Reading Body Language Of Girls

October 18, 2017

As will become clear from Daygame Infinite, calibration is key to advanced daygame. It’s the elusive skillset all wannabe players chase, the ability to know where a girl is at psychologically and therefore what you need to do next. Is she into me? Is she up for it? Is she telling the truth? [1]

Lie to me

“okay, so you average seven girls a month but you lost your phone with all the evidence on it….”

Good daygamers are body language experts [2] which is exactly what you’d expect considering key aspects of daygame are:

  • an incredible amount of social contact with new people
  • constant formulation and testing of behavioural hypotheses
  • both you and the girl have skin in the game
  • constant diagnostics and debriefing to promote continuous learning.

When you’ve spent two years and two thousands sets on the daygame beat you’ll have a finely attuned radar for reading a girl’s body language. You won’t know everything, and there will be large gaps in your knowledge [3], but you are far sharper than before you began. Additionally, if you’ve done sufficient inner game work to smooth out your own mental kinks then you’ll be better able to perceive the data clearly rather than have your ego get in the way [4]

Daygame Infinite goes into considerable detail on how to calibrate. I’ll say more at a later date [5] but for now I want to make a recommendation for all you would-be body language experts. I’ve found a fantastic YouTube channel that uploads dozens of interviews and speeches from the news and then analyses the speaker for tells of honesty and deception. I’ve watched little else these past few evenings and I’d like to pass on the tip.

The channel proprietor is clearly a Trump supporter so some of you [6] may take umbrage at that but it’s pretty easy to filter that stuff out. She also has videos which are completely non-political such as serial killers, crisis actors, and abuse survivors. You can quite easily pass on the Hillary and Podesta videos and still have lots of non-triggering material to learn from her.

So, what is there to learn? I’d say Bombard’s Body Language channel is especially good for the following:

  • Focus on the tiniest of signals above the large amounts of worthless noise. Body language reading requires you to appreciate just how small the key signals can be, and how you need to be expecting them to see them. Daygame is just like that, such as the flash of attraction that may pass through a girls eyes, letting you conclude “she fancies me”
  • The importance of tuning out from the content of the speaking to instead see what the body is telling you.
  • The ways of spotting “portrayal”, her word for when a speaker is seeking to fake particular emotions. One such clue is real emotions have many tells appearing together (e.g. a smile is both mouth and eyes) whereas portrayal is usually only one isolated tell at a time.
  • Understanding that sometimes you aren’t getting any relevant information about the topic you wish to address, because you haven’t sent out the appropriate probe. This is especially relevant to escalation: you can’t judge feedback signals if you never triggered the feedback by sending the probe

I’ve linked a few good videos in this post but I thoroughly recommend the channel. It’ll get lots of you verbal-obsessives closer to the real world of game: subcommunication.

[1] If she’s female and moving her mouth, probably not
[2] Whereas high-volume spam approachers most definitely are not. They try to compensate for their lack of skill by brute-forcing it with volume until a Yes Girl takes them all the way to bed.
[3] Because we are scanning mostly for signs of interest and availability, rather than other signs such as truth-telling
[4] Many beginners mistake social hook point for sexual interest, for example, because they don’t want to face the fact they probably aren’t very attractive to women yet
[5] Or else all my points will be quickly uploaded into a free YouTube video without credit, as seems to happen suspiciously often
[6] The faggots, traitors and morons

If you are interested in calibration while picking up girls, you’re gonna fucking love Daygame Infinite. I’d best keep cracking on with getting it ready for publication, shouldn’t I?


  1. loll @ “some of you”…”the faggots, traitors, and morons”

  2. I’ve watched these sorts of videos before. I’ve also read What Every Body is Saying, on the advice of r/TheRedPill.

    I didn’t feel they were relevant to Game, because they all focus on if someone is telling the truth or not.

    I don’t need to figure out if a girl is telling the truth, I need to figure out if she’s into me.

    The only part that was interesting was her read of Rebecca Jarvis’ body language.

    • I have a post “Is she into you?” which covers involuntary signals of interest…the involuntary IOIs are key because they can’t be faked…they show sexual interest as opposed to LTR interest.

    • The author of that book you mention (Joe Navarro) has another book called “Louder Than Words” which takes the non-verbal concepts he writes about and puts them into a sales context. I’m sure you will be able to see the parallels for game.

      Also, all readers on here could do a lot worse than getting a copy of “People Watching” by Desmond Morris. A body language classic.

  3. _Some_ voluntary IOIs are probably legit. Last Fri. night, a HB8-9 whom I met a year ago and only chatted with for 5 min. did a hit-and-run grabass on me in my country bar. That was likely legit. (Really fucked over my vibe because she is a stranger and it totally surprised and shocked me.)

  4. I’d love to nerd out on body language.

    One of the big ideas I like is SMV as explicated by K.

    And Harvey doesn’t have good SMV. He’s fat. He has terrible game if you listen to the tape of him harassing women:

    “I’m not doing anything with you, I promise. Now you’re embarrassing me.”

    How many principles does that violate? Terrible!

    So of course women will sit back.

    If his SMV was higher, if he made himself into a more appealing type, they wouldn’t sit back.

    Btw, K, have you read Jim’s blog? I think you’d like his style. Makes myths and pulls no punches. On Weinstein he says “never interrupt the enemy when he’s making a mistake.”

    And I like listening to that narrator. You should post more vids.

  5. I have looked at many clips just looking at body language.
    This type of video clearly show what IOIs look like.
    Even if she is on national TV.

    • you do understand she is only acting like that BECAUSE she’s on tv and she can get away with it.. she would do it in a nightclub, or on the streets… this is nothing to do with Body language really, because its all just for the cameras… we are talking about the stuff girls can’t hide, the subtle stuff… not this shite…. [She really fancies him. The attraction and arousal is real. However, she’s definitely acting with most of the IOIs. K.]

    • you do understand she is only acting like that BECAUSE she’s on tv and she can get away with it.. she wouldn’t do it in a nightclub, or on the streets… this is nothing to do with Body language really, because its all just for the cameras… we are talking about the stuff girls can’t hide, the subtle stuff… not this shite….

      • Clearly you don’t know shit about body language. Sign up for one of my tutorials today for a 50% discount and I’ll show you real IOIs and how to illicit them….much better than Steve Jabba mind you. [If any of my readers wish to imitate the body language of a creepy virgin, I wholeheartedly recommend checking out John Wayne’s coaching. K.]

  6. Side question Nick which I hope you explore in your new book. How do you square the circle that although we are all anti Muslim on this site it seems like Islam is a great solution for crushing feminism and restoring the patriarchy. It’s also anti faggotry as you would say and unforgiving for sjws. I look at the Muslim men coming over to Europe and I see high testosterone and local woman therefore welcoming them in because local men are so cucked. Christianity has fallen. We must accept as far right conservatives that we need something else to replace it. I have decided to give up pua and find a Muslim virgin to have many children with. I’m open to the idea of becoming Muslim and having more wives. Will you join the fight also and get married and have kids? [There is no circle to square here. Muslims are the enemy. Feminists are the enemy. Behind both stand Jews and Globalists. K.]

    • You are advocating a “White Sharia”, This is a false solution. The sooner this disgusting,backward Lunar death cult is humiliated and sent packing from White lands the better.

    • On a related topic, I’m struggling to maintain a positive vibe when I hit the streets these days.
      My home city in northern Europe was almost entirely white until about 3 years ago when 3rd world people started moving in at an increasing rate. It is extremely depressing to walk around and feel like I am witnessing the beginning of the end of my culture/people/history etc. I need only look at any of the major capitals of western Europe to see what fate awaits.

      I am trying to reframe it as something not worth expending energy on as I cannot influence it but when it is right there in my face whenever I go into the city center I cannot stop it taking over my thoughts and putting me in a foul mood.

      Any advice appreciated, thanks. [Just remember all multicultural experiments in history end in ethnic cleansing. All the scum will be chased out or murdered, then we execute the traitors. It’s coming soon. Just look at Austrian election. K.]

      • Not to be a pessimist, but there is no single nation on earth (maybe Spain excluded) that is a post-muslim country.

        Once Islam takes over there’s no going back. Simple demographics about the eurocontinent show what’s happening. When native french have a birth rate of <1.8 or 1.6, I don't remember, and the muslim hordes in their country are having 8 kids per mother, well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what will happen in a few decades.

        Unless the native frenchies and europeans actually get their heads out of the sand and do something about it. But when you give immigrants the right to vote and influence elections…?

        (remember, since 1990, 90% of immigration into europe has been muslim) [We have IQ 20 points higher than them, higher social trust, on home territory, and don’t have a sunni/shia permanent division. We also massively outnumber them. Whites never ever lose a war that they bother to show up for. K.]

      • And Czech babi, apparently

  7. Speaking of body language, I’m curious what K or any of the commentators make of this infield from street seduction’s george:

    I watched it, it seemed like tall good looking guy game, but only as a friendly chat with no sexual overtones or spikes. Basically what I used to do in college with the expected (lack of) results but plenty of LJB’F’s.

    Then again I’ve only been this for a few months so would like to defer to somebody with better calibration for a proper breakdown. [Ok, I watched the full video. Interesting and worth a breakdown because lots going on in there, good and bad. Overall, I’d give him a 7/10 for game in this set. Very respectable…..

    1. She’s a Yes Girl. Immediate hook point, encouragement laugh, and immediately swaying side to side. Good sign, she clearly fancies him.
    2. He doesn’t do anything to increase her interest, but nor does he do anything to decrease it. Her body language is about the same at the end as at the start. Doesn’t fuck it up.
    3. He’s very nervous. Can’t tell if that’s because the camera is on and he’s thinking “I think I’ve got a good infield here, god I hope she actually gives the number so I can put it on YouTube” or if he’s just not used to getting such strong interest from a girl this calibre in London.
    4. His verbal game is interesting and held my attention. He teases, challenges, and talks in a evocative and imaginative way. To a YouTube voyeur it mightn’t seem too special but any actual daygamer knows it’s not easy to create these subjects and move things along like that.
    5. He fractionates his eyes off a lot, which is good, but when he turns them on they aren’t very sexual. Generally he doesn’t do anything to create sexual tension, which is why I think it felt like a social hook point to you. It’s not, it’s a sexual hook point. However, she gave him the sexual hook point in the very first moments rather than him earning it. My bet is she gave him some kind of IOI a moment or two before he opened.
    6. No sexual kino. The high five and hugs are timid and social. This is a glass full or glass empty kind of thing. Glass empty is he spent ten minutes talking to a Yes Girl and didn’t do any man-woman kino. Glass full is he saw she’s into him and saw no reason to rock the boat by escalating tension. My guess is he was playing it safe to guarantee a number close once he realised she was a Yes Girl
    7. He never closes distance. I think he should have at least tested it.
    8. When he teases, he tends to follow with rapport laughter that takes the power out of the tease. Again I can’t tell if this is his usual style or just playing it safe to get the infield. Judging by the dusk sky, it’s possible they’ve been out a few hours and this is the most promising set so he doesn’t want to risk blowing it.
    9. His close was very timid and the hug thing doesn’t disguise it. Again, probably more about getting the YouTube content than him being a pussy.
    10. He doesn’t seem tall, buff or good looking to me. He’s an above-average young guy with good aesthetic style, but hardly a Jabba or Janka in looks.

    This guy knows the model. There’s plenty of subtle things he does that only an Intermediate or better would spot. If he was my student, I’d congratulate him on a solid job done then suggest: (i) don’t soften the teases with laughter or up-talking (ii) don’t tread water so long; this set should’ve been half as long or moved along through some progression in rapport or sexual tension. The boxes where ticked so no need to hang around letting the air out of the balloon (iii) send out at least one sexual physical probe, such as stepping in, whispering a secret in her ear, or touching her. His kino was all social politeness (iv) show more conviction on the close rather than the “let’s maybe hangout sometime” (v) when the fractionation is “on”, put more heat into it.

    That sounds like I’m pulling it all apart but no, it was a good set. If he never gets better than that set he’ll still bang plenty of decent birds.

    I only watched it one time, so could probably pick out more on a repeated viewing. It’s the first time I’ve seen him in set. Chances are this is just another flake, because statistically that’s how daygame is. However, if he claims to have fucked her, or at least kissed her, I’d believe it. It’s the kind of set that sometimes ends in sex. It’s not a bullshit LJBF number close. She fancied him and it was solid work. K.]

    • Then the obvious takeaway for me is simply my absolute failure to escalate in the past on the follow-up, mistakenly thinking a girl has to be EXPLICITLY FULLY COMPLETELY DROOLING OVER YOU or both of us need to be drunk at night for anything to happen.

      Many many missed opportunities on amber lights and even weak/medium green lights because I thought on escalation you had to “RESPECT WOMEN” like a pussified millennial raised in the 90s/00s and only move in when she basically verbally begged you to.

      Heh. That’s pretty much what I suspected since being introduced to game by you and Ricky this summer. Thanks for the breakdown K. Your writing’s a goldmine.

    • Why do these guys always put up Yes girls? Is this modern day daygame of find the yes girl??????

  8. Ahhh…when’s the damn booking coming out!??

  9. Nick, spot-on analysis of that set. Since leaving Kiev for the UK, it’s been 2 months and I’ve only done one set in London. I don’t know if I’m going to stay here or be moving again soon to East Asia for a new job, so I haven’t traveled the 1 hour commute from where I am to London for daygame.

    My thinking has been there’s no point in investing time into sets if I’ll possibly be leaving soon. While it could be a meta-weasel, I feel like it’s a legitimate reason to focus on other endeavors for the time being.

  10. Also, I believe it was Roy Walker who said daygaming in London in the winter is very low benefit/effort ratio. However, you’ve mentioned in your books that Prague and London are the only 2 evergreen cities in Europe.

    I was also planning where I want to go for next eurojaunt season, and I am strongly considering Kazakhstan and/or Uzbekistan. As a white American, I feel like my shiny factor would be much higher in those places than in traditional EE hotspots like Kiev, and the Eurasian look is very sexy. I know Tom and Eddie have been Kazakhstan and their eval of it seemed tepid but guys on the RvF forums speak highly of both.

  11. There is a circle to square…….how can you be a conservative and a pickup artist…..thats my main mental block. You want your race to continue. Wife kids etc. But you want to go to other countries and bang girls as I do. What Im trying to say is are you r-selected or k-selected as Anonymous Conservative would put it deftly?

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  13. Love your “Faggots, traitors, and morons” line

  14. Not really connected to this post, but does anyone know what haappened to the Citydaygame blog (Vaughn, Xants, Valentino)? They had quite a few nice war stories until they abruptly stopped posting.

  15. I watched quite a few of her videos and really liked some of them. Unfortunately, she tends to read a lot more into people’s body language than what’s actually there. The best example is her McGregor v Mayweather video. Such over-analysing and utter bullshit. She predicted that McGregor was more confident and Mayweather thought he was going to lose. I have to thank her though. Because if it wasn’t for idiots like her predicting a non-sensical Conor win, I couldn’t have won a lot of money. It’s like a guy who’s decent at online game but who has never done daygame challenging you to see who could fuck more birds in Moscow doing daygame, 200 sets each. It’s not even a contest. This makes a bit wary of her other reads.

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  17. Just visited this page after some years. The channel has since been kicked off YouTube for violating their Terms of Service. I doubt it’s a coincidence that she’s also a Trump supporter.

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