can learn a lot from both. With that said, I have noticed a simmering tension between the two that seems to wax and wane. I don’t understand why either of them would denigrate the others’ products or credentials – the most significant incident I can think of was the brief controversy over Tom not acknowledging Nick’s contributions to Street Hustle. I also noticed that Tom slowly but surely distanced himself from Nick – to the point of requesting that their jointly written book, Beginner Daygame, be taken down from Lulu. A shame, because it was quite a good book.

    As for Nicks’ political and social views outside daygame – some of the them I agree with, particularly on immigration to the UK – totally out of control. I am a born and raised American, but even I could tell within a few days in London that the city has gone to shit thanks to open borders immigration. Come here and see if you disagree, total parts of the city have been taken over by non-English speaking ethnic groups.

    With that said, he starts to lose me on some of the racial commentary – I see no reason to criticize blacks, indians, etc solely on the basis of their skin color (even though it is funny to see Indian daygamers on oxford street). But I think most will agree he kept those views largely contained to twitter. Which I think is a good thing because if you focus on those topics too much, it can have a similar effect to reading manosphere material obsessively by starting to turn your inner game dark. Yet there’s a simple solution to that – don’t read it. Nick’s products – and I’ve digested them all, video and books – are strictly daygame oriented. [Have you read Vox’s two books SJWs Always Lie and SJWs Always Double Down? They explain why the Leftists in daygame are so humourless and will never stop. K.]

    • whats Tom contributed to game then? Im genuinely interested so if there are specific concepts or ideas let us know. [Me too. I know exactly what Tom’s contributions are. I could itemise them. I’m curious whether his fanboys know them, or they are just herd thinkers. My guess is they are following the age-old idiot’s rule of “If it’s the first time I’ve heard it, the speaker must be the first guy to ever say it” K.]

      • I think they just watched videos and figured it was all him. Win for Torero and big lose for Yosha oops meant Aslan who seems to have had a breakdown of some kind.

        Ive noticed his fanboys a couple of which are now instructors hilariously all seem to imitate his weird made up ‘badass’ persona too. I hereby call it the torero twat cult. The oversized aviators with the faggot pants and all saints jacket, the strange lilt with the ‘you know’ tacked on at the end of every other sentence, the fake trace of an American accent, the same pretensions of being a fast living ‘bad ass’ and ofcourse the same weasel like attitude to manipulating and cheating not just women and but everyone around them. Pure CUNTERY. I guess it is a contribution of sorts…just not a positive one.

  16. I’ve read SJWs Always Lie and I’m planning to read his second book soon. I tend to think of a Leftist Daygamer as an oxymoron, I’m not sure such a thing exists. I’m not just saying that because I’ve never met one, I’m not that solipsistic. However, my theory is that because daygame forces men to confront reality, brutal reality oftentimes, on a regular basis, it’s difficult to be both liberal and a daygamer. The liberal belief set is based on fantasy and idealized notions of how the world operates. As daygamers, we see the truth up close and personal (the feral nature of women). But it’s a natural extension to view world affairs in the same light. [In theory, but the Nice Guy daygamers do approaches without ever swallowing the red pill. K.]

    • I disagree completely. Pickup by its very definition is the OPPOSITE of conservative (republican) views. A daygamer is a lover, an invader, a fox in the hen house.

      The real oxymoron is how can Nick be so far right and traditional when seduction is so opposite. It’s intellectual dishonesty. [You’re a moron. Not an oxymoron. I’ve written in detail about precisely this point. K.]

  17. Isn’t it ironic you are moral judge and jury on everyone else Nick but don’t see your inner game ego issues like the rest of us? I like your daygame content but to shame others for a grandiose self image when you yourself are incredibly puffed up is taking the biscuit. You might not remember me but I did private coaching with you during the Rock Solid days when I was living in London. You shame others for Machiavellian things but there are lots of skeletons in your own closet, just like everyone else. I love the daygame stuff but disrespect the puritanical stuff. I’ll shut up now. [Who says I’ve denied this? Are you completely lacking in reading comprehension? K.]

  18. Hey Krauser, what do you think about this guy? Does he seem like he has game?
    He’s quite well known in London now. [That video isn’t a type where you see his game. He’s like a yappy little chihuahua, so probably not. Seems like a nice enough guy. Needs to stop the smiling, yapping, and qualifying though. Slow down and work on his gravitas so that he can get his personality out more charismatically. K.]

  19. what a bunch of wierdos discussing tom and nick like there beyond mere mortals. Go out there and live your lives? Hey Nick, in the most kindest of tones, do you think you could have stomached your 9 year long marriage if you started your game journey in your early twenties? I’ve been cold approaching since I was 21 (now 26) and everyone is asking me when will I get married (even my barbar!). You mentioned before Game is the forbidden tree of knowledge and once you acquire it it’s hard to go back. Can you truly be married and happy?

    • Unless you’re marrying into a very rich family I can’t really see the benefits to getting married apart from quietening the pressure around you to sack up and start having kids. What I struggle to understand is how you could be happy in a legally binding contract where you surrender your freedom and the only way to “break the chains” is to pay over half of your stuff? Everything good that you may want to achieve through a marriage could be achieved outside of wedlock, it just wont have the same approval from the herd.

      • simple answer to this is a family and children. most men do want to have a family at some point. funny how PUA talks about biological imperatives and evolutionary biology but wants to ignore the most basic (ie ACTUAL reproduction). Ive got friends who have had kids and they really do get joy from bringing up kids. Doesnt appeal to me but then Im an oddball.

        also if you met a women who was great for you … why would you want to dump her to pick up randoms for quick lays infinitum?

        different guys want different things from relationships. all this manosphere stuff about money is a red herring as now women can and often do have better jobs than men. unless you have a large trust fund or are pulling in millions of pounds you really dont have much to worry about as there prob is on av a slight discrepancy on accrued difference in pay for say 10/15 year after taxes etc. In London things are so expensive that you probably have next to F all anyway even if you are pulling in a fairly big professional salary.

  20. I enjoy memoirs but they are the least objective type of book wrapped in emotions and personal biases. I read your series K but I’m aware that many of the characters your portray may have alternative accounts of events. How do you factor this in when writing, or reading someone else’s memoir? [I disagree about the least objective opinion, let me explain why. One thing I realised at University doing social science is that the ONLY guarantee of objectivity is the PERSONAL INTEGRITY of the researcher. This opinion was reinforced when I was in business, writing and reading reports and has been confirmed by all the various science scandals and the global warming hoax (such as the major UK research centre flagrantly inventing fake data, and getting caught. Look it up). No amount of scientific method can prevent men of low integrity from bullshitting you. Even peer review and the internet – proven scammers still rise to prominence and lies are accepted as truth. This is why I’d take the word of a brusque and disagreeable honest man over the word of a personable polite dishonest men EVERY TIME. When it comes to memoirs the key is to approach them from a position of sincerity. When the author is sincerely attempting to represent his story, subjectivity doesn’t matter. What matters is whether the author is calling it as he sees it. In my memoirs I make a clear distinction between objective facts I witnessed (testimony), objective facts I was told about (hearsay) and my interpretation of events (editorialisation).So long as the writer makes this distinction, the reader is not hoodwinked and knows where he stands. When reading a memoir, the reader must ask himself if the writer is a man of personal integrity, then ask himself if the writer has made the separation in how he presents events. If so, the book can be taken mostly at face value. For a more serious reading, he should delve deeper into the circumstances of the book’s writing. Most texts become clearer when you understand who wrote it, why, under what circumstances, and to which intended readership. To take an example, Bodi’s memoir makes way more sense if you understand the following: He was writing it to make sense of his journey to himself, he chose a theme of Alice In Wonderland where everyone is crazy, he exaggerated all characters to be like pantomime characters, and he made stories true in spirit rather than true in fact. When you put it in that context, it’s an honest sincere book. If you omit that context, it’s a tissue of lies and score-settling. Personally, I loved the books even though I’m the pantomime villain in both volumes. K.]

  21. Do you see yourself and tom ever becoming friendly again?
    Seems a shame as you were good buddies at one stage.
    Whatever happened between you it must have been pretty serious. [Tom’s a likeable guy in person and has many good qualities. I’ve written about what happened between us and why we are no longer friends. K.]

  22. I’ve always thought that when you read the first year of anybody’s journey it is the most relatable part of any gamers life. Individual outcomes kick in after that. Always, always fun to read. I bought myself a copy. Thanks for recommending!

  23. Agree with zatara about Yad and Tom’s character.
    Yad is a good communicatior and friendly rapport builder but not even a hint of sexuality or ‘i’m talking to you because I want to fuck you’ attitude is displayed. Said it for many years he needs to change his looks. Being greasy, fat, terribly groomed,wearing glasses and not being dressed well on any level is going to get you shut down sexually over and over again.

    Tom I’ve always got the impression that he has got a very strong mind but loyalty is something he cares very little about. Probably not many real friends or he hangs around with guys who are more prone to being manipulated/a bit dim so as he doesn’t have to ‘compete’ with guys that would call him out on his slippery behaviour.

    One other name that I can’t quite believe has made it this far and appears to be the most successful (financially) of the bunch is richard laruina. Absolutely no evidence of him even speaking to girls let alone trying to pick them up. I can’t work this guy out. By his appearance and a couple other things I think he’d do very well with a certain type of girl. But there’s just nothing that backs it up. Very peculiar or he’s just a very smart businessman and has purposefully played things that way so as to appeal to as many guys as possible. [This was in the auto-spam queue. I’ve just found an unspammed it. K.]

    • Ruina was ahead of the curve in many ways. He realised there was a market for PUA very early on and set up a company to tap into this demand. The company PUA training and the resources he produced appear to be a shambles but he cleaned up nonetheless as there wasn’t much competition. He claimed on a recent interview on GMTV (?) that he made £50m in revenues. The costs in this type of business costs are relatively small part of your takings so most of it would just be profit. I don’t know if its true or not but its a pretty jaw dropping claim.

      On his game, I heard he didn’t like approaching so never really did cold approach. Instead he used social circle game, invited loads of girls to parties he’d host in FSU. He’s married now to a Russian girl. There is more than one way to crack a nut so Im not criticising him at all for going down this route. If you’re a busy guy focused on a business then you cant be out all the time running game on the streets and in clubs. Its just not sustainable. You got to pick whats important for you and go with it! [I don’t believe the $50m for a moment, but he definitely made very good money. Right guy, right place, some smart decisions, and a lot of luck. The whole “open a PUA company after three lays and make money” era died by 2010. Youtube, blogs and forums have destroyed it. K.]

  24. I just finished this book. Great read. But I wondered what you thought of Alex’s characterisation of you later in the book? [Inaccurate but it’s his book so his opinion reigns. I certainly don’t mind any of it. One of his one-liners about me was hilarious. K.]

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