Pain, Entitlement and Horrible Vibe

July 6, 2016

I was sitting outside TGI Friday’s with Bodi* having a grand old time. We were in good spirits and chatting about Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People. Regular viewers of my half-assed YouTube channel will remember I discussed his brilliant polemic** on why dogs are so immediately likable and what we can learn from it as daygamers. I call it Happy Dog Face.

Let’s talk about that first impression.

As I stuffed some tacos into my greedy mouth I felt an ominous vibe approaching, like a cold wind chilling my bones. My milkshake curdled and clouds gathered overhead. This could only mean one of two things – either the frequent showers that beset 2016 Central Europe had returned, or worse….. some local “hardcore daygamers” were walking by.

It was the latter.

Three angry men walked past with an aggressively entitled vibe. They were strung out in a row like Italian tourists, no doubt “commanding the street” in their own minds*** They didn’t talk to each other. Each held his face in a frozen expressionless glare as if any hint of fun would be beta. They looked pained. And not just pained – they looked angry, like the world owed them success and somebody somewhere had stolen it from them. Their eyes value-scanned the oncoming girls without any excitement or desire – they were more like Jews sizing up a mark. They each walked in exactly the same manner and even fell into lockstep like a parade ground squad.

It was absolutely bizarre to watch. It was a studious, practiced attempt to be cool that created exactly the opposite effect. What would an approaching girl see, should she clock them in her RAS?

  • Anger
  • Bitterness
  • Joylessness
  • Revenge for imagined injustices****

We all learned at school that the least cool kids are the ones who try hard to be cool. It’s meant to appear effortless***** Things got worse when pretty girls walked past. One particular young filly sauntered past with full hips, tight shorts, flimsy vest, and dreamy smile. A lovely girl. I scanned her and immediately liked her. It was tempting to put down my taco and give chase but I’d done a few sets and wanted to rest my feet.

The three stooges all aggressively scanned her then shook their heads.

A Yad stop, yesterday

A Yad stop, yesterday

A bit later I saw their leader****** in set with a girl outside the mall. Although an aspiring daygamer would look at his set and think it was solid technique, I just saw black clouds above him. What were the tells that this set was going to flake?

  • Massive distance between them. She didn’t want him close and he wasn’t trying.
  • Strangely hunched shoulders with his hands clasped in front of his groin. I couldn’t tell if this was a subconscious shame in his own sexual intent (likely) or if he was just copying Yad and Jon Matrix (also likely)*******
  • Complete absence of sexual vibe or the electricity of attraction. Her smiling was like an employee laughing at her boss’s jokes, not the free easy smiling of “I love this, please continue”.
  • Neither of them were having fun. It was a stiff social interaction, like a job interview.

I kept walking, bought a takeaway coffee, and ten minutes later walked back and saw him take a flakey number from her. He puffed himself up a little and rejoined his wings******** A bit later I saw him open and fail to reach hook point with another girl. That’s absolutely normal in daygame and nothing to get butthurt about – some girls are busy, or taken, or just don’t fancy you – and it’s no reflection on your worth as a man. However as this girl walked off he turned and grimaced, like he’d been kicked in the nuts. It was just another case of the evil unfair world not rewarding him with the pussy he feels entitled to.

Why am I ragging so hard on this guy? His skills and aesthetic clearly mark him as an intermediate and I have no doubt he sometimes gets laid with decent girls. He’s out there cold approaching and refining his technique.

“Please Hammer, don’t hurt ’em” you plead.

The problem is he doesn’t understand the essence of daygame. He’s putting all his effort into the window-dressing rather than the underlying business engine. He’s treating daygame like a maths exam, a painful ordeal that can be aced if he just grinds through enough practice questions and picks up enough marks here and there. No, no, no! Intermediate daygame is NOT your 10/10/10/20 weekly sets. It’s not memorising the model. It’s not flicking up your toe and rocking backwards. It’s not folding your arms and looking inscrutable.

It’s not the fucking Yad Stop.

When you’re new and clueless you have to do all that. Just like an apprentice boxer must be stood in front of a mirror and told to place his feet in a weak-hand-forwards 45 degree stance, the apprentice daygame must slavishly follow the rather prescriptive advice. But if you’re 500+ sets in, it’s time to liberate yourself. The big gains in intermediate daygame come from inner game. They will visibly express themselves in recognisable technical changes that I can quite easily point out so you see ’em and mimick them (e.g. Daygame Overkill analysis) but it’s the inner game that makes them congruent and thus effective.

The essence of beginner daygame is learning to embrace the grind.
The essence of intermediate daygame is learning to love the process.

When I take wings out they are infected by my happy vibe and their state sky-rockets.********* They see that daygame is so much fun. I look forward to it like Whitney Houston looked towards her next hit on the crack pipe. I love the streets, I love the girls, and I absolutely love the thrill of stepping up to them and making a move. I walk around in a bubble of excitable energy, like a dog bounding through the shallows of a lake. It isn’t just about making me feel good, it’s about impressing upon the girl that my world is a nice place to reside.

If you find yourself muttering and grumbling about daygaming, feeling a sinking black mass in your stomach before hitting the streets, then stop and think. Repeatedly throwing yourself under the bus is not progress. Ignore that 10/10/10/20 bullshit. Don’t masochistically “embrace the grind”. That’s for beginners, as they grapple with avoidance weasels. You’re past that.

Stop treating it like a maths exam. This is how I feel going into set………

* A caramel milkshake and beef tacos without onions, if you’re wondering.
** Carnegie, not Bodi. Obviously.
*** Or “lording it” I guess. I forget the correct RSD term.
**** I find Twitter is a far better field upon which to express such emotions
***** Although it’s obviously a studious effort over a long period of time.
****** There’s always a toxic guru-acolyte dynamic in these groups.
******* Matrix is good at game but he has some odd quirks that only work for him and shouldn’t be imitated.
******** “Friends” really wouldn’t do justice to the toxic mutual value-grabbing race. It was a fragile alliance.
********* When I’m not shamelessly value-tapping them, that is.

If you think this post released secret intelligence from a private server without punishment, you should see my book. I’m taking £35 donations to the Krauser Foundation and I still haven’t been indicted by the FBI. Special terms for Saudi Arabia and Israel.


  1. Hey big K.

    Thanks for all the recent content on vibe protection and begginer inner game traps.

    I’ve been having a shit vibe for some days now, so decided to rest and recover, clean up my diet again, avoid alchool (unless I get a tinder Date, then only 4 small beers max) and all toxic shit until I can feel excited about cold approach again (one month ago I would be bubbling to go out, now it’s a chore, need anabolic recovery time). Unbeatable lmr from 3 girls in 1 week took a piece of my soul, but i’m glad you made that “Everyone is getting laid but me” post, now I have the mindset that they are good stories (and they ARE!), and gave me perspective that even top players like you have a massive atrition rate and a lot of near misses, I lacked the self-accepting mindset that sometimes one can do everything right to the best of it’s current ability and the girl still says no, so thank you for all the help, i’m feeling my mojo comming back and your recent posts have helped me become less robotic. I’m still gona harass your FAQ page till you talk to US about optimal d2 and d3 escalation, so pardon me about being a pain in the ass about that in advance mate 🙂

    Have a great day!

    PS: you forgot to talk about the essence of advanced daygame: do your regular medical check-ups because you’re an old man and doing coke and ecstasy with Porn stars will probably make you heart implode next time… 😉 [It sounds like you are zeroing in on the correct mindset. It takes time, but you’ll get there. K.]

    • Lol, it’s amazing how much a mindset change can afect your results… Let me get this straight, I’m only posting this here to make myself look cool, but I’ve just arrived from a night out clubing and pub crawling, and I’ve spent my day only doing long game with 2 girls, some chores arround the house and eating and sleeping (anabolic recovery from daygame revultion), and só one of my beloved roommates invited me to a night out as he is leaving the house today. I accepted becáuse I love the guy, thinking I would only drink 3 beers and head home, but I got drunk and was having so much fun not trying anything at all (no game, coming from the core as I had no technical shit in my forebrain althought I have some verbal reflexes already in place from my daygame obsession) that I made out with a south corean 7 and a australian 8 (?!!) when we were all heading to the disco… I didn’t pulled, and I wouldn’t know how because I’ve ditched night game and it was just my reflexes from dates coming into action (I just rolled my words and when I felt the urge to kiss them I did), but it is a lesson for me how much we need to learn how to zero in on that mindset of complete self-acceptance and ride the present moment in order to let our drilled in game Work for us, and I think the operetive word is, like big K says, FUN and ENJOYMENT. My friends were all giving me props, but to me it was just natural (fun fact, as I was making out with the brunette australian 8, her blond friend 9 approached us and I ditched the 8 to try and game the 9 and make out with her, then they both left lol), I feel that entitlement, like most things in game is a paradoxical concept, because you have to be entitled enough to feel like you deserve the girl and act in acordance to that feeling, but also not falling into toxic entitlement that when the cruel nas world denies you the compliance you get butt hurt (I did’t even care I didn’t pull, I was just there for some fun with my friends and had an awesome night).

      Thank you so much for all the help you have gave me to allow me to become a better human being big K, I hope someday I can shake your hand and pay you some beers!

      Have a great day, I going to bed now 🙂

  2. Beat you to it. Learned this lesson a few days before you wrote about it. Trying to get into state whist feeling beat up by rejection and being nervous about approaching is difficult. Creates the ‘trying to get into state’ facial muscles and you don’t know whether they are because you feel good or bad. And then it’s difficult to produce a smile when you approach, which is what would hook the girl. This feeling makes even getting out of your house to do daygame that much harder. Problem with this guy is that he lets the rejection hit hard. Something I need to improve on myself is to soften the blow of rejection.

    On another note, I should kick your ass Krauser. First in an earlier post you say that rap isn’t music. Then you quote MC Hammer. But that’s what white people do right? Hate on us for something we do then you guys make it look cool.

  3. Mr. K, do you ever game shop clerks? Obviously, an instadate isn’t possible if they have to mind the store, so a plan of action focusing on game flow/logistics would be helpful. Just like bored housewives, there are bored shop clerks.

  4. Is Daygame in London 100x as popular as in any other city, or something? I live in San Francisco and have never seen someone approach a woman in public, other than me.

    • Hey Pancake… I think I know this city of which you speak.

      Curious… are you weekends only? I’m weekdays only, and I almost never see anyone else out. 2 guys in the last 3 months. One… was literally asking girls if they were French. Poor guy. The other guy I said hello to after I spotted him in-set. He seems like he knows what he’s doing, nice guy too. I know two other regular daygamers, but I’ve never seen them out unless we planned to meet up.

    • True. I was taking a number in one bay area downtown, when a guy came up to my wing and said, “Did you see that guy saying all that corny shit?”. Here, the only proper daygame city is NYC; Others don’t have that anon vibe.

  5. This post certainly reflects my experience. A fun filled week of carefree, beautiful vibe daygame in a pleasant EE town: 3 notches. Three months of miserably grinding through rain and snow for several hours a day in my western european capital city home town; nothing to show for. But unlike begining daygame that is purely technique (“don’t creep up from behind”, “take up space”, “own your voice”), it isn’t blatantly obvious how to simply have “fun” doing daygame.

    I think it’s important to tread carefully here; certainly your blog, among others, have guided said daygamers into believing being that being cold, miserable and unhappy on the street is nothing but a weasel. And sometimes it is. We’ve all had shitty days that have completely turned around and ended spectacularly upon approaching “one last set” that just happened to be a gift from the daygame god. Perhaps inner happiness comes from a genuine confidence in one’s own game abilities and a strong inner belief that the next notch will show up sooner rather than later.

    But how to spot when you’re weaselling as opposed to when you’re genuinely not in the mood? Perhaps this is a legitimate answer to the question of why there aren’t more top tier daygamers in the world. Like golf, water polo, knitting scarfs or anything else, perhaps daygame doesn’t appeal to everyone according to its intrinsic merit (sex aside).

    Personally I cannot decide what side of the fence I sit: daygame is the only way I know to get laid with the young girls of my choosing. When my sexual needs are satiated, I typically feel a combination of relief that I don’t have to cruise the streets along with the rest of the chuggers, hobos, pimps and prostitutes, but also a sense of loss because of the excitement of not knowing what the day will bring, not flipping anymore stones and seeing what treasures are buried, not talking to new people every day and being a beautiful social being.

    But how does a professional daygamer, such as yourself, maintain your enthusiasm and your love of the game? Like Tiger Woods; you just do it 🙂

    • From my observation true daygamers love all the aspects of daygame, I probably fall into this category myself although Ive seen others who enjoy it even more. You cant learn to enjoy something if you don’t. Its analogous to trying to enjoy chess or playing a musical instrument. Either you like it or you don’t. Im not just to be clear talking about interacting with a girl who is into you on the street, or taking her no or any of the other particular positive results of daygame. Instead Im referring to the walking for hours just taking everything in, spotting girls, the excitement of the run up and even dare I say it the blow out which can sometimes be quite amusing. If you don’t enjoy all this then what Ive seen is that guys will use daygame as a method to find a girlfriend then just stop going out on the streets. Most guys are like this to be honest. Ive even seen some coaches do this too (Ive softened in my old age so I wont call anyone out here on this point as it is what it is). If you really do enjoy it then it will become a lifestyle, in fact it has to be by definition as it absorbs so much time and even more so energy. If you don’t then don’t worry, just use the techniques to find a girlfriend and have enjoy spending your time with her. In a way youll be the lucky one as you can spend all your time and energy on other things, a business, a sport or travel for travels sake (rather than to do pickup). We’ll still be rolling that boulder up the hill over and over again.

  6. Good post, does this still apply if you’re still making excuses to not approach due to spotlight/ taking to long to approach? Or would you class that as weasels and thus – brute force till it’s resolved.

  7. Great stuff Nick.

    I know this is a bit off topic, but it’s the most recent article so I’ll comment here.
    You mentioned running R selected game or strongly R girls, and with the K girls you’ll wait a few dates DHV more and play a more K game. Isn’t the latter lying to the girl doing the ‘bait and switch’ pretending to be the boyfriend and really having no intentions of that. Also if isn’t any chance you could elaborate on how to run game on K girls, I nearly always lose them escalating too fast impatiently.

    Cheers nick !

    • Nick, have you ever thought[1] of using numbered[2] footnotes[3]? Counting stars is kind of a pain in the asterisk.

      [1] You think a lot, obviously
      [2] Arabic numbers…pre-Islamic, of couse
      [3] Hooray for footnotes!

      • I think youll find 2) are hindu numbers, they were appropriated by the islamic world who acted as middlemen between india and the west. for empirical proof think about all the great muslim mathematicians in the world (?) … and then think about just about every indian you knew at school and in the accounts department.

      • About angry men with a horrible vibe, I’ve recently seen lots of articles about Oscar Pistorius after he was sentenced. I cant get my head around this guys success with extremely high SMV women. I realise he had money and fame and looked decent if it wasn’t for his disability, but the dude had no legs for gods sake and on top of this he seems like an unpleasant POS (don’t know how much the press is spinning this part of his character to create a jekyll and hyde story?) … at first I thought Reeva Steenkamp was an outlier who was able to compartmentalise his negative traits for his money and fame, but then I saw pictures of one of his ex girlfriends who is a good 9/10.

        Not only does this guy not have any (lower) legs but he also seems to have the worst vibe imaginable (the girlfriend claims he “tortured her”, locked her up and tried to run her over in his Porsche! Perhaps money and fame is so powerful it can offset not only awful vibe but also a physiological deformity. Its cases like this which make me think women are very differently wired (not only to hook up with a dude like this but to hang around afterwards). [If you think she’s a 9, you should get yourself to Warsaw – every third girl is one of those 9s. Or try Belgrade and you’ll see your first 12s and 13s. I checked the photos out and he’s better looking than her. K.]

    • I think it’s not a question of lying or not, everything you say about you to the girl (as well as HOW you say it) can be either a DHV or a DLV, thing is, depending on where the girl is on her own r/K range in the r/K continuum, certain types of DHV’s will make or break the set. So you aren’t lying per se, your just adjusting which kind of image you project to the girl with your choice of honest DHV’s chosen based on where you are educatedly puting her on the r/K continuum (not that I can do this effectively yet, I’m still linda shitty at this game thing in a lot of ways, but I think I theoreticly grasped this concept well already).

      • This was suposed to be a reply to Paul’s comment, pardon my drunkness dear fellow sex addicts/game nerds…

      • If that’s your case then what would you say is literally lying, doing the ‘bait and switch’ as nick coined it.. Where you pretend to be the perfect boyfriend when you’re really not.

      • Plus nick mentioned with K girls, he’ll wait a few more dates then going for lay fast, isn’t that making her like you more as boyfriend candidate.. Just curious not hating

      • Hmm point taken on my ‘9’, I was perhaps exaggerating a little to help make my point 🙂 Still, I’m grinding on the streets in London, so I have to reframe fairly attractive girls as being hot to motivate myself … otherwise I would only be opening a set once every couple of hours. I don’t even want to think about Polish or Serbian girls as it might cause a full daygame meltdown. I am already half way there after a partial meltdown last night … was doing some late evening daygame in W End … opened an English girl just about to go through tube turnstiles … she seemed on and spent about 7/8 minutes shit testing me on: what I did for a job / where I lived / what I was doing in this area / what I do in my spare time etc. … then when I went for the no. close she said with a cruel delight “probably not, cause I’ve got a boyfriend” and happily skipped off. Gamma rage overwhelmed me and my left eye started twitching like a freak from a batman movie … I’m still trying to shake off the daygame revulsion today.

      • Love this story, Zatara… misery loves company. Keep at it.

      • It depends how each DHV merges into the general personna you project. A DHV breaks the set when the player was pushing it too hard in that direction to begin with. If you generally seem like a nice dependable fellow, a cocaine and pornstars story won’t break anything even with good girls.

        @zatara, I hope you didn’t entertain all those questions with answers. Should have asked her if she’s a pollster or something.

  8. You say polemic, I’d say discourse, let’s call the whole thing off. (Polemic fine if Carnegie gets a fucking rant on about dog faces, but I’m guessing he doesn’t.)

    Distinction between different types of smiling is excellent. That’s one to keep.

  9. This is so so true. It was my biggest sticking point for the last few months of approaching, I think taking some time off helps as well. Having travelled last month, it helped me regain my composure and vibe. I did my first approach since coming back and it was a solid hook and number close. I know for fact now that this was no coincidence.

    • A working dick alone is reason enough for confidence. I didn’t realize that until mine stopped working.

  10. On a scale of 1-10, how good is this yad stop (0:14): [He’s a fraud. Such a faggot. K.]

    • I like his backstory, he was Badboy’s student, he asked if he could join the company to be a coach and Badboy said no [he bizarrely has high standards on recruitment despite his daygame model consisting of going up to a girl and literally saying “do you want to fuck?”]. This guy went and formed his own company which seems to be a mix of OTT apocalypse style openers, physical escalation mixed with dancefloor game but all in the middle of the day lol

      I love the stop I must say. Its not a Yadstop though, yadstop needs you to get infront and put your hand(s) up in the style of a school traffic warden. This one deserves its own moniker. Those infield bits look completely fake, no girl would ever react so positively to such overt sexual behaviour out of nowhere… and logically if it were the case, everything that we are doing in daygame is wrong or pointless eg building comfort (which it isn’t from our own experiences of using game principles vs. not using them). [You take him too seriously. He’s an aspy fraud. K.]

      • Agreed, I just found it funny … a Saturday night fever Travolta style slide into a mall set … when you are grinding in vibe destroying London you have to take your laughs where you can 😉

      • This guy has got to be a troll. He is the Borat-PUA

        “Airinas Arutiunian is Master and Well-known person in Jurbarkas Police sport Center. All Cops let him to do Alpha Man Trainings.” ?? [Holy shit, that’s an amazing video! It’s Berba-level lack of self-awareness. K.]

    • Anyone who has done a few stops in real life will know that is 100% fake.

      Think about it. The girl is walking and then all of a sudden

      1. guy bigger than her in very personal space
      2. guy starts to KISS HER
      3. guy starts to babble shit that basiclly says “we gonna fuck”

      Girl dosn’t appear afraid at all or even startled. Shit, even if you were the best looking man to ever live and has the most sexy voice in heaven, the girl would still be afraid and startled at first ( its nature ).

      I wish all these fake fucking stops would be banned – they just corrupt people. It’s like all the steroid using bodybuilders saying they are natty and trying to sell workout routines ( just do this and you wil look like me ). BULLSHIT

      Nick, if I make a site to call out all the daygame frauds will you support it? Building websites and internet marketing are my profession. [Sure, I’ll link to it. Hurt ’em plenty. K.]

    • Do you have to ask? I’d be swimming in super model pussy if that weak crap worked. A girl not paid for it would have laughed out in his face or if she was trying to be polite would have kept her laughter on the inside. That’s how you go to prison, doing what he’s doing without paying the girl first.

      • yes but he has a scientific understanding of male female relationships eg use of wave theory at 1.24.

  11. O/T but have you ever seen A Serbian Film? [No. I don’t watch torture porn. K.]

  12. Hey Krauser. Damián from Argentina here. Just starting doing daygame, under 50 approaches. Rsd community in Buenos Aires is quite strong. I’m on vacation on my hometown for 2 weeks, population under 100k. I’ll be pioneering daygame here for sure. Some insecurities because i dont have a place to extract here. But on the other hand gaming here is going to be like therapy for my social anxieties i got here while growing up. So im just gonna throw myself in there and have a blast. Cheers

  13. thanks for the post, something to think about.

  14. Why are these guys like this? Their sources perhaps??

    Anyway, your Daygame Mastery book just arrived at my doorstep today. Only flipped to a few pages but already love the synopsis of the different types of women.

    This book looks fun to read if nothing else and gives me a great vibe just reading it. Got to grab a hot coworker’s ass today probably because of my vibe dunno but I feel great lol.

  15. This comment is directed towards everyone who shits on London (like Zatara).

    Sure London isn’t Krakow in terms of friendly, easy-to-approach women but it isn’t Sunderland either. The problem with you people is you don’t do any sort of target selection. English women are cunts. We all know that. Then why approach them?

    There are more than 70K international students (Google it, you’ll see the exact numbers) in London with new ones coming in every year. A ton of tourists from all over Europe and the world. Over 800,000 Polish people live in the UK with a significant number in London.

    If you look at the locations London daygamers go to and the time of day they usually do their approaching… it’s the same day-in, day-out. Nearly every single FR from a London guy mentions one of the same three locations. And why daygamers continue to love Oxford Street is beyond me. Sticking to one or two specific locations might be fine in EE but not in London.

    • I’ll explain what’s going on from my angle ….

      I wouldn’t say English women are ‘cunts’, but they are misguided when it comes to sex and relationships with men. They don’t respond well to daygame in general. If I can tell a girl is English I wont approach, unless she is of exceptional beauty, in order to conserve energy and preserve a good vibe [yes English girls can be v beautiful too although but their perceived SMV is going to be very high indeed]. Now, I still end up approaching a lot of English girls for the simple reason you cant tell a lot of the time they are English until after you open them [some nationalities you can tell they are foreign usually from their fashion, Russian girls for instance, but the ubiquity of Zara and Co. mean many girls seem to dress sort of the same sort of way. The nature of daygame is that you have a small window in which to approach so don’t have time to start observing for long. The fact that the English are a mix of races doesn’t help as they can have a variety of different looks]. Once I open a girl and find out she is English, I will carry on engaging the set as I have already expended say 20% of my energy and vibe already. Analogy in Poker would be I already have put in my blind and therefore might as well continue playing for the time being. I have heard of some daygamers opening and upon finding out a girl is English ejecting from the set. This sounds a bit abrupt, but could be a smart thing to do if you want to preserve energy and don’t want to waste time while other better quality sets are walking by.

      I understand what you mean about the London locations, if I guess you mean Oxford Street, Regent Street (which has become the new Oxford Street for the daygame kids) and Leicester Square/Covent Garden. Most of the foreign girls walking around here and near other ‘sights’ in London are tourists. If you want to practise game, or go for one off fast lays these aren’t bad places to go to. However, I would ideally want to get a few regulars who you can have a LTR with rather than essentially go for one night stands (It’s not for me personally as I want some of the relationship bits too).

      So, you are left with looking for girls who are students or working here. Due to the sprawl of London they are spread out and you still have to turn over stones to find them. Yes, in nominal terms it may sound like there are a lot of foreign girls studying and working but they are dotted amongst the general population. Add on the fact that if they are here for say 2/3 years or more, they become just like their English sisters so a Polish girl who has been here for 6 years say will become almost like an English girl in terms of her view of men, relationships and so on. So what you are trying to really do is screen for [hot] girls living here, but not for too long. Herein lies the rub.

  16. English women are cunts. We all know that. Then why approach them?
    Ditto the Irish – Although as an Irishman in London a while back I got no shit reactions from English Girls.

    This lad is from N Irl – Irish Women love acting like masculine cunts to other Irish Men.

    “The girl I closed was very bizarre. She gave me nothing but shit tests, the best one being when she told me her female boss (who was also from Ireland) sounded tougher than me. As she excused herself she told me to take her number. She responded to the feeler, I left it a few days before sending a ping to which she hasn’t replied. Meh.”

  17. This Airinas guy looks much worse than Berba guy. His videos is one of the biggest ridiculous stuff what I ever seen in the pua community. Anyway, sometimes I can do big laugh on this guy..
    And sadly, I think when somebody pay this Arinas guy, probably bigger idiot than Arinas.It looks he has clients..

  18. Nowadays He sells his body. Probably 4 $ / hour

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  20. I think you have described something very well and precise, that we see often.
    Just an awful, desperate vibe by people who are simply not having fun or a good time, and are too focused on the end result, whilst not enjoying the process.

    I think deep down these people are not happy anyway, and think picking up girls makes them happy.

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