Regular euro jaunters will be quite familiar with the experience of showing up in a new town all excited to do daygame and then, while walking around, you see half a dozen other daygamers opening girls. Usually it’s not a problem but every now and then some aspy dickhead is spam approaching every girl. A hundred sets a week, every week. He’s burning the town but – as laws are currently stated – you’re not allowed to kill him. Rather than encourage you all to vigilante justice against these people, how about we just let off steam in a light-hearted manner.

I introduce you to Daygame Dominator. Click the image to play in your browser. Far better is to click here to download the self-installing app for Android.


This will play in a browser with a mouse but I highly recommend you use a touchscreen smartphone instead – otherwise you’ll never get to Pussy Paradise (level 6).

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