Infinite – Early bird orders taken now

December 12, 2017

I have fixed a release date for my brand new textbook Daygame InfiniteChristmas Day 2017. You can call it my gift to the world [1]. I will, however, be taking orders before that for those of you who’d rather not wait. And yes, I’ll ship those orders immediately so you receive it before Christmas.

What…. uh?… how… what?

Do you remember the video I put in my last post where I show you the full-colour hardback? You can buy that now. It’s a great print. However, it’s not quite perfect. There are two small imperfections:

  1. The cover is cropped quite close to some of the text. Specifically, the Sigma Wolf logo on the front, the Nick Krauser name on the spine, and the Daygame Infinite title on the back. Look at the video to see for yourself.
  2. On page 345 the bottom blue box includes a second paragraph when it should only include the first. See photo below.

Those are the only issues I found in extensively reviewing the test print. Check the video for yourself for how the book looks. If you don’t mind these imperfections, you can order exactly the same version right now and receive it in a week to ten days.

Infinite front 1

Small imperfections

I have corrected these errors for the final official version but I’m waiting for a new test print to be delivered. Due to the Christmas rush, I can’t get an express-shipped version . I’m not willing to “officially” launch until I’ve held a physical copy in my hands and confirmed to myself it’s printed without complications. Therefore I need to delay the official launch till Christmas.

Many of you will be, “fuck that, the existing version is fine, take my money!”

So, if you want to give me your money right now and get the book ASAP, here’s what to do. Pay attention because I’m fulfilling the orders manually [2]

  • Paypal me at the following price, according to where you live: UK £79, USA $109, CAD $140, AUS $145, EU e99. These prices include shipping. I cannot do Rest Of The World so if you’re not in those listed places, please wait until official release [3]
  • In the note to your Paypal include a name and number so the UPS delivery man can find you at the address.
  • I’ll send you a confirmation email after I’ve processed your order. If you don’t receive it within 24 hours, email me at the same address as the PayPal and I’ll get on it.

Be careful because it’s manual. No mistakes!

I hope this doesn’t seem too complicated. If any of this is too much aggravation, just wait for the official release. I’m aware that things are slow because I’ve had all kinds of a learning curve dealing with a new publisher and sales channel that do things very differently to Lulu, and also I unexpectedly changed from B/W to Colour.

And lastly, I do hope you enjoy the book. It’s my best work and the book I’ll likely look back upon with most fondness.

[1] Except you have to pay for it.
[2] But online. The books won’t pass through my hands. I’ll be putting your shipping address into the printer’s online ordering service.
[3] I will NOT fulfill orders where you send the wrong currency. So, don’t send US dollars if you give a delivery address in Europe, UK, AUS for example. Don’t try to “game” the small price differentials, please. I’m doing this because copies are printed locally and this way saves you a bomb on shipping. It’s for YOUR BENEFIT that I’m strict on this and I’m covering the shipping myself. UK and AUS trackable premium shipping is considerably cheaper than the same service in EU, CA and US and therefore I had to add the equivalent of $10 onto those latter prices to cover the difference.


  1. By far his best work.
    The arsehole was kind enough to send me a copy to review and it’s brilliant. Even better than Mastery.

  2. But those who attend the release meeting next Sat can pay you in cash (£79) and receive their copy (I don’t care about these two minor flaws) on the spot, can’t we? [I’m afraid not. I’m not bringing a stack of books with me. K.]

  3. Will there be an electronic version such as Kindle available for this book? [I’m afraid not. K.]

  4. Hey Nick,

    I hope this does not come across as cheap but what do you think about a discount system where if we have already purchased one or more of your products we get a bit of a discount on the next purchase. [I’m afraid not. I need to make money on the textbooks and video products in order to stay afloat financially so I can still produce the non-profitable stuff like the blog, YouTube and the memoir series. K.]

    • Sounds fair.

      Good to hear you’re still planning to put out blogs.

      You said you were quickly getting bored of discussing daygame so I got the impression you were about to remove yourself from the scene as a public daygamer after you were done publishing Daygame Infinite and your last memoir book. [I’ll stick around, but I’ll see what I’m interested in. I had a grand project for books/videos which will be completed with volume 3 of the memoir. After that, we’ll see. K.]

  5. Nick

    For alternate payment Can you give your Bitcoin address

    I’ll send you $109 USD in BTC

    And send Shipping Details to your email

    PayPal keeps putting holds on my account based on other e-commerce activities they think are “Un PC” – they are now a part of the Matrix just like Google

    I bet a substantial chunk of your customers are already Bitcoin savvy, already buy with it

    Remember Nick – you keep more profit when people pay in BTC because no transaction fees

    Also no refunds or chargebacks with BTC

    2 benefits to you – Why give PayPal $$ that should be in your pocket? [Sorry boss but I want nothing to do with BitCoin. I don’t mean anything personal against you by that. It’s a long story. K.]

  6. I can wait, looking forward to it.

    hey Nick since you no longer sell beginner daytime, any chance of you doing another beginner product that you’ve done just yourself? I own beginner and I love it, but I mean for the guys starting out… [It’s something I’m considering next year. But, I’ve got a rule of “no new projects” until I wrap up the existing ones. K.]

    • Daygame Nitro should be a useful enough resource for a beginner.

      • +1. I started after BD was taken down so it felt as if the only beginner’s material (for right or wrong) was Tom’s YouTube video. That video has been expanded upon now, but I would have felt a lot more confidence in what I was doing if there a literal do-this say-that starter pack.

      • yeah I have nitro, I just like reading nicks stuff, I dont NEED anything new, but id like to just buy it for the hell of it to read.

  7. Hey K, since you’re working with a new publisher for Infinite, does that mean that I can’t get Mastery, A Deplorable Cad and Infinite in the same shipment? Planning on buying all three and would be good to save some money on the shipping expenses. [I’m afraid not. I will be doing a colour Mastery on the new publisher. It’ll be released early 2018, perhaps late February. No plans to re-issue Deplorable Cad so the Lulu version is only one for now. K.]

    • I’m outside those countries so I will wait for the official release.

      And btw, K, would you consider adding a few things to Mastery like some annotations and commentaries (like you did with Infinite when you took it from B&W to full color, you commented the whatsapp chats), or even a few paragraphs changing or adding a few things you think would be of value in Mastery?

      In all businesses, loyal customers are always the best customers, so that might push Mastery’s sales up because people might buy the color version not just to get the color, but feeling it’s somewhat “updated”. Otherwise, if they feel “it’s just the same just prettier”, they’d stick with the black and white. But if something new, extra, additional is there, then they’d get a little extra push towards getting the color version even if they already have the black and white. [I’ll update it, but it won’t be a massive change. K.]

      • I guess expanding and adding on the long game as a “new” section Mastery would be a perfect fit, hehe.

        Yes, I’m trying to squeeze every ounce of the latest knowledge in that genius brain of yours. I admit to that.

        I’ll be getting the color Mastery even though I have the B&W mastery, so getting any more of your wisdom or updated models and knowledge into it, even if it’s just 5%, would just make Mastery color feel updated (the long game would be a perfect fit for that, anyway).

        If not, it’s okay. I will be one of the first to get the color mastery.

  8. Hi mate,

    Will there be a paper back release of this? Hardcover is a cunt to travel with. [Not for quite a while. K.]

  9. Looking good! Layout reminds me of my treasured ‘Player’s Handbook’ from when I used to play Dungeons and Dragons. I’m sure there is some irony in this but can’t quite put my finger on it… [Those also inspired me, particularly the old Warhammer 40k. The other inspiration are the hardback Prima strategy guides. K.]

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