The [insert PUA’s name] Tremble

November 9, 2017

I was out yesterday with Eddie of Street Attraction. We were walking up a chav street with pokey shops on one side and a nice park on the other. A girl came the other direction and as she went passed she didn’t IOI.

No sideways glance

No smile

My spider sense immediately triggered and I turned my head to check her out as she walked past. Young-ish, probably a student, dressed in mostly black with the odd flash of colour. Why did my spider sense trigger, I asked myself.

Bird in heels black

This one trembled, too

Eddie clearly noticed something too because he was already off giving chase. She hooked strong and he took a number. Coming back to us he commented, “Really strong set. Strongest positive reaction I’ve had in a long time”

The germ of an idea formed. I think I realised why we’d both picked her out as a high-probability target over and above all the other girls walking past.

The next day, today, we were having a little walkabout after lunch. A pretty student girl walked past me and I have exactly the same feeling. I opened, she hooked well, clear attraction but unfortunately not enough to want to give up the number. Nice set, nothing doing. About half an hour later, another girl goes past and I get the exact same feeling. Again I open, again it’s a strong hook and this time she gives up the number and seems keen.

So, three sets in three days is three data points for my emerging idea. I shall continue to consider it. I call it the tremble.

All three girls visibly trembled as they walked past us. It wasn’t an IOI per se. But they visibly reacted to noticing us go past. How did it look? Difficult to describe. Think of it this way: how does the image on your TV set temporarily shimmer when you hit the side of the unit. There’s a tiny pulse before the image stabilises it again, but for a micro-second you notice the shimmer.

It means the girl is reacting to you. That’s a good sign.


  1. >> Difficult to describe.

    Trying to put that “energy” into words. It was “tell” on their part.

    Maybe all there was to “see” was her “hiding something.” Her effort to “womb guard” was the only sign of her receptivity.

    She doth protest too much = IOI.

  2. Resonance

  3. I’ve experienced something similar that I used to call the ripple effect. It’s very subtle so usually only noticeable in places like coffee shops or venues like that where it’s light and people are fairly static, sitting down etc. When an attractive man enters the area the girls that notice him will do a little jump in their seat (imagine quickly and momentarily squeezing your glutes together as you’re sitting) or a quick rise of their shoulder towards their ears. I call it the ripple effect because it’s like the movement generated by throwing a pebble in to the water. It effects men as well when a good looking woman enters the area or someone else that looks high value. The energy in the area shifts in a notable way.

    • ^ I like this.

      Maybe slightly related… I notice that when I stare a girl down in a public space, and she breaks the eye contact, she will often look next at “the man she likes.” It’s a 1/2 baked theory, but I see it. I prime her, she wants to release that tension, and then she directs it at the object of her affection.

  4. Where in the world are you, Nick? Things have become bleak in the U.S. It has always been tough, but I can’t get an IOI to save my life anymore. Women seem to regard every male as a potential Harvey Weinstein coming to jerk off on them. The media has done a number on their psyches. They feel as though every man lusts for them, while simultaneously feeling disgusted by all of them.

    On top of that, the “average” American woman is now overweight, and very close to being obese. The situation is becoming dire.

    I have never ventured to any of the countries you frequent, but I might just have to take an extended trip soon.

    • Do yourself a favor, and take that trip ASAP. It will really open your eyes. I was also born and raised in the US and spent a considerable amount of time in the military. My first deployment to a non-feminist country with attractive women for 9 months was life changing. I have since left the military and moved out of the US entirely. BTW, UK is just as bad as the US. NYC and London have equally bad daygame from what I’ve seen. The challenge is trying to take up permanent residence in a non-English speaking country if you don’t have a location independent business, but I am happy to be moving to East Asia soon to work for a western based company there.

      • & how do you then communicate in said non English speaking country? you realise the quality of your sets goes down even if the girl speaks half good English as she won’t understand more complex ideas and humour. perhaps we should revise your plan to … 1) learn non English language 2) then move to new country.

        also, I live in the UK and you can do ok with English girls, you just have to game in a different way. youre right though that daygame doesnt work well with them. they dont trust random strangers so social game works better.

  5. Isn’t this the same as a DNA-tug set? [No. DNA-tug is about matching complimentary DNA and thus is about who she is and its relationship to who you are. The Tremble is a behaviour which may or may not come from a girl who matches you. K.]

  6. Interesting post. As I see it, the tremble (and the consequent IOI) may exist but also not. The concept you haven’t mentioned is that a woman who doesn’t look at a man is a woman more shy, more submissive, who likes to be chosen; hence more keen to accept the approach of a confident man.
    I personally prefer to approach women who don’t give me noticeable IOIs, because in that case I’d have the feeling to be the chosen and not the choser.

  7. Nick

    What are your thoughts on evolution daily?

    He seems to have a very different style to you London guys, it seems to be allot more comfort based with very little attraction and less of a regimented style. Is he running good game or is it sub-optimal compared to where the London guys are at?

    Matt [I watched the first ten minutes. It’s high energy Chad game. He’s a young good-looking guy going up to age-matched, looks-matched girls in a college town. He gets exclusively good reactions so it’s child’s play from there, and doesn’t need much. You’ll note all the sets in first ten minutes are immediate strong hooks from girls that fancy him physically. Everything after that is flash game for the YouTube video. That said, his vibe is good as is the relaxed body language and free-flowing verbals. This is how game looks when you go after the kind of girls you’d expect to fuck without needing game. If you’re a similar guy, this style should do fine. No good for YHT, and probably not in Europe. If a non-Chad tries this, he’ll get brutally destroyed. K.]

    • It would be a great experiment to watch a guy with much lower looks replicate his drivel and see what happens …

      Most illuminating section …

      Girl: I got invited to an adult party …
      Guy: What an Orgy?
      Girl: No … err I made it wierd. [blaming herself]

      You know if a 5/10 guy approached a girl in the store the conversation would go …

      Girl: I got invited to an adult party …
      Guy: What an Orgy?
      Girl: {Walk off} … creepy. {under breath}

      …if he got that far that is … probably would end after “do you know where quest bars are?” with a “errr no” {walk off}.

      SAD REALITY. What schmuck thinks this guy can actually help them?

      • What’s sad about it? If you’re a 5/10 guy you’ve got bigger things to worry about.

      • M .. I meant its sad to see how easy it is for a Good Looking Guy to pickup girls. We have to open tons of women, actually make interesting conversation, use Game etc. Think of all the time saved and what these guys can do instead. You could do what you wanted and then just go out for half an hour and pickup a girl for a date. FML.

      • If you want to be good at game long term you must raise your own SMV. A 5/10 male has no business learning game before getting himself sorted. Game isn’t this magical “hack” that 5/10 faggots can use to start banging high quality YHT girls.

        If you’re 5/10 and care about looks, fix them. If your education is lacking and you have no worldly experience, get started on remedying that. You’re fat? Lose weight. Skinny? Start training. Dumb? Ugly? Ugly usually has to do with either being fat and out of shape plus poor grooming. Very very few men are actually facially ugly enough for it to be a dealbreaker — and even then you can get invisalign, cosmetic surgery, etc etc.

        Unless you’re a total 5’1″ manlet you shouldn’t worry too much about height.

        My point is that good game is aimed at helping already high value men. Nick graduated from a top school and worked at an investment bank — he was successful. Mystery was tall and good looking. Steve was also good looking. Yad youor whoever the fat out of shape DG guy is has basically no superior traits, and reading through Nick’s archive his results align perfectly with that. He becomes a girl’s gay best friend.

        Truth is the majority of men aren’t suited for daygams. I’m reminded of this joke of a video, showing the sorts the commercial PUAs prey on:

        As for me? I spent my early to mid twenties developing a location independent, passive income stream. I’m tall and good looking, but even so I plopped down $10k to get invisalign at 23. I take care of my skin, take care of my fashion, have good style, and train to look like one of those physique competitors. I’m inherently high value outside of game, and so getting started last summer I never felt like I was cheating anyone or being dishonest — it was just the final small addition to my life once everything else was settled.

    • I am focusing much more on going out than absorbing content at this point, but he caught my eye and as a relatively inexperienced day gamer I was curious. Thank you I appreciate the analysis.

    • He has no game. He’s just using some conversational tricks to keep the convo going. I can’t see anything in his vibe or technicalities that is doing anything for him.

      Maybe the guys in that town are such big pussies that a guy who isn’t scared will stand out?

      Or maybe it’s true that it’s the looks. But I am certain he got a bunch of rejections too.

      Remember what you see on youtube is cherry picked. So he probably spent days to get that footage.

      Still, looks could be a good explanation. Still, with what I know about US white girls and how they subtract some SMV points for guys just for being white and add extra for black men, I didn’t expect this guy with his good but not model-like looks to do this well.

      I guess GLL is right, each girl has a looks threshold, and as long as you’ve passed it, you’ll do well (unless of course you are K’s legendary friend “Mark”, whoever that is, who is supposed to be one of the best looking 0.1% men in the world).

  8. I know what he reminds me of now … an good looking RSD douche … but doing night game bullshit talk in the day!

  9. The funny thing with Evolution daily guy he used be really fat and lost a load of weight and went chilled with Justin Wayne to perfect his daygame skills [Give me a break. Justin Wayne is a total fraud and I don’t tolerate the Wayne shills on this blog. K.]

  10. Evolution Daily is not great with girls.
    Pretty basic premise. Be decently confident and upfront but that’s about all he’s got going for him to be honest. Not good looking enough for the actual attractive girls and nowhere near enough game.
    American girls are also exceptionally easy.

  11. Tbh for me I have used both yours & his stystem and they both worked on different types of girls. There is alot of smoke & mirrors in Pua industry regardless so I don’t take it that seriously.

  12. I met Deepak Wayne on Kreshaytik street in Kiev and he seemed like a decent guy to me. Don’t understand why and he Nick got into such heated arguments. [Well, if he seemed a decent guy to you after a short chat, then I guess we can forget about all his lies, scams, faked videos, slander, and terrible game. K.]

    • Deepak’s a true player through and through. He’s helped me with my day gaming astronomically. I would venture to say he’s one of the best, second only to maybe the one, the only Tom Torero. [Thanks for that Achmed. K.]

  13. Hey K, it’s almost the end of the month!

    So any updates on whether everything is fixed with the PDF and all is green-lighted?

    Also, will that book include a deeper dive into advanced r/K–Rabbits/Wolves? I think that post about Rabbits vs Wolves is a critical distinction and getting your whole understanding on it is critical. It clears up a lot of confusion about contradictory advice, simply because some is for rabbits getting low quality rabbits and some is for Wolves.

    Plus, it’s all good on our journey to find the holy grail: how to get wolf-y girls fast without needing to be her situational wolf and taking the slow lane (of course, we all are working on our value and SMV, not talking about tricks or low SMV guys getting Wolf-y girls). [See my latest post for an update. r/K is a very big part of Infinite, as you’ll see. K.]

  14. Off-Topic, but wanted to give everyone a heads up. If any of you want to finally put an end to the false illusions of a girl’s beauty. Download the app ‘Makeapp’ for the iPhone, upload a profile pic of a prospect you’ve yet to fuck and marvel at her real hotness with no war paint on that the app is magically able to pull off.

    Feminists are currently going mental with this app being out in the wild, but this should finally put an end to HB scale. The difference between a 9 and an 7 is that a 9 is simply a better bullshit artist.


  15. Why have you succeeded where others have failed? You employ direct game, and are successful in London and Russia. Roosh used indirect game, and failed in those locations. Now Roosh has quit the game and just wants a virgin wife. What happened to your “Deep Conversion” or “Soul Collecting” game? Where are you going in one, five, ten, or twenty years? [These questions are all answered in my writings. K.]

  16. One reason why I never fully bought into the indirect Roosh daygame method (“elderly opener”) on one end of the spectrum or the super direct Alan Roger Currie style on the other, is the lack of in-fields. If the method was as effective as they claim, you would see a lot of in-fields. [Elderly opener is part of the whole sub-genre of “don’t show intent, to fool yourself into thinking you ever had a chance” game that is still taught to no-hopers. ARC is just a clown who bangs deplorable quality. That said, when Roosh isn’t writing about daygame, I tend to like his material. K.]

  17. Hey Nick

    Have you read any good books lately? [The most recent books I’ve read, in order of most recently finished: 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea (Jules Verne) was a bit shit. The Lost World (Arthur Conan Doyle) was a compendium with 3 novels and 2 short stories. The Lost World was excellent, The Poison Mist so-so, and The Land Of Mist absolutely shit, and two short stories mediocre. The Man In The Iron Mask (Alexandre Dumas) was exceptionally good and inspired me to read the final two novels of the D’Artagnan romances. Roadside Picnic (Boris Strugatsky) was a good focused book that I liked because of my love for the Stalker video games. The Knife Slipped (Earle Stanley Gardner) was a good hardboiled story, as was Cut Me In (Ed McBain). Anyone into hardboiled should run wild on the Hard Case Crime series. I’ve read about 70 of them so far: K.]

  18. Man Just completed 50 sets in London and still no lay although had some leads but essentially not good enough. On my journey home tonight I saw a good looking guy blatantly on his phone using Tinder! It then dawned on me that everyone is hustling!

    • Been out all week in London for a similar number of sets and nothing strong either. Lots of boyfriend objections, but I guess that’s still a problem for me having not got to the advanced “guy who girls cheat with” stage. With regards to the Tinder thing: just watched Womanizer’s bible and K is right: everyone has their own little schemes.

      • I’m not sure the “guy who girls cheat with” comment is relevant in this case.

        I hear the Boyfriend Objection a lot just like everyone does. We all get more rejections than sets who hook.

        I actually don’t plow if the girl tells me she has a boyfriend. Every single girl who I slept with that had a boyfriend only mentioned that after sex. They don’t approach that subject before sex.

        Anyway, remember that it is what it is. You have your own number of approaches before a set hooks strongly, it doesn’t matter whether it is 5 or 100, there are girls out there waiting for your cock to liberate them from the slut shaming of society and want to goggle your goo without feeling judged or their reputation ruined for it. All they want is for you to be a man, to take them through the process like a man, and then to take their holes so that they can be free to be the slut they truly are inside.

        Those girls are sad and lonely walking around right now unfucked. Some of them hotter than you’d imagine but 99% of men have no balls. Be the true “white knight” that will fuck them well. Save them, bro! 🙂

  19. London sucks for daygame. Don’t know where the idea started that it was any good. I’m here now and can’t wait to move next week. It’s incredible how few hot women there are given the foot traffic in the city – I’d estimate far less than 1% of women as a whole in London are YHT. It’s possible to walk for hours along Oxford street at peak times and see just a handful or less of hot solo women, despite completely packed sidewalks. It’s truly a buyer’s market, and the city is just an absolute zoo with low quality of living. Eastern Europe for white women and East Asia for Asians (haven’t been to South America yet) are really the only places I think the time-reward aspect of daygame is worthwhile. This is all coming from an American – NYC sucks as bad as London.

    • I hear this argument alot but where else in the world can you have your balls hanging out of a hot Maltese 20 year old one minute and then a busty British Asian the next? Hate it or Love it London gives variety. I get bored of only going for the same ethnicity.

    • I would suggest to go somewhere that has the taste of girls you want. Once you’ve had your fill, you can always go somewhere else.

      For example, I never had sex with a Lithuanian girl before, so I decided to approach girls in London that looks Lithuanian (Polish looking but taller and sharper features).
      Ended up dating and fucking one a few weeks later after 11 or so approaches.

      You can find what you want in London, but the quality won’t be as good as going to the actual country.

      • I think this is because guys have totally unrealistic expectations.

        What guys view as a “10” when she is dolled up they’d pass on the street giving her a rating of a “7” when they see her in her normal clothing walking the street.

        Yes, going to a place where there are girls that are your type helps. But even such girls, without make up and sexy clothing, will look plain. The benefit of a place like Ukraine is girls get dolled up even when they’re walking around and about the city. I have never been to London or NYC, but I guess girls walking the street will have very little make up, their hair not done, in flipflops and baggy pajama shorts, which if you saw the same girl with face-cake, 6 inch heels and a tiny skirt you’d be much more impressed. [Anglo girls are not genetically inferior to FSU, but they utterly ruin their own value through horrible lifestyle and shit-for-brains opinions. K.]

    • @Jim

      Interesting comments about London. Oxford street is bad. The thing is, people thought that they had to succeed in Oxford street to prove they were good. And all the PUA material says that. But Daygame is for solo girls. The rest is flashy stuff. I spent a great deal of time analyzing foot traffic in various environments. And you should do it too. I really have a goldmine of information. Hint number two that I should write a book haha.

      • Are you implying there are better daygame spots in London than Oxford Street? I also did a reconnaissance on Regent Street, Argyll Street, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Convent Garden on two weekend afternoons a few days ago with clear weather – and they all sucked.

        As far as analyzing foot traffic goes, the trick Tom talks about is using the population density function on google maps.

      • Okay since you peppered me with attention I’ll give you an answer haha. You are doing all the standard places. The third best place to hit on girls in any city is the shopping street. The second best place is the main train station. How many times in Oxford street did you find yourself approaching at the 4 way junction at the station? It is because people travel alone. I could talk about other city train stations that look like heaven at 9PM! The best place to hit on girls hands down is at the universities. 90% of the people are the target age group and you just need to find females and then hot females. And they are usually walking alone to the next class. I went to LA to Daygame and at the university campuses I approached ten hot girls in an hour. It was fucking ridiculous. I texted one of the many girls, ‘Hey Leslie’ and it wasn’t Leslie! And if you are doing a mall, the best place is the entrance.

        It’s about finding the girls travelling to the event, not the event itself. Population density doesn’t mean shit if it’s not single girls. I could give you a good spot but you should pay me hahaha!

  20. Krauser. We already settled this argument and you was very silent when I showed you my proofs. If you keep making this stupid comments I will broke your face when I see you [Bring it on. K.]

  21. It occurred to me yesterday that you can see push pull before you even meet the girl. Last night I was on a train at 11pm. There was a sexy girl on the train. Actually this girl came to the train station with a young boy, I think to protect her haha! Because it was just me and her she reacted to me more. I went to the same door the she did to get off the train (pull), and I was walking to the escalators, I could see that she put some distance between us (push). And I thought oh shit, then maybe I shouldn’t approach.

    I’ve had a 8 second IOI. There were a few months when I was peacocking. I had a crazy hairstyle. And what it taught me was that when you enter a room, 1. Slow down! You cannot be afraid to be seen. 2. When your eyes meet someones, don’t look away immediately. Hold it for a bit longer than normal and then let go. One time I locked eyes with a girl for 8 long seconds, slowly walking in the room past her. I would clearly have approached her, but she was with her whole family, and on the phone. Pretty difficult situation!

    Good eye contact before approach can tell you a lot.

    • Hey Huge Ass, replying to your previous post which I cannot reply to for some reason:

      >>> Daygame is for solo girls.

      I always wondered really, why is this obsession with solo girls? It much be an anglo-saxon thing and widespread cock-blocking or something.

      I approached girls in groups of girls often, and I totally ignore the friends. Even when they were walking together, if they see that the girl “hooked”, they basically stay a bit far waiting for me to finish gaming the girl then she rejoins them and leave. Is my experience with this abnormal or something?

      Of course I am talking about the approach here, that it’s not that much harder. But if this obsession comes from the idea that solo girls will feel less slut shaming and more anonymity for sleeping with you if her friends didn’t know about you, I’d understand the reasoning although my experience doesn’t corroborate it: I had more than once met girls this way, and after sleeping with them they want to introduce me to their friends, and every time I find out that the girl didn’t mention me afterwards to the friends, so she kept her anonymity by her own doing. Girl’s are not stupid, they’re actually much more foxy than us. 🙂

  22. [sorry, had to edit. K.]

  23. Pingback: Toe into Paris DG waters – Social Parkour

  24. K I’d love to see more of your political musings. I know you used to do it on twitter but I wasn’t around back then. The bits and pieces I’ve found here and there are spot-on accurate. You’ve got a great knack for cutting through the bullshit and getting to the salient points.

    Just commenting so you know there’s some demand for it [Thanks. Have you read my Cervantes blog on the sidebar? A bit old now, but gives a flavour. Also, there’s quite a lot in Deplorable Cad. Now that Infinite is done I’ll probably write more on that stuff but not sure where I’ll publish it. In the meantime try the following: Anonymous Conservative blog, Vox Day, Heartiste, The Conservative Treehouse, Steve Sailor at Unz, DystopiaUSA, and then on Twitter: Thomas Wictor, Imperator Rex. These are the only sites I read regularly and find myself agreeing with quite frequently. I also quite like Stephan Molyneux on YouTube. K.]

  25. I’m convinced this guy is a fraud but it’d be interesting to hear your views sir krauser.

    • Says he “convinced” the girl to go home with him. Sounds like a chode. Pussy beggar mindset. Didn’t watch the rest.

    • Actually, his sub-communications were very good. But he lost it after the kiss, became totally reactive and laughing nervously (around 02:25). After that nervous laugh his face got a bit red and he basically lost that girl unless she was really desperate. Because being affected by her touch so much telegraphs that he has lower SMV than her.

      Before that, his sub-communications were solid (sexualization was missing though).

      I think from his nervous later state that it was a Yes girl and he was not attracted to her, so he was not impressed and was “entitled”.

      Look from the beginning and feel the vibe: he was talking slowly, outside his head, there was no need for her to stay in set, he was present in the moment.

      Yes, I sound like Tyler in that last sentence but he’s not doing anything in that set except have the proper vibe of a guy who is higher SMV than the girl, and it was an honest signal, he actually believe it and did not fake it.

      Of course, if you want to say “Fuck Tyler”, I’d then use a different angle: in Rollo’s Alpha Tell posts he explains a brilliant concept — since Alpha is situation, you cannot tell an Alpha through his behavior but through the girl’s reactions to him. To that specific girl, he was Alpha, he was higher SMV, and even through the blur you can see her facial expressions and how reactive she was to him compared to him with her (of course that was before the kiss. Just after it was like Tyler said in The Blueprint: through their behavior men turn in a second from a hot sexy man in the eyes of a girl to a fat bold short man wearing a tutu). He did that: he was totally unreactive, in his own lane doing what he wants. He kissed her in a daring way. Then all the Beta subconscious beliefs and attitudes rushed to the surface.

      We’re all work in progress. I salute the fact that he’s out there in the streets hustling, and the first part was solid inner game. Then after the kiss he freaked out.

      That’s for him as a practioner. He’s basically doing RSD game (and no, RSD game in the daytime isn’t supposed to look like a dancing monkey, that’s just the idiots watching flash game that instructors do for YouTube and then going dancing monkey up and down the street.) As a teacher, he’s not a first-hander IMHO, so better learn from someone who is doing his own thinking rather than copying others (And his last advice is what RSD call Seeding the pull).

      He was very nervous and reactive to the camera though, so don’t base your judgement of the set on that.

      • First off all he doesn’t look like a guy who would get a girl of that calibre to stop and give her attention wholeheartedly. Sometimes you get lucky in London in which you stop a genuine hot girl who is new in town and up for meeting a new local but thats rare (her being hot that is). Secondly this guy posts his supposed results regularly as he has a dating company, ask yourself does her look like he’s been hitting the streets hard? Watch a Tom Torero video and you’ll always find him to appear knackered why? because he’s actually putting in the work rate. Sometimes I wonder do any of these blog/youtube commenters ever done a large number of cold approaches???? [I had a look at his YouTube channel and watched his latest 5 infields in full – which was easy because they are 5 minutes long and heavily edited. I don’t see any reason to suppose he’s a fraud. All five infields looked legit, they just aren’t very good. I’d say he’s an upper-beginner who is enthusiastic about daygame and thus coaching before he’s ready. There’s nothing wrong with that because everyone who coaches starts out when they aren’t ready, myself included. Something of a Dunning-Kruger thing, imo. Judging by the different clothes across videos, I’d say he’s out there number-farming and doesn’t get many number closes. His technique is very simple: he starts right off the bat with “you look [country]” (Swedish is she’s blonde) then tortures the opener and follows them until they stop. He doesn’t have a capture phase. I suspect this is where he loses most girls but those aren’t uploaded. Girls who do stop to that are naturally filtered for the chatty ones so then he can just ramble on, asking a lot of questions. There’s no sexual tension, it’s just an aimless chat based on an unusually high amount of questioning. I also notice he does full-on non-stop eye contact, odd smiling, and enthusiasm. Taken together, I’d think he’s mildly autistic / aspy. The plus side of this is he’s clearly undeterred from bold purposeful opening/questioning/interviewing (because he doesn’t get how weird it seems) and he gives a strong laser-beam focus on the girl in-set (again because he doesn’t know how odd it is). The downside is he’ll have a high attrition rate and frequently turn Yes to No. What we see on the channel are the sets that didn’t collapse. I think Cholo raised a good point about him completely breaking down after the kiss close. It’s an extremely big 180 from his restrained behaviour beforehand and Cholo is right in his analysis that it’s because he’s not used to actually getting that far with a girl. I strongly urge all my readers to watch that one linked infield because it’s a textbook case of how to destroy your value through losing self control. I don’t mean to be hard on the guy. I don’t detect any malicious or fraudulent intent in his channel. He’s just an enthusiastic guy sharing what he enjoys and trying to build something. His game is currently 4/10 but in the early going will give the girl the illusion it’s 6/10 until calibration is required and the wheels fall off the car. Men like him are usually hard working grinders so I’d expect a year from now his game will be much improved. My advice for him is to put more structure into the beginning, especially the first thirty seconds, to increase his hook points. Secondly, to record and debrief his infields with higher-level guys to fix his calibration. Overall, I have nothing against him and wish him luck. He’s no Deepak. K.]

  26. Nearly the end of November.
    No books update.
    SMH! [See latest post. Just for you. K.]

  27. P.S any active day-gamers in the Budapest area please get in touch.

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