Big Game Hunting

October 28, 2017

Jared slowly shuffles forwards through the undergrowth on his elbows and knees, his hunting rifle cradled in his arms. Brush scratches at his face and the midday African sun beats down hard. He’s grateful for the shade offered by his wide-brimmed hat and the sweet succour of his water flask.

Water supplies are running low, as are the other provisions in his small backpack. He’s been in the bush for over a week now, tracking the king lion. He picked up the lion’s trail on the second day, tracked him for hours, then lost it again. There were several days of nothing, just casting around searching for spoor and carefully observing the behaviour of other African wildlife for any hints of his quarry’s movements.

Jared was tired. Sleepy. Beaten down. But he was still focused on the prize.


There’s a noise from a large copse of trees a few hundred yards away. A few birds are startled into the air then wheel away to fly over the horizon. Jared investigates. He reaches the copse and his heart races – he’s found tell-tale spoor of a lion. He follows the trail.

Hours pass. He once thinks he catches sight of the beast through dense trees. It was just a flash of colour and movement. He’s not even sure he saw it. Nerves taut, his eyes seeing everything, he follows the tracks to the best of his ability. And ability honed over years.

When it happens, it happens fast.

Dead silence, eerie, and then suddenly the crack of tree branches snapping and a roaring fiend leaps from the gloom. Jared rolls, raises his rifle, and lets off a shot. The huge beige shape flies overhead, so close he can smell it’s perspiration, but so fast it’s a blur. He thinks he hears a yelp of pain as well as a flash of red blood.

As fast as it came, the beast has disappeared. Jared lies on his back, pushed up against a fallen log, his heart pounding and his knuckles white from gripping the rifle close to his chest. What just happened? Did he hit the lion? Why did it suddenly retreat?


For two more days he tracks the beast but his water runs low and he’s forced to trek back to base camp, empty-handed. He arrives as dusk has settled over the plains. Light peeks out from inside once of the tents and there are sounds of merry-making. He rests his rifle against a rock and ducks inside the tent, announcing his return.

There’s another hunter there, one he’s never met before. He must’ve stumbled across the camp while on an expedition of his own. A big husky man with impressive side whiskers and a ragged checked shirt. He introduces himself as Robert and pours Jared a draught of ale from his bottle.

Soon they are sharing hunt stories.

“I bagged four just last week” boasts Robert, grinning widely. “It was quite a haul. How about you?”
“Nothing” muttered Jared. It wasn’t uncommon to spend two weeks in the bush and never take down the big game. “Nothing in ten days.”
Robert poured him another drink and slapped him on the back in good humour. “Never mind. Come out with me on the next trip. I’ll show you how it’s done.”

The next day the pair are riding horses through the plains. Jared looks around but they seem to be riding away from lion country. A few hours later they crest a hill and on the other side is an oasis. A herd of wildebeest are drinking at the water source. Robert slides off his horse and shoulders a high-powered rifle with scope.

“Watch this” he says and kneels down.

He sights onto a fat wildebeest sleeping in the shade of a tree, then lets off three shots. Two strike the ground but the third hits the sleeping animal in the head, killing it.


“Now wait” he says, and lights up a tobacco pipe. A few hours later the herd moves on and Robert walks down to the dead animal. “There’s number one. I’ve got a good feeling about this trip.”

Jared shakes his head. Technically, you could call this hunting, he thinks. Somehow it doesn’t feel like the same thing.


  1. In Hemingway’s great African safari short story ‘The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber’,
    they discussed the unethical, illegal practice of shooting game from the safety of being inside a car or truck.
    I wonder how that issue might lend itself to a metaphor about daygame options.

  2. Optimal strategy: shoot a couple of wildebeests and store them so you have ample food for the big lion hunt 😉

  3. I wish more PUAs included pics of the girls in their lay reports – rather than “she looked like this” under the picture of a model. Myself and I’m sure many others are skeptical of such claims. There’s only one PUA I know of who I trust 100% because I’ve seen his quality firsthand while on a eurojaunt.

  4. “He sights onto a fat wildebeest sleeping in the shade of a tree, then lets off three shots. Two strike the ground but the third hits the sleeping animal in the head, killing it.”

    This made me laugh out loud. Especially the last part. Two strike the ground 😀

  5. this article will increase gamma thoughs in peoples mind: there is an easy way to get girls….

  6. I think every guy who’s done game is guilty of this though. I’d include name pua’s too.

    • sure, Im curious about the book too… Nick, when coming out? did you promise it end of october, right?

      • I also wonder what’s the ETA on the book. I know things always take longer than expected, so what is the new expected date? 🙂

        Btw, it would be great if you posted a bit more about Daygame Infinite. For example, writing the blurb text you’ll post on Lulu and having that as a blog post will help us see more and more your vision for this book and have a clearer idea of what it contains.

  7. Lol all you pua guys are so pathetic. So now your talking about killing innocent animals on top of being mysagynistic? Maybe if you tried treating womyn and animals with respect you could have an actual HAPPY life as a vegetarian with a (GASP) girlfriend? But you the fact is you could never get a quality womyn because you’re not looking at womyn as people but as sexual objectifications of your puny little minds.

    Get a life. And no, that does not include going on a safari to kill lions. Lol harassing womyn is not enough for you so now you want to kill innocent creatures. My boyfriend would kick your ass if we weren’t so busy having an actual life together. He is a REAL MAN. He is masculine and treats me llike a GASP human being and goes out of his way to treat a womyn of my caliber with respect because he knows how good he has it.

    Did I mention you should get a life? ha, like you ever could have a life with your puny little minds. have fun hating womyn losersi hope you shoot yourself in the dick when your hunting but that’s impossible because of what a puny little target that is [Not sure if you belong in the kitchen or the oven, ((Miss Goldstein)). K.]

  8. Go back to your women’s studies department in the west Sarah Goldstein. I think it’s safe to say we won’t be crossing paths during the next eurojaunt season. Western women avoid EE like the plague – they are simply outclasses on every level there and they’re well aware of it.

  9. This is very agreeable theoretically speaking, but 90% of the guys who are in game aim pretty low. This happens often, also, when a guy is stuck on the beginner level (which basically means: approach as much as you can in order to build reference experiences). They see they can get laid relatively easily with low quality girls so they “milk the cow” (until the cow dies, like when a city gets completely burned by shitty spam-approacher PUAs and even mediocre girls refuse to play the game). These guys don’t wanna improve, they just want easy notches and then shame the guy who has more integrity and gets better results in terms of quality but lesser in terms of quantity. [There’s a world of difference between daygamers doing the whole get-game+change-identity thing, and the pocket square faggots doing tinder and MILF bars. K.]

  10. What’s become infamous in the PUA community is the idea that most guys are in it mainly to get cred points from other men…

    So they look for constant validation that the girls they’re dating are of par to what’s considered hot. It’s essentially one big dick measuring contest. So you end up in this never ending cycle where no girl matches up and end up chasing your own tail. In turn doubting your SMV and Game ability. The truth is, it’s all subjective, with many tastes and preferences as to what actually makes a girl hot.

    You only have to compare standards of beauty in tabloids over the years to realise how influenced and manipulated we all are.

    Be your own man. Date the type of girls you want, live your life according to your own standards. [I think this is more trope than real. Most men just want to fuck hot girls. K.]

  11. Haha who’s a pocket square fag got?
    Disagree with onder “blue pill” hassan 😉

  12. I agree and disagree with Onder. On one hand, I’ve caught myself engaged in such behavior – some of my friends actually hope I don’t fuck a hot girl because they know they’ll be hearing about it for awhile and they know I can use it in arguments as proof of my SMV. On the other hand, having banged my share of 6s early in my daygame career and girls of a higher standard since then, I genuinely experience more pleasure with the more attractive girls so there is a real incentive to pursue them for the act itself as well.

    • I generally don’t judge anyone’s mate preferences. So all I advise guys is to simply go for what they find attractive. So I don’t use the HB scale anymore for that reason. I simply rely on what Nick coins as the ‘DNA Tug’.

      This can change as you evolve as the type of girls you like changes.

      Also, bare in mind the meta level aspects of the surrounding population in a given area. What you deem attractive can adapt based on the overall quality in a given area. A 7 in a sea of 5’s (using the HB scale to best describe it) for example can easily be amplified to a higher rating due to the cognitive dissonance it creates in your mind. There’s a Psychological term for this, but can’t remember what it was.

      • Let’s see an example of your seen, and your five, just out of curiosity.

        I have no idea how other men rate their women, and in my eyes so many ‘sevens’ pointed out by regular guys are not even fuckable.

      • I think the point of the article is not to point out other men’s preferences as invalid, but to highlight some clear differences you will come across in people you meet on the journey. If you do pickup in a place where you actually meet other people trying to do the same thing, there will be many boasting about how many girls they are pulling, left right and center. Many will be straight up liars, but on top of that you will find people who are getting laid a lot but in a circumstance that for some reason you can’t really respect or can’t see yourself enjoying/respecting yourself for doing. There is a big difference between meeting a genuinely beautiful and interesting girl from a daygame style approach, to camping out at a grotty bar and then uzi-approaching everything that remains in the last hour before the bar closes. That can of course be fun and does take a certain skillset, but it’s not quite the campfire tale you’ll often hear it made out to be.

      • I believe it’s called “contrast effect”. Good point.

  13. In the past you have been accused of going for the introverted low hanging fruit type girls which might be your 10s but are not everyones taste nick. so are you getting at beauty being subjective or objective? for example steve jabba has different taste to you.

  14. Most people in PUA world are scammers and bullshitters. Look at Andy Yosha he has now rebranded himself as Aslen Claymore!

    • That’s his real name, dude. [No it’s not. I won’t dox him here, but it’s not his real name. K.]

      • He said in the past his real name was Andy Xxxxx. I think he nearly went bankrupt, had to sell to Yad. [Edited. It’s common knowledge but still don’t want to be doxing. K.]

    • I don’t believe there’s such thing as “the PUA world”. There’s only the (real) World. Valuable content is always anchored to it; i.e.: always doubt the value of a product if it appears to be the easy solution or to require minimal effort – or none whatsoever. Please, let us stop assigning a solid entity to such obvious attempts at marketing bottled air.

    • Andy rebranded himself because he wanted to get out of the standard PUA stuff and go more into a general self development sphere. His new stuff about attracting women is meant to be the first part of a more general approach to developing yourself as a man. Discomfort with the PUA scene was also why you basically didn’t see any infields from him and why he promoted Tom and Jon. You may agree or disagree with what he’s saying but rebranding yourself to start afresh is pretty standard.

  15. If the walk was hard, the water will taste so much the better.

    Thanks for being so authentic. Will get DGInfinitiy immediately when it’s out. I hope you will live long and prosperous, for you are some legit dirtbag.

    Krauser is the man.

    Best wishes

  16. Lol at fat Wildebeest. It appears Jared epitomises the reality of doing technically sterling daygame which is, you fail most of the time. I can understand why most Players aim low. The workrate involved in getting Y-H-T is just too unbearable particularly when working a full time job. Then again what you do shouldn’t be possible! [That’s why you shouldn’t believe the people who claim extremely consistent results and always imply they and their students get SDLs on coaching programs. Shameless liars. K.]

  17. Pingback: Volume or Frequency? - tddaygame

  18. A quote from The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris:
    “For the fruit picking primate the situation is entirely different. Each feeding sequence, comprising simple food searching and then immediate eating, is comparatively so brief that no splitting up into separate motivational systems is necessary. This is something that would have to be changed, and changed radically, in the case of the hunting ape. Hunting would have to bring its own reward, it could no longer simply act as an appetitive sequence leading up ti the consummatory meal. Perhaps, as in the car, hunting, killing and preparing the food would each develop their own separate, independent goals, would each become ends in themselves. Each would have to find expression and one could not be dampened down by satisfying another.”

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