Rabbits gonna rabbit

May 23, 2016

I’ve been reading the Anonymous Conservative blog a lot lately. After mine, it’s probably the best blog on the internet* Now I’m quite aware that many of my readers do not share my genocidal tendencies so I’ll endeavour to keep this discussion of a political concept as apolitical as possible. It’s highly relevant to how you daygame. Let’s first parse the rabbit/wolf concept:

  • r stands for reproductive focus – the rabbit strategy of pumping out lots of cheap offspring and fucking whatever moves. It’s a response to overwhelming predation.

  • K stands for competitive focus – the wolf strategy of mating for life and raising pups together, teaching them to hunt and integrate socially with the pack. It’s a response to selective pressure for individual excellence.

There are three primary mechanisms by which the ratio of r/K expression shifts in a society:

1. Environmental cues alter psychology and biology during childhood development
2. Changes in the population’s underlying genetic ratio
3. Changes in social promotion

Together, these produce the cycle of history, in which hardship creates a superior K selected group, which conquers, prospers, becomes r-selected, and collapses.

r/K theory also fully explains the American political bipolar spectrum of left-liberal vs. right-conservative. However, the story is a little more complex, because America is a decadent empire in decline, so both sides are mostly r.

Put in simple terms, rabbits are fast-breeding, highly treacherous, quantity strategists whereas wolves are slow-breeding, highly trustworthy, quality strategists. Rabbits are r, wolves are K. This is, in a nutshell, why you rarely see rabbity men with quality women. All those PUA videos on YouTube are stuffed full of mediocre or just plain grotty women, while the men all have that shifty, feminised, untrustworthy look. If you want to test this, just check out a few videos that have titles such as “Ugly Guy Pulls Hot Model From Street” or “Playboy Model – Fast Pull From Club”** Turn the volume down and just absorb the body language of the PUA – especially if it’s a piece de camera and he’s looking directly at the lens. Watch for the shifty eyes, the evasive body language, and the odd incongruence between his mouth and his eyes.

Now turn the volume up and listen to the grammatical construction of sentence, the precision of the language (mainly the lack of it, such as weasel words), the hints of things not really spoken. Look for the frame underlying the advice – it’s almost always one of manipulation or getting something you don’t really deserve due to knowing secret tricks. Phrases such as “so I met this girl and…. [tells long convoluted unconvincing story]… and then, at the end…. happy times!”

What the fuck does “happy times” mean? Did you fuck her? Did she give unbeatable LMR? Did you have a drink, good chat, but she demurred because she has a boyfriend? What actually happened? That’s an example from Tyler’s Blueprint Decoded, by the way. As good as the video is – and I do highly recommend it – it’s Exhibit A in a rabbit rabbiting. Naturally, there’s no evidence of Tyler banging quality. Lots of smoke and mirrors though, for the easily tricked.

When you watch PUAs talk you’ll always get an icky feeling in your gut. You want it to be true because they are telling you that you too can fuck hot girls. Yeah yeah looks don’t matter, it’s all about state, mate. Yeah yeah just grind out the sets and you’ll get there. Yeah yeah just learn these little tricks and gambits in my bullet point list of hacks. You want to believe it and because you’re probably not very calibrated right now it’s easy for experienced hustlers to blow smoke up your ass. The icky feeling comes from observing incongruence – your logical brain and ego are tricked by the bullshit but your hindbrain is sharp enough to send the danger signals. It’s the same way you feel before an ostensibly friendly Brazilian helping you find your way to your Rio hostel suddenly pulls a knife and mugs you ***

This is the quantity / quality equivocation in action. They’ll show you actual success with mediocre girls (and bear in mind these are cherry-picked examples, not the normal reality) and then crosscut that evidence with smoke n mirrors clips of actual hot girls. So when you see a montage of a guy “beasting” a nightclub or pulling at girl’s sleeves on the street outside you’ll probably see (i) short clips with hot girls that are fun but no real compliance cross-cut with (ii) clips of actual compliance with grot girls. Vince Kelvin is particularly clumsy at this trick. RSD are very smooth with it.

So you’ll be shown a heavily-edited smoke n mirrors video showing not much actual success while they tell you it’s “ten game”. And then you’re subjected to a long sales letter doing the usual Influence routine of elevating your pain, offering a solution, anchoring to high price, then pressuring you into acting now on temporary low price.

So how is this about rabbits and wolves?

As Anonymous Conservative so perceptively observes, rabbits are all about image and status. In a world of abundant resources you don’t need to worry about starvation. Therefore attention turns to status-based one-upmanship in order to display mate fitness over other rabbits. This leads to politicians worrying about the “optics” of a policy rather than the real-world effect, Instagram tarts chasing likes of staged “my real life, honest” photos, chodes wearing pocket squares in Vegas nightclubs, and PUAs blowing smoke up your ass****. In contrast, when resources become scarce again in the coming Apocalypse suddenly no-one gives a shit about image and status. All that matters is can you go get the resources and defend them in a hostile world. Wolves care about getting shit done. They don’t worry what rabbits think of them because when the Apocalypse comes they just kill all the rabbits.

The interplay between rabbits and wolves is fascinating, by the way. I do recommend you check out Anonymous Conservative’s blog. Although wolves are far far superior animals they have a number of vulnerabilities that allow rabbits to steal from them for a long time before the inevitable pogroms.

So how is this about daygame?

The main reason that rabbitry works in pick-up is that you accept the quality ceiling and then ramp up the quantity. All girls will fall somewhere on the r/K spectrum and signal as such through fashion, grooming and body language. These girls both have a default r/K position but also a variation between a bandwidth during their monthly cycle, and also longer term depending on their age and current options. When I devote a chapter in Daygame Mastery to calibrating a girl’s sexual availability, that’s kind of what I’m getting at.

The push towards r-selected daygame that I initiated with Daygame Mastery is about identifying girls amenable to being pushed into an r strategy while also giving off signals to them that you are r. The problem with this is rabbits have low quality DNA. Rabbit girls are slutty and unattractive. Rabbit men are shifty and of low moral character. Wolves instinctively hate rabbits, and the hottest women have the K strategy. Basically, I’m telling you full r-selection gets you mostly grotty girls.

Don’t fear, it’s not that bad. Remember some girls will be towards the r-most side of their periodic variation when you encounter them and then you amp it up with your birdsong. This is the true craft of daygame and how it becomes possible to square the circle. You end up with a really odd situation where you – as a high value K-selected man – are meeting a high quality K-selected woman and yet you are both interacting as if you are rabbits. It’s a tough feat to pull off, which is why daygame has such a horrific attrition rate and you can do these amazing street stops with stunning women who flash massive IOIs but then flake. Most of the time the birdsong wears off before these wolf girls open their legs.

Intermediate daygamers will start falling into a trap as they climb up the Advanced ladder. By simulating (or actually having) lots of r-traits your results will improve and there’ll be SDLs, street kisses and all that other fun stuff. Over time you’ll start to get an ominous feeling – “this doesn’t seem to happen with the hotties I really want”. Looking back over all your best sets you’ll notice a pattern: the girls are kind of towards the bottom end of acceptable quality. You’ll tell yourself “well, it was a good story!” but still feel an ache as the genuine greyhoud walks past in heels, elegant skirt, and golden tresses. You’ll notice you never see these top-tier girls with the rabbit men. Their boyfriends always have something K about them. Not chodes, just cool wolves. You notice that when you look in the girl’s eyes on the street and hit her with a dumbass PUA line they smile but give back a look like it didn’t really hit.

It takes mental discipline to resist going full rabbit. It’s like walking past McDonalds when you’re hungry because you should wait until dinner time for a steak. It’s tempting to pile up the grot lays so you can text your mates another +1 with funny story. *****

“+1, Macedonian waitress, in between the bins behind Pret A Manger on Piccadilly”******

Game has a central contradiction that being rabbity gets you more lays but being wolfy gets you higher quality girls. I’ve spent most of 2015 trying to square the circle, finding ways to retain all my wolfish quality while playing the r-dance with K girls ******* For now it’s been a partial success. If I ever nail it down, I’ll write another book so that you all get a chance to read it and the daygame community has some new material to package as their own without giving me credit. So, I don’t have an answer to the rabbit-wolf problem but I think it’s good to at least come to grasps with the shape of the problem.

* In contrast, a quick Alexis search ranks Jimmy Jambone’s blog at quite literally the bottom of the entire PUA blogosphere

** Or any RSD video

*** Which, really, isn’t so far from the truth when discussing PUAs selling you bullshit.

**** Also why their websites and book covers are plastered with hot models in bikinis giving come-hither looks but their real Instagrams are full of awkward hoverhand photos with chubby 6s in nightclubs. The marketing is about as realistic as the online gambling sites showing a poker table surrounded by James Bond lookalikes.
***** Don’t for a moment think I’m “above” banging so-so women if it’s a good story
****** Not an actual story of mine, alas.
******* Such as the 21yr old Estonian catwalk model I fucked in Prague in what can only be described as an r/K fractionation masterclass. She still doesn’t understand why she fucked me.

If you think this post had lots of material you can shamelessly pilfer for your fledging PUA business, you should see my book.


  1. Don’t really have anything to add to the article, just want to express my admiration for the consistent quality of your posts.

  2. I think you need to avoid conflating differences in mating strategies between species with variation within species and this might become clearer. In addition, consider possible variations related to investment costs in offspring between sexes of the same species. Firstly, while rabbits clearly breed for quantity, there is still a selection process such that some poor quality prospects are turned away and better quality prospects are accepted. Conversely, female wolves (which in your analogy serve to convey K selected traits) have been known to try and ‘cop off’ with rogue wolves from other packs, despite these male wolves not being able to make any long term investment in the resultant offspring, because they are unlikely to be accepted into the pack they have briefly infiltrated. Finally, on average men veer more towards an r-selected strategy because this maximises our inclusive fitness (amount of genes passed on) due to the very low cost of procreation for us and possible uncertainty of paternity. Women steer on average more towards a K-selected strategy because from their perspective the costs of pregnancy and child-rearing are very high, and the greatest genetic pay-off is to secure investment in fewer offspring/ as many offspring as can actually be supported properly.

    At any point, an individual will strike a balance between r and K, which will be determined by (among other things no doubt) species, sex, life history, and – crucially for its relation to game – the quality of the prospect the individual is faced with, You could be happy as Larry hooking up with a different attractive woman every week but I’d wager if you met the physical and mental realisation of your ideal woman you could consider being monogamous with her. Likewise, an amazing woman might be intending to be completely monogamous, or never intends to sleep with people quickly, but if a man turns up who embodies all the qualities she fantasises about or, to use a game term, ‘has value’ she sees as significantly above anything she’s come across before, she could be swayed quite far from her conscious strategy, I would consider game to be about seeking the types of women you want, and conveying to them your own quality. However, this clearly can’t just be a ruse – for it to be sustainable you must actually develop legitimate value. That does not necessarily mean classic Men’s Health stuff like swanky cufflinks, a job in the city, and rock solid abs (though of course these might help), but it does mean you cannot just focus on mimicking value, because even if you can trick a girl in the street for 10 minutes, ultimately you can’t trick yourself.. [I suggest to read AnonCon’s introduction to r/K theory post on his main page. This reads like you are jumping to a few conclusions especially regarding the inter-species thing. K.]

  3. This reminded me of YaReally’s looks don’t matter narrative. While I do partially empathize because looks are the go to excuse for many men not to get out there, I believe he’s just rationalizing because he’s fat and sees himself as high value.

    It’s so farcical to deny it because pretty much everyone, and I assume he does too, thinks that girls have a type of guy they’re drawn to. Then it just so happens most girls have athletic tall men as their type. This doesn’t mean you can’t bang them with better game than you’d need otherwise, but it will be far harder and unreliable. And I find his examples of jacked dudes with Asperges as evidence looks don’t matter to be silly.

    What I find weird about RSD is that I find much of their staff slimey, even if I largely agree with the concepts they present. Lol

    To me this is simple: you’re a product and game is marketing/sales/pr all in once. The best marketing in the world won’t make me pay a grand for a Nokia 3310, just like lingerie models won’t soak their panties for you if you’re some homeless, stinky and obese midget with perfect game.

    So it’s just like a business, do some research to figure out how to develop your product based on your targeted market segment while improving your sales force. Aka lift, learn to do cool things while learning pick up. This is better, I think, than YaReally’s method of focusing exclusively on game because it’s all it matters.

    I also don’t understand how many pick up artists rate women. E.g. A 33 yo 8. Im yet to fuck a girl older than 26 and I’d say 8 or 8.5 is the best I’ve done, so idk what 33 years olds they meet. [YaReally has many interesting things to say but he’s drunk so much RSD/Mystery Kool Aid that his judgement is frequently impaired. The main one being that nightgame on drunk American girls in Vegas is not the be-all-and-end-all of Game. K.]

  4. Another great post. Seriously good quality stuff put out regularly so cheers.
    Could it be that the very top girls just aren’t attainable due to a combination of looks and self esteem etc
    They know they have something special so are only looking for the most attractive, masculine successful men. Those guys don’t typically need to hit the streets..
    Have done this for a while now and have to admit if a guy is goodlooking (even if he’s shy) girls will help him out massively. The fact he just approached is normally enough.

    If a guy has good looks and game he can live like a king (think leo dicaprio or calum best- yes I know they’re famous which helps) [Just because a top-tier girl is getting fucked by somebody, it does not automatically follow that this somebody fucks many top-tier girls. People of the Leo level are vanishingly rare compared to the number of hot girls at the top level. K.]

  5. I had been wondering how you would treat Jimmy’s r/K telling featuring the rabbits/wolves. As I read his blog last week, I was thinking he might be explicitly be talking about your/Tom’s “alpha fux/beta bux” telling. He seemed to be pointing to that. He goes out of his way to say that r/K have nothing to do w/ alpha (maybe that’s where sigma comes in?). I don’t wholly agree with him, but that’s an interesting point of view.

    Also, I heard your comments when Eddie interviewed you, where you say ramping up your r/ was hurting your results, as your game was become more about hard filtering, and you don’t have the surface level status to do that.


    • Maybe the difference is just tactical, not about lifestyle.

      I still believe that highlighting tactics” of a provider >>in a seduction<>tactics<< that lead you transactional sex and attract girls that don't want you, they want the resources and sense of security.

      Maybe you posture r/, use those tactics, and then, as she gets to know you, your K/conservative natures peaks thru, you mostly deny it, but that's a sweet spot she will find compelling. r tactics and know-how covering up a K potential.

      Or maybe this is dread game stuff, where you're K, with an iron hand (because of your knowledge of the marketplace and skills to get you choice), and she stays sharp, appreciates your bite, and that bite gets you a quality relationship without being flashy rockstar r guy all the time?

  6. I can tell you’ve been winging with Jimmy again recently! This has been puzzling me ever since I went and saw him back in January. I’d learnt daygame during the rise of R-Selected daygame over the last year and a half and that was pretty much my style (and still is) all my lays had been d2s with the odd SDL or SNL thrown in for good measure, if it went past that point I fucked it up. Then I went and saw Jimmy and his style was completely different, Jimmy has mastered K-Selected daygame looking for high quality girls and pretty much always using a 3 date model to bed them. What I concluded was:

    R-Selected women – more teasing, more physical contact, quicker escalation and quicker lays, best DHV is pre-selection based

    K-Selected women – It’s all about resources, or rather the qualities required to get them, DHVs rule the roost particularly leader of men and protector of loved ones based DHVs

    Then all you have to do, in theory at least, is work out which girl is R and which is K and apply the right tactics. The tricky bit is working out which is which, I guess you just have to look for slut tells or the absence of them and make your best guess.

    All great in theory but frankly I think that strategy is currently too complicated for me to actually enact as I’m still fighting in set to apply the basic model but that’s what I’m aiming for. [Advanced level shit, mate. That’s what I do. K.]

    • From my experience, which I’ll admit is limited compared to Krauser’s and many others here, women like contrast.

      The reason they like drama is because it heightens the way they feel the good feels. Emotional contrast.

      When I fuck girls, I noticed they enjoy contrast in how much of you they feel. E.g. They feel just your dick in doggy and your entire body in missionary. Contact contrast.

      Same if you like calling girls names or bossing them around. You can’t just demean them continuously, but they’ll love it when you mix affection with domination.

      Its the same personality wise if you want top quality girls, imo. Each woman would ideally like a certain mix of alpha and beta and it just happens that high quality girls don’t have to compromise that much. If they want a guy with both game and money or game and looks or whatever, they can generally get it. It just happens that most men are so dreadful at game that most girls, except the top, compromise quite a bit for emotional impact(if you want to see how stale most men are, make a fake tinder lol). [It’s like you are describing your style has showing different fractions of your personality. Fractions…. hmmmm…. the PUA community should try to coin a term for this kind of fractional use of fractions. K.]

      • Interesting post. At the heart of this is authenticity and self-esteem. Knowing one’s own motivation. I got into game to avoid being played as a beta provider.

        I’ve banged a ton of hot girls and some who were 6’s. But after I reached a certain number in my mind, I started to then focus more on quality.

        Quality means something like: I don’t want a girlfriend but not a one-night stand either…that honesty with girls has upped my game considerably and the quality has been higher: younger, hotter.

        I don’t dumpster dive anymore. I’ve turned down girls who’ve thrown themselves at me because they didn’t live up to a certain set of standards I set for myself.

        But it’s only after being a slave to my own notch count that I started to become more focused.

        This requires an adjustment of my own game. The idea of being more authentic: strong when I need to be and displaying a vulnerability when I sense the girl I’m gaming genuinely wants honesty and “agree and amplify/cocky funny” comes off as uncalibrated and shallow.

        Finding that balance is now my own personal game goal.

  7. An observation I have had, is as I got better at game my standards for short term “mating” have gone down. I believe this is because no longer do I look at girl, as ‘will she make a good girl friend’ and think it’ll be a lot of effort to get her into bed. I think it’ll be quite easy, and all girls feel the same when the lights are out.. Who can deny that logic. I believe guys with no game have the highest standards, because they are not looking at girls sexually, they are thinking she is not worth the effort, of having to wine and date call her and then see her repeatedly. For girls I want to see longer term they are very high, in fact it’s proven lowering your short term standards doesn’t affect the standards you date long term. Think it’s essential for gamers this mindset, you get more notches and if you’re a horny bigger like me that’s all you want, and have the experience for keeping the high quality girls around after you bang them*

    *i am not talking about absolute horrendous girls, just not 8 – 10’s

    * I’m not calling this game as well, just saying it’ll make you happier and laid more.

    Just thought I’d share this, not on topic entirely.


    • It’s unsurprising. Your cost of acquiring pussy is lower and because of a lower buying price, you don’t mind lower quality. I had my high school time ruined by my romantic delusions because I judged all girls by the amazing marriage my parents have and since I found them lacking, I didn’t bother. I could have smashed four girls in my class with relative ease and I was too silly to do it. Might have fucked it up due to not having that smooth of a game, but all four were green girls.

      After my first girlfriend, I partied a lot and had various cliques with which I did it, all but one mixed. Access to pretty teenage girls in your group, having the most fun in the club(I had other groups follow us to ask us where we’re going for the after party) and access to drugs made girls very cheap to get since I largely used preselection and minimal game. My standards for personality faltered completely then*.

      What’s funny is that I fucked more girls than average, but since I did it with massive amounts of value in the setting I picked them up, I’m horrid internally about cold approaching.

      *I had a ‘girlfriend’ who had to go report a crime and was wondering if the police station is open on a national holiday.

  8. Really love this post Nick. In fact, one time I was a fan. But, I could really sense RSD was towards the end of spam marketing, in the realm of self-help industry trying to take advantage and money from naive individuals at the weak points in their lives. Many of RSD’s advice are incongruent and very self-helpy which only garners attention from their loyal fans who can buy products and attend bootcamps. There was this one RSDTyler video where he decided to take his students daygaming in New York. First Tyler got blown out by a descent looking chic, then he approached a fat Indian chic and got a semi-responsive answer. As he was explaining to his student how he was building momentum, you could see the deep look of fear in in his. Afterwards, he advised his students to just incorporate it into their lifestyles. I’m sure you’ll agree with me, newbies aren’t just going to incorporate it in their lives. At least in the beginning stages, and after periods where you’ve taken a break, you really need to get a routine going so that daygame becomes natural to you. I don’t think Tyler really gets success in daygame and only seeks to build his business.

    With the most due respect, I had always wondered why you had never decided to travel to the west such as Australia or North America to do daygame. I figured it may be an ego thing that you may be afraid that the results here may not be very favorable due to leftist feminist cultural differences. Whatever the case, I hope you can make the trip to expand your outlook. Having said that, your explanation of R and K was spot on for me. K/providerish seems to be a cardinal sin in the PUA world. But the way you describe it to a wolf is in line to what I have experienced.

    • Why would you travel across an ocean to an expensive place to fuck lower quality women when you can fly to Latvia or Ukraine and fuck far hotter and far more interesting women?

      Weirdly enough, what I find the most repulsive about western women(I’m eastern European) is that they are boring cliches. Eastern European girls are far less one diminesional. And thinner. So why would anyone travel to the US for game? Maybe NYC and socal have quality girls looks wise.

      To give you a concrete example. In my class at University, a third of the girls had a 24″ waist, only one was chubby and none obese. Why would I fly to the US to do game instead of going to the dorm campus of my Alma mater?

      • Depends on what you mean by “higher quality”. More girls with a thinner waist? Sure, but contrary to popular belief, not everyone in the U.S. is morbidly obese. Go to a large city, you can certainly find areas where the descent looking girls hangout. And boring cliches? One dimensional? Depends on what kind of “dimensions” you are looking at. Maybe you are more attracted to the open, submissive, feminine personality traits. Or, the girls in your country are highly educated and sophisticated, and not just from browsing Wikipedia. I’m not saying you’re wrong, I’m just saying be aware of any fear causing you to think and self rationalize this way.

      • I will preface this: when I say American women, I mean most American women or the average American woman, not all women. To me it’s the logical way to interpret any statement about the actual world because exceptions exist about everything(e.g. if you jump out on the window, you will fall down to the ground, unless you’re on the International Space Station).

        ” More girls with a thinner waist? Sure, but contrary to popular belief, not everyone in the U.S. is morbidly obese. ”
        Are American women better looking than Latvian women by a big enough margin that it makes sense to blow money on going to America to do game?

        ” Go to a large city, you can certainly find areas where the descent looking girls hangout.”
        I can visit Latvia for a month instead of spending a week NYC, SoCal or Miami. Also will I have to deal with your garbage minorities while using mass transit? Yet another negative.

        “And boring cliches? One dimensional?”
        Yes, that’s what I consider people who consider themselves erudite and worldly when they’re just repeating nonsense they’ve read in the NYT or some other mediocre rag or silly things they’ve heard Rachel Madcow spout. Pretending to be educated and informed is even worse than just not doing the whole charade at all, which is what Eastern European women often do.

        “Or, the girls in your country are highly educated and sophisticated, and not just from browsing Wikipedia. ”
        The girls in my country aren’t sophisticated, but you’ll probably find more of them, relatively, who know who Wittgenstein was and what he wrote about. Their redeeming quality though is that when you know something and they don’t, they’ll shut up and listen instead of spout shitlib platitudes.

        “Maybe you are more attracted to the open, submissive, feminine personality traits.”
        I do like submission in women, but not in the perverse yellow fever way. If she’s feisty, ‘breaking’ her is more of a turn on than having a doormat submit. I’ll take that kind of submission too, but it’s not as interesting.

        To sum it up: if any European wanted to fuck American women, we can do it in Europe too. What’s the point of traveling there, even assuming as a European you got bored of every European ethnicity that it somehow makes sense to care for American women? I might end up doing game in your country simply as a function of wanting to live in NYC for a year, but traveling there for the women seems silly. Maybe sell your women to K. What’s so great about them that it merits spending thousands on airfare alone? And why shouldn’t he just go to Cancun during Spring Break if he spends that much on airfare?

    • “With the most due respect, I had always wondered why you had never decided to travel to the west such as Australia or North America to do daygame.”

      I can’t speak for krauser, but its no secret that the potatozone has far hotter women on average. Thats not the “poosy paradise” myth like SEA is, if you go to bratislava and walk around for an hour, you will be fucking amazed, I promise.

      As for feminism/leftism, the impact of this is dramatically overstated in the manosphere, which sort of just reaffirms what i previously suspected about many communities: full of dudes who dont go outside and formulate their view of the world based on other internet recluses. I’ve lived in Australia all my life and outside of a few idealogue hotspots, feminism is just something women pay lip service to when there is social pressure. I’ve yet to come across a hostile response to being hit on during the day.

      Your perception of this might be different if you’re a uni student, of course. But real life outside of campuses, yeah, feminism just really doesn’t hold that much sway over most women

      • Fair enough. I actually moved from a mid-sized Canadian city to Toronto recently and found girls easier and definitely less potentially intimidated by an approach due to the higher pace of a big city. It’s just my perception that lots of these western cities, especially the more conservative, lower-key, areas, there is a higher looks threshold. In other words, you need to be better looking to compensate for the fact that daygame to her is weird, especially in a smaller city. And for her to justify using up mileage on her strawberry shortcake to someone she doesn’t know. Game is important, yes, but you need to pass the looks threshold in order to have a descent chance at rolling the die.

        I don’t know about Australia, or even most of the U.S as I haven’t been there in my adult life. It was just an observation I was wondering. I hear many self-proclaimed daygame gurus say the reason they seem to get more success in EE is because of the quality of the women, whom they are more keen to approach. I say, the next step is tracking the hit-rate of the equally hot girls in the west. Same result? I think not

      • I’d rather go out with women I can make fun of other people with or just joke around and not worry about her being triggered by some perceived or actual racist or sexist remark. By leftist I don’t mean a committed political agitator, I mean people with a leftist social disposition. They’re killjoys and bores.

        Your nick is reminiscent of a certain forum…. XD

  9. The assessment of RSD is spot-on. While I tend to think Tyler is a genius (and to a slightly lesser extent, Julien too) I’ve grown tired of in-fields featuring girls slurring their words, and not to mention the footage of an instructor walking off with a girl as the music slowly ramps up – and then cuts to black.

  10. It’s very easy to develop a narrow view of the way something is when you engross yourself in it that it distorts your view of it and convinces you that this is how it is universally. But in reality, all it’s essentially done is pigeon holed guys into being a certain type of guy that attracts a certain type of girl. That is the main reason why guys find it difficult to unshackle themselves from the community once they’ve gone too deep in the rabbit hole. It’s difficult to unchain yourself. Once you become ‘that guy’, you only ever see a reality that’s full of girls that are the type that go for that particular guy.
    The way to change your environment is if you change. It’s a cliche but it’s true.

  11. Thanks for explaining this

    Clears up a lot of things and I have not seen you get into this before

    A few years ago you wrote a post on Type 1 and Type 2 women in context of the Jersey Shore show

    That opened my eyes as I started to see the sexual marketplace in more detailed relief

    You explained how the supposedly masculine and feminine men on that show were not actually. But instead unnatural warped caricatures

    The “hot women” we’re actually too masculine. And the “tough guys” actually too gossipy and backstabbing (feminine)

    Since Tyler/ Ya Really (it’s the same guy) keeps coming up … He’s said every girl is basically a slut. Further that guys should *want* sluts… Because it means they have experience with guys and won’t be boring in bed

    Slut shaming is just “sour grapes”

    You’ve pointed out, in contrast, that Type 1 girls , the Greyhounds as you call them, are not actually the same types of sluts at all. “Sorry but they are really not”

    This post paves the way towards justifying the masculine disapproval of “slut” behavior

    This post fills in a lot of open questions that have been hanging in the air in the community I think

    Type 1 girls are “K” girls. It’s a crucial point

    I hope you write more about this subject

    Best, [Tyler is really YaReally? Very interesting theory. Similar writing style, similar beliefs, equally voluminous, shy of publicity, and write so much you wonder why YaReally doesn’t have a business….. or maybe he does! Anyway, never thought about it before and no way to verify. I have found Tyler’s stuff exceedingly helpful over the years but I realised all my issues with his stuff were because he’s rabbity and I’m wolfy. K.]

  12. Either I misunderstood your previous attitude towards game, or it’s evolving into something different.

    I could never get with the R selected style of daygame; deliberately cultivating an R selected look through rings and other fashion signals, body language, etc.

    Not only would that not attract what I’m trying to attract (I only ever try to attract women that I actually want to have long term relationships with), but it would be incongruent with my fabulous real persona. I’d rather not cultivate a new self that I dislike. I’m simply not about that, and feel better about what I am about; which has to translate into better inner game than faking something I hate until I become something I never wanted to be.

    So it’s very interesting to see you sketch out the territory in these broad strokes, and notice that being R is not the BEST solution, nor the only solution. It might be best, under limited circumstances, for certain men, who want certain outcomes. But it’s not the BEST way to do daygame, or any game at all.

  13. “These girls both have a default r/K position but also a variation between a bandwidth during their monthly cycle”

    I’ve always liked your analogies – boxing, economics etc.. I think acoustic science lends itself well to daygame. Decibel levels, frequency, attenuation, acoustic decay rate etc. It’s all there.

  14. Obviously every man aspires to high quality pussy, but if there is a balance to be achieved, i’d say go with anything which allows you to be non-exclusive and have options. In that sense, getting into a long term monogamous relationship with a unicorn hot girl (not that i had the opportunity to) seems like a risky strategy – something K-selection invariably would lead to.

    Idk what should be an optimum trade-off, but i think being an empty man with a full stomach is much better than being a caring man with a broken heart. At least, there is some control over your own life when you are the former.

  15. Hi Krauser, nice article. As you wrote about infield titles like “Ugly Guy Pulls Hot Model From Street” or endless, worthless “explanations” with endings of “happy time” it reminded me of Justin and Deepak Wayne’s infields. Especially “Deepaks” vibe and verbal fluidity looks very cringeworthy. I heard about he needs massive spam approaches and the girls he gets aren’t that hot as decribed. I have also doubt about Justin Wayne’s “girlfriends” who all look like models. Deepak also mentioned in one of his videos he would have used the London Daygame Model but only got some nice chit chat and no lays at all. What do you think about these guys? Would be nice to hear your opinion but I could understand if you don’t wanna got into details.

    Greets from Germany. [I think both are fakes. Justin has already been caught out. Deepak – well, it might be real, but I learned from the whole Daniel Blake thing that it’s best to trust my gut instinct rather than bend over backwards to be fair to a guy. I think Deepak is fake, but I have no evidence. Just gut feel. K.]

    • To K: The puas who are supposedly fake, however do post some lay videos. How hot or not these girls are is always debatable, the point I’m trying to make is that these dudes actually do post lay videos. Whether they get super hot girls or not is probably a matter of trust/taste/belief or whatever. Just like guys who read this blog have to trust you and your success, since there is no real evidence of it as well. After reading this post, how am I to trust you and your success? If your success is true and 100% legit, is it reasonable for me to think that other dudes on this planet have some skills too, even if their techniques are not in line with your understanding of game theory?

      What about Daniel Blake, did I miss something? Do you mean the video where the girl doesn’t have a bra on and then later at his place she got one? I interpret it as him marketing a non-sdl as a sdl, but not as its actually fake. Come on man you know its not that fucking hard to get a SDL in Prague. Sometimes it looks to me like you can’t give props to other dudes for getting laid. You are getting laid, other dudes are getting laid. Your theory is different form others, doesn’t mean others doesn’t work… [If you think I haven’t proven my bona fides, you are very late to the party. It’s almost impossible to find an active daygamer in Europe who hasn’t seen me in action or see the dozens of proof videos I used to post on the blog. The fact you personally haven’t is besides the point. Whether Fakin’ Blake paid an actress or claimed an SDL for a D2 lay is beside the point – his integrity is questionable. K.[

      • I didnt say you are not legit. I’m subscribed to around 10 different youtube channels, yours, tom torrerors and many others including justin wayne and deepak and I also regularly watch some random vieos or infield (btw I approach too). Some puas have totally conflicting ideas or theories, doesn’t mean one is fake one isn’t, some show infields some don’t (I dont follow blake, cause I think he doesnt have much to offer in terms of advice or value. I bet my game isn’t much worse then his). You are saying the Wayne dudes are fake, Tom Torrero vouched for Justin Wayne the minute he uploaded a podcast with him on his channel praising him being a New York legend in terms of pickup. Tom Torrero faked a kiss close, you vouched for TT that he is legit, if I believe you I also believe TT, but you say Wayne is fake TT says he is a legend. That doesn’t make any sense, you vouche for TT, he vouches for JW, TT vouches for you, but you don’t vouch for JW….

        Thats not the point I’m trying to make. Instead of bashing each other for no apparent reason, you guys could actually start learning from each other. You mention to draw a circle between K and R selection to get the hottest girls, who wouldn’t sleep with rabbit guys. For that you have to find the perfect balance between K and R. Justin Wayne is advocating the same bloody thing for years now, except that he is calling it “selling romance”. You thing he is fake, but you two have the same theories about game, except that his is 4 years old. That doesn’t make any sense either. If you thing his theory is totaly different from yours, don’t judge just by some youtube videos, call him up on skype and have a talk with him. He is a very friendly dude.

        The problem is that by bashing each other the community suffers and young guys who start out suffer, because they don’t know who to believe and who not.So instead of being flexible and trying out techniques and mindsets, they become approach robots, who do same thing over and over again without fully understanding it. [I vouch for Tom’s skills but not his choice of who to put on a podcast. Vouching is not something that gets delegated or outsourced. JW has compromised integrity and weak infields, I don’t rate him at all. I don’t believe Deepak at all but I have no evidence of him faking, just gut feel. A much bigger problem for young guys is listening to guys with no proven track record. K.]

  16. You’re walking down the road to TaxiDriverism. Which I not only approve, but more and more embrace every day. Travis Bickle was right, suckers!

  17. Acutally, the rabbit man CAN get quality woman, but only when they are going through a rough period. That’s the core problem as you said: Your innergame will suffer because you know they will come to regret it. The only alternatives to me seem distributed distance relationships or hardcore relationship (alpha provider) when you had enough of the pussy carousel.

  18. Doing a u-turn on pickup? This seems like biting the hand that fed you. Don’t become a Purple Pill Roosh character, or a Blue Pill Neil Strauss 😦

    You’ve been a big advocate or r-selected player game. Now you want to go K? (marriage? kids?) [This post is about doing better pickup, rather than dumb pickup. K.]

    • Hey K!

      Reading slut tells and character in girls is key (and of course, the social dynamic at work at the time of interaction and her subjective experience at the time, as always). In nightgame, hoping for SNL with foreign tourists in pub crawl bars and discos (clubs), you can see girls having fun but that don’t go along with certain r-selected behavior. Escalating (be it verbally, non-verbally, or just with eye contact/facial expression) in a well calibrated manner and getting logistics is fundamental, but you can see that one’s conversational content, decisions and vibe has to have a r/K balance that falls into the specific place the girls is on her own r/K continuum at the time (hempstead village renaissance blog has a great post about Alpha and Beta behaviors that can be thought out like a mixer with different channels, and that all types of Alpha and Beta behaviors are necessary, but in the appropriate ratio (the correct mix, which depends on EACH GIRL specifically) and also in a congruent manner (he has his own superb definition of congruence based on that “model” of Alpha and Beta behaviors in a mixer channel). This guy’s blog is also all about LTR, I really think you should give it a read K, he has few posts and the last on was made years ago, I could never find out more about the guy but I think his writing on that hempstead village renaissance blog of his may trigger in you some kind of spark that helps you come up with solutions for this r/K behavior equilibrium thing).

      As always, thanks for the awesome post.

      Have a great one mate! [Ok, thanks. Link to the post? K.]

  19. Curiosity, are any of your friends or wings ‘rabbits’ and would you tell them directly? [Some display strong rabbity characteristics. My main friends don’t. K.]

  20. Damn. This is good.

  21. Pingback: Developmental psych as explanation for common manosphere cartoons | Random Xpat Rantings

  22. It’s sad that Krauser feels the need to insult one of the greats of PUA and his company, but unsurprising since they are competition. There’s videos of Tyler picking up attractive women for all to see, so I don’t understand where his assertion comes from – possibly from jealousy that he has more financial success / is greater known? In any case both systems is selling a product which is why I prefer to take advice from somebody like Yareally who specifically advocates not spending money (although Nick’s products are certainly worth the little money they cost).

    It’s clear the RSD people calibrate significantly depending on the environment, they even explain it in some depth in their infield. Krauser would need to do the same if he was in the US, or doing nightgame – which I’m sure he could since both styles appear to follow the standard MM A1-C3 model.

    I agree that the quality in EE is higher (and we include femininity + personality), but I’d love to see an extension / adaptation of the LDM to the US/Southern Europe. You would broaden your readership and also prove that the model nuances function cross-culturally.

    Nick’s correct to criticise some of the dodgy RSD video editing though. [Can you link the videos of Tyler picking up attractive women please. K.]

    • This one is probably a 7? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWN-aCFQ9ZQ
      Plus the mother of his children isn’t bad: http://www.eseduce.com/owen-cooks-aka-tyler-durden-of-rsd-child-girlfriend/

      I’m surprised you need confirmation of this since you praised Tyler’s blueprint which came out years ago. It’s pretty obvious that his pickup skills are excellent, even without actual blurred footage of him fornicating (nice touch from you) [I watched first video. It’s a number close of a fairly hot girl. I didn’t see any sexual attraction. He was technically competent and pretty good with the attempted AMOG but it’s just a lukewarm number. It doesn’t change my initial assessment that Tyler is a great analyst, knows his way around complex sets, but doesn’t have any evidence that he bangs hotties. K.]

  23. Hi Nick, Alex from Germany again, wanted to post some thoughts I had to the whole r- and K-theory in human courtship.

    problem with the whole r- and K-selection theory is that it doesn’t apply to humans mostly and Anonymous Convervative’s try to put it on human societies and politics is, sorry to say it, from a scientific point of view, huge crap. It’s one of the best examples of a false biologizing of social and economic reasons. For a more detailed explanation read this: http://rstb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/364/1532/3023.full#abstract-1

    R- and K-strategies are related to ecosystems and how a population reproduces in relation to a given environment.

    So, if you wanna put it into game-context (which is kinda bogus if you ask me), the only way to see it would be as “flash game” (mass approaches and fast screening for availability with mostly low quality as a result) vs. “solid game” (less approaches and connection building with higher quality as a result). The whole “fractionation of r and K elements” in a set is nothing more than a question of calibration between escalation/flirting and comfort.

    I would say you should follow less pseudo-science and skip the wrong understanding of r- and K-selection theory. If you are interested, a better understanding for the whole ecology topic in evolution and biology is given by the “life history theory”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_history_theory

    I could also go further why even the whole Alpha-Beta-dualism is incorrect, why it doesn’t apply to humans, chimpanzees and wolves (and most only on captivated animals) but it would be too much for a comment to explain it in detail. If you wanna know more, check this out about wolves: http://io9.gizmodo.com/why-everything-you-know-about-wolf-packs-is-wrong-502754629

    The whole question if you can start more “r” (direct/sexual) or more “K” (more indirect/social) has to do with how receptive/open she reacts when you say Hi. As you said, and it’s known by most good PUAs, the Hook Point doesn’t necessary has to do with attraction but with, as US-PUA Jon Sinn names it, “Social/Superficial Comfort” (Sinn means there is social comfort without attraction but no attraction without social comfort. Which also means she’s already socially comfortable with you if she’s a Yes-Girl because of the Halo-Effect).

    If she hooks immediately, you have Social Comfort and can go more direct and into flirting (breaking rapport) to test her compliance if she is just friendly (false positive) or feels some real sexual attraction for you. If she reacts neutral when you approach, you have to go more indirect, build Social Comfort first until she hooks and then you can break rapport/flirt.

    With this model you can calibrate to her type/initial reaction and have a linear progression where you can also filter out false positive sets without creeping out maybe-girls (because this is what happens sometimes when you break rapport and haven’t reached social comfort before).

    Sinn writes to this: “Your opener doesn’t establish social comfort. That’s a separate stage in itself. It comes between the opener and the attraction material, and the attraction stuff won’t work without it. It also fills the space when you’re in between technique or stories. You don’t have to have something to fill every second if you’ve got it.

    To build social comfort, show her that you’re relaxed and fun. You’re not weird or overly aggressive. You’re the kind of guy who, if somebody asks her about you, she’ll say you were just a cool guy. You don’t want to start hitting on her, but just give her the impression that you’re a cool, non-strange person.
    Building it comes right after the opener and right before attraction. There are lots of ways to learn how to do this, but basically you want to conversation to flow easily and you don’t want to be hitting on here. (…) But when you approach a hot girl, it’s important to keep yourself in check. Remember that you don’t start doing any attraction techniques until your social comfort is solid.”
    Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6248670 [There is no science in social science. You simply posit the theory which best explains and then predicts the facts. r/K does that extremely well. K.]

  24. Well, when saying there is no science in social science and you think it’s possible to put everything into biology and evopsych then I can’t help out. It’s inaccurate, but ok. Funny thing is, if there’s no science in social science, then pickup arts must be total bogus too. Because anecdotal evidence doesn’t mean much. And by the way, evopsych is often full with assumptions and followed by often flawed logic because of this, it’s not even funny. But ok, it’s normal to stay in confirmation bias and chose the “science” which fits your own ideology the most. Have fun anyway. 😉 [Read Stanislav Andreski’s “Social Science As Sorcery”. I did social science for 6 years. It can be systematic knowledge, but it can’t be science. K.]

  25. You’re a rabbit too. Nothing about what you have become is reputable, trustworthy, or genuine. Given your newly-formed skills and understanding, you could live as a wolf and not a parasite if you wanted – even under modern conditions. But you don’t, and you’re proud of it, and you even profit from it.

    Be careful. As you suggest, the day is coming when the wolves will unleash a terror the likes of which has never been seen. [I’m quaking in my boots, faggot. K.]

  26. So by this logic no daygamer can consistently bang hot girls (8+) it just wouldn’t be possible to find enough on there R spectrum. Curious do you know literally any daygamers who pull off the stunners 9’s and 10’s? [I’ve only seen it done with 8s. These are FSU 8s, mind. To a man who has never gone to FSU he’d probably call them 9s or even 10s. K.]

    • Right, and that wouldn’t be someone with just really tight game I assume. They’d have to be quite good looking too. [I get a sprinkling of eights too. Just not that many. K.]

      • So by the logic of this article the only way to bang 10’s atleast consistently or have one as a girlfriend is become full wolf, quit game stop banging loads of women ect [Nobody is banging 10s consistently. K.]

  27. Thought I should share this cringeworthy pua in Australia. I can’t sit through his videos but he is a great example of a creepy R select PUA. I have met him once and the cringe was strong. [Total clown. K.]

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