Off the Balkan coast

November 3, 2017

I looked out the window as the plane began it’s descent. Below me, the city sprawled for miles, clinging to a winding river as it snaked to the sea. There’d be many girls in that city. Many hot girls.

Oh yes, I wanted my share, and would fight to have it, but there was more than the girls… there was the getting of the girls; there was the smooth glide of the air-plane as it approached the landing strip and then the bump and rattle as the landing gear hit tarmac; there was the lap of river water against the waterfront lined with bars, restaurants and a pedestrian promenade… there were bird sounds, the water sounds… the distant hubbub of a group of students laughing and drinking… these things that no man can buy; these things that get in the blood; these things that build the memories of tomorrow; the hours to look back upon.

South Seas

Volume 5 of the memoir

I wanted these more than notches. There is a time for adventure when the body is young and the mind alert and all the world seems there for one’s hands to use, to hold, to take. And this was my New World, this world of the Former Soviet Union, these lands where long ago the Tartars, and Cossacks, and Bolsheviks came, and which now were teeming with hot young women. Where waterfront bars buzz with accordions and song, where hard-working men throw shots of raikya down their necks and tell tales of war.

What is any man but the total of what he has seen? The sum of what he has done? The strange foods, the women whose bodies have merged with his, the smells, the tastes, the longings, the dreams, the haunted nights? The dive bars of Kiev, the plazas of Moscow, the clubs of Minsk… the worst of it, and the best… the grand arches and monuments built by lost, dead hands, the nights on an isolated hill staring at stars, the splendour of a storm, the tumultuous power of winds whipping through streets. These are a man.. and the solid thrill of a punch landed, the faint smell of whiskey, spice, a girls perfume…. the taste of blood from a split lip.

Yad stop

“Excuse me! You look French. I said… YOU LOOK FRENCH!!!”

Oh yes, I had come for things other than women but that evening, for the first time, I was sleepless. Tomorrow there would be, with luck, a throng of beautiful women… and with four of my friends, many ways to tackle them. Many things to be done and memories to be formed.

Life can be carved into two halves: the anticipation, and the memory. And if we remember richly, we must have lived richly.

This fragment was inspired by Louis L’Amour and an adventure story of his I read today, Off The Mangrove Coast.


  1. Very impressive stuff nostalgic Nick.

  2. I’ve followed your blog for years, and these days I’m not even that bothered about learning game. I just really enjoy the writing.

    If you ever give this up, or at least run out of things to talk about, it’d be a crying shame to lose your presence online.

    Have you thought about resurrecting Cervantes? Or maybe start a new blog…. Travel, book reviews… I dunno! [I’ve been writing my whole life. When I stop writing about game, I’ll find something else to write about. K.]

    • Dunno.

      I think, not even Nick would’ve know the answer.

      He has too far indulged in the dark abyss, losing his visual prowess like he had fully exercises in his former persona.

      That’s my friend, what would happen when you walk on this particular earth without a focused mission.
      Not even sort-term goal could save you.

      O, Poor Ni ck!
      >>> Citing the rite of passage <<<

    • First sentence: “its” instead of “it’s”. Daygame Mastery is full of this mistake -not once, but several times- and it is really annoying.

      I don’t know who corrects your spelling, but look somewhere else. I told you about it many months ago -after having spent so much money on a hardback book,I thought you would like to know about it, even if I’m not a native English speaker- but you deleted my comment. Oh well.

      I hope your next book is slightly more polished than Mastery. You’ve been writing all your life,,, We used to call it “vanity publishing” for a reason… Dictaphone ranting is not exactly literature. Come on Nick, you can do better. Don’t be a faggot and pay some Indian guy to correct your mistakes. Foreigners have corrupted your beautiful language, right? Some evil immigrant probably inserts a lot of typos in your text late at night while you are banging all those younger, hotter girls… It’s never your fault, right?

      You said your mum is a psychologist, right? Lots of work to do… but if you still live with her it’s easier to get treatment at home, Never give up, Nick, you’re still in your prime. [I’ve approved this comment so my normal readers can see just what kind of weird people try to foul up the comments section. Readers, feel free to try a long-distance diagnosis of his personality type. K.]

  3. Don’t you think that all this nostalgic stuff plus your recurrent statement about losing interest in doing game may send a misleading message such as “when you reach 40 game is more or less over”? (which btw I don’t agree as I know men in their 60s still keeping up with results). No polemic, I’m just sincerely interested.
    There’s the case of Roosh who retired from game at 36/37 (which was when I started) saying he had no more energy, he didn’t enjoy sex anymore ecc., and then he tried to manipulate other people in finding the virgin, a woman who can cook and goes to church ecc., clearly he was envious about young generations playing their hand and was trying to mislead them (curious how he accepts blatant liars and obvious P4Payers on his forum and bans guys who are honestly interested in game.

    • Agreed. Don’t do a Roosh and go all conservative and Christian. It’s blue pill regression. He is returning to gamma.

      My thought is why don’t you travel to new countries and cities Nick? You seem to stick to what you know. Belgrade, Prague, Kiev etc. Other proficient daygamers go to USA, Canada, Australia etc. It would wake you up and give you new flavours of the game to learn from. And before all the trolls say there are no hot girls in those places then watch other puas infields from those countries.

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