Adventure Sex – New Book Coming Soon

August 1, 2016

It’s high time to start telling you dear readers about the next big thing to drop in the daygame world – the long awaited next volume in my epic memoir series [1]. Gentleman, I introduce you to Adventure Sex – How To Pick Up The Girls Of The Former Soviet Union

FSU - front

Most of you have read Balls Deep by now so you’re all familiar with the zero-to-hero narrative arc [2]. That story begins when I’m a pathetic office chode struggling to get over a divorce. I dip my toes into the slimey waters of PUA and after much failure I start to get good at it. The volume ends when I finally bone a Russian catwalk model. That gets the story as far as March 2011. I let this next volume gestate for almost two years before completing it. The last thing I wanted was for it to be more of the same: just another game memoir with a new cast of girls [3].

How could I make this new volume something special?

I realised I need to try a different type of story telling. I thought back to my old university days when I dipped my (younger) toes into anthropology. Those meddling white men and women discovered that savage tribes all shared something in common – the importance of myths and oral history. Humans are hard-wired to absorb facts and life lessons when couched in story form. This is why history is so much easier to learn than mathematics. Rather than write another textbook [4] I thought it might be cool to weave all my theoretical knowledge into the memoir. Balls Deep had made a half-arsed attempt at that but I’m a better writer now and I’d put that idea front and centre.

I’ve written a book that functions like an advanced textbook but in narrative form. Prepare to be incepted.

Planting the seeds, yesterday

Planting the seeds, yesterday

Volume 4 covers the calendar year of 2014, my best in the Game. I spent most of the year in the FSU and Warsaw Pact countries, getting all but one of my lays from FSU girls. It’s the time I developed the principles that would inform Daygame Overkill and I’ve woven those in throughout. Adventure Sex will present you with a window into my real-time decision making in set (both successes and failures). It will take you along for the ride so you feel the same emotions and work with the same information I had. This will show you how international seduction is lived.

“You’ve created something really good here. This is a quantum leap for you, personally, in the quality of your writing. This is the first time I’ve seen you really put craft into your writing, and it shows.” – my editor

I’ll have more to say soon, including a paper copy to wave around for YouTube from the comfort of my lounge.

[1] I very much like talking about myself.
[2] And if not from Balls Deep, you’ll have seen the same story arc in every other game memoir written ever.
[3] Or invented stories that never really happened, like most game memoirs I suspect.
[4] Or rewrite Daygame Mastery, as seems to be the fashion nowadays.

If you thought this makes you want to read volume one, Balls Deep, you might be interested in my book. It’s called Balls Deep.


  1. Congrats Nick. That was fucking hilarious…looking forward to it man! [Thanks boss. Look forward to hearing your opinion on it. K.]

  2. have you been to Belarus ? [It’s in the book. K.]

  3. Be quick Nick and release it soon as Torero’s supposedly releasing a similar book about the FSU. Sure yours is going to be a spiffing read can’t wait to get my hands on it 👍

  4. I’m not going to lie, these Eastern European girls are so fucking easy, when you come from the United states and see the difference in the girls it’s un real. Sure you need a bit of game but literally anyone can do it if they travelled to these countries and have reasonable social skills and looks. What I’d consider REAL game is someone who travels to rich countries where the girls are HIGH value, not just in looks but status and availability of other high value guys… Someone call me when they bang girls from rich part of France, Italy, America, Australia, England. Then I’ll give you good credit, banged a hottie 2nd day in Eastern Europe, she was better looking then me and I didn’t need that much game. [Nope, you’re just full of shit. K.]

    • Don’t really agree that it takes no skill.

      Still, would like to see more write ups on Scandinavia.

    • Ok then, go to scandanavia, USA. And bang some girl who aren’t broke and from 2nd 3rd world countries, then call me… I’ll have huge respect for you [You are one step from a banning. Give it a rest with this tired shit. Clacking slutty fat alcoholics in Western countries is no biggie. I got a two-hour SDL on my first day in Norway. And unlike you with your internet big mouth, I posted video to prove it. K.]

  5. thanks 🙂
    Im going to buy it

  6. Anyway, I see you’re probably not really playing pokemon Go 😀

  7. This looks like the “War and Peace” of game. Will you deliver it on a large scale with an accessible price or will be an expensive niche product like some of your other books?

  8. Looking forward to this, can’t wait in fact.

  9. Garzero.
    Price is relative.
    Average books with average price normally not that good. Average books are not that much. And I think there is a big chance to Nick’s books will better than average books. [It’ll be £25 for a 520 page paperback of 160,000 words and lots of custom art. K.]

  10. Unrelated question, on my own player’s journey, I discovered several times that I had developed a particular type + method for getting laid. I realized that I was chasing very similar girls, using very similar venues to meet them and very similar approaches. I essentially found an approach strategy that matched my personality, a ‘type’ of woman I liked to approach, and an effective method of meeting these women. I think that many men fall into a ‘systematized’ category of game, and that in many cases, if the system is producing reliable results, there’s some pressure to overlook some of the risks or limitations.

    I found myself in this situation, and while I was completely happy with the results (rate of new girls and the quality of those girls), I realized that my game might be stagnant, so I radically overhauled my game, switched type and venue, and was forced to develop a novel strategy essentially from scratch. Are you at all concerned that your overall player development may have stagnated as you run and refine a specific approach strategy optimized to a specific venue and type of female?

    That said, this is a fan post not a hater post. I’ll buy the book, when I get asked for advice, I point people to you. Your treatments of daygame are better than pretty much anything I’ve seen out there on other subsets of game. Your work has been as big for me as my first introduction to game with ‘the layguide’ a decade and a half ago, my how the times have changed since then! [The Lay Guide was my introduction to game too. I’m in Game to get laid with the girls I like with the minimum effort possible. It’s hard enough as it is without trying to add extra challenge. Daygame is good because it allows you to cast a very wide net and to take it to almost every country in the world. The problem is it always requires you to push the boulder up the mountain. K.]

  11. Nick, will you be doing a pdf version of this as well? I’m a cheap bastard 😉 [Not for a long time. K.]

  12. I really wish you would choose a book title & cover that doesn’t make you feel embarrassed to read it out in public i.e. while on a train, etc… I’d prefer people didn’t know i was reading “ADVENTURE SEX”…:) [You SHOULD be ashamed of it. It’s squalid! Japanese people just wrap their books with generic patterned paper. K.]

  13. Nick,

    I’m a fairly new reader, and just finished Balls Deep. I’m looking forward to your next book, but don’t want to skip any material. You say Adventure Sex is Volume 4, and Balls Deep was Volume 1, so where are Volumes 2 & 3 if they exist?


    Seth [They don’t exist yet. K.]

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