Womanizer’s Bible Podcasts – Season Two Begins!

May 14, 2016

Waking up in a European city after a night of thunderstorms to find deserted streets……. that’s the stuff Euro Jaunt nightmares are made of. As I wandered around a park in the drizzle today, a tiny trickle of locals hurrying past underneath umbrellas I thought to myself: Well, that’s daygame fucked for today.

I also thought: Maybe I should rattle off a couple of podcasts.

So with the usual amount of care and pre-planning that you all experienced last year, I have done the first two podcasts of this year’s Womanizer’s Bible. It’s a shameless attempt to keep my fantastic new video product in the public eye but those of you who enjoyed last year’s podcast will find a similar amount of value this time around. If you have particular questions you want me to address then put them in the comments below and I might – just might – remember it next time it rains and I have to knock out more content.

If you thought that was a long-winded piece of shit you should see my product. It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend $49.

If you noticed this video isn’t presented in written form, you should see my book.


  1. I think you essentially cover Self-Love. First approach today in a European city with a bonafide 9. It was an indirect approach as she was standing under a canopy in the rain. She kindly dismissed me as the conversation was transitioning mostly on her and hand on my heart I couldn’t have given any less of a shit. over the years, Daygame has instilled in you a massive amount of self-love. [And I’ll bet that afterwards when you got home you indulged in a little self-abuse thinking about her 😀 K.]

  2. On breaking rapport and not being offensive … And handling shit tests via A strategy of offense and not defense… Understand la paradox and cognitive dissonance …

  3. Dude, before I even start listening to it, I think it’s time for me to say thank you for all the value you put out there for free. This year has been for me one of deep introspection and saw my transition from nightgamer to daygamer (I’ve started it seriously just now in Minsk). Road is still long but I’ll enjoy the ride. Thank you man. [Good luck. Be prepared for epic-level flaking in Minsk. It’s good, but it’s not the pussy paradise it first appears. K.]

    • Been here 10 days already. Didn’t have the flaking problem but seems girls take their time to put out and demand you give them lot of attention/time. Got a notch just yesterday btw, but not from daygame (from a social gathering).

  4. new daygame buffon? 😀

    this channel is exactly the same guy’s channel

    [Obvious faker. He’s hiring whores for his closing vids. K.]

  5. Time and place and an era for excellence? When you mentioned Marc Bolan it got me thinking about a video I saw with him with the same “Music Laden” sign in the background in the video – What an ERA! same as IMO the greatest song in modern recorded music History; Van Morrison’s “Into the Mistic”.

    Both are in their prime, both are totally captivating.

    Make Daygame Hay lads.

    “Treaties are like girls and roses – they last while they last” – Charles De Gaulle.

  6. Damn the Marc Bolan song – observe the sign in background compared to the Van Morrison one.

  7. Something about the early 70’s allright…

  8. I have a topic I’d love to hear some extended thoughts about…

    — When she says “I have a boyfriend.”

    This has gotten more nuanced for me as I realize that about 1/2 the girls I date or sex have BFs or husbands. I often don’t know until we’re making out… Or she tells me later.

    But bigger picture… What to do when she says that in an otherwise good pickup. Like when she doesn’t say it until you number close. And especially when you can tell she doesn’t want to tell you that… When its a reluctant confession.

    I want to explore those moments. I’d love analysis and field notes/examples of those opportunities.

  9. This reminds me: Episode 6 was the explanation I needed, that put together all kinds of things I’ve seen but not quite constellated, about all kinds of things:
    Why I don’t give a damn about sports unless I’m playing (or perhaps if someone I know is).
    Same sort of thing: why I love performing but watching performances can be almost painful (some of this covered in the videos).
    How I can be absolutely sure I’m sigma, and not some self-deluded gamma.
    Why ZFG attitude – the easy-going, laid-back version – works every time I use it, in any situation at all.
    Also, the tip on 1st vs. 2nd hand living really put stuff together in an overall way of life sort of way. Need to pick up some Rand.

    Good stuff.

  10. “If you have particular questions you want me to address, then put them in the comments”. I’ve got something high-faluting for your podcast (and I hope not too political):

    On a meta-level perspective on game, sexuality in modern-day western men has become disconnected from its original end of reproduction. My impression is that while game should originally have been a weapon to ensure men access to reproduction with the most fertile females, players and top PUAs are in fact among the least likely to reproduce. The only top PUAs I know who have fathered children are Owen Cook from RSD and Mystery. Players have substituted reproduction with ego validation from sex. Apart from the obvious legal and political context, do you think there is any way for “r-selected” men to reproduce a bit more like rabbits in the current reality, thus re-connecting their sexuality with its purpose?

    • Ok, Adam Lyons (AFC Adam) is a father as well. Neil Strauss I don’t count as a player.

    • That legal and political context is preventative – as the social (context) intended it to be. I’m unable to think of a thing that would cause the effect you’re looking for.

      On the other hand, if you look within the r-selected subcultures already here, breeding like rabbits is already the norm. Doesn’t seem to be doing them much good, though.

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