Virtua Resi #1 – Gutter Game

May 18, 2016

Have you ever had one of those days out on the streets when you thought “damn, I wish I’d had a camera on me?” I seem to get one every week but the moment I mic up……. shitsville. While chuntering on with Jimmy in Warsaw we had a bunch of good theoretical chats and we were both thinking “damn, we should’ve recorded that!”

So when I arrived in Kiev and was rattling off the kilometres with a travel buddy, I decided to put my dictaphone on. Set record and forget about it. The result is a bunch of monologues, Q&As, and demo sets recorded on audio. Rather than simply post them I figured I might as well give it a grandiose theme for my YouTube channel. So, I humbly announce the Virtua Resi. You too can feel what it’s like to have me chuntering on into your ear for hours on end.

I’m not pretending this is high-quality refined content. I’ll put this first one up and see how the response is. If you all think it’s shit, I’ll not subject you all to more.

If you think this post ought to have referred to Scott Adams in a facile yet self-aware manner, you should see my book.


  1. Thanks luv appreciate it!

  2. That time you go to to figure out what Krauser’s title means only to find 0 results, so then you go to urban dictionary and it says something about a loony Scotsman, and now I think your title means “almost a crazy Scotsman”.

  3. Listening endlessly Krauser´s ramblings on youtube has made me more jacked, more dominant, more sexy and smart.

  4. Far from shit, it’s awesome, Fair play Nick.

  5. Check this out for utter shit Game Holy Fuck it’s actually hilarious the non-committal to stopping, neediness, evasiveness etc

  6. Interesting topic, I found the IDate calibration bit interesting as it is, in my opinion, fiendishly difficult. I initially found that IDates made my results worse as I under escalated them and they were just boring, now I only do IDates if I’m going to go for the SDL and I’m much more likely to over escalate them and burn them but at least that way you end up with some good stories.

    • Yes true Xants, like what nick says in the blackbook video (paraphrasing here) “they will forgive you for over-escalating but not for doing nothing”.
      Last week I escalated a Jenny Anniston lookalike MILF in my business – led her down to a secluded area – She later told me that she liked my bravery 🙂

  7. Marshall’s got very little game. He plays the looks-matched game. The key phrase missing from “Younger, Hotter, Tighter…” is “…than you would get without game.” I know he gets with decent girls , but the guy’s got male model looks. With good game he should only be dealing in 9’s.

    I’ve actually seen him approaching in Budapest along with his sidekicks. The game wasn’t impressive, nor was the quality of girls they were approaching (6’s and 7’s).

    When I was a newb I was actually taken in, believing James, Liam and Tony to be genius ladykillers. I inquired about taking one of their bootcamps but they refused to tell me the cost until I went on a Skype call with them. Presumably so they could do the hard sell and pile the pressure on vulnerable newbies. Eventually I got the price out of them via email. It was some outrageous price, like £2500 for 5 days (to be in a group of 8).

    Looking back now, I see his website and videos are full of scammy marketing gimmicks. “Ths book will only be on sale for one week and then I’m taking it down.” Sure, so you”re taking the time to write your life story in book form, but only selling it for one week? Yeah, right.

    In conclusion: no game, scam artist. [Can’t say I disagree. K.]

    • This is pretty accurate. I actually met Marshall some 10 years ago before he got into game (we were both living in Melbourne and involved in the music scene)*. He was in a popular party-funk band and dating a girl who, while not a model, was very attractive and basically a oneitis-crush for pretty much every guy in my circle of friends. He’s never had problems with women. His style and presence has improved a lot since then, and he’s had a lot of interesting life experiences, but I don’t think he’s qualified to teach game.

      I agree that he runs ‘good-looking guy’ game, but he’s also something of a natural-born cad/rogue, who learned his ‘Principles of Natural Seduction’ from hanging out with other badboy-hustler-musician-drug dealers. These are the sort of guys who don’t need red-pill awareness to be good with women. Don’t get me wrong, I respect that he was the lead singer in a funk band, learned martial arts in a Shaolin temple, travels to South America to study shamanism and smoke drugs while living in Budapest and fleecing desperate blue-pill beta chumps. But I think that’s the bigger problem when it comes to teaching game to the standard beta who went to university (and was constantly exposed to all the standard feminist shaming tactics), got a steady job as a gelded office worker, and saves up for a house in the hope of attracting a mate.

      I have no doubt that his book is an entertaining read, but will be useless to the majority of men who aren’t tall, attractive, itinerant rogues.

      I said here before that I did their bootcamp a few years ago. They actively encourage dumpster-diving. On the second day I refused to approach a girl who was not attractive at all. I had Liam give me a rant about ‘unrealistic standards’ and how even if a girl is unattractive it ‘doesn’t matter if she’s giving you a blowjob’. A complete waste of time. Even with my no-game baseline I was easily pulling 6s, the only difference the bootcamp made was I was getting a higher quantity of 6s.

      The saddest thing is that they have a private forum where guys who have done the bootcamp talk about their successes (inevitably with non-YHT women) and post about problems they’re having. It’s depressing watching guys go down the rabbit hole of ‘The Secret’-style magical thinking and new age-y meditational nonsense trying to solve their women problems by becoming better blue-pill men (and failing).

      *Unfortunately I didn’t realise it was the same James Marshall at the time, as it was a long time ago.

  8. Wattie:
    who are you? Are you from Budapest?
    Youre interested in daygame?
    I’m from also Hungary.

  9. Krauser:
    This content as good as always.

  10. What about Mystery’s wing – or former wing, don’t really know – JDog? Is he for real? I’ve always found this character intriguing. However, not one infield video on youtube. [You just answered your own question. K.]

    I think this guy is MIA currently. I respect the hell out of Mystery – despite his constant wailing on facebook concerning his former oneitis – but, back to this “daygame specialist”, I’ve yet to decide whether it is always the case that lack of recorded evidence means lack of skill. Has anyone ever seen him in action?

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