Daygame Infinite Discussion Thread

December 24, 2017

It’s that time of year when the Daygame Infinite early-adopters are receiving their copies of the new book through the post. I’ve already had a few mails to confirm receipt. I’m very interested to hear feedback on the book and I’ll bet many of you will have your own contributions and musings on the ideas contained therein.

Masterfully Infinite

Me being all cool and masterful, yesterday

So, in the interests of making the discussion as productive as possible, let’s try to keep it all on one thread. I’ve got no particular requests or guidance for the discussion, other than you keep it focused on the book and its ideas [1]. If you want to get into tangents, please use comment sections of other posts.

If any comments catch my eye as good analysis or things I’d like to give my own thoughts to [2] I’ll update this post to boost the signal.

The pre-release version is still on sale here.

[1] For example, “Nick discusses Echart Tolle’s concept of the Now in daygame which reminds me of RSD’s take in The Blueprint Decoded” is relevant here. In contrast, “Tyler ripped off half of the Blueprint content from Frank Kern’s Core Influence video” is not relevant to Infinite and therefore better discussed in a different blog post.

[2] Or they satisfy my vanity and I wish to prolong the moment by re-posting it.


  1. Going to buy in next year the last release…

  2. I read everything up to Pre-Approach last night. I’ve noticed a lot of similarity between what Tyler and Julien from RSD drone on about in much of what you discussed (the power of now, society’s influence on our inner game, the danger of focusing on laycount, the need for identity driven change instead of surface level behavioral driven change). The difference is that you’re a lot clearer and concise. Part of that is the format. I find it a lot easier to extract actionable steps from reading words than from listening to someone ramble at a seminar. Part of it is also the fact that your main purpose is to clearly explain the material as this book is your final word on the subject, whereas Tyler and Julien aim to maintain their Hollywood Hills millionaire status on top of teaching.

    There’s also a lot of stuff I’ve only seen you discuss in this blog, and you go into further detail in the book. One of the topics is the fact that those with narcissistic tendencies tend to be drawn to PUA (not to be conflated with actual narcissistic personality disorder). I like that you gave a solid analysis on the topic and touched upon how to solve it.

    The material on Wing Etiquette contains things I haven’t seen anyone else bring up, so kudos on that too. There’s a lot of other things I can bring up, but those are what come to mind. I’ll be reading the chapter on Pre-Approach today and more if time permits.

    To anyone reading this: I was a bit skeptical as to how Krauser could fill up an entire volume of new material that wasn’t covered in Mastery, but I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s definitely something you should get if you’re an intermediate. So far it addresses certain issues that I’ve only seen RSD discuss, but it does so in a manner that is clearer, more efficient, more practical, and more actionable. [Thanks. Please keep us updated as you read further through. K.]

    • A few quick things to add to what I mentioned earlier:

      -The only other time I’ve seen Gutter Game (fast ‘daygame’ escalation when it’s dark out) covered was in Tom Torero’s book Street Hustle and one vid from Stealth Seduction; the former was just a general explanation and the latter was just a single vid where he didn’t pull (it was one of the ‘failure’ vids). In Daygame Infinite Krauser actually goes into detail regarding the methodology of Gutter Game.

      -Krauser writes about three moves that can be done in the initial daygame approach — stepping in close, eye mesmer, familiar touching. These are three convenient things to remember to amp up the excitement in the initial approach, which many daygamers mistakenly treat as overly platonic. I’ve had a few wings here in NYC ask me what they can do to escalate. Now I can give them a specific answer. From what I recall, I don’t think any other gurus aside from Torero cover specific moves to do in the initial daygame approach. I know of “the claw” and the “spin handshake” and the “spin hug” and ‘backturn’ from RSD, which are all mainly things to do in nightgame, so it’s nice to have specific daygame moves explicitly laid out.

      -You don’t need to internalize every single thing in Daygame Mastery to start reading this book and implementing some of the material. I’m not sure what Krauser’s specific advice on this would be, but even if you haven’t squeezed every single thing out of Mastery you can feel free to squeeze some value from Infinite. [Thanks. Keep these comments coming. K.]

      • >> You don’t need to internalize every single thing in Daygame Mastery to start reading this book and implementing some of the material.

        I agree with this. The way I learn is I start with the end in mind and the perspectives, then move to the technical part.

        So knowing how an advanced guy would think (Infinite), helps me build the technical skills (Mastery) while moving in the direction.

    • I am interested in reading about identity level change rather then behavioral change. How much is this damn book?

  3. I’ll wait until I receive the last release…..

  4. Nick,

    when are you planning to upload the Lecture on your youtube channel? [Yes but in pieces over a while. K.]

    • when wll come the first one? [For fuck’s sake. Book discussion thread. I specifically say only talk about the book. Now you are all leaving single-sentence crap not about the book. All future comments like this are being deleted. The world does not revolve around you. K.]

  5. I have not read the book.

    However I’m guessing you’ve considered ageing and the next 10 years.

    Given that you’ve explicitly stated that you’re getting older (and all that entails for Daygame), do you have any ideas about meeting women for the next 10 years?

    More of the same accepting ever diminishing returns, or a change? (Im not saying it has to be this way, basibg this statement on what you have said or implied).

    NB Underlying the question is the tacit assumption that your base level of desire for YHT is undiminished. I strongly suspect this is the case. If you say it is not, is that because you find it harder to accept the work level required to attain it?

  6. Would appreciate if somebody with the book could post the table of contents.

    I’m waiting for the final version to buy (is that coming soon?) but would love to have some idea of what’s contained inside as a bit of a teaser.

  7. Merry Christmas all ye who dwell here

  8. I like how you talk about spider sense but i find it hilarious that you do not know what it is. The spider sense is when the girl gives you an IOI that you did not see and yet your body picked it up. When this happens to me i make a sneak attempt at catching the girl at it and then i catch them at it, quite sneaky girls are. I have an entire pre approach sequence. [p.128-129 of Infinite. K.]

    There are many more levels to this such as why why did you and this girl choose the exact same path this particular day and why did you then meet again later that day, why did you fail or win and thus an alternate path was chosen for you. [p.117-119 K.]

    Sometimes you can watch cnn and something happens to the female news reporter for example, She blushes and you cant figure out what happened, but when you rewind it you can see the man was making kissing gestures, not conciouslyy but subconsciously but the female reacts or rather her subconscious reacts.Not quite spider sense but similiar. [p.136-137 K.]

    Verbal game; some guys find it difficult to keep talking and are not in the moment but there are things not discussed such as a reason for this is that they are trying for form sentences instead of sound bites, and are using parts of the brain that are used for critical thinking. Looking at what parts of the brain are used i believe is important but not discussed or even known. [p.14 K.]

    The pre fortal cortex is what we generally are trying to use it is not effective in either martial arts or game; it is however, great at writing essays. Which is interesting because many geeks do not run out of things to write but they do run out of things to say to a girl even when they are in the correct mental state induced by regular meditation. The problem is with the speed of thought, and there is a away around it. Let me give you an example. When we are debating someone and have the correct opinion but lose the debate due to our slow thing process induced by the pre frontal cortex we sometimes later on think about the debate and quickly come forth with an answer by which we could have won the debate quite easily. But the reason for this is that when we do this we are not actually fully using the pre frontal cortex any longer but different regions of the brain. And i have developed an entire system around this. [p.60-69 K.]

    However, i know these things and their advanced knowledge and understanding will not be discussed in the book but that is fine and i do not expect this to happen because i understand i am about 20 years ahead when it comes to game in the sense that my game is far superior. Even so, i believe i will learn a lot from the book. We cant know it all. [Infinite has you covered. K.]

    • This is one of the most ambitious troll comments I’ve ever seen.

      • I agree. All I saw is an asshole trying to display his (fake) superiority all over the internet.

        He’s probably a loser in real life.

        All I can think about is: “Don, just Don’t.”

      • No trolling. There are some dumb assholes betas here who think I am a troll.

        I thought i explained myself but it went over there heads. Nick should be able to understand what I said.

        This is why i wont write a book on daygame.

    • This is amazing considering I haven’t read the book but made an educated guessin light of my increasing insights.

      However I have developed paradigms and structures which are uniquely mine so I am very interested in what I may find in the book.
      Thanks for the feedback. [Nice reframe. You win, again!!! K.]

  9. Brilliant Book Just skimmed through it.
    One section that caught my attention was Sexual Mastery and Rule #3 “Please yourself above pleasing Her”. Particularly the sentence; “Men who dedicate themselves to giving Women orgasms, performing Oral sex and displaying marathon longevity are Just beta boy providers”.

    To summarize, Is it the male dominance that essentially gives the Woman the orgasm (via Her surrender) and If She can’t come from this, then you are really being submissive yourself and She is the Dominant? (No thanks)

    Best. [If you want her to have good sex, you are mostly dominant. You can soften it if you want her to feel more secure about seeing you regularly. Too much dominance will tell her you intend to be just fuck buddies. K.]

  10. I would to agree and disagree with masculine dominance. Yes initially we must hit the girl with it so that she can be sexually attracted and have respect for us and so that she can be compliant to our alpha sexual vibe with her congruence but there comes a time when we must flip the script become feminine and she must play the masculine role so that she can chase us and make the masculine agenda possible without knowing it. This is when we must use mystery method rather than at the beginning.

  11. I think daygame don has fully outed himself as a troll at this point.

  12. I’m still waiting for my copy to come here in North America. Later today or tomorrow I expect it. [Let us know what you think of it. K.]

    • Hey mandew. How’s it going? You used to post of a daygame forum right? It has been down for the last few years unfortunately. Where do you post these days?

  13. Hello. Looks awesome from first glance, can’t wait to sink my teeth into it. Is this book your most recommended for intermediate day gamers? Or is that mantle still held by Daygame Nitro? [Nitro is still the best way in if you find the detail of Mastery intimidating. K.]

  14. HELLO Nick! I can’t find the information; when is this book Daygame Infinite coming out (talking about the final corrected version). I thought it would on Christmas day.

  15. Pingback: How To Write A Memoir #3 | Krauser PUA

  16. I cant find the book to buy [Click the link where it says “The pre-release version is still on sale here.” K.]

    • yeah I did but thats for the early release with the mistakes on it, I was looking for the actual official book to buy, you said it was coming out Christmas Day so I was expecting a new link to take you to a page with the whole sales pitch etc [Ah, I see. Check out the latest post. It’s out now. K.]

  17. Hey Nick, loved your book, nice work particularly in texting and dating. Also was an enjoyable read.

    I have a question, now that you’re an expert and you’ve had almost a decade observing yourself, other aspiring players, and students trying to improve their game: what most common aspect do players need to focus on improving in order to have the greatest positive effect on their SMV?

    Thank you. [Usually it’s either lose weight, get some muscle, dress properly, get a haircut, or stop being a faggot. You’ll know which applies to you, if any. If all that is handled, it’s probably a lack of a classical education hurting your gravitas and conversation. I’ll probably do a post on how to handle that soon. K.]

  18. You forgot always go to countries where the broads make 1/4 of your country’s salary! Thanks mate [Salary isn’t the thing, it’s the average level of quality. K.]

  19. Hi, just read section two: the player’s world and I’m progressing through, so if this is later on the book, my bad. You say that Colin recommended finding “the same kind of crazy as you”. What are your thoughts on how to handle a situation like this when it arises, avoiding oneitis in that case, and whether you should tell her how you feel? [I think there’s no need to commit to / oneitis a girl just because she happens to match really well. K.]

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