Daygame Dominator – The greatest game of all

April 16, 2016

I know what you’re thinking.

“Fuck all this Dark Souls and Vanquish bullshit Nick keeps talking about” you mutter with disappointment as you check my blog and realise I don’t have any funny lay reports anymore. “If he must talk about video games, why doesn’t he have a daygame one?”

What’s that you say – a daygame game?

“Yes” you enthusiastically agree. “Preferably it would have a different level representing each familiar Euro Jaunt location. And instead of chasing girls it would be much better if the point of the game was to shoot all those pesky rival daygamers dead”.

Okay okay……. I’m bending to popular demand. Here it is…….. Daygame Dominator.


  1. lol, best sound track ever in the history of video games

  2. laughed at galeria krakowska

  3. You’ll never get to level 6 using a mouse? I get there every time now, and it’s been over half a decade since my last esport match. Krauser may be legit when it comes to seduction, but at computer gaming it is clear he is strictly amateurish. [I guess I’m not as talented as I think I am. K.]

  4. “Usually it’s not a problem but every now and then some aspy dickhead is spam approaching every girl. A hundred sets a week, every week. He’s burning the town but – as laws are currently stated – you’re not allowed to kill him.”

    @krauser – isn’t the elephant in the room that’s not being discussed the fact that the nature of daygaming has fundamentally changed over the last few years due to every major East European town being burnt? You’ve alluded to it in a few of your posts, namely the Belgrade diary post from last summer when you noted how girls were swerving to avoid the path of likely PUAs, but as far as I know you’ve only really described how it changes the whole dynamics of street approach once, recently when you described how girls were much more immediately up for the chat or not.

    Seems to me that this is a huge change to the daygame landscape that needs more discussion. How do you modify your approaches and resulting sets when the girl likely has been stopped by another PUA that same week, or even day? In effect, stopping girls in the street has now been turned into an almost ritualized street performance act rather than the skill of persuading a somewhat stunned girl to get into bed with a random stranger on the back of a random compliment.

    Obviously you would expect more blowouts and perhaps less flakes and higher lay/date ratios if the girl knows from the start you’re a PUA after another notch.. But how do you modify your Game in order to capitalize on the changed character of street approach in burned cities? You could surely write a book on the subject.

    One way you have sort of mentioned you modifying your approach is when you half-joked that upon encountering a girl who explicitly acknowledged her recognition of you as ‘one of those PUAs’ that you would allude to your ‘authority’ and status in the PUA world. Of course, that wouldn’t be much help to any daygamer who isn’t you (or one of the select few accepted masters of the trade).

    A related issue is the bad press that PUAs have attracted over the last year or so. Again, none of the daygame bloggers to my knowledge have talked about this and how it’s affecting (or not) ratios. [It’s rarely a problem if you’re good at daygame. It’s the low-SMV spambots who both create this problem and suffer the worst repercussions of it. K.]

  5. Brief breakdown on Julien’s daygame advice? (9 min)

    • brief breakdown. take off your sunglasses and try not to look like a heroin addict.

      don’t listen to this shit. that’s my advice after looking at it for thirty seconds.

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