Adventure Sex – Reader Reviews

August 12, 2016

I’m delighted to announce the release of my new book Adventure Sex – How To Pick Up The Girls Of The Former Soviet Union. It’s available in paperback now from this Lulu page.

This is the fourth volume in my memoir and my best writing to date. I’ll talk about it more over the coming weeks but let’s hear from a couple of readers. First off here’s Mike, who snapped up a copy on my secret Twitter pre-release a few weeks ago* He gave me lots of unsolicited feedback so I asked him if he’d write a few paragraphs for the blog:

“I found out about Krauser through Eddie from Street Attraction. I got an early copy of Adventure Sex and can say this was the most awe inspiring and lucid book I have read, dealing with a subject that has notoriously confused, and continues to confuse, a majority of people in the world.

You can read theory, keep on navigating your own thoughts and emotions going over “what if’s”… but will that put you in the trenches? Will that get you hordes of women wanting you in their life, telling you openly that they like you and fucking you? Hardly. But Krauser has those hordes doing that and is in those trenches. What Krauser did here is let you borrow his brain through numerous lays, numerous “what if” scenarios… except the difference here is it’s real… no untested theories here. He shows you the battle scars, the fatigue and the glory… even explaining it using evolutionary biology as a guiding reference.

With this book you feel like you’re reading a spy novel full of intrigue and tagging along as an observer. Best of all, the women love him for it. My jaw dropped often, damned myself for misunderstanding failures in the past when I was actually so close to winning, cringed at what this exposes, laughed often and had my social paradigm rattled. I get it now. How many people want a goldmine but don’t know how to dig and don’t know where the mine is? His book showed me how to dig. In my opinion, in the West there is a stigma about being direct and telling a woman you think she’s attractive… compliments are thought of as weak when delivered incorrectly. I mean did your last compliment get you laid or ignored/brushed off? Bluntly, Krauser tells you how to be a man, the authentic you who wants to be direct, but done with social grace. Without the social grace… without understanding what’s really going on with a seduction… you’ll feel worthless (am I right?) because you are totally ignorant to the subtext of the interaction, the woman can’t feel comfortable with it, and you’ll have missed out on getting the tools you needed as a man. 😦

Imagine that woman you like telling you she likes you and really meaning it. Imagine finding out there’s tens of thousands similar to her, always.

Imagine getting the skills embedded into your brain in a way you haven’t experienced yet, that’s going to get you laid with the hottest women in the world… well that part you can’t imagine… but I can! I read the book 🙂

I think he liked it. I also asked one of my test readers Brisey to say a few words:

“Volume 4 details Krausers exploits at the near pinnacle of his game. Beginning with origins of his ‘Project Hollywood’ style London den of iniquity with the various RSG characters then transitioning to his quest to bang younger, hotter, tighter girls throughout the FSU.

It’s wonderfully descriptive, hilarious at times and packed full of game advice with some great examples. You can really see the difference in his level compared to Volume 1. He has you at the edge of your seat wondering if he will smash through the last minute resistance of that 18 year old virgin. The are many moments where you think “How the fuck did he pull that off’.”

Adventure Sex is available in paperback now from Lulu here. It’s 516 pages and 160,000 words of carefully crafted daygame glory.

FSU full cover - shrunk

* I like doing stupid shit like that. It was an 18-hour cryptic announcement. I also launched it on my YouTube channel a week ago, just to see if anyone still pays attention to my ramblings.

** I’m interested to hear all reader feedback so those of you who already bought it, please leave a comment or send me an email.


  1. I think one can tell a lot by a teacher/educator by their response to a carefully selected question.

    “… Bluntly, Krauser tells you how to be a man, the authentic you who wants to be direct, but done with social grace….”

    How do you tell someone to be a man?

    If the answer is something like: “just be direct. Put your balls on the line and just do it. Be bold, have passion, be authentic!.”
    Then I know I’m better off looking elsewhere.

    If the answer is something like: “join a kickboxing club, start sparring. Lift weights. Start getting good at something that pays good.”
    Then I know I’m in good hands. [Do you even read my blog? If so, you’ll know you are deliberately mis-characterising my actual life advice. You’ll also know I had a bunch of full-contact kickboxing matches, lift weights and have been very good at something that pays very well. Turn it in. K.]

    • Yeah, Krauser, the latter type of advice was a direct poke to you. My only gripe if any, is that you don’t give it out often enough.

      • poke = nod* [I tend to avoid writing about lifestyle advice just because it bores me and lots of other approach-avoidant writers have it well covered. Like I say in the introduction to Daygame Mastery, I’m fully in favour of building your value, I just choose not to write about it much. K.]

      • I also am very interested in your lifestyle advice.

        Your book beginner day game outlines exactly how much time a week to spend in beginner phase.

        What would you suggest as an overall plan (including lifestyle like MMA) for a beginners first year in the game?

        Thanks Nick btw

        You’ve made the impossible seem possible with your writings.

      • JD regarding MMA…I’ve done a lot of grappling, wrestling, rugby, etc

        2 days a week is enough to keep up once you are at a intermediate level, as a beginner you should add a day more
        3 days a week for sloppy amateurish progression (more than enough to destroy your next hood nigg-gangsta)
        4 days sweet spot between obsession and just liking it
        5 days a week…the road to be a pro starts heere
        6 days a week you want to be a pro and you are putting in the time needed
        7 days a week = nonsensical and detrimental to training and everything else

        Remember, when you are doing the work a day off…pays off

      • If you find it boring to write about, fair enough. But if you don’t write about it because other writers have it well covered, I’m left asking ‘who?!’ I’m always finding the most capable people of giving advice in area seldom give it. I don’t want masculinity advice from someone who’s never been in a street fight or in a ring.

        I don’t know about the rest of your audience, but I only visit one or two other game related blogs and I don’t see them bothering to talk about what it really takes to succeed in pickup i.e. working on increasing value and the idea of increasing one’s masculinity through real-world shit like fighting with other males.

        Anyone else wonna chime in and share who else is talking about stuff like this? [The only blogs I read regularly now are Vox Day, Anon Con, CH and D&P. Can’t be bothered with the rest, same old recycled ideas and only a handful of them have any credibility. K.]

  2. Sounds like a good read Nick, just finished balls deep this is on my list next👍

  3. I’ve bought all your previous books, even the update edition on your first book. As I recall, you (or Lulu) offered a hefty discount on each book after it had been available for awhile. This pattern may encourage your prospective buyers to postpone their purchase. Would it make sense to offer an enticing discount to those who buy it in the first 3 days it is available? If nothing else, it could be good for your PR with your paying customers.
    Balls Deep is great, and I look forward to reading this new volume in your memoirs. [Lulu does periodic discounts but they are store-wide and totally unrelated to me. I recommend as a rule that anyone buying my books should google “ coupon discount” before ordering, just in case a special deal is on. I never reduce the prices of my products. Everything costs the same now as it did on Day One. Thanks for your support, I hope you like the new book. I’ll make less from it than if I’d spent the whole time flipping burgers. K.]

    • Thanks for the info. I took your advice and got a great discount. Book purchased. Looking forward to another great read during what’s left of summer here. [Thanks. Let me know how you find it. K.]

    • Use AUGSHIP16 for 15% discount + free shipping.

  4. Book 4??

    What are the other three? [Balls Deep is #1. Other two are being rewritten. K.]

  5. jobs a goodun Nick….just ordered 😉 [Thanks. I look forward to your feedback. K.]

  6. Hi Nick
    I’m curious about one thing.
    Why write you a book? What’s the thought behind of the bookwriting?

    (I don’t think the money is that thing because writing a book is 1000 & 1000 hour. And the graphicmaker another amount, publish the book another big amount.
    And sorry, but I don’t think do you have that much follower who will buy this book enough quantity to worth that hard work.)

    Youre probably really enjoy writing. But that is the real thing?

    I’m thanks that work, and I will buy that book. But do you not think, that work is way too much? [I write because I enjoy it and it’s a skill I can hone for another 30 years. K.]

  7. I’ve got a few of your books, including the tome that is Mastery. I find it more convenient to read from a pdf on my kindle, which worked great for Balls Deep. Any chance you’ll be releasing a digital copy of Adventure Sex (preferably Kindle, assuming it has adequate anti-piracy mechanisms)?

    I’m looking forward to picking up new seduction ideas, along with a few laughs in between, from this one! [PDF is probably six months away. K.]

  8. Have volume 1 2 3 been released yet?

  9. I’ll wait all the way down to the PDF arrival while (mostly good, I’m pretty sure of it) reviews pile up.

  10. Krauser, what about doing some live private-exclusive event for the first 10/20/50 people that buy your book where you give more detail/juicy stuff that didn’t make it in the book?

  11. I’ve only seen your announcement video, in particular the flick-through of the book. What I am missing are the (detailed) textgame dialogues.

  12. Nick, I have already bought my copy. I have read every one of your books, watched every video product and listened to every podcast. You have been an inspiration to me and a HUGE help with my daygame. While I did “daygame” for awhile before I discovered your material, I don’t consider my players journey to have truly started till I read my first book of yours and got set on the path to doing daygame the way it was meant to be done. Thank you for the content and please keep it coming!!! (After volumes 2 and 3 of your memoir, perhaps an updated version of mastery? It’s still an epic work, but I feel like parts of it are starting to feel a bit dated (i.e. the long game discussion) given the rapid pace of daygame theory development over the last few years.) [I hope to get Volume 2 out for Christmas. That will let me focus on the new daygame textbook over winter. Tentative plans which may change. Would you like to write a comment giving your thoughts / review of the books you read? K.]

  13. I’ve ordered it – looking forward to reading it.

  14. I couldn’t help but read Brisey’s review with his northern Jim Bowen-esq voice in my head…

    “By eck, the are t’many moow-ments where you think ‘Ow t’fook did he pull that off’…what a bastdid”

  15. my thoughts of your books:

    Daygame Nitro:
    mindset, and first stage are awesome…
    45-46. page not my favourite page and the problem
    The bigger problem is the 62 page.. I have no idea what is this. The problem is probably not the content. The problem is my english. I can’t understand those ideas, because my english not that good.
    Daygame Mastery’s first stage the personalized stage, too hard to reading. So I can’t really understand everything.

    I think a few member of your readers are not a native english speaker.

    Content what hard to explain in english, also hard to understand not english people.

  16. Ordered it. Really enjoyed Balls Deep. Good textbook guide but I like the adventure and good stories too.

  17. Jesus Fucking Christ this book is good. 113 pages in and I can’t tear my eyes off the fucking page. When I was a kid I was a huge bookworm. I was the kid who always broke out a fiction novel after he’d finished homework in class. Some of my favorite reading spots were the breakfast table and on the shitter. I’d be so engrossed in a Stephen King book that my legs would go numb from sitting on the toilet for so long. I shit you not (ha!). Adventure Sex is that childhood moment again. It’s me not wanting to return to the world because I’m busy reading goddammit! This idea of sneaking and weaving in lessons in the midst of a grand adventure tale was FUCKING brilliant. [Thanks for the kind words. It would be helpful if you could write a few lines in a review on the Lulu page. K.]

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