#56 – The Executioner Volatile Agent, Don Pendleton BOOK REVIEW

July 22, 2018

There’s an old ex-pat joke: What’s the difference between a tourist and a racist in Africa? Two weeks.


He looks a bit scared, I think

Africa is a disgusting shithole. This is exactly what you’d expect when many countries have an average IQ of 68. In contrast, Koko the Gorilla tested at 85-90 [1] and was considered typical of the species. It’s the average IQ that mostly determines the quality of life in a country, as the smart tend to isolate themselves in enclaves [2]. None of this is surprising because Africa doesn’t have cold winters and thus the environment, unlike Europe, never culled DNA of people either unwilling or unable to plan ahead for lean times. Also unlike Europe, Africa never had a severe criminal justice code that literally executed and deported all the savages from it’s own population [3].

Africa was never supposed to have a big population. Unfortunately for Africans, do-gooders in the 1970s invented modern agribusiness and exported it to Africa via transnational corporations, United Nations aid, and NGOs [4]. World grain produce was quadrupled in less than a decade and for the first time in human history, there was a global food surplus. In the West, that meant everyone got fat. In Africa, it wiped out the subsistence farmers who used traditional methods and put a rapidly expanding population into food dependency. We are reaping that harvest now, as the continent is swollen with hundreds of millions of low IQ individuals unable to feed themselves.

It’s not surprising many seek to escape, and invade Europe. Thus the Soros-created “migration crisis”.


While I’m sympathetic to how Africa has been completely fucked over by do-gooders and socialists [5] there’s also the fact that the continent is a cesspit of tribal warfare, slavery, and unbelievable fuckwittery. They have 68 IQs, after all. Not just that, but Africa is an extremely dangerous environment for humans. Nature is deadly there: mosquitoes, desert, hippos, lions…. and fucking hell, no wonder black people don’t swim. The water can kill you, so any African DNA that liked a frolic in the water was soon weeded out by the crocodiles [6]

So, I’m sympathetic but I swear there’s one thing I simply love to do when video gaming: gunning down Africans.

Pretty much every video game lets you gun down any other nation. Call Of Duty has you fighting Russians, Homefront has you against the Koreans, and Max Payne 3 pits you against Latinos. But if you want to gun down Africans it’s really really hard. Resident Evil 5 was set during a viral zombie outbreak in Africa and immediately drew “racist!” cries from the SJWs. To my knowledge only Far Cry 2 is the only AAA game to bite the bullet and throw you into the midst of an African civil war where you kill mostly Africans. And even then, white mercenaries form an unusually high proportion of your enemies.

Still, I loved it. Setting fire to villages with my flamethrower and then gunning down everyone who ran out.

Far Cry 2

Enrichment goes both ways, pal

But I digress.

Africa is constantly in a state of war. In the immediate post-Colonial sixties you had genocide in Burundi, or the Mau Maus kicking off in Kenya, and the USSR meddling with the MPLA in Angola [7]. In the 90s was the “Third World War” in Congo as everyone fought for control of the former Zaire’s vast mineral wealth. I think nine different countries had a dog in that fight.

This is an extremely fertile setting for action stories. You have an exotic location, rival factions, blood diamonds, and hordes of bad guys who you don’t feel the slightest guilt in wiping out by the hundreds. This Mack Bolan book takes full advantage.

The set-up is that there’s a border war between Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast. A Cuban agent, Marie Saragossa, has infiltrated a small town on that border and seized blueprints of a secret military installation making deadly chemical weapons. The Chinese are after it, as is her employer. While holed up in a broken-down hotel, the border war swept over her town and she’s trapped there. Bolan is sent by the US to get the blueprints so that the military can locate and destroy the facility. He is in a race against time with agents on the other sides, including a South African mercenary bringing his own team of yahoos – this is the main antagonist.

LIberian monkeys

This isn’t Far Cry 2

Bolan gets into the town just ahead of the mercs but Saragossa is fatally wounded. Bolan grabs the plans and fights his way out, injuries and fatigue almost killing him as he’s left hiking through the brush to an unlikely ex-filtration point and a ride home.

I really enjoyed this book. The set-up works, giving good reason for everyone’s actions, clear motivations, and lots of action bubbles. That action is described crisply and evocatively, the whole time within a tropical rainstorm I could almost smell. Yeah it’s a silly action story, but the level of competence by the writer is very high for the genre. It was a page-turner.

The scenario reminded me a lot of two memoirs I’d read by mercenaries fighting with rebel armies of Africans. One, My Friend The Mercenary, described a rebel army fighting by way of Equitorial Guinea attempting to oust the Liberian dictator Charles Taylor. It’s comical. The writer is a journalist who accompanies a South African mercenary hired to train, equip and lead the rebels. Upon arriving in the base camp in the north of the country, it takes two weeks to leave because the entire army is just sitting on their ass smoking weed [8]. The convoy of jeeps and trucks sets off and at the last minute the journalist is asked to change jeeps. Just as well he did, because a minute later a child soldier in his first jeep is playing with a grenade and drops it, pin out, in the foot-well where it blows up killing him and the driver.

A week of driving on jungle tracks gets them to the first battle line. The journalist describes running to the battle past a teenage soldier who is fiddling with an RPG. He drops it and it goes off, firing into the sky. The back blast kicks up dirt and gravel which blows the soldiers legs off.

IQ of 68 and an AK47

That’s an AK-74 but only an IQ-68

The mercenary sets up his side’s forces in defensive positions facing Taylor’s army and is confident they can hold out for two weeks while waiting for reinforcements and heavier munitions that are en route from a base in Equatorial Guinea. However, his troops fire off all two weeks’ of ammunition in one afternoon and are left helpless. Luckily for them, Taylor’s army are also retarded and have done the same thing. So the two sides settle down to stare at each other for a while.

A week later there’s a huge boom and flash visible over the horizon. It turns out that was the supply train. They find out later that a soldier was smoking weed while driving an ammunition truck. He flicked the joint out the window but it was caught by the wind and blown into the ammunition, setting it off. Lol.

It is such incidents that decide African wars.

Anyway, if you like trashy action stories then I absolutely recommend this one. It isn’t quite The Dogs Of War but it’s one of the better Bolan books I’ve read.


Not this dog of war

And fuck all that shite. Buy my books. They are great. Start off with the brand new full-colour second edition of Daygame Mastery

[1] And likely Harambe scored higher, imo.
[2] Or in the African case, flee to a white country and get a job there.
[3] Don’t underestimate the effect of this. Right up until a hundred years ago, Europeans removed anti-social savages from the gene pool. That left pro-social DNA in it. Sweden is discovering the unexpected consequence: these pro-social people are suckers for when anti-social migrants are reintroduced.
[4] That’s a trifecta of the three most evil organisations in the whole world.
[5] And don’t get me started on that grubby terrorist Nelson Mandela and the white genocide by the ANC. Both whites AND blacks were much much better off under apartheid.
[6] In contrast, Europe has almost entirely benign nature, weather changes can’t kill you, no earthquakes or hurricianes, and all the rivers are easily navigable by boat with no great waterfalls, rapids or swamps.
[7] Forgive me if I mangled the history. It’s been a while since I read about it and I’m going on memory.
[8] Not unlike the whole of South London


  1. Loved the joke!

    Reminds me a bit of one of my favourite films: Wild Geese

  2. you hit the nail on the head about Africa with this post !

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