Textbook Update Video

November 29, 2017

Two months ago, I predicted Daygame Infinite would be ready in about two months. Well, that turned out to be true. I’ve had a bunch of people asking for an update so here it is, on video. Take a look.

Although the book is ready, I’m not releasing it just yet. There are two things left to tick off before I pull the trigger. First, I’m seriously considering releasing the book with a full colour interior only. No B/W edition. Why? Because it looks like I can do so without the usual exponential increase in printing costs. I haven’t confirmed my calculations yet but I’ll update you when I know the final answer.

Second, I’m probably going to do a London book launch event in mid-December. Perhaps a talk for a couple of hours and then passing a sample copy around for people to see. Leave a comment if that idea interests you and you’d show up.


  1. Damnit right as I’m leaving London. Glad to see the book is coming out soon though! Will place an order as soon as it’s released.

  2. Yes, please a full color release or at least an option for full color!

    These is going to be part of your legacy, so let us be able to get it in its full glory! 🙂 [Yep, that’s exactly my thoughts too. K.]

    • Krauser, you know what would be really perfect? To actually do a video product for this book. Not a technical product but more of an advanced mindwank.

      Something on the realizations you had since Mastery, about any new understandings on the true nature of attraction and of Game, and about the challenges left in the game that future PUA generations might take a stab at overcoming (My expectation is that this will include that wolf and rabbit dilemma of how to get wolf girls fast without going the slow K-selection route etc).

      You know, something more intellectual and fundamental. The stuff that effective game adaptation comes from. Something like an Advanced Womanizer’s Bible, assuming we already know all the great ideas in the Womanizer’s Bible. [That’s likely to be woven into the memoir series. K.]

  3. Can’t make it London, but please plan on releasing the talk. I’d love to see it.

    And if you want to release a copy early (BW or color), I standing by. I’ll reread it and review on my blog as soon as it’s in my hands.

    I’m headed to Japan again for two months starting in Jan, so I’m hoping to get a hardcopy before I leave…

    Looking fwd to this, Krauser.

    • You seem very eager to review this particular Krauser’s book, yet you didn’t have any review on Rollo’s book.
      You gotta crush him first, Nash.

      • Not a whole lot to crush with Rollo. Just finished his newest book. Spot on as always. Nick is my favorite figure in the PUA field for specific strategy and tactics discussion while Rollo is basically the intellectual equivalent of Nick in the sphere of understanding the larger dynamics of the SMP.

      • Oh, that guy. My current opinion of RT is that he is very smart, but basically… angry beta. Very angry. Not rage (i wish is was rage), but slow burning contempt. That guys beer turned into vinegar long ago.

        With Krauser we have “Joy of Daygame” (literally and figuratively). With RT… we have endless reactivity and “doom.” He is a reactive mess. A blackhole of negativity. The pied piper of the MGTOWs. Lol.

        It’s been a theme for me lately that we can get the same “quality” argument from multiple sources… and Mr Angry Beta is a source I’m trying to get out of my life.

      • I see the insight in what Rollo talks about, and I appreciate it, but it messes up my vibe, I start feeling negativity towards women rather than enjoying them.

        Happily, it wears off after a few days. So it’s literally both a gift and a curse to read Rollo. [I like Rollo. Smart guy doing lots of good work. I think he’s more about saving souls than teaching game, though. Good on him. It’s just a different objective. K.]

  4. London meet up sounds good. Looking forward to this big time.

  5. Meetup would be good mah nigga as long as you don’t mind a Paki showing up [You’re more than welcome, so long as you leave the bomb vest at home. K.]

  6. Damn, mid-december is a tad too soon for me. Won’t be free before the 18th!

  7. I’m in – just have to manage my schedule around it. The sooner you are able to fix the date the better.
    And a pity that you don’t it this week – I’m in town:

  8. Look forward to reading the textbook. Glad you’re publishing as much daygame knowledge as possible before your retirement from the community.

    I wanted to make one request. A couple of years ago you did an excellent Daygame Buffoons series calling out fake daygame coaches by doing breakdowns of their infields.

    Do you think you can do another quick series like that before you retire ? It will help alert alot of the new aspiring daygamers to know which coaches are just scammers looking to swindle their hard earned money. [I might. I tend to just get ideas and run with them, without planning. K.]

    • In other hand, I heard that Tom in next year plan will do that kind of thing..

      • No. Tom Torero critiques ideas/teachings he thinks are wrong but he never singles out another individual coach for a harsh debunking. I don’t think he’s going to do that.. It wouldn’t be congruent with his personality. [To my knowledge, Tom has never spoken out against named scammers or frauds in the daygame industry. He was silent when I was taking down Deepak Wayne in August 2016 and he also sought out Justin Wayne in November 2015 for a co-promotional podcast interview – both guys known AT THE TIME to be frauds. The only time I remember Tom directly addressing a daygame coach faking a video was when he admitted to faking one himself. He’s conflict-averse and my guess is he’d like stay out of it and make money rather than use his platform to protect his students from scammers. I take a very dim view of this cowardly approach, but you can equally make the point that it’s just neutrality. If he changes track and actually does do something to defend the community, I shall change my view accordingly. K.]

  9. happy to see things going well nick. im interested in ur current and future direction you take your life. hopefully you will keep us all updated since today there are so many cucks and faggots around.

  10. Ah.. Krauser promise as usual!
    Over promise, under deliver.

    Just look how so sure he has promised us in following post somewhile ago.. [21st September: “but likely two months from release”. 29th November: “the book is ready”. You are a retard. Go back to YouTube. K.]


  11. Yes, publish in color. After I got your existing hardcovers and realized they were all black and white I immediately went back to lulu to see if there was a color option I could buy again. Even if it was 2x the cost I would have put the money down. These are great quality books and not having them in full color feels like a disservice to the work you put in.

    Even now if you say you’ll put up mastery, nitro, primal seduction in color I’ll be the first to buy them again. [If the Infinite colour plan works out, I’ll do a colour Mastery. K.]

    • hell yeah ill wait for the colour infinity, and ill buy a mastery if you do a colour one of those too, and ill just sell my black and white copy….

  12. Yes !!! Best Xmas gift I’ll give for myself.

    And if the book is not out by Christmas, best birthday present I’ll give myself

    Really look forward to your discoveries and insights. All your books, but particularly mastery, was insanely legit. Exponentially improved my game and outlook on life and people in general.

    Thanks for all your hard work brother. And hope you have a Merry Christmas! [Thanks for the kind words. K.]

  13. The idea is good and I shall show up if the event is held after the 16th December.

  14. Hey Nick what do you think of this infield by Omar Khan ? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xppQLenSpeM He’s a daygame coach charging $750 USD for his bootcamps. Is he worth it ? [It’s awful. Wouldn’t recommend it for free. He’s been doing this 8 years and still acts like a fifty-set beginner. Good luck to him trying to get laid, but he absolutely should NOT be presenting himself as an expert. K.]

    • Thanks for the feedback K.

      I suspected so when he opened indirect and didn’t even bother doing any assumption stacking or story telling.

      What’s worrying is that James Tusk (who seems to have built a decent reputation in the daygame community) has explicitly endorsed Omar in a video saying he refers people to him. [I watched it. Pretty shameful. Tusk seems a likeable guy but in that video he’s just talking out of his arse. He also has evasive body language when listing Omar’s “skills”, like he doesn’t really believe in his endorsement. I think James has let the $$$ override his integrity in this case. Hopefully he’ll drop the tie-in soon. Everyone makes mistakes, myself included. K.]

      Here’s the James Tusk video endorsing Omar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEZeSca589w

      • I hold my hands up on this one. I Had a couple of phone conversations with Omar and he talked a good game. I took that at face but in hind sight should have investigated further. [Thanks for the update. I’ve made the same mistake myself. K.]

  15. Also if your looking for some comedy to brighten up your day it looks like Justin Wayne had to release a couple of videos defending himself since Deepak Wayne was putting out video after video after video saying that Justin Wayne is a fraud.

    And now it looks like Justin Wayne is suing Deepak for using his brand. HaHa

    I honestly don’t know if Deepak is actually this stupid or he’s just trolling. Deepak’s claim to legitimacy rested entirely on the apparently credibility of Justin Wayne who he is now attacking. [They are subhuman. They live in a world where up is down, and where we’ve always been at war with Eurasia. You’re better off watching CNN. K.]

  16. LOL Watching the Justin Wayne video basically shows that the majority of the guys in the community aren’t experienced enough to see the tell tale signs of how fake it is. Anyone who has some infield experience will be able to clearly see the subtle body language cues given out by the girls he’s apparently dated and fucked. None of them look at all attracted or aroused and look as though they can’t wait to leave.

  17. Isn’t all the politics and pua gossip bad for your vibe Nick? How do you not get angry when you’re caught up in the manosphere. I saw it happen to Roosh and others. Can’t be good for inner game. I myself have many gamma tendencies and so I am trying to move away from reading too much and get out there to tackle it like you and Bodi have. I will be studying the new book that’s for sure.

  18. Can’t even begin to express my excitement level.

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