Book Update – In Colour

December 7, 2017

I’ve been asked two questions a lot lately. When are you releasing the book? and Will there be a colour version. To the latter question, I can confirm yes there will be. Not only that, Daygame Infinite will only be released in full colour. I’ve decided to bin the B/W version entirely because the colour print is so good there’s simply no reason to own the B/W print.

Here’s a video showing how well it’s printed and why colour is a big step up. While producing the book I made sure to do so with full colour in mind just because I wanted the PDF to look great for my own vanity [1] This means organising a colour print was as simple as researching print options and then testing them. I didn’t need to re-do any art or layout [2]

Pretty nice, no?

So all that remains is to finalise the sales page. I’m using a new publisher so I’m still encountering a few snags. Hopefully they’ll be sorted in a couple of days and I can formally release the book. I’ll put up a new post as soon as that happens.

Don’t forget the book launch event I’m doing with the Street Attraction peeps. Here’s the official promo video for that. George is also launching his book and I’m pretty sure it’ll be a good event with lots of goodies to see. I’m looking forward to seeing those guys again and to see how the London scene is getting on. You can sign up here for just £15 for the full day.

In other news, I decided I’ll do a little coaching next year. These will be high-end residentials in Europe, probably five days a piece. The client will get approx five hours per day infield with me, plus debriefing, inner game work etc. In the past few years I’ve been doing two residentials per year when clients pestered me for them. Might as well make it official. I’ll announce more details after Infinite is done.

[1] It’ll never be released on PDF so don’t wait
[2] Thank god because I’m absolutely sick of this book already, such is the amount of my life that’s been spent finalising it


  1. Thank you, the book looks great! Excited to get my hands on it!

    It also looks like it has about 500 pages, it’s a true behemoth of a book. That shows how much care and knowledge and clearness was put into it. It’s probably the best book out since Mastery, and I do hope you do release a full color version of Mastery someday.

    Btw, I’m not too familiar with the london PUAs, so who is this George releasing his book? I looked into the Street Attraction page, and nobody there has the name George: [George is the newest part of the SA team. He features in quite a few videos and there are some of his infields on their channel. We haven’t met but he looks solid. Thanks for the kind words about the book. I’ll be interested to hear your feedback once you’ve read it. If people respond well to the Infinite visual style, I’ll do a colour Mastery early 2018. It’s not decided yet, though K.]

    • take my damn money.. the book looks great… loving the art work and that section on body language on dates looks interesting too… [I wish I was ready to simply release but I absolutely have to get this right first time, because I won’t be going back to it. Hopefully once you’ve got a copy in your hands you’ll agree it was right to wait a little longer until it’s just how I envisioned it. K.]

  2. What is this ‘Little brown sex machines’? And where can I get it? [A book I wrote in February. You can’t. It’s not released. K.]

  3. Any ballpark idea on residential price and location? [Probably £5k and in central or eastern Europe. I’m just interested in taking the keenest one or two guys. K.]

  4. @krauserpua ….hi…hitting you up from ghana…i want to get deplorable cad…want to know if you ship to ghana… also have you read the book of pook and what do you think about it…. cheers mate!…hope to hear from you . [Hi. I don’t know. Try ordering from the Lulu sales page and put in your Ghana address. It’ll tell you postage options BEFORE you enter your payment details. K.]

    • yeah thanks…i hit them up and they are down with sending to ghana…am also trying to get friends coming down in december to get it for me…that seems like a better option if i want to get it earlier.
      also with regards to “the book of pook” have you heard of it or read it?

  5. What is your opinion on Richard La Ruina as far as Nightgame is concerned ? He seems to have the vibe if a player who gets laid from this I don’t take daygame tips from anyone who hasn’t internalized the London Daygame Model but for night game the only two options are RSD or PUA Training. [Richard is an internet marketer not a pick-up artist. He’s never proven his bona fides. That said, I met him a couple of times and quite liked him. I can imagine girls he has introduced to him might like him. I doubt he’s much good cold approaching. That video does not have the vibe you think it does. K.]

    • RSD = Teach young guys how to do ‘drunk American frat boy game’. Met many guys in London who went down the RSD rabbit hole and never come back out. None actually got any results from what I saw. In fact may have lost any social calibration they had previously.

      PUA training = Richard Ruina is a smart guy looking at what he’s done. He didn’t like doing any cold approach himself though instead relying on status game to get laid. Now married (nothing wrong with that of course). From what I can tell he now just sells products but how good is the advice going to be in them if he was relying on being a high roller all that time to meet girls?

      Instead if you want to do night game ask Richard from SA to give you some 1 on 1 coaching. Even though he does day game videos he loves his night game too and knows his stuff. GL. [I don’t like to comment on RSD nightgame because I’m not much of a nightgamer myself. K.]

      • I’m in Canada so I can’t do infield training with Richard from SA.

        I was looking for PUA coaches who have nightgame products I can buy. Torero and Krauser’s content forms the basis of my knowledge so just one or two brief nightgame products would be enough for me to tweak my daygame strategies for bars and clubs.

      • Also Richard has mentioned RSD Tyler as a strong influence of his in this video. So it’s his nightgame is method/techniques are most likely taken from RSD. Which makes sense. While there are a handful of well know PUA companies teaching nightgame it’s only RSD that has in depth high quality products that breakdown Nightgame in detail.

      • @K .. Well its hard to get your head around what RSD night game actually is. Unlike yourself they don’t just sell guys a book outlining what their methods are so guys can quickly get their heads around it and just apply it. Instead they suck guys into a rabbit warren of never ending information which never actually gets to the nub of anything. I used to think they didn’t have any substance and thats why they were so nebulous however I think they deliberately do this in order to keep guys paying RSD for products, bootcamps etc. Its like American junk food, it never seems to fill you up as theres no real nourishment there, you end up buying another fries, shake etc. Each time you eat you get a short feel good high (In RSD case … I’m taking action… soon ill be a player!) but it results in nothing. To stretch the analogy you end up fat and miserable. American sick business practises. Make money for the owners (I heard $3-5m a year in RSDs case) … screw the customer. Mean, vicious and nasty.

      • Zatara Fair point RE the caveman game. Although I would argue that night game itself is just inherently more “caveman” like due to the high energy party atmosphere. You don’t need quite the same level of verbal wit and intelligence daygame requires. That being said I’ve watched RSD Julien and some of RSD Madison’s night game products and they are quite technical. [The question isn’t that RSD Julien, RSD Madison, or RSD Maddoff are “technical”. It’s that they work for a company that are shameless scammers and thus you can’t believe a single thing they claim to be showing you. Julien could be the world’s greatest nightgamer and it still wouldn’t matter. He can’t be trusted. K.]

    • RSD seems to be imploding.,Several guys have left most recently Todd, who is now venting about all the ‘woo woo’ and bullshit they descended into which is purely money making. Interesting to watch.

      • @Harvey … From what I’ve seen RSD teach a certain style of night game, which I’d call ‘caveman game’ to pick up obnoxious loud bar girls in the US. Basically its trying to simulate a caricature of American hypermasculinity .. think the American Jock character. Thats what the teaching guys to shout “HEH COME HERE!” and all the frat boy negs and conversation is all about. It may be this is one of the few ways you can get laid with American girls as the culture there is so utterly poisoned now. You know its funny but I was reading about Italian playboys on the French Riviera in the 70s and they used to consider American girls as the best women to date there. These were genuinely high value men who could pick who they wanted from women around the world. It just shows how fast culture can change.

    • Todd is giving away log in to his winner game product for free so I suggest watching his infield breakdowns to get a sense of the technical side of RSD’s night game system. [Winner Game. Oh for fuck’s sake…. RSD are FUCKING CLOWNS. Scamming, bullshitting, cultist clowns. Even someone who has left RSD and now rejects them all (which strikes me as a marketing gimmick, rather than sincere change of heart) is just telling you he is a FORMER scamming, bullshitting, cultist clown. Why on earth would you believe a single word he says? These people spent years shamelessly ripping off credulous weak-minded men and got very good at it. Their videos are masterclasses in spin, deception, bullshit and indoctrination. These are the sort of people you cut OUT of your life. You don’t run back to them like a battered housewife every time they profess they’ve “really changed this time”. K.]

      • 1) I’m well aware of the fact that RSD engage in alot of unethical business practices to milk money out of clueless guys. I’ll gives some examples of their scamming behavior right now to clarify that I am by no means an RSD fan boy.

        – Much of their new products have absolutley zero useful content and are nothing but empty woo woo self help feel good videos jumbled together. And on top of that they charge hundreds of dollars for these useless videos (julien’s new program, max’s “natural” and ” approach anxiety” program are full of this empty crap)

        – Even Madison who gives good game advice will fill more than half of his product with useless motivational and pesudo self help videos that have nothing to do with game and have no practical application whatsoever. He does this to make it seem like his products are worth alot more than they actually are.

        – Alot of guy will save up their hard earned money on video products that give nothing beneficial in return and that does make RSD coaches terrible human beings for taking advantage of guy like that

        2) For daygame I simply ignore all RSD advice and just learn from the material put out by reputable London Daygame guys because that is simply the best source of knowledge regarding daygame.

        Now that being said what I am interested in is whether there is some valuable advice on nightgame techniques to be found while sifting through all the useless nonsensical videos.

        Because unfortunately there are no other coaches that hare giving out decent quality nightgame advice. [Harvey, my frustration isn’t with you personally – it’s with scammers generally and RSD in particular. I guess I write in strong language simply because RSD annoy me. Before you read ANY other nightgame stuff, read The Mystery Method and the 60 Years Of Challenge 4-book PDF set. That’s the foundation. I’d also recommend Assanova’s ebooks if you can find them. K.]

      • Well, honestly Krauser is the man, and K is the living proof that Todd knowledge of game isn’t all that.

        In Todd’s The Art of Game, he clearly says that Direct game (whether during the day or night) will only get you the “girls you are supposed to get”, girls that are at your SMV or below. That the only way to get YHT is indirect because you will have time to display to her your qualities for hours before you declare to her that you like her. He even says that the girl thinking you’re gay at first is a good thing because then you can game her with her guard down (I guess he loves Mehow). Krauser goes direct, and DOES get more YHT than 99% of men in the world.

        Todd also says for cold approach you need a plausible reason why you’re approaching the girl, otherwise she’ll be thinking “is this guy going around approaching girls?”. Krauser doesn’t hide his dick or desire when approaching, and multiple girls have seen him with other girls before they slept with him, so that isn’t an issue in REALITY.

        The winning “secret” is that Krauser amplifies the r, so he’s going with clear sexual intent, confidence and still displaying high SMV. Todd is still a soft provider at heart, he only does the r part to get the girl attracted with his prime directive relationships rather than sex. Same with Tyler, and Max, they said they are not “mean guys”, they only act “mean” (what we call dominant) to get the girl to like them, before they try to get them into relationships. Tyler himself said his sticking point is he gets soft for every girl and starts imagining her in a relationship with him, and doesn’t mind going on sexless dates for 6 months etc. Todd too in his videos talks about how true happiness in game is when you have a relationship with a girl, and that you can’t reach mastery in game without getting a girlfriend for a period of time.

        They’re not true sigmas. They’re more purple pill betas who use game just to “white knight” save girls from the “bad men” to get them by emulating alphas/sigmas.

        Of course, correct me if I’m wrong on this understanding K. It’s time to put this whole thing to rest: Krauser presents real game for men who go through this journey doing the hard work and taking in the rejections to become true dominant males. RSD guys are just romantic softies who view game as something they put on top of their beta self, because no matter how “cool” they seem, they still put women on a pedestal and cannot accept the red pill truth, so they’re confused purple pill guys trying to reconcile mainstream blue pill with a few red pill understandings with the goal of becoming the provider. [Interesting. The LDM isn’t the only way to daygame, so I’m not against the idea of other ways. That gay thing does sound a bit… gay. Purple pill is the way to be popular. Mark Manson figured it out, as have RSD. Plenty of daygame coaches do the same thing. You’ll make far more money telling people what they want to hear than telling them the truth. Same reason karate is still more popular than BJJ with kids. K.]

    • I skimmed Richard’s book a long time ago. K’s basically right: from what I remember Richard’s story was this:

      > girl introduced to him –> fail
      > girl introduced to him –> fail
      > have girl tell him she wants to fuck him outside his dorm, in the hall –> fail
      > get depressed/frustrated/angry, overhear guy talk about MM in cafe, read some game
      > girl introduced to him –> still fail
      > girl introduced to him –> still fail
      > read more game, properly this time
      > girl introduced to him –> slight success!
      > hang out with steve, brb i’m coaching now

      • @johann indirect can work too as long as you switch to being direct fairly quickly. If you don’t you end up getting stuck talking about her choice of coffee before she will get bored and leave.

        main issue with indirect as a system in daygame though is this…you need to stop girls walking down the street to get enough volume necessary to get results (say 2.5% success rate of you have fairly high smv), there’s just not enough of them sitting around for you to talk to in a coffee shop etc. Stopping a moving set with an old school indirect opener like “do you know where there’s a Starbucks / petshop” etc is usually pretty transparent and you end up looking soft so your SMV actually drops. Better off going direct. Going direct actually can arouse women if you do it right and they are in a certain mood.

  6. i think the main question here is: Nick, do you play Warhammer? I recognise that model from my childhood*

    * early twenties [My dad used to paint them. It’s from his collection. K.]

  7. Nick,

    I am very interested in doing a residential with you next year. I’ve been daygaming consistently for the last 3.5 years with well north of 2,000 sets. There isn’t much left for me to learn from most PUAs/material, and I really want to take my game to the next level. We also met in Kiev last summer on Khreshchatyk – if I mention the circumstances, you would probably remember. [Send me an email. K.]

  8. Does infinite build on mastery or replace it?

    Haven’t read your textbooks yet, just the memoirs, but they’ll be my winter reading to understand the technical skill I need to develop.

    If infinite replaces mastery then I’ll just wait for the release and read it as the first of your textbooks. [Infinite is meant to sit side by side with Mastery. There’s no repeated content. K.]

  9. Hey Nick, Any plans on making a video product after realising Daygame Infinite? [None at all. There’s no reason to update Overkill for the street, and everything after the street does not need video to explain. K.]

    • K is 100% Wrong!
      You definitely can’t fuck the number.

      Getting a girl’s number is just 1/3 the step.

      How well your date model (including back & forth texting) and
      How fast you’ll get the girl to your bedroom(including handle an LMR) is TOTALLY different thing.

      Only few product which could do well in demonstrate this step very well.

      You can surely scamming beginner, but real player demand proofs! [Yes, many proofs! K.]

  10. 5k for five days work.
    No wonder Mr Torero and other pua’s are so smug 😉 [Plenty of office guys make that checking twitter, reading blogs, and occasionally bullshitting their manager that they are really working. My only problem is with hopeless coaches charging that money and then being incapable of delivering value. Or taking the money and spending half the session eating and shopping. K.]

    • Who’s your accusations toward for, K?
      I’ve never get charged more than a grand for Torero’s coaching, plus I could have seeing my coach who can get an SDL in between a live sessions. Definitely cannot compare that to any ‘overpriced’ videos/books product! [Glad you’re happy. Feel free to go away now. K.]

    • You’re just looking at the time spent transferring the knowledge. How long did it take to gather that knowledge though? Literally years of sacrifice with no income coming in (while students who are going to pay were chasing the big bucks in IT or Accounts which seem to be the main professions supplying day gamers lol). Its like saying to a surgeon “heh you only spent 30 mins in the operating theatre, why am I paying you all this money!” Also as the OP pointed out there are precious few people who actually have genuine knowledge and aren’t just Internet scammers. Most are. If anything Ks overall business model is terrible. Writes for a niche of game which isn’t the most popular (daygame), focuses on intermediate and experienced daygamers (its a pyramid with most guys who come into game leaving after 6 months), produces books which give away all his knowledge in one shot for a nominal price, doesn’t do bootcamps (apart from it seems 2). Instead of being a profiteer this is the business plan of a man who looks like he’s trying NOT to make money! If you want to make money you would do the opposite of all these things! [Correct. The smart business model is 90% marketing / 10% product. I do the opposite. The reason is this is a hobby for me and I care about my legacy more than the money. K.]

  11. Lurker here, do you think auschwitz could be a good daygame location? I am tempted to break the taboo!

    PS, link the sales page chief!

  12. I think the biggest issue that will come up in the not too distant future is that of mental illness. Not only pick up gurus like mystery tyler and many othets but also regular guys that get into game. How it effects them, why some guys make it and others drown.. [You might like the entire section in Infinite about this. K.]

    • Those who “drown” were not mentally healthy to begin with. [Correct but it doesn’t mean the vultures who exploit these men and make it worse shouldn’t be criticised. K.]

  13. Yeah true about RSD for the most part. Always thought Tyler was way out there and feel he has some issues. Actually I will confess that rsd todd was the one I thought was the most relatable as he wouldn’t do all that over the top crazy clown shit that the others did when talking to girls. He’d at least converse in a somewhat normal manner.
    But I must say james tusk is a little grating. Do guys really feel they can learn from a guy as good looking as that. Believe me girls will give him loads of opportunities and even if he fucks up multiple times he will still be in a really strong position to get the lay without doing much at all. That’s not to say that I think he has terrible game or is a stupid guy but I don’t feel he should be teaching as it’s a completely different type of game he’s playing.

    • Good looking guys do get chances but the frustration for them is that they don’t get the women that they actually want. Remember if you go into a serious career such as the city which is where I believe Tusk came from, there is allot of pressure and societal programming for you to associate money with success with women, lots of good looking betas will fall for this trap. These men are often capable driven individuals that have been led astray and Tusk can definitely cater to that market.

      He grates on you like he grates on me, which is as non good looking guys everything is going to be harder and we have to personally struggle with creating attraction. It doesn’t mean Tusk shouldn’t be teaching though as if you look at it from a different angle. Why should a good looking guy learn from an average looking PUA and all of this superfluous attraction stuff, when he really needs to focus on approaching the women he actually likes, creating comfort and escalating on amber.

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