Assertiveness Training

August 5, 2016

There are several socially-inculcated attitudes that are holding you back from developing a powerful Harambe Mindset [1]. They are supported by a web of entangling beliefs and propositions built up over decades. Rather then untangle their sources, let’s just cut straight to the chase – what is their effect on you, the wannabe seducer of YHT girls?

  1. You should consider the opinions of others.
  2. You should accept your station in life.
  3. You should follow the reigning moral code.

When reading them out like that it’s easy to say “hell, no! I will do my thing. I’m a free man” but the whole reason mind control is powerful is because the most powerful determinants are subtle. The world is constantly attacking your frame. This is why: Everything in the world is a struggle for resources.

The best way to win the struggle is to make other people do all the hard work for you.

Mindset, yesterday

Mindset, yesterday

Literally every living organism is fighting for those resources and every one of them has developed tricks to get there. That’s why they still exist – the failing strategies were removed from the DNA pool. Nothing is benign and nothing is innocent – even dolphins gang-rape seals. Flowers reach for sunlight and induce bees to do the legwork [2] of spreading their pollen. Fleas attach to the hide of farm animals to suck their blood. Predators hunt prey. Nature is red in tooth and claw. Here is a general rule I use to look at the world:

Any time there is value, attackers descend upon it.

Let’s just think of this in ever-escalating scale:

  • Put nutrients in a petri dish and bacteria will develop.
  • Shit onto the floor and flies will swarm.
  • Put food on the table and the cat will wait for its moment to leap.
  • Put gold in the bank and robbers will blow the safe.
  • Post a glowing fact sheet on a Pussy Paradise and the PUA army shows up in town.
  • Build a peaceful civilisation and third world savages will invade.

This is the way of the world – any place there is value, there will be a swarm of attackers. You – as an able-bodied male of working and fighting age – have value too. Girls see you as a source of money, attention, security and (hopefully) DNA. Employers see you as a source of labour. The government sees you as a source of taxation [3]. You have value and people are coming for it. Most of us, as K-selects, are quite wise to overt physical and logistical forms of attack on our value. That’s why the r-selected attackers will blindside you by underhand methods. The main method is a moral entreaty followed by gas-lighting [4]

There’s nothing an r-select likes more than watching someone else stockpile value, then swooping in and bullshitting them out of it.

Moral entreaties are any kind of statement that follows the structure of “you should behave more like [x] because of nebulous ethical reason [y]”. Examples would be:

  • “You should pay the check for dinner because you’re a gentleman” [5]
  • “You should limit your carbon footprint because it’s better for the environment”
  • “You should support unlimited mass migration to white countries because diversity”
  • “You should get married and buy a house, because that’s what real men do”
  • “You should date a woman your own age because that’s normal”

It’s pretty clear that each statement is an attempt to get you to surrender your value (or claim to value) so that someone else can take it for themselves. In order: the woman wants your money, the environmentalist wants you shamed into low consumption, the 3rd world savages want your country, the parents want a legacy, and the scold wants you to ignore the hotties and date her haggard old ass [6]. It’s an effective trick because it engages and subverts our hard-coded inclination to support social trust and to live according to a system of moral values. The problem is it is subverting it.

Moral codes are really only one of two things. Either:

  1. A way to bullshit you out of your value (as above), or
  2. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours [7]
A back I'd scratch, without needing an entreaty

A back I’d scratch, without needing an entreaty

R-selects are highly devious people and they will shamelessly hijack your own human goodness in order to shackle you with it while they loot your safe and rape your wife. Defending yourself against it is simple: any time your hear the word “should”, ask yourself what part of my value they are trying to steal? If obeying their moral entreaty would result in a transfer of value (present or anticipated) from you / your allies to them / their allies, then you know they are attempting to defraud you. So treat them like the dirty thieves they are.

Any successful moral entreaty / robbery is swiftly followed by a gas-lighting in order to persuade the victim that no robbery occurred.

Gas-lighting: “manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity.”

Gas-lighting is best explained via the old-time idiom: “don’t piss on my back and then tell me it’s raining” or “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”. The fraudster will expressly tell you that what you are seeing is not really what you’re seeing, and if they can engage external supports for their view you may begin to doubt your own lying eyes. This is especially effective if the moral entreaty is part of the reigning orthodoxy, supported by the media and academia, and if it takes place over an extended period of time.

For daygame purposes, we’ll just stick to gas-lighting from the feminist orthodoxy rather than talk about political and racial gas-lighting.

The way to resist gas-lighting is two-fold: (i) having recognised the statements are coming from someone engaged in robbing you, you are forewarned and forearmed against believing anything they tell you, (ii) just trust your own eyes and gut instinct. Never believe a logical or emotive argument if it sets your gut instinct churning. Even if you can’t explicate why, trust your instinct. The world really isn’t very complicated. Our entire minds and instincts have been honed over millions of years to see it clearly enough to reach our survival and replications goals [8]. So if someone is presenting you with convoluted logic, the jist of which is “your gut instinct is wrong, do it my way” then it’s a safe bet they are gas-lighting you.

So let’s get back to the original three stumbling blocks in your inner game that prevent you being more assertive. Other people’s opinions don’t matter at all. Most of the opinions they offer are either irrelevant to you or else an attempt to rob you of value. Most people you think may have an opinion of you (e.g. those men sitting at the cafe watching you open the hottie) will more likely have a favourable opinon (“I wish I had the balls to open her”) or just not much care (“what’s the latest footie score?”). So long as you accept your station in life, I get to clack the hotties while you follow that reigning moral code of being a gentleman, treating girls with “respect” [9].

The Harambe Mindset requires you to put your own interests front and centre. Without helping yourself first you can’t help your people. It requires you to see the world with your own eyes and trust the information they receive. It also requires you to recognise that most of the people telling you that you should do this or shouldn’t do that are really just freeloading r-selects attempting to bullshit you out of your value.

[1] heh!
[2] wingwork, really
[3] and if you’re straight and white, someone to troll and to pin the blame for the world’s problems onto.
[4] If you doubt it’s effectiveness, consider how this strategy has brought the greatest civilisations to their knees in just sixty years.
[5] in this case, the nebulous ethical reason is tacit, not stated

[6] I hear dating haggard old cows is more normal in Belgium
[7] Literally in the case of “do unto others as you’d have them do unto you” and in the famous Tit-for-tat cooperational experiments. Much of human morality is about agreeing to exchange favours and to agree to mutual non-aggression.
[8] So no, I don’t agree with Scott Adams’ “nothing is real” theory. There’s a world of difference between the statements the world is not real, or the world is inexplicable, and we are unable to explicate the world.
[9] “respect” is just a chode’s way of reframing his own fear and exporting it onto you.

If you thought this post was eerily similar to another great blogger in a self-aware manner, you should see my book. It’s completely unrelated.


  1. Noxious as always Nick, loving it !😉👍👍. In the middle of reading balls deep at the minute a fuckin fantastic read son!

  2. Very good insights. Even as a negro man I respect you. [Thanks boss. K.]

  3. What do you think of this guy supposedly very famous in Spain, my friend Fernando was telling me about him, a lot of subs and infields don’t come across as fake. [It’s all in a stupid language. Didn’t watch. K.]

    • It’s got subtitles [I still don’t believe it’s a real language. Just gibberish. K.]

    • to me it looked like a nice clean approach but there was minimal game there. he approached, opened her directly (making a meal out of his apparent honesty in the process .. whenever someone tells me of their honesty I immediately get suspicious), did a cold read (on her being ‘open’), introduced himself and then invited her for an instant date all within 1.5 minutes. she was a yes girl essentially. if you approach girls equal or higher value to yourself like this you will get blow out after blow out especially in somewhere like London. sitting down right next to a girl without saying anything is anti game … it will creep girls out who perceive their value to be higher than yours. the fact that the faces are blurred means we cant access value, which is the test of game, I reckon if I approached 6s all day long doing nothing but waffling and closing I could look like a major player (which I’m not) and sell myself as a PUA superstar coach.

      • I know very well Spain and Spanish people and I tell you this shit doesn’t work. This guy is basically a buffoon. [I’m interested in why you think this. Can you please go into detail? K.]

      • This guy tries to impress the mainstream Spanish public hence the average Spanish guy who usually: opens direct with a lot of compliments, pedestalizes a lot and “talks romantic” in a kind of “I’d wish to be your boyfriend” way. Even if he may get a kiss-close this is not big deal because Spanish girls like to kiss but this doesn’t mean she will fuck you.
        What I’m saying is that I have the impression this guy just emphasizes what many average Spanish guys already do which often ends up in being put in the beta-orbiter box. I saw it many times with my eyes. I watched other videos from this Alvaro guy and there’s no evidence of f-closes. Looks like he does it mostly to entertain a wide public, like in a candid camera mode, subtly parodizing the common ways Spanish guys attempt pickups.

      • what are Spanish girls like garzero? I would say I have worse reactions from them even compared to English girls (in London)! They don’t seem receptive at all. Have you got any tips on how to overcome this?

        ps would wearing a sombrero help as a Spanish version of Mystery’s top hat and goggles? 🙂

      • Zatara you are a paki (oops sorry north indian lol), a domesticated one or not that doesn’t matter, The fact remains its ALWAYS going to be harder for you to pull ANY bird whether she be English/Spanish/EE or whatever (apart from a paki bird of course). Deal with it please. And don’t spunk in my curry when i buy my lamb biryani from your takeway.Thank you please 🙂

      • I disagree with the blurred faces being a sign of a low value girl, for example in my video
        I am required to blur a few of the girls faces who told me they don’t want to be online, but can assure you the majority are better looking then me never the less.

  4. The White Man’s greatest weakness is that he will do whatever you convince him is the “decent” thing to do.

    • @ ‘curry muncha’ .. it may be wishful thinking on your part to believe you have a racial advantage over say Indians, as perhaps you have nothing else going in your favour and need to grasp at straws over your supposed racial advantage, but what you claim is just not true. Not particularly interested in educating you, but in case any newbie Indian guys are reading your comment I’ll put the record straight so they are not discouraged in improving in this area.

      Some races of girls actually prefer Indian guys, I’m not going to list out every single race by ranking, but I think its common knowledge amongst those in the know that polish girls for instance generally prefer Indian guys (keeping looks etc. equal). I’m sure this isn’t popular among some but its true. Most races of girls are indifferent. Some races such as English girls generally have a slightly negative bias (this depends on social class though with the very bottom of the strata being indifferent and the very top actually having a slight preference to indian guys in my experience from a fascination with Indian travel/family history etc.).

      You seem to be projecting your failure with women onto me but I’ve already had success with many races of ‘white’ girls (French, German, Eastern European, a lot of success with Russian girls (two LTRs, one recently with a Russian oligarchs 22 year old daughter) and a couple of English girls). All these girls were at proper 8+ girls and high value (anyone who has winged with me in the past knows I only open the hottest girls). Essentially I am pulling hot European girls and I am Indian so your theory is on the basis of evidence is falsified. Some races I don’t have much % success with, Arab (probably religious & cultural zealotry at work), Spanish and English. I’m the first to admit my game is not the best (I know theory but don’t apply most of it infield and end up running very basic game) and would rate my game as 3/10, but I am fairly good looking (probably a male 8) and have inbuilt ‘value’ in many areas. Obviously I’d like to improve with women so I come to this blog. I doubt a lot of guys doing pickup have been with the quality of girls that I have (I picked up a French model on Friday night from gutter game for instance .. a proper one and not a ‘pua so called model’).

      Ps I did actually work in a indian restaurant as a student for pocket money (although I ended up just drinking lagers in the cold room on the job) LoL but I went onto a successful career as an equity analyst and trader in the City and now run my own investment business so its unlikely I’m going to be serving someone, especially with such poor grasp of the English language, curry or otherwise. Glad you eat indian food though as these experience will broaden your mind. TC.

  5. The idea that people are usually self interested is true but there can be a mutually beneficial exchange of value which leads to the creation of things not possible otherwise. That idea underpins the capitalist system (your eg of an employer wants to extract value from an employee is correct in the form of labour but omits the fact that they obtain [monetary] resources in return). Most great steps in human history have taken place due to cooperation and an exchange of value (take scientific progress for instance through time ie Copernicus lead to a Newton who led to an Einstein, or at one point in time say the Nasa space programme in 60s where a scientists worked together to explore space).

    Coming back to PUA there is there is a miserly obsession with other people ‘taking value’ (not only does this apply to girls so for example if a guy doesn’t get laid in a certain no of dates he thinks he’s being tooled, but also to each others wings [not that I have a wing anymore] with whom they constantly play childish ‘frame wars’. There is a deeply held insecurity within most guys that they really don’t have any value while they desperately attempt to claw value from a girl (usually in the form of attention and sex).

    A better paradigm is to actually build value where you can [some value is fixed by genetics but some can be developed] and then exchange it with a woman for mutual gain.

  6. Krauser, how have you answered the question of “what should I do?” for yourself?

    Putting aside that whenever someone says “you should do x” they often have an irrational argument — the rational perspective is what often gets thrown out with the bath water.

    For example, given that I’m an organism that comes “hardwired” with a desire to survive long enough to procreate, should I be using my self-awareness to purposefully adhere to this inherent desire? Since I am a self-aware organism, I have the choice to act in accordance with this innate programming or act in discordance with this innate programming (to varying degrees) and therefor influence the evolution of myself (quite literally and figuratively). Given this, what “rule book” (i.e. moral framework) do I use to make decisions?

    In this post and in general, you swapped out one moral framework (constructed by k-selected male evolution) for another (constructed by r-selected male evolution) but are these (for lack of a better word) rational?

  7. It’s far easier to undermine and cast doubts on someone else than it is to improve yourself. I find that time and again. No matter what endeavor it is: work, girls, personal hobbies—some contrarian is trying to “gaslight” me.

    Making the mindset shift from people pleaser to looking out for one’s self is harder than it sounds.

    We’re bombarded with contrarian views which try to shame men for being men. Your materials have helped. I like the “I’m a man, you’re a woman” statement you introduced in many of your interactions. It works surprisingly well in disarming a major ASD shit-test.

  8. Excellent piece. I reckon the word ‘should’ is the thing to listen for – it’s a dead set indicator that someone is trying to manipulate you. (btw the author pic is really Jason Statham, or is that a regular joke here?)

  9. FWIW (not much)… Gaslighting (no hyphen), from 1940 and 1944 film Gaslight (British play and film, got remade in Hollywood), about a Victorian guy who drives his wife nuts through being on her case all the time, because he’s trying to protect A Secret). This has been Film Club. Goodnight.

  10. Interesting article. Regarding r/K, you mention

    “This is the way of the world – any place there is value, there will be a swarm of attackers. . . . Most of us, as K-selects, are quite wise to overt physical and logistical forms of attack on our value. That’s why the r-selected attackers will blindside you by underhand methods. The main method is a moral entreaty followed by gas-lighting [4] . . . If you doubt it’s effectiveness, consider how this strategy has brought the greatest civilisations to their knees in just sixty years.”

    There is no doubt how effective the gas-lighting has been here in the USA, and I’m sure you’re more familiar with the situation in Europe than myself. However–how do Switzerland, Japan, South Korea (even Taiwan) fit in this picture? It’s nearly impossible to obtain Swiss citizenship as a foreigner (though admittedly the country is in the Schengen area) and I don’t see Japan/SK being guilted into open borders any time soon. Yet the three countries are all quite wealthy.

    To what degree are the issues of the West predominantly a function of r/K, as opposed to the legacy of Christian moral universalism (nonexistent in J/SK) enabling open borders or abuse of representative government? In the USA for example representative government has in practice meant zero accountability for r-selected politicians once elected, while Switzerland’s direct democracy seems to have helped them avoid this somewhat–for example keeping them out of the EU on more than one occasion. Perhaps addressing these issues may provide direction for other nations in the West. Interested to hear your thoughts, thanks. [Japan doesn’t have Jews. They are experts in exploiting white social trust and in particular fooling whites into generalising their white morals onto non-whites, with the obvious ensuring chaos. K]

  11. One thing i’ve come to accept from life is that no matter how much I’ve tried to rebel, go against the grain and be a maverick to society. There’s simply no way to go it alone without the help of other people.

    When you boil it down to a granular level. Life is all about serving and helping each other. Whether it’s romance, starting a business or just plain surviving.
    If it’s sex, money or happiness that we want, then we have to provide value upfront first before we can get it. Otherwise, we’re no different to a thief or a robber.

    A business for example cannot survive unless it serves customers in some way by providing them with what they want in return for compensation. It is what it is. Becoming a full renegade is simply damaging to the soul and leaves you feeling worthless and unfulfilled. That’s my personal opinion.

    This goes for both men and women by the way. I have no time for girls now who aren’t willing to give back. No matter how golden they think their vagina is. I’m happy to walk away and not look back. Takes a lot of mental discipline, but it’s great practice for developing strong character.

  12. The r’s attack and cluster in groups, against the Ks. The difference is like comparing chimpanzees and orangutans. If one has a strong frame the r’s will ramp up the crazy to an insane degree. Especially, if you show any meekness or kindness (two things K selects are known for). This is a weakness in the r-selects eyes and they use it to exploit resources from the K selected individuals and tribes.

    Assertivness is viewed as aggressive behavior by the r selects, as it violates some primal subconcious groupthink dynamic. Any boundary lines set only cements that you obviously have resources to exploit. Once you know what to look for you can work around any rout they try to send your way. This goes not just for picking up women, but for other areas of life as well, hence them being value leeches. The less sly r-selects will accuse you of being a cop or undercover, once they realize you are not putting up with their nonsense.

  13. @zatara I’m not trying to be funny but I doubt you’re banging 8+ girls in london from daygame as there aren’t many true 8+ females in this city. Fact.
    Let’s not forget an 8+ girl is very rare indeed. A 10 frankly doesn’t exist 9 and 8’s are genetically gifted and rare beauties.I guarantee even the top pua’s aren’t banging many 8’s.(Don’t ban me please 😉😁) Specially not in london 😂

    The fact you go on to say you’re an 8 yourself (are you sure mate?) with 3/10 game just doesn’t add up dude. And I hate to say it but other than polish girls which you’re dead right about, other nationalities just don’t typically find indian guys that attractive (certainly not 8+women).

    I think that’s fair, tbh I’ve been doing this for a while now and am honest to a level that others may find uncomfortable. There’s no point bullshitting yourself imo (I say this from experience). Some guys are so far removed from reality they actually start believing the fictitious life they’ve created from women to social life,money etc etc

    • @Doordie … there are 8+ girls in London, especially as London has girls from all around the world living and working here, you just have to look out for them and approach when you see them! There are obviously less hot girls than if you went to go Moscow for instance but you will see ~3 8+ girls through the course of the day in certain areas of London. There is this funny effect with PUAs where they (deliberately) don’t see the really hot girls walk past as they have a self imposed ceiling on the girls they feel they can approach. It stems from insecurity. A funny story on this effect, when I first got into ‘Game’ I went to the LSS Saturday Sarge 3 times, the final time, I was standing by ‘PUA Pret’ where they used to have a catch up at 5pm … there were at least 20 PUAs standing outside talking to each other, anyway an extremely hot Russian girl walked past in a mini skirt and high heels and they all literally looked up and the sky and in every direction apart from at her. She stood at the traffic lights for several minutes only a few feet from us. At the time I was dealing with AA around cold approach but I was so disgusted by this display that I thought “f8ck it SOMEONE has to approach her otherwise WTF are we all doing here!”. I approached her out of a sense of duty more than anything else and that went onto be my first Russian LTR (she was 19 and I was 32 at the time). She is a 8+ very smart and cute Russian girl. Happy to show Krauser a picture to verify if necessary 🙂

      My opinion of myself isn’t based on delusion, its based on feedback from others or the world at large. I’d say I’m 8/10 male in appearance. I have underlying value in many areas, but was lacking in several departments which I’m still continuing to work on currently. In terms of my game I would rate it at 3/10, which is a massive improvement on when I first started where I had 0/10 game (i.e. I did no cold approach and talked to girls like I would talk to guys). Looking back pre game I did still get nice girls here and there but they came onto me and did all the work (either dropping hints to mutual acquaintances who would encourage me to ask them out or in a couple of cases or just making it really obvious through statements in social gatherings).

      Your belief that other nationalities apart from Polish girls don’t find Indian guys attractive just isn’t true. There are several races of European girls who generally find Indian guys more attractive than their own race (there is variation within a race too). I’ve worked out through a process of observation which races of girls find indian guys more or less attractive. Also, I ask girls who I’ve been with what type of guys they like and some have actually just proffered the information without being prompted. I don’t completely understand the reasons behind it myself but I think its a mixture of nature wanting the broadest mix of genes to select from in combination with prevalent preconceptions within a society of another culture and people (so to give you an interesting example of how this works in reality, my handle Zatara is from The Count of Monte Cristo, if you read the book the character of Dantes reinvents himself as a Count who affects in several ways the mannerisms and lifestyle of a Turkish Sultan which was seen as fascinating to ‘orientalists’ especially to the French at the time, the middle east and people from that part of the world were seen as exciting and exotic, fast forward to the present and their view of people from the middle east has suffered a mighty fall with terrorist activity and so on). I don’t know where you are from but if you are Indian go out and engage with different girls and you will soon find out the truth on this matter. The guys in the community have this all wrong, the white guys want to believe they have an edge due to their race, while the Indian guys want something to hide behind rather than confront the fact they might have some issue with themselves.

      I know guys on here are probably not into LGBT comedy but there is a very pertinent point on Indian men at 14:56.

      Ps I’m really sorry but have to point out that this guy does look a bit like an indian version of krauser! lol

  14. I could give a long drawn out reply but the gist of why I think you may be overestimating both yourself and the real quality of the girls you’re banging comes down to the fact that
    1 you’re a nice indian guy. By that I mean you’re very intelligent, your writing style indicates that 99 % of the time a guy like you hasn’t got much of an edge/ isn’t very masculine/ wouldn’t be described as sexy by girls etc
    2 you’re Indian, believe me white guys have it easier ( I’m white btw ). Simply because whites are considered more trustworthy, intelligent, physically attractive than other races. And the majority of white girls prefer to fuck / date white guys due to personal preference. In all honesty after white guys black lads do pretty well, but it’s mostly with a certain type of girl.
    3 You would need to be really aesthetically pleasing with good height and a well built physique ( lots of presence and an edge ) to get your foot in the door with as many 8’s as you’ve claimed. Especially true in London. You admitted your game is 3 / 10 so that just doesn’t add up. If what you claim is true then ‘ game ‘ doesn’t exist and a reasonable looking guy can just strut up to a very hot girl ( 8 + remember 😉 ) and that’s the job done. No game needed. If only sir.
    4 Again I must reiterate that true 8 girls are very hot indeed. Like stop you in your tracks attractive. Not ” cute ” as you described your Russian girl but beautiful, breathtaking etc Would add that on a couple of occasions the pua gods look down and grant a favour or two. I myself have fucked two very hot girls ( girls I would consider touching an 8 ) the type that land in london and are approached at leat 10 times within an hour etc
    Walking down the street and just from people’s reaction you know this girl is something special.

    If you’ve got a few pics to show it’s not flukey I’m sure krauser wouldn’t mind judging ☺

    Ps don’t mean to offend on any points btw. [I’m willing to adjudicate on the girl’s photos. K.]

  15. Yes Zatara, put your money where your mouth is and send Nick a few pics like you said you don’t mind doing….seeing as you’ve been banging a few “8+”s. Sure Nick will then let us all know what he thinks. Waiting

  16. Pointless as everyone I know in this industry (with the exception of Richard La Ruina) marks UP his girls and marks DOWN everyone else’s 😀 [I really don’t get your thing about Richard. He’s a likeable guy in person but it seems odd when you keep throwing his name around ten years after the fact. K.]

    • Whilst I agree with you Steve regarding marking girls, this Zatara fellow is claiming that he is dating and fucking hot young white girls and has volunteered to send Krauser photos to confirm this to prove as an Indian guy he is doing so. Now we all know everybody’s interpretation of what an 8+ girl is, is going to differ. An 8 to me could be a 6 to you so i don’t read anything into it when guys start marking girls from 0-10. What i do have issue with is this guy always posting long winded posts and making claims he’s not backing up. Of course its possible that an Indian guy can date hot girls but I also realise that its going to be harder for them to do so by simple fact of their Indian ethnicity. If Zatara is indeed fucking hot white girls then i would argue that he is the exception rather than the rule. Personally I don’t hold much faith in what he says….as Krauser always says show me the evidence , I also remember not so long ago everytime you posted here Steve or on your own blog this Zatara fellow would be slagging you off. Now all of a sudden he’s done a 360 and is being nice to you . Very odd behaviour. Probably some underlying issues going on there with him but who knows?. He’s just some random on the inter web. But I reiterate, he’s claiming he’s fucking hot young white girls and has offered to back up his claims to Krauser with photographic evidence then I say let him do so regardless of whether they are an 8+ as he’s calls them. Will be interesting to see if he steps up to the plate. We are all waiting Zatara old bean! 😀

    • Well, his ratings are realistic, not over or under inflated based on circumstance. That’s all I said here.

      It’s true.

    • Richard Gambler is a very smart Businessman/Marketer and uses heavy provider game to get the girls he dates. I personally have no issues with that as I respect his hustle. But that isn’t game.

  17. Have you got said photo evidence from Zatara yet Nick? or has he crawled back under that humungous rock from whence he came? lol

  18. It’s to be expected that Richard does very well. He’s a good looking, stylish white guy with loads of money. He’s got a completely different angle to all the other pua’s though and i imagine he’s not the best cold approacher but then he doesn’t need to. Lifestyle game is what he’s running.

  19. Your writing has improved exponentially during the years. Every person who sat his ass down and tried to explain an idea knows how difficult this is. The link you have provided to Clear and Simple as the Truth is something I am really thankful for.

    I am curious if there is some sort of guidelines that would allow me to engage in such a mental dialog. The objective is convincing my conscious mind of a new perspective I would like to develop. Do you mind providing them?

    I currently think that while reading these kinds of posts, in certain moments, cognitive dissonance kicks in (gut feeling) and then a new set of believes can somehow get implanted. Developing such self-awareness and engaging into these metal dialogues with the purpose of self-grow looks like a very valuable skill.


  20. Hey Doordie, you seem like a nice guy so I will give you my view of what I think is going on.

    1) You generously said that I was a “nice/intelligent” guy [as a gamma in recovery this was of course like music to my ears ] and you went onto say that a guy like this doesn’t have an “edge/isn’t very masculine/ wouldn’t be described as sexy by girls”. It’s a great point and one that occurred to me as I observed the archetype that a lot guys in the community affect, essentially it’s the bad boy, rock and roll, rebel without a cause look. However, this is just one archetype which women find attractive. There are several others, most famous seducers actually seem to take the form of ‘the Rake’. I recommend reading Robert Greene’s book ‘The Art of Seduction’ where he lists out several of these archetypes (in reality there is cross over and you often get a composite of these archetypes). I realized early on that the ‘bad boy’ wouldn’t suit my underlying personality, so I gravitated to a composite of other archetypes such as the Rake/Intellectual. This will obviously polarize girls, some will love it and some will hate it (or more accurately just not get it). Since this whole debate started on racial preference I’ll connect it in for you. Some races of girls such as Russian girls who are often very well read will find an intellectual and sophisticated guy very attractive [English girls unfortunately don’t share this predisposition ]. Since everybody on this blog now wants evidence on everything [which isn’t a bad thing in the community as it is full of charlatans and untested quackery] I recommend you observe the type of men attractive women in history have been with e.g. Marilyn Monroe’s 3rd husband Miller for instance was a geeky, spectacled playwright, or alternatively look the other way around at someone like Salman Rushdie’s recent girlfriends.

    2) You don’t know that white guys have it easier than indian guys. This is an assumption which actually if we try and untangle is devilishly difficult in practise. The reason is that there are multiple variables playing into attraction (or SMV) and to separate which one is having an impact is extremely difficult. Remember we need to separate out a person’s aesthetics from the actual racial component. I think what is actually going on is more subtle with Indian guys. There is essentially a ‘bimodal distribution’ in Indian looks [or in common language as that Indian comedian I posted above pointed out “Indian guys are either hot, or ugly, with nothing in between!”]. So, for example back in the day most of the Indian LSS Saturday Sarge regulars fell into the lower part of this bimodal distribution in terms of looks [generally the good looking ones didn’t get into the LSS in the first place and essentially self selected out]. Then they all went out ‘sarging’ and ended up failing with women and everyone assumed it was to do with the fact they were Indian! [helped on by the community propaganda commandment no1 “looks don’t matter!” which meant it had to be their race or perhaps their game. [The business savvy in the PUA sphere (RSD special mention) realized it would destroy their customer based if they didn’t instill such mend bending propaganda].

    3) Ok so you’ve mentioned two variables at work in SMV 1) Looks and 2) Game. I said I was ~8/10 in looks and my game was ~3/10 and you thought this didn’t add up in your estimation to actually getting ‘white’ hot girls. The way I see things now is as follows (and this is after a period of confusion on my part while I was trying to work things out and actually I confess I still don’t understand how it all works) …

    SMV (for a man) = Looks + [Money/Power/Status] + Underlying Character [or Value] + Game + Error

    [The ‘Error’ component accounts for variation in tastes amongst girls]

    This brings to into focus what actually is ‘Game’? It’s actually different things depending on your source of game advice. It IS something in itself which I will try and explain, while it also tries to work on several of the other variables too. In the beginning of modern game as we understand it or ‘Mystery Method’, which was the foundation of a lot of the stuff still running through PUA, it taught a lot of stuff that was designed to essentially fool a girl that you had the following variables covered ‘Money/status’ (DHV stories about celebrity parties you went to etc), ‘Underlying Personality Value’ (repeating scripted routines which showed a girl you were witty and funny etc.). It also contained advice on how to progress an interaction through things like leading, intelligently handling tests and so on. Now the first two areas mentioned are fake as they try and synthetically replace things which are missing (and don’t work well anyway on most women). The third area is essentially where there is value in game. If I had to define it I would say it is the skill to take a woman through the seduction process. There is also another level to pure ‘Game’ which is the male equivalent of when a women flutters her eye lashes or pouts or giggles etc. I have only started to understand this area more myself recently and try and put it to use (In Primal Seduction by Jabba/krauser they talk about the 3rd level of game on pg 44, which I believe is essentially talking about this same thing). A good example of one of these male equivalent behaviors is something I do which is tricky to describe but a smirk, slight furrowing of the eye brows and locking the jaw so it looks more squared off [its similar to the sort of look clint eastwood used to give the guys in a saloon ] Women find this sort of thing beguiling and I’ve noticed their eyes glaze over whenever I do it. Now coming back to my point, I have good looks and underlying value (although there were and are still some issues I need to work on here). My actual ‘game’ as I have defined it is still pretty poor, however I can still get hot girls although quite a lot of women slip through the net (flaking or dropping off at some point). Just to add that I have never tried to chase a high notch count, it means nothing to me, I just like being with high quality, attractive, fun sexy women. I also don’t live the life of a professional PUA so I only approach between 10-15 girls a week (7/8 on a weekend and the rest through the course of a week).

    @Ted .. On Steve Jabba, I did say some critical things about him a while ago. However, I conceded I made a mistake due to my own misplaced dogma on ‘pickup’ and I apologized to him for this. He has actually got a lot of this stuff worked out through a process of trial and error. His infields are also great to learn ‘pure game’ as I described above as he is actually doing some of these things right in front of the camera (although the camera often missed facial expressions etc. which would have been gold). Sadly, as he was mainly telling guys to work on their ‘underlying value’ I suspect the message just went in one ear and out the other of most guys in the community as they always want to know “what do I say?”. I suspect Krauser realizes the same thing as in his book ‘Mastery’ as he covers body language first and even says on pg 80 for instance “don’t think it’s the words that’s getting the girl”, but then has to go through telling guys a template of what to say on the street as everyone in the community wants some magic script which gets a girl to say yes! To his credit he talks about how to be a better conversationalist generally which will improve your value (also tells guys to read books and so on etc).

    In conclusion, I now believe if you have good looks and value you don’t need much game. The analogy is the difference between a very attractive woman who just sits there and one who sits there and flutters her eyelashes at you. The former would still be attractive, the latter perhaps would ‘boost’ the attraction a little by these actions but that is all. Therefore the focus should be on looking as good as possible, building your value and learning enough ‘game’ to lead the seduction process. Learning what I described as ‘pure game’ is like fitting a spoiler on your Porsche 911, yes it will give you a bit more grip but you don’t really need it to drive really fast round a corner.

    On the pictures, from these comments I’ve realized most of you are just barrel steppers (credit Bodi) and therefore I won’t bother trying to prove anything to you. Your ego defence would probably go up and you would accuse me of pulling the pictures of the internet or off someone else. I’m not running a PUA coaching business and don’t actually give a toss what any of you think of me so if you want to convince yourselves that I trawl the streets several days a week with no girls at the end of it (like most guys in PUA do) feel free to do so. I hope what I wrote above helps some of the ok guys who are confused onto the right path. [He’s prodded your inner gamma. I’m fine with you leaving long involved comments but resist the urge to dress anyone down with point by point rebuttals. Even when you’re dialectically correct, it’s rhetorically weak. K.]

    • What a surprise! no pics lol. Remember Zatara you were the one who originally offered to provide Nick with pics nobody asked you to until you suggested it and now you don’t want to as you have nothing to prove and we are all cunts etc blah blah…yeah it’s all our fault not yours that you suggestied to supply photos in the first place lol. Piss poor pathetic excuse . Another nice long winded (yawn) post that took you all day yesterday to compose no doubt😂. Thanks for proving what we all knew already. All talk and no action. Next time you are about to open your rather large mouth making promises of photo evidence etc do refer back to the comment section here and take time to reflect there’s a good chap. Hilarious 😂😂😂

    • Zatara, you’re going to provoke responses like Doodies whenever you make grand claims like you did.

      Re pictures, they would have no recourse to say you are pulling them off the net if they were clearly of you and her together, and she likes you – people are
      capable of reading that from a pic with body language, positioning etc.

      Doesn’t stop you posting pics of yourself either! ARE YOU REALLY AN 8+?

      It’s been my experience over the years that even the really good looking guys (and I don’t include myself in this bracket) can’t get by on just looks –
      not anywhere – and sure as HELL not in London. Although I am not an 8 I know I can “coast” and pick up 7’s standing on my head with both eyes shut –
      I used to do this on occasion where it’s thrown to you on a plate. Doesn’t mean I wasn’t “gaming” though, the *real* disinterest* I was displaying and not
      really giving a fuck, through and through, is game in itself.

      Point is, you do need to be on form to get the kind of girls you describe, especially in London unless you get outrageously lucky – very tough.

      If you are really an 8+ in looks (I feel like I am on PUA Hate, LOL), it strikes me as logically inconsistent that you would be a 3 in game. Why? Because
      the sheer power of reference experiences , combined with your high intelligence, would mean that you would have to be a complete dummy NOT to improve your self
      esteem, confidence and realisation that you can infact score hot women. There would be some starting point – a lay here and there, that you would have to be
      incredibly stupid not to capitalise on and improve over time. I did, and I am no rocket scientist – just ferociously determined and single minded.
      Whilst you may not be, you would have to be a dummy not to realise this, capitalise on it – and thus improve rapidly in terms of “game”.

      You’ve already proven you are no dummy – and you are on every single PUA blog out there and presumably have been for some time – so you clearly have a
      real interest in this stuff – plus you actively approach quite a lot. It doesn’t add up that you are still only a “3” in game.

      Something is off. In conclusion…The game is afoot!

      • 19 years old, not naturally good looking. 90 % of notches are better looking then me, can make a bold claim because I have more then enough evidence to prove so with pics 😉

      • Hey jabba, its always difficult to rate oneself due to our own ego getting in the way (distorting our vision one way or the other). Female friends/Girlfriends (who haven’t spoken to each other) have all said the same 8 although there may be a bit of bias due to friendship or whatever. I don’t have flawless features so I’d say its definitely in a range of between 7-8 in looks. Where our wires might have crossed is that I was keeping a very tight definition of game as I laid out above (standard game and what I called ‘pure game’). On this definition I am weak, despite reading a lot of the theory out there. I did also mentioned what I called ‘Underlying Value’ in my model for SMV, in which I include things like Intelligence, Knowledge, Wit, Mental Strength and so on [others may lump all of these into Game, some of them may call this sort of thing ‘inner game’]. On many of these things I think I score highly which may explain why things perhaps didn’t stack up. I copied and pasted that ‘formula’ from above here:

        SMV (for a man) = Looks + [Money/Power/Status] + Underlying Character [or Value] + Game + Error

        Anyway, since several people have said they don’t appreciate my posts I think its better I stop posting here now as I don’t want to be a bore. Part of the reason I did it was that it helped me understand things I was trying to figure out myself. I have other areas I need to work on in my life regardless so better I focus on those things anyway. I’m happy with how my dating life is looking now (after two years coming into game) as I have choice and am connecting with the type of women I always wanted to. GL to others and hope you find what you are looking for. Z

      • I agree with Steve on this one. Getting by on just looks alone in a place like London or any capitalist western country isn’t enough. From an economics perspective and looking at supply and demand. There are simply far too many good looking guys who ‘Also’ have status, wealth and other things that a hot girl can trade and barter in terms of value.
        The more you hit the streets, the more clear this becomes, hence why so many gamers eventually hit Europe.

        Sure you can argue that it will require more solid game in order to adapt and get these girls. But when you recognise that your value can be increased elsewhere and get the same types of girls (or hotter) far easier, you realise that there’s no point. It’s the same reason why girls in Europe come to London, even though they wouldn’t openly admit it. But it’s basic economics and arbitrage.

  21. At the end of the day I have to be honest and say I don’t completely believe you mate.
    If I am wrong and you are in fact banging hotties of the 8+ range in London then a big well done. Believe me you’re in the top 1% of guys doing this.
    The reason I was doubting you (and still have my reservations) is that with all due respect a guy who’s banging beautiful, feminine sexy girls (let’s take the example of the hottie that Nick’s used in this post as an example) then you’ve earned the right to speak with more authority on this subject.
    I also must add that developing that edge is really key and every single guy I know who’s consistently good with women has it. I don’t think it’s possible to get the prettiest girls without it. I don’t know much about Arthur miller but the guy seemed masculine to me. Well built with a brooding quality to him. Just because he was an intellectual and wore glasses doesn’t mean he behaved like a geek with chicks he’s complete polar opposite of someone like Bill Gates I’d imagine.

  22. Anyway if krauser confirms the girls you’ve dated/fucked are in the 8+ range I’d gladly apologise.

  23. Oh yeah and I’ve actually had two indian wings. Nice guys but delusional as fuck tbh😂😁

  24. I was actually gonna use steve as an example. If you are what you claim a typical month gaming would look similar to that of jabba. I’m guessing not many approaches but the girls will be of very decent quality.

    I’m not picking but as he pointed out you’re on loads of blogs/websites asking questions etc a guy at your level approaching only “the hottest girls” who’s an “8+” himself will be an authority on this stuff. He won’t look to another man for guidance when he’s already achieving what 99% in the community fail to. It just doesn’t make sense.He will have built up reference experiences, girls will just sniff out the value on him (regarding seduction), she knows instinctively this guy fucks hot girls. He knows what he’s doing!

    Plus I feel playing up to the intellectual archetype is a copout.
    Masculinity trumps witty conversation almost every time. Look at yad can banter all day long but where’s the evidence he’s laying 8+ women. It doesn’t exist.

  25. Just read all through the comments, this guy Zatara has seemingly set himself up for a big embarrassing fall. The very long posts he does really don’t help in my opinion. God…..he has all the charisma of a used urinal lozenge no wonder he’s always scanning all the PUA blogs asking for info [Zatara sent me a pic of a girl which looks like a Facebook or Whatsapp profile pic. Girl only. I rate her a 7. K.]

  26. No need to leave zatara.
    Hopefully this episode has shown that the ego is a very strange thing. Being honest with yourself and dealing with reality is hard but it’s the only way to make real progress. Tbh I thought your posts were quite good but must admit had a big lol when you compared yourself to the count of monte cristo LOL😁😂😃

  27. Krauser, why aren’t you on a low dose of testosterone replacement therapy? It seems like a rational choice given the general benefits (better body composition, mood, libido, sexual ‘staying’ power) and how conducive it would be to your lifestyle. [I had my blood checked, I’m comfortably above average. Risks to endocrine system too high for the relative benefit. K.]

    • I have my bloods routinely measured and through trial + error and independent research found that if I don’t have prolactin and estrogen (E1S, not regular serum estrogen) measured, the testosterone measurement alone means next to nothing. Testosterone converts into estrogen too easily giving increased fat gain, water retention and gynocomastia. So my body could be pumping out testosterone just fine so that it looks good on paper but then be converting it into estrogen. Best way to spot if this is happening is a measurement of prolactin, which better correlates to estrogen activity than the regular serum estrogen blood test. Prolactin and estrogen (E1S) should both be no more than 10% above the bottom reference range value.

      If you’re interested in getting more bloods, especially if you’re in Europe where it’s dirt cheap for private blood work, get a measurement of TSH, Total Cholesterol and Prolactin. In the UK these should be no more than £60 total if going private, in Europe they’re about £10 total. These three alone will tell you everything you need to know about your health. TSH and Cholesterol tells you how your thyroid is functioning (i.e. better thyroid function, lower TSH and Cholesterol) and Prolactin will tell you your androgen status (low prolactin means low estrogen and more functionally-active testosterone). If TSH is around 1 mIU/L or lower, that’s perfect. Cholesterol should hover around 200 mg/dl and Prolactin should be no more than 4 ng/ml.

      When I first started looking into Prolactin, I found that it was at the top end of the reference range. This was a time when I could barely keep an erection and even when masturbating my trumpet didn’t feel as hard as it used to. I had to take viagra on occasion to perform at my best. After a month or two of working on specific dietary tweaks, I noticed increased libido, return of spontaneous erections and my trumpet was once again rock solid. I had my prolactin tested again and it came in at 5 ng/ml. I urge everyone to get these three simple tests if they want the libido and function of their 16 year old self again.

  28. “Post a glowing fact sheet on a Pussy Paradise and the PUA army shows up in town”

    Unfortunately learned this one the hard way…

    • The true pussy paradise is the town of a medium sized city on weekday or sunday aftertoon (there’s too many families out on a Saturday relative to hot girls), or the early afternoon of a town based university (like Manchester uni). All these guys drooling over the prospect of some European pussy paradise untouched by males/PUAs are low self-esteem and low- value guys trying to find a shortcut or hack through the sexual market place.

      • Nah you’re just jealous because you can’t work out how to leave England yourself.

        Enjoy your enriched, high tax paradise 😊😊

      • Wait, so there’s more to leaving England than just going to Stansted and hopping onto Easyjet/Rynair/Monarch?

        Can you help me work it out, Steve? Perhaps write a book on it, or a How To Leave England report or a 6-page Guide To Finding Pussy Paradise — A Guide For Betas To Getting Pussy? [Vent your frustrations at life elsewhere, please. K.]

      • Didn’t know I was coming off as frustrated — I was poking fun back at Steve.

        Anyway, those looking for ‘pussy paradise’ after reading ‘city reports’ are often low-value guys wanting to escape competition with other males thinking that they alone can capitalize on all those innocent naive high-value girls. Of course, they completely fail to realize that girls come prebuilt to suss-out high-value males and if you haven’t taken the time and effort to become high-value, it doesn’t matter if you’re the last guy on earth, she still won’t fuck you or you’ll at most get fucked by a value-matched girl. Look at how many white guys flock to east Asia to “teach english” — what do they look like and how do they behave?

        Then there’s the select few who’ve taken the time to work on their inherent value and in their skill in delivering it, who then seek to maximize their access to pussy by playing in marketplaces where they have other advantages and/or less competition. Not many fit into this category though. [Agreed. If chodes really believed you could get laid in FSU on just your passport, they’d already be there. Their carping on the internet is just an attempt to relieve the amygdala. K.]

      • “pussy paradise” is different things to different guys.

        There were some stunning chicks in EE when I was there, I tried some street game and but royally sucked at it. However compared to the territory I’m used to, enjoy and hence tailored my game for (ie high end nightclubs in Asia) it was almost like going back to square one for me.

        So not PP for me but at the same time I’m not gonna drag poor old Jimmy J’s ass through a nightclub in Jakarta and expect him to be loving it neither.

        We all have value to a certain degree, just we delivery it in different ways…

        (Oh and I mostly would ignore city any reports/datasheets anyway as 95% are written by dudes who’s ‘game’ = tinder swiping only)

  29. Would say it’s easier fucking eastern European women tbh.

  30. Fuck me Nick, one gamma goes another replaces him place lol

  31. We’re all gammas here. Some just hide it or lie to themselves more convincingly

  32. But a gamma can become a really good pua. He can real good with chicks

  33. Comment quality low. ;(
    More quality control please.

  34. great post. enjoyed the read.

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