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November 2, 2017

I’m sure the entire daygame world is on tenterhooks waiting to see what’s inside Daygame Infinite [1]. I’ve been playing it fairly close to my chest for a few reasons, my extreme arrogance paranoia notwithstanding. Regular readers know I like to under-promise and over-deliver on my products [2] and I also like to take my time meticulously polishing them until ready.

Infinite screengrab 1

I was recently watching one of Vox Day’s periscopes and he broke it all down nicely, explaining how different people conceive of “success” in different ways. I’m too lazy to go back to his podcast, but he listed potential motivations for why people write and thus what would constitute success for them. For example:

  • To get on the New York Times bestseller list
  • To make a big pot of money
  • To get invited on speaking tours and lecture circuit as an expert
  • To get reviewed in certain high-brow magazines
  • To settle scores with rivals
  • To achieve something of quality that stands the test of time.

There are many motivations. I realised my main motivation is posterity. I want to leave my mark on my little corner of the world, producing the very best material there is while I still have the motivation to put in the work necessary to do so [3]. Obviously I’m not much motivated by money or else I’d be rushing out shit to sell to fools, and I’d put way more effort into my marketing efforts [4]. Perhaps next year I’ll become a PUA whore selling nonsense e-books to no-hoper idiots, but at least until the end of this year I’m more interested in writing for the knowledgeable crowd.

So, long pre-amble over, how is Daygame Infinite coming on, you ask?
Well, I’m glad you asked sonny-Jim. Let’s see, shall we…….

Infinite screengrab 2

The book is done. Like, properly done. I just sent a list of typos / layout imperfections to my graphic designer to process and after that I could release it as is. But I won’t. Why? Well, two things:

  • I’m having technical issues with the publisher’s software accepting my PDF upload. We’ve been on to technical support for a couple of weeks now and they’ve essentially given up in frustration. They layout is so complex it’s giving the conversion software a meltdown, even though tech support say it’s a compliant file. So, while trying to get Lulu to take the file, I’m also trialling alternate publishers. I’m optimistic, but this book won’t be released until I’ve had a paper copy in my hands that I’m satisfied with.
  • Given the delay in publication, I’ve decided to add some extra commentary to the WhatsApp chats used in the book. to squeeze in a bit more content. This is a pretty quick job to fit them in, probably less than a week, so can run concurrently with the efforts to fix the printing issue.

But yeah, the book is done. I’m travelling all through November so the earliest it’ll be released is end of November because that’s the earliest I can possibly get my hands on a paper copy test print. I’m not deliberately delaying the release. If that test print is good, I’ll release it to the public within hours of checking it [5]

Infinite screengrab 3

Most chats have commentary but some, like this, don’t yet

[1] Or at least the coaches wondering what material they’ll be rehashing for the next few years
[2] Literally the opposite of most PUA blowhards
[3] Believe me, I’m rapidly losing interest. If Daygame Infinite wasn’t written in 2017 it would never be written at all
[4] Money tip: spend 90% of your time producing polished marketing and 10% rushing out substandard products. You’ll make way more money than doing it the other way around, like I do.
[5] But if the test print has bad errors, it’s another week or two to fix them and get a new test print.

In other news, I’ve returned to working on volume three of the memoir. It’s current sitting at 79k words, of which I’ve rewritten the first 20k recently. My plan is to chip away at the rewrite until all 79k words of the first draft have been replaced with a (far superior) second draft. Then I’ll reflect on where it’s at, and how long it is, before doing another pass to add in new stories and additional themes. I’d like it to finish up between 120-160k words so that it matches up with the other three volumes. Don’t expect to hear much before 2018 unless I get a sudden rush of enthusiasm to write. I’m enjoying it but there’s no money in the memoir so I’m writing only when I feel like it.


  1. loving all the block buster hexagon type graphics, I’m very big on all that stuff, with graphs and shit.. hope the book has tones of them… is this book gonna cost 60 quid too? looking forward to the flick through. [$100, I think. K.]

  2. Hey Nick.

    Is it possible to print the pages colored? [Possibly, but it’s at least $70 extra just at cost. So I may offer a colour edition to people who really want it, but I don’t recommend it. For people with more money than sense only. K.]

    • yeah id go for a colour edition.. that picture of you above with the introduction logo talking to that girl, is that gonna be in colour or black and white in the book? cos if the colour edit means all those types of pictures of you talking to girls and he hexagons and all that are in the colour edition, id buy that over the black and white version…

  3. Nick,

    I am VERY excited about this book – I anticipate it will be the gold standard of daygame instruction (essentially taking the title from Daygame Mastery). When you say you are “rapidly losing interest,” are you talking about losing interest in writing commercial daygame material or in daygame itself?

    I’ve always thought the day I lose interest in daygame is the day I lose interest in getting laid. But similar to my own mortality, thoughts of how the player’s journey ends always linger in the back of my mind. It provides additional motivation to hit the streets hard and make hay while the sun shines. [I’m losing interest in doing what I do, without significant change, for more years. I don’t want to tread water, and I don’t feel any need to be grinding out lays just because buffoons on YouTube think I ought to be in competition with the latest charlatan-of-the-week. My wings have noticed that while daygaming, I never actually talk about it anymore because all my enthusiasm is in non-game areas. Additionally, after Infinite there’s nothing left for me to say about the core model. I could write books on ancillary material or fleshing out certain topics and expanding on them. However, the drive-shaft of daygame wouldn’t change any further than what’s in Infinite. I’m not going to release “me too” books nor am I going to write Lonely Planet For Daygame trash to swindle a few extra pounds out of credulous readers. K.]

    • It’s very likely.

      After this one final book, and completion of Vol. 3, I don’t see any motivation in Nick to doing Daygame on forward.

      His “losing interest” is the best predictor of the beginning of decline from his Daygame era.

      Sad but true. [I’m getting old and daygame is getting old. I was never a pussyrat and don’t wish to become one. K.]

    • Hmm… maybe you’ve considering to had an LTR partner, Nick?

  4. Just finished a read of Tom textbook before I went to NY. It was a low priority for me, but I read it. I was okay. I think Krauser said it was “Mastery” under a different cover, but saying that is doing a disservice to Mastery.

    In part… as Tom has very few examples. It’s a mostly impersonal/generic book (so “generic” in fact, he poaches a lot of ideas without giving any credit when the source of those ideas is commonly known). Just seeing your WhatsApp examples has me very confident the difference in presentation will obvious and more interesting than Tom’s work.

    >> Perhaps next year I’ll become a PUA whore selling nonsense e-books to no-hoper idiots, but at least until the end of this year I’m more interested in writing for the knowledgeable crowd.

    Standing by for knowledge. This goes to the top of my list when this one comes out… looking fwd to it.

    Viva Krauser. Excited to get a copy. And props to you for insisting on quality. We can have good/fast/cheap… but not all three. Take your time. Give us quality. [Thanks. K.]

    • That’s doing a massive disservice to Tom and is inaccurate as we have gone over many times on this blog and in the daygame community. Much of Mastery material can also be found in the writing of Heartiste, the contents of Daygame Blueprint, Tyler’s Blueprint, Date Against The Machine, Girlfriend Sequence etc. Krauser is a great writer but he was not the first chronologically to publish lots of the ideas. I have an original paper copy of Tom’s book Daygame from 2012 (the one with the black cover) and can attest to the fact that most of the topics in Street Hustle are covered in there. I also wonder if many commentators on here have ever read the Mystery Method (from 2006!) which covers so much of what is discussed by Krauser and others. I admire both Tom and Nick but I think your comment is biased. If you are new to the community then I understand but if you are familiar with the historical progression of PUA material then I’m surprised at your inaccuracy.

      Nick, looking forward very much to the new book. I hope this isn’t your last and that the new year gives you a spring in your step for new material.

      From a longtime admirer and follower

      • Having read or watched all of Tom and Nick’s paid material (in fact, I read Street Hustle and Cold Calling twice each) as well as the Mystery Method, I can say with confidence that Mastery is the most advanced. Yes, mystery method is the foundation for a lot of game concepts but I think people often forget the context in which it was written – it focused on LA nightgame circa 2005. We have come a long way since then with the development of game knowledge as a whole, with guys like Nick and Tom leading the way.

        As for Nick’s material specifically, you can always learn something from it, even if you’ve been daygaming for years. It appeals to advanced daygamers, and I think that’s where his impact has been most influential. Tom’s material is much more accessible to guys who are just getting into it – that isn’t necessarily a criticism but I think that’s where he puts more of his focus.

        However, Tom does seem a little dark triad. In the back of Street Hustle, Tom has a glossary of terms and he puts his initials “TT” next to a term if he claims to have coined it. Some of the terms he lays claim to are questionable. For example, he claims the term “Torero Toe” to refer to standing with one foot on its heel as you’re talking to a girl. I’ve seen countless daygamers stand like that, and I don’t think any one person came up with the concept. Nick, however, is the only person I’ve heard who talked about using that stance as a way to take small half-steps toward the girl as a compliance test without making it obvious. That’s a typical Krauser value-add to an established concept and why I continue to read his material.

      • @Jim


        But, the problem is Nick’s material doesn’t reflect his attitude; especially when you’re in his close companion.

        Nick material maybe is more advanced than Tom, but I never take Nick as my wingman. [Devastating news. K.]

        If you wanna know what man really is, just look at what kind of his friends. Positivity is anything but Nick.

      • @Jim

        Can I just say that I inspired the coining of the technique, the “Torero Toe”. No word of a lie. I commented on his Youtube channel about his student that did that. I guess I should write my own book LMFAO! Do you really care that I inspired the coining of the technique? It’s a fucking foot! LOL. [When was this? I was asked about it during the Overkill seminar filmed on November 8th, 2014 and that’s the first time I mentioned why I sometimes did it. If I remember rightly, Tom quickly jumped on that opportunity to put his own name to it in early 2015. Yes, it’s cringe. K.]

      • Check the comments section. Apparently it used to be called, ‘Closing the Distance’ also a Torero Trademark. Just look at how it is applied. In retrospect, it’s really ineffectively used. You can’t sneak in attraction. You gotta impose on her space. But it is a student.

        So really it’s all the perceptive genius of me and Tom Torero. I inspired the coining of the repackaged technique “Torero Toe”.

      • Fuck, it’s this video. [According to the date, that’s after I spoke about it in Overkill. I remember at the time he coined the term, I immediately thought back to Overkill and thought “oh, he’s leaping onto another one of my ideas and rebranding it with his own name. Again.” K.]

  5. Will you release it on Kinde E-book or some sort of downloadable digital format as well? I purchased your memoirs and Mastery in hardcopy, but they are too unwieldy to carry around on long term world travel type trips. It would be nice to have a portable copy of it to reference while doing day game world jaunts.

  6. Krauser,

    100$ sounds a lot but I’m convinced that
    a) the level of detail justifies it (@DG beginners: rather by the book and give the other 400 to 900$ you would usually pay for a PUA bootcamp to your friends who only pay it back when you have done a 100 sets – you will learn more) and
    b) I’m personally happy to pay 100$ in order to give back: I learned so much from your free YT material, and not only on operational do-this-don’t-do-that but all of the reflections (play or being played, the game theory thing was really great). Thanks for that.

    J-Philander https:/

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  8. Fair point about the Heartiste (Roissy) comparison. I remember Nick posting on there in 2009?? The writing style of this blog still reminds me a lot of early Roissy, pithy and biting.

    • 100% Couldn’t agree more!!!
      Pithy, biting.. all of that mainly bring negative vibes. Hence the term “Moanosphere”.

      It’s the main reason why Tom disavow Nick first, subtly.
      (I personally in fact, argue that since then actually Nick still butthurt because he didn’t really know why Tom leave his wing. So at first attempt he had opportunity to revenge by disavow Tom in public!)

      As a good wingman you shouldn’t bring the other mate doen with your negatively attitude toward life/world, Nick.

  9. Nick, you’ve been a virtual companion over the last 10 years or so, from my humble day game beginnings to many remarkable trips to Eastern Europe, the FSU and beyond. Looking forward to Daygame Infinite.

    Your books and blog posts always bring a flood of memories back to life – walking the streets of Prague, clubbing in Minsk or Kiev, getting in trouble, victories and defeats…

    I can relate 100% to your current state of mind. Once you achieve the level of success you have been working towards, you don’t want to tread water. „I’m losing interest in doing what I do, without significant change, for more years. […] All my enthusiasm is in non-game areas.”

    Do you mind sharing specifics of these areas of enthusiasm or possible significant changes? Much appreciated.

    Focusing again on a real career? Permanently moving to a place in EE? Being in my late thirties myself and looking at other men in the game, I haven’t seen many satisfying answers. Roosh is kind of lost and trying to figure out how to progress in life. Paul Janka got married. Others just keep doing what they do for lack of better options and ideas. [Thanks for the kind words. My main interests now are political machinations and adventure fiction. K.]

  10. This book will come right on time, excited to get my hands on it!

    Btw, K, I always wondered: since you are most attracted to FSU girls, why haven’t you invested much time learning Russian? I know you’ve already learned Japanese, which isn’t that easy.

    I ask this because I’m taking my first trip to the FSU next March (it will all be in Kiev). I heard the birds there have big trouble speaking English. So theoretically, my ping range would increase if I spoke basic Russian.

    Do you think that would be a useful investment of my time? I admit it will take me at least an hour a day, which would be more than 100+ hours of Russian. This will get me barely to basic conversation.

    So, since you haven’t learned Russian, was there because of a specific reason where you thought the cons of that outweigh the pros? Or simply you were too busy and had no time?

    I’m sure many people will find your answer to this question enlightening. A lot of guys debating whether they should learn basic Russian before they start gaming FSU girls (basic Russian is already a big time investment, and for someone who has never been there, it may end up being a good thing or actually makes no difference because enough Yes and Maybe girls would be willing to speak English).


  11. cant wait for this, day game is something every guy needs to master, cant only rely on clubs or swiping right

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