Come back! I’ll bite yer legs off!

May 23, 2016

Have a watch of this famous scene from the Monty Python movie The Holy Grail.

Okay, stop laughng. Concentrate! You’re with me? Get with the program……

I think there is a fundamental misconception about quality and quantity in the game. Many men seem to think that if they just keep cranking that handle on the sausage machine, they will eventually make a steak. As most concepts are clearer when you have ego-distance, let’s talk about a woman’s side of the hunt. Let me tell you about my ex-wife’s gross hanger-on best English friend*

They met in a dance class and Ariella quickly latched on to my ex to be bestest friends forever. She was five years older, facially pretty ugly (big Jew nose, bad skin), at least 10kg overweight, and dressed in the multi-coloured luminous vomit style of an SJW. And she had problem glasses. A thoroughly odious woman to look at and also an unstable bi-polar sexual freak. She once turned up to a dinner party with a drunken gamma mess then slobbered on with him all evening and then went home where they took drugs and cut each other like teenager Bieber fans.

Ariella liked all things Japanese so when she was able to sell her small apartment in North London for a fantastically inflated price** she banked a big pot of cash and traveled to Tokyo for three months while we were there. It was Operation Get Married (she was about 33 years old then). So naturally she went to Jewish dating websites*** She lived in the same apartment building as me so several times a week she’d come back from disappointing dates to bitch about there being “no good men”. Apparently the best men do not use ex-pat Jewish dating websites in Japan. Naturally her checklist was ludicrously entitled: must be tall, handsome, solvent, loving but roguish etc. Her funniest date was meeting an extremely fat chain-smoker who “never walks anywhere, only taxis”. His taxi stopped to pick her up then they rode to a McDonalds where he chain-smoked as he ate two Big Macs and told her how awesome he is.

Ariella clung to the idea that if she could just keep looking hard enough, she’d find her secret millionaire. I tried to tell her the folly of this plan.

“Look Ariella, it doesn’t matter how many times you run up to the wall and headbutt it, you aren’t going to knock it down.”
“But I know the right man is out there”
“Instead of expanding the search, you need to figure out what these men want and be more like that. You need to change your fashion, dye your hair back to a normal single colour, take the metal out of your face, and lose weight”

She didn’t like that. Last I heard she’d got herself artificially inseminated in an Israeli sperm bank with the DNA of a homosexual Jew. Really. Combine this with the folly of the Black Knight and you’ve probably taken the point. It doesn’t matter how many times you enter a broken-down Vauxhall Cavalier into the LeMans 24, it will never ever win.

I'm expecting we'll need a photo finish to separate them

I’m expecting we’ll need a photo finish to separate them ****

How many times would you need to fight Lennox Lewis before you win?

Of course the answer is simply you won’t ever win. Even if you’re somehow still alive by the 200th time when he finally punches, slips, and twists his ankle. Even with that freak luck he’ll still just hop on his good leg and knock you out. Not only that but like the Black Knight, every challenge chops off a limb and diminishes your ability to win the next round.

That’s the reality of daygamers trying to crank the handle for increased quantity and somehow expecting quality to emerge. You don’t win by working harder. You do it by working smarter. The most obvious thing is to work on your value – hit the gym, dress better, and become a higher value man. Cranking out a hundred sets a week in Galleria Mall in Krakow is just headbutting the wall. Do it enough times and you are diminishing your ability to ever win should you somehow meet that one hot girl who does take a liking to you.

To get quality girls you must improve the quality of your proposition. That means learn from your daygame so that you can add pizazz (podcast on that coming soon). Workman-like “You look French….” sets will only ever pile up grotty lays that hurt your inner game. You’ll just train yourself that it’s all you can get. You need to straighten your inner game by becoming a better man – if you want quality girls you can’t be “full R”. You need to have all the admirable K traits (without the sucker side) and all the sexy r traits. Full rabbit guarantees a procession of grotty girls. Lots of them, but grotty.

I’ll end this with a Dark Souls analogy. It’s a game of precise methodical combat where you must read the enemy attack patterns, figure out his vulnerabilities (to physical, fire, dark, frost damage etc) and then lure them into over-committing so you can smash them with a counter attack. You must also marshall your accumulated souls so that you can level up in attributes that fit a consistent build (e.g. tank vs rogue vs spells). Something that never works in Dark Souls is to run in blind, flail around, drop all your souls, then restart at the bonfire upon your inevitable death. Daygame is Dark Souls.

* Well, by English I mean Jewish.

** Not at all reinforcing stereotypes regarding profiting in Gentile countries through fractional-reserve-lending bubbles.

*** Yet again busting stereotypes about being a special tribe who inbreed.

**** Look carefully and you’ll see that’s Team Jambone on the left and Team Krauser on the right.

If you think this post didn’t shamelessly link my name to Donald Trump’s in order to raise my status, you should see my book.


  1. I think a majority of guys know daygame, like most other things in life, is a mixture of field time, plus strategy time, make needed adjustments, and then rinse and repeat. Probably most daygame websites emphasize field time because that’s the biggest obstacle of many guys.

    BTW… Your Virtua Resi podcast was chock full o insights. You oooz with knowledge.

  2. Weren’t you a big fan of being totally R-selected? [No. A big fan of moving towards R when you’re trying to get laid fast with girls you couldn’t get with K. K.]

  3. I’m already know this things, but you’re a good writer, and I’m enjoy to read this. Your examples also good.

    But I’m pick a quarrel:
    witcher 3 is better than dark souls 😀 [Many people believe that. Those people are wrong. K.]

  4. so im enjoy to read this*

  5. That was very Scott Adams:
    If you like issues more than you like persuasion, or vice versa, you should see my book. That thing is full of pages.

  6. Dear Nick, have you been to Krakow recently? I was there a couple of weeks ago and even some girls told me about Daygame.. I suppose lots of spam approaching is going on. Regards

  7. lol I just literally posted a comment before reading this. I completely agree. Having game is key, but you also need other suff going on as well. Being well rounded simply adds to your self-esteem and is all win/win

  8. It’s been only my very recent trip to Ukraine that opened my eyes a little: girls (especially EE girls) wants a man. A wolf as you would say. But at the same time they want that wolf to be cuddly as a rabbit. There is a huge difference between “being a rabbit” and – on occasion – “behaving AS a rabbit” (appearing like one).
    When you write it in simple terms it’s easy but in reality you have to manage how you really feel and also how you present yourself while interacting with girl. It might be the hardest thing in pickup. And unfortunately I think it’s one of those “you have to internalize it” things.
    I still know no better tool for internalization that the plan-do-check-act loop. The “do more” advice is perfect but without analyzing your successes and mistakes and without actually implementing improvements you’re just banging your head against a very hard wall. If the lack of action is not a problem usually it’s the lack of reflection (spam approaching, going for 10s when you’re a 5). But for the beginners it’s still the lack of action so I wouldn’t discredit that advice.

    Ps. I see you’ve been reading a lot of Scott Adams and Mike Cernovich lately. [Good writers. I highly recommend them. K.]

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