Crack Pipe Daygame

November 7, 2017

Let me explain to you the three main types of daygame I see people doing [1] and what fuels them. All three will look nominally similar on the street were you to watch an infield but once you’re sharp enough to see nuance, you’ll easily categorise guys into one of the three types.

Dentist Chair Daygame
This is almost every beginner and many of the less experienced coaches [2]. These men are carrying the “invisible rucksack” around. They are motivated by the desire to get laid but their hindbrain isn’t on board so they experience significant cognitive dissonance. They don’t enjoy daygame and don’t want to be on the street, but they do desperately want to improve their dating life. Thus they “embrace the grind” and mentally prepare themselves to endure the pain in order to get the reward.

It’s like heading to the dentist to get your tooth out. You are wracked with nerves, feel the pressure, but steel yourself for the moment the needle is injected into your gums because you know you need that tooth fixed.

Young boy in a dental surgery

First one is the worst one

Such daygame relies upon forebrain willpower overruling hindbrain resistance. In order to do so, the daygamer must repeat his favourite mantras, wrangle his forebrain, forestall the weasels and push himself into set. It’s hard. It’s unsustainable. It’s very easy to be knocked off course because the slightest adverse wind can blow down the house of cards.

Watching these guys infield you’ll see stiff body language, pained facial expressions, repetitive formulaic sets, almost always crappy Yad Stops, and forced smiles.

The invisible rucksack is the weight of expectation you carry on your back while daygaming. It tires you out. This is why men can hit the streets for three hours, do only a couple of sets, and yet they are exhausted like they’ve run a marathon [3]. Unfortunately this type of daygame is a necessary period for almost every would-be daygamer. It takes a long time to prepare your hindbrain to start enjoying daygaming.

Crack Pipe Daygame
Once you’re good at the model and have stacked up plenty of positive reference experiences you can begin to enjoy what I called the Joy Of Daygame. It becomes a hobby you look forward to because the very act of being on the street chasing girls is fun in and of itself. The Dentist Chair daygamers may enjoy certain individual sets or even a short run of “peak vibe” but for the most part it’s a miserable chore. Crack Pipe daygamers enjoy almost the full session including the blowouts, and all the walking between sets.


You look… like… really… um… what? where? Hang on..

This style is based on momentum. The daygamer gets himself into a happy vibe and then keeps taking hits on the crack pipe (each set) to maintain his high. Watching these sets you’ll notice high energy, very real fun being had, and usually the techniques are free-form and follow the model in principle more than in specific actions. It’s often belligerent, fizzy, and gets strong positive reactions from girls [4]

I like crack pipe daygame and did it especially a lot in 2015-16. I still do it when the weather is nice, lots of girls are out, and I’m in a good mood. I thoroughly recommend it. It does have a downside though.

It’s extremely tiring. It’s like firing the afterburners non-stop. It’s not just negative reactions that tire you (like Dentist Chair daygame). The positive reactions also rapidly drain your brain chemistry and you’ll soon sink into a zombie like state of muttering short sentences and failing to hear your friends talking. That’s the time to end the session and refuel for the next time.

It’s also such an exuberant form of daygame that it’s highly tempting to over-escalate. That said, most crack pipe daygamers are savvy enough to know what’s up and how to rein it in.

Fat Buddha Daygame
This is the type I prefer now mostly because it has the minimum energy spend and is thus the most sustainable. This type of daygamer has spent so long on the streets and has so thoroughly absorbed the skill-set into his muscle memory that daygame feels as natural as walking. Although aware of the model he doesn’t ever think about it. He’s walking around the street like a car in idling, the engine turning but barely revved up and almost no petrol cost. Usually he’s talking about something completely unrelated to game with his wing.

He’s standing in the Daygame River, enjoying the sunshine.


Not so badass

Then his pre-approach skills identify high-probability targets as they drift past. He opens, and if the immediately reaction is okay he fires up the afterburners for as long as the set lasts. Then he’s right back to idling the motor for as long as it takes until the next set. While in set, it looks a lot like Crack Pipe daygame but not as fizzy. It’s more controlled, less extravagant in the use of energy.

There’s a downside to this type too, which is lower overall activity. You’ll only do a 1/10th of the work as Crack Pipe daygaming [5] which is good, but you’ll only fuck half as many women. This is why men who still have high motivation to turn over the notch counter prefer the crack pipe, whereas men satisfied to pick off just a handful of girls prefer the ease of the zen route.

So, that’s three types I’ve noticed. Dentist Chair daygame is clearly the worst of the lot and you should only do it while you have to, and bin it when conditions are favourable. I’d say Crack Pipe and Fat Buddha game are equally good but very clearly appropriate for different moods and circumstances.

If you enjoyed this post you’ll love Daygame Mastery, the bible of daygame

[1] Of those daygamers who actually have a decent chance of getting laid. There’s probably a fourth type of Buffoon Daygame for the likes of Deepak, Justin Wayne, Sol, Berba, Jacob Prince etc
[2] By which I mean guys who’ve been daygaming long enough to want to try their hand at coaching, but haven’t been coaching for long
[3] Or watched a Deepak infield right the way through
[4] Richard from Street Attraction is a good example of crack pipe daygame, as he usually plays that angle when the camera is turned on.
[5] The joy of the crack pipe encourages you to seek out marginal sets, chasing the hit. It’s not unusual to do twenty or more sets in a crack session. In contrast, fat Buddhas may do less than five.


  1. lol love these types of posts and I love the bashing of other daygamers, please do more London buffoon breakdowns, I miss them so bad…. still eagerly waiting infinity

  2. Is it possible that each type naturally derives from its predecessor, as a consequence of changes in one’s brain biochemistry? Like a ‘vibe’ rather than ‘results’ equivalent of beginner – intermediate – advanced? Personally, I find that I switch between the three, depending on how much daygame I’ve been doing lately, the results I’ve been getting in the past few months, the weather, my sexual appetite, and so on. Now, I no longer do daygame just for the hell of it; instead, I wait until I’m feeling horny and then go hardcore until I get 100 sets or get laid, whichever happens first.

  3. Fat Buddha Daygame is clearly a stage where you are wiser and more mature hence can detect proper targets, understanding that spam approaching is an omega trait which every player should dismiss as soon as they do the first dozen of sets and learn the basics. When I see a guy (and believe me I did) doing 20/30 approaches per day, being good at doing it but then not being able to get a single date because he hits on the wrong targets, I feel like “oh fuck… who the hell put in the mind of this kid that he can fuck ANY girl just by mastering the approach technique?” And the answer is: the coach who milked this poor guy and keeps saying him that if he doesn’t fuck girls is because he does something wrong IN SET… and so go back to do another expensive 1 to 1 coaching…
    A good coach should give proper advices to a guy, especially if he’s young, about what kind of girls he should actually pursue.

  4. Interesting revelation. Do you think Good Looking Daygamer’s are by default Fat Buddha’s? As in they receive far more solid interactions to warrant less exuberance? Credit to Tusk but this sort of shit pisses me off lol

  5. In Torero’s Evolution Of Game Podcast he goes through how you change from Daygame being a big performance that feels alien (1.0) to a guy being dependent on vibe (2.0) and then finally being in a Flow State (3.0) which this kinda reminded me of. I am stuck at being dependent of vibe so I have good days and bad days. My aim is to reach the Zen state that you both talk about. How many years or how many lays would you say it takes?

  6. My personal evolution came not so much from skill development and experience but from metaphorically hanging off the edge of the cliff for far too long and not trusting my instincts and innate value.
    It wasn’t until i fully let go that things really transformed. For most guys, all it takes is time. The skill set is a means to help get you there.

    • >> It wasn’t until i fully let go that things really transformed. For most guys, all it takes is time.

      This makes sense to me.

      I like the concept of “10,000.” It’s not about some massive number, but “10,000” (approaches) represent time to gather/integrate reference experiences. [I’d say 3,000 sets with careful focused learning is necessary to really understand daygame. 10k sets of Berba/Deepak/ApproachMonkey spamming will make your game worse, not better. For a certain period, say 1000 sets, you can get by on free resources, a shitty wing, and figuring stuff out yourself. After that, it’s massively detrimental to keep paying attention to coaches who barely understand the game or to keep nickel-and-diming it with free ebooks and forum advice. K.]

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  8. I’ve spent 90% of my time in the dentist chair. 10% crack pipe. Have about 6 months of active day gaming- did 2-3x a week over the summer. It’s never really fun for me- lots of anxiety. Some times, when I’ve gone out with a wing, I’ve had fun doing sets together, but going solo continues to be difficult. Very much wing dependent. The thing is, with a wing I have almost no fear doing approaches together with him, but solo, which is obviously where my priority should be, it’s like pulling teeth.

    And the stupid thing is that the few times I’ve done solo approaches in my day to day life, I’ve had good results. I’m a good looking guy, successful, etc., but I also own my own business, so I’m alone through the day. Stepping out into the real world, I’m in this lousy, weird, isolated head space and it’s like pulling teeth doing solo approaches. I live in NYC, so apparently I should be killing it. Other factor is that I’m not really looking for lay count- I have no interest in faking it with a girl until I have sex with her. I’ve done that a few times- didn’t like it. I want genuine connection- so lots of times I’ve gotten numbers, but then I just don’t followup because I just don’t feel a spark, which I know is bad form.

    And I can’t stand night game. I wish I liked night game because I have the perfect situation for it in a lot of ways- lots of discretionary income, no 9-5, etc., but I can’t stand the club scene. Plus not that interested in one night stands. Also got somewhat burned out from going out- feel incredibly drained after 3 hour sessions. I’ve been taking a ‘break’ for the past month or two, doing online dating, which is even worse, so I need to get back out there again. Any thoughts after reading my rant? Just to note, I know that the solution is just more approaches, but sometimes in the midst of this first year of day gaming, I kind of lose perspective- probably too much spam approach messing up my mentality. [This was in the auto-spam queue. I’ve just found an unspammed it. K.]

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