Womanizer’s Bible – The VIP room

April 7, 2016

Back in February 2015 I recorded the intermediate daygame seminar that would become my Black Book product. I had a bunch of fairly new daygame students in the room and took them through the key technical elements of creating attraction on the street and escalating on dates. While I was in London that weekend and in a seminar frame of mind, I decided to pull the trigger on another project that had been on my mind for over a year – a deep dive into the sociology of Game, red pill and advanced daygame. I wanted to weave together the disparate strands of “underground” knowledge that I’d collected over the years, and create a grand unified theory of Game.

That was rather ambitious. I felt like I could leverage some of my stronger points, what Scott Adams of Dilbert fame would call my “talent stack”:

  • High-level post-graduate education
  • Ten years working in international finance
  • Thousands of daygame sets
  • Six years of game theory obsession

How could I get all the benefits of mental masturbation / high theory without falling into the trap most such guys have – namely that they got it all from books and never proved themselves through actually banging younger-hotter-tighter? I got ten keen daygame enthusiasts into a room on a Sunday afternoon and ran a seminar called Womanizer’s Bible with the video camera rolling. Six hours later I emerged, completely depleted. It was fun. The guys enjoyed it.

A PUA forum, yesterday

A PUA forum, yesterday

Rather than release the seminar video, I kept it locked up on my hard drive and instead moved my focus onto a free podcast series bearing the same name. The podcast has been well received. It picks a narrow topic each time and dives deep. Something regular listeners have probably noticed is that it’s episodic in nature – there’s no clear progression between podcasts. I guess it’s like the fable of the blind men and the elephant. Each podcast I show you a different part of the elephant without ever giving a full view of the whole thing. Well, my original Womanizer’s Bible seminar is that full view of the elephant.

So, as I beavered away on my Sigma Wolf projects over winter I put a lot of time into preparing the seminar for release. I decided it would fit nicely as a “VIP upgrade” to the free podcasts. If that kind of thing floats your boat, check it out here for the grand old price of $49

Click on photo to visit sales page

Click on photo to visit sales page


  1. Just purchased – nicely price point too. Looking forward to absorbing this.

  2. looks like a good read –

  3. Check my name. Right on time for me.

  4. Was a very good seminar. I’m sure a lot of guys in the Manosphere will appreciate it.

  5. could someone lend me $49 .. Jabba are you there?

    • I can see you are darkly obsessed with me, but you should drop it. You’re making yourself look weird and stalkerish because you don’t have the wit, intellect, charisma or humour to pass it off in a funny, cool way.

      I’m sorry that you’re an unhappy fucked up person, but really, find something better to do with your life than following your superiors around the internet, making snarky, weird and unfunny comments and deepening your neuroses..

      Good luck.

  6. I’ve bought it and am half way through watching it, you released this very much on the right day to capture my interest – product, price, PLACE, promotion. I’ll write a review when I’m finished. [Cool. I look forward to reading it. K.]

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  8. Hope all is well Nick, I know its an upgrade on current free material posted as podcasts, but anything new etc?

    Quick question, I have been doing a mix of daygame, and grafting for numbers in bars and have been getting about 3 fresh lays a month, and previous ones ongoing as repeat business. I am contemplating going fully direct in the town I live but wondered if you had any opinions on this to not look like a sex pest! I have got the initial 100 out the way by going to random towns, and they surprisingly went down well resulting in some YHT dining but marginally apprehensive of shitting on the old doorstep.

    In a town of 400k ish, Czech Republic (full time resident), lad in mid 20’s!

    Cheers in advance if you / anyone else gets a second.

    HH 88

    • Jona, my two cents; If you like the idea of going to a seminar that weaves politics, economics and game concepts together and you like to stew on the “Why” of these, then this is for you.
      I haven’t looked at all the parts of it just yet but I found the part on Winners Mentality esp interesting. Nick uses two diff Authors as an example of how you can stack and align the symbolism and allegories of certain branches of thought with going for what you want in life. Although I don’t necessarily agree with Nick’s choice of author (Rand) – (typical neurotic, binary, controlled opposition Eskimo) that isn’t the point, The point is to try and whet your appetite for alignment with the reason you do daygame/business and your own life.

  9. The exposition about value was precious. Amazing ! I don’t think any product in the past captured it like K did. It literally sent shivers down my span.

    I’d urge any reader of this blog to buy this along with daygame mastery. It will be one of the best investment you can ever make if you decide to follow this path.. [Glad you liked it. K.]

  10. Nick,

    I bought and watched your new product. Very well done

    Even including an entire video relating Antifragile to Game. You are a man after my own heart (no homo)

    I had to send this link to you. Hit this link and scroll down to see who else is a “First Hander” who says one of his favorite books is “The Fountainhead”


    Greatness travels in packs

    Godspeed my white gentile padrone, [Thanks boss. Glad you liked it. K.]

  11. I’m playing with this new app, but level 6 is penguin screen rather than pussy paradise

  12. I’m just play that, because I want to see hot pussies [I think Google has you sorted for that. K.]

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