How to escalate the “no kiss” girl

July 28, 2016

Some girls, especially the k-selects [1], will have a “no kiss” rule on the first date. They may also give you a pretty strong pseudo-LJBF attempt that makes you wonder if they’ve only come on the date as an excuse to drain you of fine dining and attention.

Don’t despair! There’s a way to escalate these girls. But before we get to it, let’s understand the female psychology underlying it [2].

A non-starter for Ratbag Game, yesterday

A non-starter for Ratbag Game, yesterday

Women have a logical forebrain that serves as the repository for all her social programming, cultural knowledge, memories, and self-conception. When Olga thinks about “Olga” she locates said Olga as residing in the front of her brain [3]. While the forebrain is not where women make their decisions it can frequently act as a filibuster to prevent any decision getting made in your favour. Women also have an emotional hindbrain which is the wellspring of her emotions and animal drives, including the one we exploit most – money [4]. Sorry, I mean lust. This is what you need to tap into to create the tingles that motivate her to give you both happy times.

Broadly speaking, it’s best to think of the hindbrain as your target and the forebrain as a formidable obstacle that must be swatted away, smashed down, or otherwise surmounted. Plug into her hindbrain to heat it up while simultaneously lulling her forebrain to sleep.

So how does this relate to “no kiss” girls?

A girl will giggle at your street game, exchange numbers, doll up for a date, and put herself in front of you all because the hindbrain is running the put-yourself-in-front-of-cool-guy-to-get-fucked script [4a]. Despite this moving her feet to put herself into your snare, her forebrain may simultaneously persuade her that she’s “only coming out because she’s bored” and she’s “not going to kiss this guy because it’s not like that.”

Remember “Olga” resides in the forebrain, so Olga thinks the forebrain is making the decisions. Having drawn her pre-date no kiss line in the sand, she’s pretty sure she can have the date, absorb the happy feels, and return home unfucked.

"I am Olga's pea-sized green cog"

“I am Olga’s pea-sized green cog”

Recognise this is what you’re dealing with – a girl using her forebrain rules to shackle her hindbrain tingles. A successful player naturally aims to ratchet up those tingles while weakening the forebrain defences. Think of yourself as a PUA Soros riling up an animalistic Syrian mob to batter at the walls of her nation while your intellectual Jews neutralise the guards. You want her hindbrain to overrun the forebrain.

This is an escalation gambit I’ve frequently done with great success on those K-selects [5]

1. Run the beginning of your date the usual way. If she doesn’t refuse your early escalation or kiss, you may not have to deploy any of this. Just proceed as normal. If she doesn’t make a big deal of “no kiss”, just proceed as normal and do your usual repeated kiss close attempts later.

2. If she raises an actual explicit verbal objection, you are dealing with a forebrain line in the sand. For example:

  • “I am not available. I am here to practice my English.”
  • “I am not one of those easy [insert current country] girls. I do not kiss strange men.”
  • “What do you expect from this meeting?”

3. Deal with the objection in an equally logical, calm, and non-evasive manner [6]. Be patient in typing it into GoogleTranslate if you must. The jist of the reply should be this – something I’ve used twice this week:

“I find you pretty. So I want to flirt with you and find out more about your character. If we match well and I decide I like you, I will try to kiss you.”

Usually that’ll trigger some follow-up talk, which may include her doubling down on the bad stuff. Hold your ground and project outcome independence – you want her but you don’t need her.

“You do what is best for you. I know women are completely whimsical, so I never expect anything from them. I’m a man, so once I decided I like you, I must make my interest clear. That’s why I tried to kiss you.”

You’re nearly done with the logical bullshit. Time to close it off and move on.

“I’m a man, it’s my role to try. You’re a woman, it’s your job to resist. I understand it. It’s nature.”

4. Do not hammer the point. We are not trying to logic the girl into having sex. This is all about neutralising the forebrain (which must be done either logically or rhetorically) so that she has nothing solid to hold onto and fight against. Say the above things once and move on. Close the book. It’s time to go hindbrain. Let her stew on the logic while you change the conversation back to whatever it is you like that isn’t arguing over why she won’t kiss.

5. Tell her she has lovely hair. Move her shoulders around so you’re behind her like a hairdresser and then start combing it out with your hands. Play with it a little. Pull it into a pony tail then fan it out over her shoulders like a shampoo commercial girl. Scratch her temples a little like a cat. All the time ask her mundane questions about how often she washes it, how long her haircare takes each day, what the longest length was and so on. You are singing the lullaby to her forebrain while tingling the hindbrain. Occasional reach for a handful at the nape and give it a light tug – a mild version of if you were fucking her.

She's thinking of dick

She’s thinking of dick

6. Play with her fingers a bit, letting them rest on your thigh as your do so. Perhaps pull her head in to rest on your shoulder as your do it.

Let’s pause a moment to consider what’s going on here. This only works if she actually fancies you and thus the hindbrain is giving permission to paw at her. If she’s purely tooling you, she won’t allow this and it works as a compliance test to filter her out. If she rejects even this, pay your side of the bill and walk out [7] If her hindbrain does like you, you are getting to softly warm her up without giving her forebrain reason to suppose your are crossing her line in the sand. She’s still thinking “I won’t let him kiss me. He’s wasting his time. I have morals, unlike those other whores.”

7. Now you’re going for it. Play with her hair again but this time softly sweep it away to one side to expose her neck. Now lightly blow or bite her neck. If she doesn’t pull away you are golden [8]. Don’t spend too long at it, just ten seconds or so before stepping back. Rinse and repeat [9].

8. Move on to her ears. Continue your patter but slow down your words and lower the tone into a bedroom voice. It’s great to keep talking non-sexual rubbish (I often recite my favourite pizza combinations) while your mouth is so close she can feel your breath in her ear. Sometimes let a full breath into her ear, or nibble the lobe. Often I do this while still holding the hair in a pony tail. It really doesn’t take much of this to heat her right up. The hindbrain is ready to go.

9. At a high point pull her head in to lean on your shoulder, breath all over her forehead and down over her eyes (out of your nose, which should be positioned a bit higher than her brow). Then tilt her chin up with your fingertip and kiss close.

[1] Nearly every hot slavic girl.
[2] “Understand psychology? What a faggot! I just barrel straight ahead with Yes Girls because I’m a baller” says clueless forum legend.
[3] You can test this on yourself by asking yourself where “you” resides in your internal talk.
[4] I’ve been reading US blogs by the Pocket Square Faggot crowd lately. Sorry. Won’t happen again.

[4a] Unless you ask her where the pet shop is and GALNUC your close, in which case she’ll activate the don’t-get-fucked script immediately.
[5] It’s totally unnecessary on r-selects because they have no such barriers to surmount.
[6] I realise I’ve just lost 50% of the PUA crowd right there.
[7] I lost all the Pocket Square Faggots there. Sorry, we aren’t into Game to get tooled by lifestyle whores.
[8] And if she does pull away, try again later.
[9] That haircare metaphor was postively literary. As smooth as silk. They cascade down from my keyboard like Rapunzel just leant out of her tower [10]
[10] That one is a simile, because I used “like”

If you thought this post contained unnecessary insults, you should see my book. You cunt.


  1. I got a little hard reading this.

    Krauser, because I can’t remember you ever bringing this up, do you generally only pay for your half of the bill on dates? How do you work this logistically? Feel free to link me if you’ve mentioned it before. [Depends. Usually my dates are coffee and beer. I’ll always buy first one, then see what she does. If she’s stalling my escalation I make her pay her full share. K.]

  2. “Think of yourself as a PUA Soros riling up an animalistic Syrian mob to batter at the walls of her nation while your intellectual Jews neutralise the guards.” Best analogy I’ve heard in my entire life.

    • who are these “clueless forum legends” you are going on about here and on your twitter K? didn’t think many of these forums were still active … they have little value as far as I can tell anyway, mostly noobs who don’t approach with a few self appointed experts lording it over the rest of them with glib [and poor] responses … I used to read LSS back in the day and that had a similar setup but had a certain amusement value coming from various basement dwelling trolls who used to contribute to it … I used to like watching this guy’s youtube called urbanist who ran LSS too who has gone off radar now, primarily as in my early days of street approaching it used to give me a sense of wellbeing that things could never be an approach could never be that awkward or cringe.

      • RVF is full of them…

      • Oh yes Roosh V blog … just seems like a hotbed of misogyny dressed up as the mens rights movement, to me it looks like a bunch of guys not getting laid and projecting their own failures onto women. The advice on daygame is truly absurd, I have Roosh’s “daybang” book which teaches indirectly approaching during the day, & on the street trying to approach incidentally and making what he calls “granny chat” which is basically boring pointless chat in order to gauge interest. The whole thing just reeks of avoidance and I cant help but conclude that Roosh has no game if this is what he is suggesting to his readers. I followed the advice in his book a while back and it was a disaster … wasted a whole week of my life before I shelved his book at the bottom of a drawer. Frankly I want a refund and compensation for my time.

      • I’m also interested in these Tweets you keep posting about fake daygamers and clueless forum legends. Like Zatara I don’t really know any forums that are still about these days apart from the Roosh V one. Please share K.

  3. fuckin noxious stuff son! loving it! 🙂

  4. Random note on physical contact: When Jon and I first met in person we had a picnic and at the park I got a bit of a hamstring cramp. I let him massage it and didn’t think too much of it. My “wait forever and ever” policy was well implemented and all I cared about was that my leg didn’t hurt any more. It was zero-sex to me at first.

    Then he said “don’t worry, I won’t suddenly move my hand up”. It made me realize just how high up my leg his hands had got, and instantly made it sexual to me. My leg wasn’t hurting any more, so it was quite nice and I wasn’t sure what to do. I wanted him to remember I was not usually physical at all, even on a basic level with friends and relatives. I was essentially as physical as an aspie. But, although it was true before, it would be a lie at that point. I had already let it happen, it wasn’t a “big deal” moment and I liked it. It was awkward, but I liked him too much to offend him by pushing him away (verbally or physically] and he had already qualified the situation, so I didn’t feel there was anything I could say. I essentially let him grope my thigh for a few more minutes until he decided he was done.

    Pretty sure that incident, however small, contributed to the physical openness that kept him keen and kept me interested for the following few months until he finally got what nobody else has. And now, over five years later, we’re married and I still enjoy him touching me whenever, wherever, however, even when my aversion to physicality is otherwise still a bit of a battle.

    The vocalization: drawing my attention to the innuendo, letting me know he was (absolutely not] thinking about grabbing me, being so simple and logical and undebatable, made a big difference. I was basically stuck and forced to enjoy physical contact with him. No wriggling out of it.

  5. If a girl ever says she’s not going to kiss you, prior to an absolute attempt to kiss her, it means she’s thinking about kissing you and the battle is almost won. Funnily enough I learnt this from Mastery in a round about way and here’s the blog post with the details

  6. Solid advice.

  7. Completely off topic but I was wondering (as a guy who is bald and 22), has being bald affected your success with women/made it harder?

    I’ve been thinking about getting a ‘hair system’, since so many girls seem to reject me for being young and bald.

    Plus if I don’t have a relationship with them, they wouldn’t ever find out. [It hasn’t caused me any trouble. Some girls prefer it. K.]

    • They’re rejecting you for different reasons. Become jacked or eccentric in the way you dress. Both go well with baldness. When asked “why you’re bald so young?” answer with “I’ve unusually high testosterone levels, my doctor said I’m a medical marvel”.

  8. Krauser, you once said that you probably need to master nice guy daygame before you can do r-selected bad boy daygame, as you need to learn to be social before you get sexual. Now, do you think you need to be proficient in r-selected ratbag daygame with its grotty lays before you can do k-selected greyhound game?

  9. Great article K, I have to say the thought freeloaders getting quality info like this irks me a bit.
    Keep Gold like this for your products! 😉

  10. Great stuff Nick. I get the ‘nothing will happen between us’ quoted at me often from EE girls. I’ll use this post as remedy and see how far I get. Off topic but Anna kournikova was the reason i fell in love with Russian/Slavic girls back in late 90s. How does she compare with the quality you’ve seen in FSU? [In her prime, a 7. Weak features, no shape. K.]

  11. Hey Krauser, sorry for off-topic. I like your style of no-bs game. In daygame nitro you mention Assanova’s books, and I’d love to read them. Unfortunately I couldn’t find them anywhere and you seem to be the only one that has them. Can you please email me if you know where I can acquire them? Thanks in advance.

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