Some Daygame Infinite updates

October 3, 2017

Right then dickheads valued readers, here’s an update on my tortuously long daygame textbook project. Fuck me, if I’d realised writing an entire textbook full of new content was gonna be this hard I’d have just drunk my own piss or something instead.

Do you want to know a little about the book writing process within the esteemed halls of Sigma Wolf? You do, don’t you….. okay, you twisted my arm. I’ll tell you. But first, a screen grab of the draft Infinite layout.

Infinite screen grab 1

If you’re wondering why I picked a page with relatively few ground-breaking ideas…. well…. I think you can guess. Anyhoo, the process.

First thing I did with Infinite is audio record a bunch of my dates with a dictaphone and get them transcribed. I read through the transcripts and let ideas percolate for how I could use them to tease out dating strategy in a book.

Second thing I started typing away with my ideas as and when they came into my mind, beginning the middle of 2016 until by the end of the year I had 25k words or so. At this point the book at no shape and I was still trying to figure out its direction. I showed these scribblings to a few friends.

By early 2017 I’d organised things into a structure and figured out… wait…. you don’t give a shit do you? You just want another screen grab to whet your appetite. Go on then…

Infinite screen grab 3

So anyway… blah blah blah… who gives a fuck. The important fact is that today’s the day I finished my final edit of the last bit of text. I’ve now entered the most fun stage of book publishing which is bossing around my minions. I think it’ll take all month to get it done, and on the task list is the following:

  • Draft layout of the full book, to the standard shown in these screen caps (current status: 3/4 done)
  • Commission additional caricature art to replace the placeholder art shown in current layout (current status: 1/3 done)
  • Prettify the draft layout so it looks more whizz-bang-woohoo such as adding photos and flowcharts (current status: 0/2 done)
  • Finalise hardback cover design (current status: 3/4 done)
  • Check for typos, errors, accidental private info (current status: zero)
  • Write additional content to squeeze in if I have time on my hands and nothing better to do with it  (current status: zero)

Infinite screen grab 4

So I stress again that these screen captures are not the final product but they ought to give you a good idea where things are headed. What’s that you say? One more screen grab? Okay…..

Infinite screen grab 5


  1. Cheers luv! Whetting my appetite to gobble this book up! Naughty man! Ciao bella💋

    • Steve Jabba is on seeking arrangement. Fucking hilarious. Says he has a PhD and is worth half a million.

      He goes in a paranoid rant about governments stealing his money as a means of justifying being on a sleazy prostitution website lol wtf?

  2. Nick,

    Really looking forward to this textbook. Your books are truly pure gold – I am firmly convinced your sales would blow up if more people were aware of daygame as a concept and what’s possible to achieve through it with the right guidance and dedication. 3 years into my daygame journey and a few 1000 sets later, there aren’t many figures in the daygame community I have left to learn anything from that I haven’t already heard. You have always been a notable exception. [Thanks. The last thing the world needs is more daygamers fouling up my streets. K.]

  3. lol loved reading this, great sense of humour from nick …… cant wait for this book it sounds exactly like something I want to read now… all the dates all written out…. [I’m hoping when people see how I run dates it’ll be eye-opening. K.]

  4. Krauser, if you really want to learn proper seduction technique you can come to Vancouver to train with me.

    I will teach you Ultimate Seduction and Conversation Superhero. This will finally get you laid with something above a 5.25.

    London daygame model is London gaygame. I get laid with hot blondes as a small Asian and train curries to do the same. [This comment is far too well written to come from an actual Wayne coach. K.]

    • this is gotta just be a troll comment, this asshole can’t actually be serious, as no one from Wayne coaching gets laid , LOL

  5. I need the next memoire, too.

  6. Can’t wait to read this. I have Nitro and will be watching Black Book shortly (done about 250 approaches), and Mastery/overlkill is on-deck after I do about 1000 approaches. Then I guess its Infinite.

    Krauser – What’s one thing that you think that most daygamers don’t spend enough time on or often overlook on their journey? Or said a different way if you broke things down 80/20 style, which element of 20 is most often not given the attention it deserves? [Infinite spends time cutting through the clutter to get at the core principles. K.]

  7. A typo on p. 267: “reigns” should be “reins”.

    Thank you for the preview.

  8. I can’t wait to read another book of yours again. Thank you very much for doing what you do K, you’re the man. [Thanks. Comments like this remind me not everyone in daygame is a retarded paki. K.]

  9. If Daygame Mastery is anything to go by I’m sure this one will be good value for money. Random question Nick, but is it healthy to treat hot girls like conquests to be conquered? I say that because when I see good looking guys get instant hook point I feel like shit knowing I’d have to work 10x as hard as he did to achieve the same outcome. Not spamming but things like this make me feel sad as fuck 09:50 [I have a post on How To Be A Sex God. K.]

  10. Daygame Mastery remains for me the best book on game pick up and also Red Pill mindset. I recommend it to anyone who asks for references.

    How is this version different or an improvement on what I think is already a definitive guide?

    I’d be interested in this one but would like to hear more on the coming posts about some key updates. [I’ll be discussing this later in the month in the build up to release. The four years since Mastery is a long time to think of new material. K.]

    • I bet it’s not something like 10x improvement from mastery.
      >>> Just add a little bit there, add this, and a several more with polished new design and layout(which honestly it doesn’t have anything to do with the content itself).

      Still like Windows XP, with a theme update. Definitely NOT a 3.0! [Definitely NOT! absolutely NOT! K.]

  11. @PinkPantherPua
    You should travel to Eastern Europe. Quite a lot easier compared to London, LA or Sydney.

    • @doordie2013 I have a little and do much better away then at home but i’ve got a full time career like majority people do ;( I don’t think I have the courage to unplug completely from the matrix as it were ;(

  12. Nice, looks great so far.
    Still wish you’d release these text books digitally for us expats in transit… but I understand why not. Black Book has done me well anyway. Cheers! [Thanks. Glad you liked BB. I think that product is a bit underrated. K.]

  13. Nick, I just discovered your awesome blog now and it seems you only have intermediate and advanced products, and now an even more advanced one… any stuff you’d recommend for beginners? [Give me your real email and I’ll send you a Beginner Daygame PDF. After that, Daygame Nitro is probably the easiest to get into. K.]

    • You are walking up to a girl on the street and talking to her, you aren’t sending a rocket to Mars. [Its much harder when you’re not hiring actresses. K.]

      • Heads up Nick, that wayne guy is a real fraudster. Total gamma…can’t even keep normal eye contact. He makes that Indian fellow look legit. Some serious psychological problems.. Had the unfortunate luck of running into him a few times with his docile side kick. A real Rice queen. [And in other news…. water is wet. K.]

      • I love this, these Wayne dating noobs know that krauser is the real deal and these joksters simply can not compete, they have zero products and could never come up with something like mastery, and if you think its just walking up to them on the streets and talking-to her then its shows just how fucking clueless these guys actually are, they just don’t fucking get it…

  14. A little off-topic, but I honestly can’t understand how people are still daygaming in London. Quality of women is unacceptable, especially after coming back from a place like Kiev. Granted, both places are full of uncalibrated spam approachers, but point stands. I’m getting to the the point where I just can’t bring myself to daygame in any country guided by a feminist ideology (basically excludes all english speaking countries).

    • what a dumb comment to make… not everyone can just go to Kiev, and London might be someones best option… saying that London has no quality of girls is the stupidest thing I’ve read, girls from all over the world go to London even ones from eastern Europe/.. you’re getting to the point ? well what about the people who are not where you are at, and want to practice in London? you’re just seeing things from your own shallow perspective… I’m interested to know how many girls you’ve actually slept with from just daygame approaching?

      • Quite a few from cold approach daygame (9 in one year is my current standard) and quality is kept fairly high (strong 6 and above). Topped out with a weak 8 last summer with a Chinese actress, same day de-lay. In the three years since I started, I’ve put in my hard knocks in the daygame trenches – learned the craft in a medium sized capital in the USA, getting any results there was like pumping a dry well. I’ve daygamed extensively in East Asia and dabbled with some jaunts to EE. Once you experience solid daygame elsewhere, it becomes very difficult to go back to mediocrity.

  15. Yeah agreed london is pretty shit.
    So many factors at play that make it a really unpleasant place to daygame in the majority of the time.

  16. Nick, can you write something about calibration at your new book?
    I mean how do I know which girls going to like me in a highest chance? (before the opening) how do I know which type of girls gonna be the easiest for me and get the best approach to lay ratio?

    maybe its not calibration, its a screening process…

    I ask this, because some type of girl not fancy me … thats why in most cases these sets just time wasters….

  17. Hi there Nick,
    when one just ‘found you’ what is the order in what books one should read? [If you’re curious about my story, read the memoirs in order: Balls Deep, Deplorable Cad, Adventure Sex. If you want to learn daygame, the order is Nitro, Mastery, Infinite. Including video, I’d say get Mastery and Overkill together because they are meant to complement each other as a total package. K.]

  18. Hi Krauser,

    Today, I read something from Seth Godin that resonated with me:

    “As marketers and agents of change, we almost always overrate our ability to make change happen. the reason is simple:

    Everyone always acts in accordance with the internal narrative. Always.

    You generally can’t get someone to do something that they don’t want to do, and most of the time, what people want to do is take action (or not take action) that reinforces their internal narrative.”

    So as PUAs, are we overrating our ability to cause sex to happen? I mean, if we were causing it, LMRs and near-misses wouldn’t be as frequent as they really are now.

    Are we simply both spam approaching, choosing more likely targets, as well as reducing the friction as much as possible so girls who deep inside wished to have wild sex with an r player (so reducing friction = our PUA process, it wouldn’t work if you aren’t a guy who that girl would think “girls like me sleep with guys like this”). Basically, we’re increasing our chances by having more value and reducing the points of friction / loss in the process, but the determining point first and foremost are the girls themselves.

    That we’re getting Yes girls, and Maybe girls who lean towards yes. You get what the efficient sexual market will get you girls at the level that you actually are, and our PUA process is making it easier for them and us taking more and more opportunities so our numbers augment. Is that really what it is?

    I remember a guy posted on your blog that nowadays the guys going to London Daygame seminars have their shit together rather than awkward guys like it used to be. I think this is due to the marketing changing. It used to be “sneaky ways to get any girl you want with 0% rejection”, which encouraged low SMV guys to stay low SMV thinking they hold the magic pill, while nowadays the marketing is more “this is not easy, if you want to get YHT girls, you have to become higher SMV, work on it and become the awesome man you can be”.

    Also, I went through RSD Tyler’s Hotseat @ Home. He explained his game there. He’s not for demonstrating high value but assuming high value. According to him, Game is a multiplier that you put on top of your own vibe (not talking about state, he was clear on that). So to him, if you can be free enough around the girl to do what you want without being in your head, that shows her you are higher SMV that her because you are entitled to her, and by definition that is 80% of Game. So he says if you can’t get girls just talking and having a boring conversation with them, then you have no need to learn Game, it won’t work. So be polite and work on your vibe (presence, self-amusement etc, which all show you are not intimidated by the girl which to him leads automatically to attraction).

    Tyler was also clear on what results to expect from his program: he said you get mostly 6s and 7s, rarely 8+ but because you are cool they stay in your life for a long time, and when you’re on a dry spell, get some karma by fucking an ugly fattie. I know these stats would sound horrible, but I read in some of your reports, K, that you’ve been banging some 6s in EE, and higher caliber girls like that Muslim girl in Moscow, as you said, aren’t girls that a guy like you can get.

    So if Tyler with his Game is superfluous, all you need is to be less intimidated than the girl, have good logistics, and let sex take as long as it will take before it happens seems to get results in the range, while you are super strategic, tactical and caveman-ing the girls into fast sex seem to be getting similar caliber of girls, well this tells me it’s really more something that depends on the girl and whether she was already open to possibility getting rammed up the pussy and pooper or whether she was closed to that.

    Honestly, I am curious to know your views on this. Really, in this fucked up PUA market full of scammers, you’re the only guy who seems to be speaking the truth.

    Tyler makes no sense in his free videos, but in his HotSeat @ Home he explained his model, which is like I said: Have a clean vibe of leadership and fun, be less intimidated than the girl (entitlement), and make it all fun until the girl is in your bedroom where it will naturally lead to fun because girls associate silliness with letting go of the social pressure to be good girls and let their wild side out.

    I also hope you’ll add at some point a video product for Infinite. I really like the mental wanking, so I hope it will have a lot of philosophizing about what Game really is, and what we’re really doing. Human beings tend to see patterns where none exists, need to make sense of the randomness of life, but sometimes the answers could be simpler: “we’re taking a lot of chances which exposes us to more girls who already were open even if slightly to getting fucked hard by a non-sissy man, and all we do is stay in the process but like all processes there is friction that leads to loss, so we lose some girls in the process. The only two things we control are more input (more approaches) and reducing fiction to our ability, the rest depends more on the girls than on what we’re doing”.

    That’s my view.What do you think dear K? [I’ve given considerable thought to this and written about it in Infinite. K.]

  19. Krauser, will your Infinite book be available as PDF too? As I travel a lot I would prefer that. In the case its not, I hope its out before december? Fingers crossed. [No PDF. Book should be out end of November. K.]

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