London Seminar This Week

December 13, 2017

Here’s quick reminder that my seminar / book launch with the Street Attraction guys is this Saturday in London, near Oxford Street. It will be a full day including talks by me, Richard, and George.

Street Attraction

George, Eddie and Richard provide great video

Richard will be showing some of his new infields, so you can suck up plenty of value out of that. There are many elements to his style which will become very clear to readers of Daygame Infinite. He is most definitely not “just winging it” so I’d thoroughly recommend intermediates study him closely.

George is talking about his new book – Game: A Cure For Loneliness. His infields are also on the Street Attraction channel, though if I understand correctly his talk on Saturday is all about the book  and it’s ideas.

My talk will be a detailed theory talk about the content of Daygame Infinite. I’m working on the slides right now. If you check out Outlaw Daygame on my YouTube channel you’ll get an idea for the kind of thing I’m doing. My plan is to work through the book section by section and talk about the topics.

It’s not really a “book launch” in the normal sense of the word. It’s theory. I’ll also take questions about the LDM.

You can sign up here for £15. We sold out the initial ticket allocation but Eddies has been able to upgrade to a bigger room at the same location, so tickets are still available.

UPDATE – So far the pre-orders of Infinite seem to be going well. No hitches to report and the ordering system is smooth. I’m starting to think I should just handle all orders this way, including after the official release.


  1. NIck,

    Don’t forget to record the lecture for your international audience.
    Cheers and good luck with your event,


  2. Where can George’s book be purchased?

  3. Off-topic, but what do you think off Todd Valentine’s daygame approach here?

    I found his approach counterintuitive to a lot of the advice found in the London Daygame Model. He showers her with compliments, he doesn’t stack or vibe, he adds lots of tentative words “maybe/sometime”…

    • I just can’t believe this guy gets laid a lot. If I saw this infield Id assume he was a guy who’d been gaming perhaps two or three years probably with sporadic results.

      Putting aside what he says which doesn’t sound particularly impressive (“cleanly elegant” … WTF?) he is putting out signs of low value. He has a bad case of ‘uptalking’ where the pitch of his voice elevates towards the end of every sentence likes he’s continually asking a question. His body language where he crosses his arms (defensive) and keeps strokes his chin (Im making a decision.. no really I am …) is just awful. Thats just not the way a high value man talks to women.

      • Oh and the 3 inch turn ups on his jeans are unforgivable. My mummy used to do these for me when I was 5 but then she probably didn’t realise creating a break shortens your legs so you look like a pygmy rather than lengthen them like a Richard Gere In American Gigalo. Still my mummy realised I’d probably get them muddy so was thinking 2 ahead!

    • I hate it. First of all it’s heavily edited. Even so, you can literally feel the girl’s urge to walk away the entire time. Notice also that she barely does any talking in the bits that are shown. I’m guessing he never reached hook point with her. Also, the opener was weak.

    • The cut just after he asked for her number and then her saying “sure” is very suspicious. It might be that she rejected and he gave a softer or more “personal interest” reason for her to give her number.

      Still, I cannot comment on his game because 1) I haven’t seen him in real life, people do say he is good, 2) he said in a previous video that he hates filming infields because he feels guilty and feels like he’s breaking the girl’s trust when he’s filming her without her consent. So that might be a representation of his “nervous game”.

      In all cases, Todd is still in the old Mystery Method way of gaming, so his model didn’t evolve like Krauser’s did with the latest iteration of the LDM. Todd’s goal, as he said, he to find a way to use the mystery model but find a way to make it more direct without lowering his value (he did have a big section in the art of game arguing that going indirect is almost the only way to get girls that are 8+, so you show her qualities of a perfect 10 guy and make her work to get you so she feels she won you over. He said clearly that the mental model of 8+ girls is they work for the guys they get, not get guys who pursue them. It’s his model of reality.

      • good spot on that cut right after the date request. to remove the bit where he obviously negotiates with the girl, or offers some inducement just screams “Im scamming you guys to make myself seem like I have game”. think about it if you were closing hotties all day and night … why would you need to use a poor set like this which you have to cut and chop? its what Deepak did and he got called out for it so this guy should be held to the same standards. If not why not? He’s the great Todd … says who … Tyler? Another scammer?

        that bit at 530 where he said “how do you feel about drinks …. with a cute boy” made me cringe. infact its Johnny Cassell esqe. if those words came out of my mouth by accident I would take the memory and lock it up in a black box in the recesses of my mind. It’s just so embarrassingly faggy. Todd has no such qualms though and actually posts this stuff online. WTF is wrong with the PUA community where these dudes are looked upto?

      • I agree with you zatara. I don’t care what people say about Todd, this infield and also other infields I saw him in where he acted like a robot with zero vibe and transparently fake body language makes me think he’s good at gaming guys and rehashing true concepts but when it comes to actual game, I think he’s intermediate at best. He’s known as the “technical guy” but I haven’t seen any good technical stuff to his game, he’s good at talking about technical game but his execution is nervous guy game on lower SMV girls. He’s even doing mistakes he says to avoid, like he says to make comments on the girls rather than ask questions because questions are a way to telegraph you have nothing to say and want to fill in the conversation to make the girl stay, and that’s exactly what he’s doing when he says “Are you headed home then or what’s your story?”, even the vocal inflection and delivery is quite “outcome dependent” as they say.

        So my final opinion: it was weak game on probably a 5 or 6. Even then, there was zero sexual tension in that set. And his body language in this set, going from side to side, is very nervous.

        I have seen other infields of him, and in all the others the girl was a Yes girl who hooked directly from the open. This is the first time I saw him with a maybe girl and it showed he has no game practice. He’s basically a keyboard jockey famous because Tyler said he is good (since Tyler made money out of him).

        Again, this shows the importance of actually doing pickup. Todd is a theory nerd but in practice he fell to a beginner / lower intermediate level game, and that lower SMV girl was curious but he didn’t hook the set.

        This is great, it shows thanks to K and his genius we’re on the cutting edge, way ahead of those guys,

    • Much of Todd’s appeal is that he succeeds in spite of ‘beta’ vibes like a light voice, monotone delivery, wordy gentlemanly phrases like “coffee with a cute boy,” and borderline anxious body language. In this case, he’s showing an example of an infield with a maybe girl (borderline no girl) and gets the number (but not necessarily the date) in spite of making the mistakes you mentioned. There are many other infields where he does much better.

      His main strength is similar to Tyler’s — a very strong capacity to analyze game in meticulous detail. A few months ago, I was at his apartment and he broke down my infield (along with the infield of several other guys) in a really helpful way. It was on Valentine University, though it’s gone for now given that he no longer is part of RSD. He’s a pickup nerd and proud of it.

    • Todd is a highly skilled night gamer but his daygame is shit. They try to force fit their night game model to environment where it doesn’t work which ends up with their students turning into retarded spam approach clowns

    • K, you’re probably sick of hearing about this guy under all your articles which are so much more interesting than his videos, but since this is the first of his (however heavily edited) infields than are posted here, it would be really interesting to hear what you have to say about it. [I have nothing to say about Todd. He’s a mediocre daygamer. I gave him a shot by watching his RSD Daygame video product. That had a $500-ish price tag and it’s way below what LDM guys give out for free on YouTube. So I won’t bother watching anything else he does unless someone who’s opinion I respect pulls me to one side and says “you should check out Todd, he’s WAAAAAAY better nowadays”. Till then, I’ll chalk him up as another over-promising under-delivering RSD guy. Like all the rest of them. You people really need to grasp that having a marketing budget behind you does not automatically mean you’re worth listening to. CNN is fake news. NYT is fake news. RSD is fake news. Ignore them. Stop swallowing the bait every time they tell you it’s different this time and NOW, FINALLY they’d discovered THE TRUE SECRET to game which will BLOW YOUR MIND. For fucks sake people, you’re old enough to know better. K.]

  4. As someone mentioned please record this and charge what you feel is fair. I would have tried to make it but a nasty case of food poisoning has floored me.

  5. To be fair from what I saw of that vid she doesn’t give him anything to work with. Guys who are good with girls (and I do think he’s the best of a bad bunch regarding rsd) still run in to no girls or very weak maybe girls too. Confident suave guy game (which is what he’s trying to pull off here) or even the LDM doesn’t automatically mean every girl is going to hook. Some girls just don’t give a fuck and are not amused lol
    Agree that he should have decent infields though as he’s a name guy.

  6. not the best that you incorporate guys like street attraction…their paid instructional material is not simple useless and wasting money, its counter productive…

  7. Any news on the youtube video of this London Seminar?

    Excited and looking forward to watch it! [We taped it and I have the video. I spoke about two hours in total. Will put it on YouTube in parts, like I did with Outlaw. K.]

    • Hey K,

      I have a bit of confusion in my head about a contradiction I sense. So could you please guide me to which of your material / section in a book / blog post will clarify this?

      You’re anti Spam Approaching, and talk a lot about selecting targets. I can even sense you’re moving into the direction of only hitting on girls who “tremble”. Which is fine and dandy.

      However, this goes against your concept of widening the net. That the more cold approaches you do, the more likely you’ll get laid more. Even Tom Torero (which grew up on the same mean daygame streets as you, I know now he turned into a bad friend and all, but that’s besides the point) and even much wiser people in sales and negotiation and communication say to not assume anything, that you can never know about anybody until you try. So the only way to know if a girl is a viable target is to approach, no matter how she seems in the moment.

      So there is this contradiction of only approaching girls who are receptive vs widening the net because you can’t assume any specific girl is non receptive. Any place I can read more about your thinking on that?

      Or is your goal different? I may see that approaching all kinds of girls increases rejection which makes daygame less fun, so only approaching girls who seem open makes it a much better experience for the daygame. That’s the first explanation that can come to mind, but still, we’re going on a rough road anyway, so I feel that explanation might not be the real one because we’re getting rejected all over the steps before sex, you get more NOs than YESs even with MAYBE girls. It maybe related to daygame buddha, so you approach less to chill but you do it on most likely target to conserve energy. [Infinite has a 40-page Pre Approach chapter all about this. Short version is that blind approaching is Plan B. Plan A is to filter girls for high/medium/low probability before the open in order to conserve energy. Every open takes a little out of you and embracing the grind past the Intermediate stage is a fool’s game. K.]

  8. Pingback: new and infinite –

  9. Are all of Todd’s videos like this or are there better ones then this?

    At the end of the day pickup is multi dimensional and dynamic. It is not static where every set is the same. Different variables are in play and sometimes the most useless initial set turns into a close while the smooth casonova interaction fails to turn into day 2.

    I figure from a commercial point of view, if guys show their weak material its going to draw criticism so in the main they do not bother.

    I guess the point is even a top guy will have bad sets, get blown out hard, etc. And if the “consumers” appreciate that, it leads to a better appreciation of what the whole pickup “gig” about.

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