Textbook Update

September 21, 2017

I sometimes forget where we are at in the progression of the London Daygame Model. Are we still at v2.0 or has it moved to v3.0? What I do know is where I am at in the progression of my brand new daygame textbook. So, let me update y’all.

I wrote Daygame Mastery in the latter half of 2013 and by the time it was polished and ready for release, it was February 2014. Regular readers [1] will be aware I’ve been daygaming the whole time. Four years have passed. Four years of experimentation, ruminating, and original thinking [2] have occurred. I’ve spent literally a year writing this new book.

So, how is it coming on?

TL:DR – It’s about a month from completion, but likely two months from release.

Cover draft

Two months from now, yesterday

I’ve written the entire manuscript and then done a beginning-to-end rewrite four times based on my own thoughts and on three experienced daygamers giving feedback on test reads. It’s currently with my professional editor for an additional edit.

I’m also making good progress on the cover design and layout, about 50% through that process. So far so good.

I won’t be rushing publication of this book because it’s likely my final word on daygame and I want it to exceed the quality of even something like Daygame Mastery. So I’m meticulously polishing it and trying my best to get everything just right. I’m confident that will become quickly apparent to everyone who gets their grubby mitts on it.

UPDATE 3rd Sept: I submitted the final edit of part 4-of-4 to my layout guy today. That means the book is fully within the “supervise art and layout” stage. Pretty much fine-tuning now. I expect a final proof-read PDF by the end of the month, hopefully sooner.

[1] If that’s possible given the irregularity of my posting
[2] As opposed to just ripping off Mastery, slapping a new name on it, and cashing in


  1. I have an intermediate level of skill (50+, with some LTRs in between) from a mixture of night and day game. Which of your books would be the most suited to me? Should I wait for Infinite? [Try Mastery. K.]

  2. Nick,

    I am literally shaking with excitement about this new book – this is truly the cutting edge of daygame as we know it. Cover art looks fantastic btw. CAN’T WAIT for the release and opportunity to greedily devour it.

  3. happy to see you still posting nick – will you be updating a new blog in the future that i can follow? [I intend to get back on this blog after it’s published. Infinite has been draining me of all creativity. K.]

  4. Great work Nick, I loved daygame mastery. And can only imagine how great the quality of this new book will be.

    Any chance I could get your honest opinion on primal seduction. I’m an experienced daygame (4 years in) and wondering if it’s actually a worthwhile buy. I like Steve jabba and an in depth analysis of his game would be great to read, but I don’t want to purchase if it’s just going to be another book with content that any experienced gamer has already seen e.g street hustle. [I do not endore Jabba’s coaching. I do think PS is an excellent book. K.]

  5. Yep, Street Hustle was shameless. Not sure why you’re using a globe for the cover of the new book because the earth is flat. [Infinite is new content with original ideas, so quite unlike SH. K.]

    • I like both Nick and Toms material but it is fair to point out a lot of the content of Street Hustle Tom had already published when he was at daygame dot com before Mastery. Nick is a better writer but Tom nails the core concepts even in things like Girlfriend Sequence.

      Looking forward greatly to the new book Nick. Congratulations on the achievement. [Thanks. K.]

      • Interesting comments, Roger. I’m reading Street Hustle now… there are parts I like, but mostly it’s so dead-basic, concept-only that it is hard to find interesting. I’m not saying that the basics aren’t important, or that I have them dialed in… but it feels like a boring college class,which is too bad.

        In a related way… I listened to some talks by Zan, and again… I feel frustrated, and find myself trying to understand why. Terrible teaching, even if there is worthy material there.

        I never feel that way with Krauser. Books aside, Krauser’s video products always feel like they cut through all the shit I’ve heard before. They feel fresh, even when they are strictly conceptual. Outlaw Daygame is another great example… I have listened to that material over and over. Black book. Overkill. Never feel stale to me.

        And there is something about the memoir style books (by Tom and Krauser… Balls Deep+) that escape the dryness that Street Hustle suffer from. The personal aspect of the memoir brings the freshness that just throwing concepts at us can’t match. [I keep meaning to post the remaining sections of Outlaw but never quite get around to it. K.]

      • Krauser appeals to me because of my self-confessed gamma nature. I love the ‘mental masturbation,’ as he says of deep theory. I go to Tom for my action and adventure kicks plus his infields. I go to Krauser for meta theory. Both are necessary.

    • A marketing book at its finest. My assumption he used it to market to newbies, and was sneaky way to claim everything discovered in daygame as his own, as krauser claimed as well.

      He let down experienced guys like myself who spent money buying his book thinking it would be new original ideas, big waste of money like most of Toms products TBH.

    • Street Hustle has a really huge advantage compare to other daygame products… Very easy to learn from it and Torero explain the concepts very well

  6. Would it be worth getting if you already have Daygame Mastery? [Infinite is 100% new material and a level beyond Mastery. It’s written assuming you already have Mastery. K.]

  7. The cover art is glorious. [Indeed it is. It took four pints to come up with the concept. K.]

  8. Nick have you come across this fool “James Tusk” who is copying yours and Tom’s material and passing it off as his own on Youtube? [I saw two of his videos. He appears to have his shit together. There’s a line with “fair use of concepts which are basically public domain” on one side and “blatant uncredited rip-off” on the other. I haven’t watched James enough to know how he chooses to negotiate this line. K.]

  9. Is this going to be available at Lulu? I have Mastery, Primal Seduction and a few Franco Seduction books lying in the cart and they keep throwing coupons at me so I’ll empty it.

  10. 10/10 for cover. Better than this one 😉

  11. It would be great if this is an ebook. No offense, it is easier to read on a kindle, phone or computer. Thx

  12. Is this going to be an ebook? I do hope so. Thanks [Definitely no ebook. K.]

  13. What do you mean by your “FINAL word on daygame,” Nick?!!
    Do you finally decide to end your daygame journey?

    Also is it officially to become a Krauser Daygame Model 3.0?
    Or it’s basically just the same with LDM 2.0 idea, only have a new polished & furnished content? [It’s my last technical book. There’s still one more memoir to come. I don’t really care about the 2.0 / 3.0 stuff but if you really want that terminology, it’s 3.0. K.]

  14. I hope that, the stages is not going to build around only that 2 complimentary – 1 tease stack model, like in daygame nitros case.

  15. James tusk is a good example of good looking guy game, you can tell by watching his videos that even though he knows the model to a degree he’s never had to go beyond the absolute basics which imo comes across as a bit wooden. But fair play he absolutely doesn’t need to develop that part of his character/personality. I think it will be tricky for him to get success in this industry as his results and experiences (think he mentioned he bangs 1 out of every 15 approaches) is the polar opposite of even guys who consider themselves decent in this area. Tom and nick are relatable in a way, a pumped up good looking guy doesn’t need game.

  16. I actually believe him.
    I’ve known a couple other guys that get those kind of results but they all have things in common.

  17. James did a bootcamp that I was on years ago with the old daygame company (we were taught by Tom Torero and Matrix). Think James then went on to teach for Yad because he got results immediately. Reminds me of Steve Jabba. Bangs girls cos of looks but thinks its his game. Disappointed he doesn’t credit Tom and you.

  18. >>>>> Are we still at v2.0 or has it moved to v3.0?

    In your previous comment, you’d say that you will release the “REAL” Version of 3.0 and unlike Tom seminar, who you say just calling Windows XP as Windows Vista, you will shaking the entire industry with your next book.

    Am I wrong? Or You’ve lied? [Take your sperging elsewhere. K.]

    • So I did and I ask Tom instead, then he humbly answer in his blog.
      Unlike your vaguely answer, he can differentiate clearly from Daygame 1.0 to 3.0 evolution: [You’re still sperging. I’m not differentiating anything for you because you’re a buffoon. I read that evolution post and it’s pretty accurate. Tom and I have personal and professional differences but we rarely have significant theoretical differences. K.]

    • Not surprisingly though, he praise you fairly enough in that post. EVEN AFYER YOU ADAMANTLY DISAVOWED HIM. [Actually he originally disavowed me, both explicitly in a blogpost and over time by distancing himself from me gradually, beginning around May 2015, including requesting that we withdraw the Beginner Daygame book. That’s fine. I have no problem with him running his business and producing his own material according to his unique take on the LDM. It’s good for daygame as a whole and as I’ve said over and over, he is good at both doing and teaching daygame. It’s rather annoying when spergy buffoons like you with no understanding of history, theory, or an ability to read between the lines start freaking out and spreading mis-truths. Because then I have to talk to people like you and then I need to take a shower afterwards to remove the stink. K.]

  19. I quite like James Tusk’s daygame. He comes across as very natural in his interactions. But there’s obvious clear structure when you observe it closely. Honestly, flirting with girls isn’t that hard once you’ve fully accepted it is a numbers game and that you will get rejected. Once you’ve fully internalised it, It will be as simple as having a fun chat, escalating and getting laid.

    As long as you don’t overcomplicate things and mind wank yourselves with too much overanalysing and theory, you’ll be fine. [James is a Chad who has turned his mind to daygame technique. He’s part of Jabba-World where dealing with women is almost entirely positive. That’s a different world to 95% of men. Normal men need a long process of detail and mental toughening in order to return to simplicity. James probably does have good technique but having never met him and not really watched his material, I wouldn’t like to offer an opinion on his game beyond this hypothetical. K.]

    • I think the idea of a chad is simply a guy who’s had positive reference experiences (due to natural attractive behaviours he “acquired” growing up) that has allowed him to present himself in a manner that makes girls respond positively.

      I’m not sure if it’s the same as what you’re saying but phrased differently. But I think there’s definitely nothing inherently special about James that other guys wouldn’t be able to have or achieve in terms of results.

      Good looks help but it means nothing if he lacks self-esteem. I know that for a fact coming from my own personal experience as i’ve slowly grown into myself and maturing. Therapy has also helped a great deal.

      Self-assredness and being confident with everything you say or do “regardless of whether it’s textbook game” or not is a big part of it in my experience for sure.

  20. Sure thing, but looks help tremendously. He always appears as if it’s fun fun fun when the reality, particularly in London, is that Daygame requires faith in that it’ll all come good in the end (results). For an average looking guy you could be forgiven for thinking “Is this worth all this blimmin effort?! Nick, how do you moderate your expectations?

    • It all helps. In fact, If I were to teach this professionally, I would spend the first half of it going through ways to help guys get their shit together.
      In a nutshell, Game is a selling tactic and strategy to help sell yourself in the best possible light. But you have to be a valuable product in order to sell it else you’re simply no different to a charlatan selling dodgy goods.

  21. 2026. Internet hypergamy has hit critical mass. Cam models earning up to $4 million per year. Beta millenials numbering in the tens of millions have turned into compliment robots on social media with no signs of stopping. Gen Z males spending 36% of their student loans donating to women on Patreon. Westetn alpha males sinking into alcoholism and nihilism. In a rush for meaning, Western women adopt Ukrainian mindset for older men with experience and family values. Daygame Dystopia!! Your best writing is ahead of you Krauser. Lol :/

  22. krauser:
    yeah, the fake is not the right word… but they are in the same clothes, same place… no sense
    .. maybe the weather and the time is the same…

    if you go on an instant date….

    ah….it doesnt matter [It does matter. Listen to what he says. He looks directly into the camera and tells you it’s a re-enactment. There’s no detective work to be done here. K.]

  23. No offence Ondar but you’re nowhere near James’s aesthetic, and the ease at which guys like him (even in a depressing place like london for game) close girls is not about game. It’s simple when you think about it.

    • Maybe not, but i’m very happy with the results i’m getting. We’re all different. What matters is what you do with what you have. It’s far easier to moan and complain than to get off your butt and do something about it.

  24. By the way guys. Coming from a marketing background. You have to believe in the product (“You”) you’re selling before you can sell it to other people. Otherwise no amount of game theory or knowledge will help you. Some will like what you have to sell, some won’t. No matter how aesthetically pleasing you look.

    Anyone who tells you otherwise is either discouraging you or enforcing limiting beliefs to stop you from growing. Believe in yourself and go for what you want. Just some food for thought.

  25. You wrote that there’s definitely nothing inherently special about james and other guys could get the same results.

    So your results must be pretty much the same I take it?

    • I don’t know James personally to know what his results are. But in terms of what I set out to achieve when I started. I’ve achieved what I’ve wanted to achieve.
      Comparing yourself to others won’t help you. Focus on your own progress.

      • In other words. Whatever results one person can get, there’s no reason why you can’t do the same. Don’t let anyone discourage you. You have what it takes.If it means having to work on yourself in order to see it, then do it. The journey isn’t the same for everyone.

  26. I’m all for being positive and determined and genuinely have big respect for any guy that gets involved in game. We’ll done on your journey etc etc
    The issue I have is when guys(like you) that aren’t very good or have had a couple of lucky results and the rest of the girls they bang are massively average or easy sluts watches a video with a male 8+ and sees his easy breezy interactions that were already done when he said “excuse me” and then comes out with things like he’s natural, there’s nothing special about him, most guys can get those results etc
    You’re living in a dream

  27. And you backtracked in your last post. You know the types of girls a guy like that gets and you ain’t getting close to that in london. No fucking way 😉

  28. All I’m saying is stop being so damn naive and self-helpy. It’s cringey.
    Genuinely no hate on my part. I just schooled you and opened your mind a bit hopefully. 👍

    • Mate, i’ve been active in this industry for a decade now, well before the LDM even existed. So i’m confident in the knowledge that what I’ve said has some legs.

      You’re limiting yourself…

      Think for yourself and take a broader view on how things work. You’re not James Tusk or Steve Jabba. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get their results if you don’t put the effort. Otherwise, you’re severely limiting your true potential. Girls are just girls.

      Your issue is you’re putting the hot ones on a pedestal, which is screwing you up,

      Don’t want to carry this on, but I hope my point is clear. I don’t expect you to agree.

  29. You’re something else mate lol
    If you think I’m influenced by anyone or can’t think for myself regarding these matters you’re completely 100% wrong.
    As for you being involved in game for ten years, fuck me I hate to think how your decision making/opinions were like in those days as you continue to miss soooo much to this day.
    I was just pointing out that no, not “most” guys will get to a level where they get husk or jabba’s results as easily because the ease at which they get positive reactions and intertactions is based on their look.
    I’ve never said a guy can’t improve or that he can’t get attractive girls with a shit load of introspection plus working on outer game and a gritty determination.
    You completely missed the point I was making and continue to do.
    Another example would be jon matrix who I actually saw last week in central. I’m not denying he’s a great daygamer, I rate him highly as he has technical ability and personality going by his infields but a hell of a lot of girls would be into him as he is a very good looking guy. Why do you have trouble understanding these basic things?
    A further example would be an A-list male 9 youngish actor who I’ve unbelievably seen gaming girls on the street in central.
    I don’t feel any resentment to these guys, but a guy like Tusk teaching an average guy or telling the student to model himself on him would be leading him down the wrong path.

    • I agree with your views on Jon Matrix and his new outlook on women and life. He filmed me approach recently to help give a testimonial on his product and offered me a job afterwards.
      I don’t disagree with you mate. I’m just interested to know why you’re trying so hard to put your point across. There’s no need for it. I’m not trying to argue with you. [That video of Jon and Diggler injecting frog venom then throwing up was like watching the Jackass crew light each other’s farts. K.]

      • True about teaching methods. Instructor’s simply teach what they know, that works for them. Hence my stance of thinking outside the box. Most of my knowledge and skill is attributed to many guys and not just one, coupled with my own experiences and figuring out what works for me.

  30. Nick, Can you make the book available with the option as a soft cover?
    – Hardbacks fall apart!
    Thanks in advance. [There’ll be a softcover but probably not in the first year of release. K.]

  31. Let’s agree to disagree.
    Always been interested why a large number of community guys can’t accept or acknowledge some obvious game truths.
    Oh well, you’ll come round eventually

  32. You’re coming off as slightly gamma doordie

  33. Slightly gamma?
    I’d say that’s an understatement.
    But I’m honest and call it as I see it.

  34. can you do a youtube video when you get the book from the printers and do a little flick through the book like you do with your others,? I hope its as big as mastery… I bought all your books and enjoyed them so looking forward to this…. [Yes, I expect to do exactly this. Probably at the end of October when I come back from a trip and have a test print to review. K.]

    • do you know if this will be out before December? I’m gonna be hitting London early December and gonna do some day game..I’d love to see this book before I get the train down there…. nice one nick… [Yes it will. End of October is most likely release date, but it’ll be pushed back if my test print looks shit. K.]

  35. [edited to remove link to scam channel. Do this again and you’re permanently spammed. K.]

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