Join the secret society – Citydaygame edition

July 14, 2016

I checked my pedometer today and realised I’ve averaged 15km every day I’ve been in Prague on my latest jaunt. No wonder my feet ache. It’s been a funny old time – I got a notch on my first full day, then maybe deflowered a virgin on the second (there’s some confusion over if I had my dick fully in for the relatively short time it lasted before she ran), got a blowjob off a 17yr old bisexual an hour after gutter gaming her, and there were a few lesser stories in the mix. It felt like I was in some kind of secret society. A tiring society. So tiring I can’t be bothered to write blogposts. In fact the only thing I can be bothered to write is a Pokemon Go style easter egg. So as I’m recently won’t to do, I tapped up the citydaygame boys for some content. This time Colombia-slayer Vaughn offers his thoughts on entering the Secret Society. Do check out their blog for lots of player’s journey stories.

Uni days, artist's impression

Uni days, artist’s impression

I was a complete loser with girls throughout my school days and at University. During Uni I was obsessed with three girls, one was the sister of one of my best friends. A blonde girl with big tits and blue eyes. She’d come up to visit her brother and fuck one of the popular guys in our group. I tried everything to get her to like me, and wondered what the other guy had that I didn’t. We’d all go out and drink together, she’d tease me, I thought I had a chance with her. I was deluded.

The 2nd was the first girl I fingered, I cooked her a romantic dinner to win her over, she was impressed. After dinner I tried to escalate, I had no clue, we were kissing in her bed I got my hands down her panties and rubbed her pussy roughly. That’s as far as I got, we didn’t meet again. She went off to Canada for a year, where she fucked a boatload of Canadian guys.

The third girl I had a thing for, was short athletic and pretty. One Valentines day, I made her a trail of messages, I remember making the clues and hiding them around our shared house. I wanted to show her how much I liked her. I cringe looking back now. I did “win” a pity date with her, which was just a way for her to get me on my own and let me down gently. She put me firmly into the friend zone.

I had no clue how to seduce any of these girls and all my attempts ended in brush offs or friend-zonings. Even the tried and tested, get them drunk and hope for the best didn’t work, at least for me. Looking back, I can see all the failures, failure to escalate them, failure to isolate, getting too drunk, over investment, pedestalisation. I had zero game, I didn’t even know what game was. What was worse I had no idea how to change this. In the end I did lose my virginity.

One night I was out in a club, a girl said “I like your hair”, she drunkenly kissed me, then a taxi back to mine, my first same night lay. She mounted me on my bed and took my virginity, I was 21, we dated for a while, I thought we’d be together for ever, we were a terrible match. I visited her after her first night at her new industry placement, she’d been partying the night before with her new colleagues., she was very hungover. I sensed something was different, she sat me on her bed and dumped me. She told me she’d kissed a guy the previous night, I was devastated. I’m still unsure whether she’d fucked the guy as well. Thinking back, of course she fucked him. I left her flat and actually cried.

Re-enactment with actors

Re-enactment with actors

Fast forward 15 years, the last girl I fucked was a cute Colombian air hostess 10 years my junior, one hour before I had to get my flight to London and 45 mins before she had to start work on her flight. It was a fast 25 mins of sex. I couldn’t find her place in a Bogota suburb, I was an hour late. Her two female housemates had just arrived home, she was rushing to get ready for her work and I had to get my flight soon. She was on her period too, this shouldn’t work.

I enter her room, 5 minutes of chat and 10 minutes later I’ve rubbered up and am banging her on her bed, she’s half dressed in her trolley dolly uniform and trying to keep quiet so her housemates don’t hear. I’m halfway through and her housemate calls her name, knocks on her door and asks her something in Spanish.  She motions me to be quiet. I pause, she shouts an answer. A quick exchange in Spanish, interval over. She’s back grabbing at my ass, pulling me deeper into her, I resume banging her, she’s still trying to keep quiet, she’s not doing a good job at it.

I calculate how long I have to get my flight, and realise I need to finish soon. I ramp it up, and fuck her hard, cumming as she gasps. We lay there for a couple of minutes, I pull the condom off and throw it on the floor.

She turns on the lights, the condom is a red bloody mess, I look at my groin and see the splatters of blood. I pull my pants and walk naked to her bathroom. I clean my cock in her sink and use the hand towel to dry it off. When I return she’s removed her uniform and is ready for a shower. I dress and sit in the lounge room, her two housemates eye me. I smirk and ask one of them to call me a taxi. The girl leaves the shower and dresses. my taxi is arriving. We kiss and she whispers “thank you”. I rush to the airport and just manage to catch my flight.

The younger version of myself wouldn’t have imagined that this pre-flight fuck was possible. I would have been disgusted with fucking a girl on her period. How things change.

Through months of cold approach and dates I’ve internalised much of the skill set (taught in Daygame Mastery) and tools used in Daygame and by doing this I’ve given myself the ability to act on opportunities with women when they arrive. You can come from really terrible to beginnings like me and still learn to slay pussy. I’m 36 and get more girls than I ever did in my early 20s. It takes time, effort, pain and applying the lessons but the rewards are worth it.

Daygame and cold approach enrich your life, they give you stories and excitement, it’s dangerous, dirty and fun. You realise what is possible and you can’t imagine a life without it. When the secret society opens it’s bloody gates and lets you in, you won’t want to leave.

If you thought that post expertly retold a daygame journey with dramatic flourish, you should see my old book.


  1. Guy bangs 10 girls in 90 days in third world country (none from daygame), somehow thanks he’s a success, [You try it. K.]

    • Hahahaha 👍🏻

    • Just reread his blog and one was from daygame, others were from online and nightgame. Sounds pretty good to me especially as Columbian girls aren’t easy to get, they engage in endless fuckery and usually want or already have an exclusive long term boyfriend [based on a tiny sample of ones I’ve met in London].

      On a broader point, success is measured by comparison to other people isn’t helpful, there are always going to be people doing better and worse and they all have different natural abilities bestowed upon them, so you aren’t comparing like for like anyway. Some are not even playing the same game as you e.g. another guy may have chosen to build a tech startup which revolutionises an industry say Uber for instance, who is more successful? I think the true yardstick should be measured by whether you achieve your personal life goals.

      • K, I was actually in Colombia last winter but that is besides the point.
        Banging foreigner groupies from tinder in Thailand/Colombia/Brazil/DR is not game. Especially when you’re writing for a website called “citydaygame”.

    • You’re right, he’s shit!

      • I wouldn’t say he’s shit as I don’t know the guy but the whole thing is cringing to read. He’s probably better than when he was younger so fair play to him, but he still has a lot of work to do if he thinks he’s in the secret society because he banged some gringo groupies from colombian cupid. [You’ve just scanned for something to posture about. Try reading the blog, rather than just one post. K.]

      • I mean he may have once, ONCE same day laid a 19 year old virgin through daygame. But come on, that’s just luck. And those 2 girls in 4 days in kiev including one SDL well……I hate you Vaughn, you cunt!

    • Yes, all terrible 😀 Let’s contrast boy, do share your quality results from any 3 month period in a foreign country.

  2. I am a faggot with a tiny dick.

  3. I read this blog fairly regularly and don’t usually comment, but will today. I liked the story of your first 3 crushes, sounds like me to a ‘T’. Being a young dude is Brutal, just brutal sometimes. I had no father, no brothers, only sisters … and I would look at my friends and their girlfriends and scratch my head. Little did I know that you can’t sit around waiting to be picked, this was probably unconsciously learned from my sisters and mother. Eventually I did get picked and of course fell hard and deep, when she dumped me it took 2 years to get over her. I never been in love since, and don’t think I ever will again, that was 30 yrs ago. I’m 50 now and wish the guys in their 20’s and 30’s who have access to the internet ( no internet in my 20’s ) just knew how lucky they are to have access to this knowledge. Any 50 yr olds picking up late 20 girls out there? ( like solid 7’s ? ) wondering if it’s possible. I liked your story, don’t understand the hate, so am writing in to just say, way to turn things around! [There’s a 52-yr old US guy on the Euro daygame scene who does well with those sorts of girls. Can’t name him because he’s anon, but I’ve watched him in set. K.]

      • @Jack I’m in that range and have been pulling mid-late 20 year olds for the past 2 years. Nothing happens by accident. I put in the work and chose the girls and developed my own way of gaming based around DayGame Mastery which I found to be extremely thorough.

        Part of this is internal: you have to believe you’re the prize. Then the other part is external: stay in shape, dress properly—no dad jeans, dad sweaters, dad gut. You’ve got to look mature but appear youthful.

        Girls who submit to older guys all want someone to lead them, they’re usually more mature than girls their own age and looking for an adventure. The age factor provides them with security in the sense you’re experienced and know how to handle situations.

        This is especially true for understanding shit tests. If you’re able to walk away from a cute or hot 20’s girl—youre value with them goes wayyyyyyy up.

        I don’t “DayGame” per se in that sense but you don’t have to. If you know how to approach, spike attraction and escalate you can do it in a situation you feel most comfortable and where you own the environment.

        I’m not at the point where I can pick and choose. I’ve decided to NOT game or escalate some girls just because I don’t feel like it or if it’s a delicate social situation might be inappropriate.

        But calibrating when and how is also a factor of being seen as attractive and comes with age.

        GIrls send me hot selfies, hot texts, chase me. My friends can’t understand it. But it’s clear when you understand the sexual market dynamics and your own value.

      • @walawala – thanks. I was at a coffee shop I frequent a couple of days ago, a very cute 18 yr old barrista says to me as I’m ordering my drink “how come you always order the same thing?” – – girls who don’t want to have anything to do with you won’t do anything that might encourage conversation — so I took this as a tiny invitation to chat, and remembered not to qualify myself and said “because I am incredibly boring, I am a boring man, who has led a boring, ordinary life, I eat the same food, order the same drinks, I. am. boring.” … she says in response “I don’t believe it, you look interesting to me”.. and I left and thought about this thread. Yea, it’s doable. You can be older and flirt, the value thing comes into play, you must not be lame, you must not look lame, and like you said, you cannot lose one test. Most 50 yr olds I see are overweight and don’t have the quick, edgy personality needed to pick up young girls. They’re tired by life and it shows.

  4. Off topic but do people think ed lopez’s latest video is legit? By legit I mean did he actually fuck that girl or did it go as far as kissing..

  5. Asking because he seems a bit defensive when someone asked him in the comments section

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  7. How come you’re so against things like dates and doing stuff with girls? On twitter you said “going to the zoo with a girl, feel like such a faggot”

    Surely if you just wanted sex with different girls it would be easier to do p4p/ escort route. [For fucks sake, how many times do I have to explain this? Paying for sex is an absolutely different thing to sex with girls who fancy you. It’s like the difference between having real friends and paying people to hang out with you and laugh at your jokes. K.]

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