Belgrade Diaries – April 2016

April 24, 2016

Long-time readers will be painfully aware of my love-hate relationship to the capital city of Serbia. On the one hand I find the girls to be the hottest in the world (for my taste) – a non-stop parade of leggy greyhounds – and I’ve also had more success there then anywhere else. But on the other hand I fall into Groundhog Day and quickly tire of the same routine. It’s also a tough place to get laid. There’s not much of the fast adventure sex to be had. I allowed a couple of wings to twist my arm and showed up for nine days in early April.

Coming directly from Prague I was still nursing a come-down from my fuck-a-thon with one of Italy’s dirtiest porn stars. Waking up early for the Belgrade flight, I felt the last gusts of wind against my sails and then I was becalmed. Walking down to my apartment from the airport bus drop-off point at Slavia Square I was immediately reminded how different Prague and Belgrade are. Whereas Prague is a London-esque cornucopia of nationalities, sub-cultures and tourism the Serbian capital is a mono-culture where everyone dresses the same and nobody has any money. It felt like a 50% GDP-per-capita drop. I pressed on.

Some of the world's hottest women live in these shitholes

Some of the world’s hottest women live in these shitholes

I spent the whole of Day One with my head planted into a Boutique cafe table, barely able to keep my eyes open. An illness was coming on. I organised a late-night coffee date with a long game lead and it was fun. With the benefit of hindsight we shouldn’t have walked down to the river and sat on a bench for two hours at midnight. That was the final straw in breaking my health.

Sure enough I woke up the next day sneezing, itchy eyes, and strange dandruff-like flakes of skin falling from my cheeks. Unwilling to surrender the day, I tried a couple of approaches on Day Two but I could barely even string a sentence together. Day Three was worse and now my eyelids had puffed up like a boxer entering the twelfth round of a losing title bid. I sent a selfie to a few friends who freaked out at how odd my face looked (as opposed to usual). Day Four was rain which – as all keen Belgrade street gamers know – meant there wasn’t a soul on the streets. So you can imagine that by Sunday (Day Five) I was immensely frustrated – barely any approaches and my one solid number had been leaving to Slovenia. I’d been jinxed. I might as well have stayed in Newcastle playing Dark Souls.

Given that I’d fucked a porn star on Monday in Prague I also wondered if perhaps I’d caught HIV or some STD of the eyes. Another unsatisfying Belgrade experience was upon me. The illness seemed to fade a little on Sunday and I got a few sets done, plucking numbers from four sensationally beautiful women – the sort where fucking even one of them would be a lifetime accomplishment for all but the world’s highest SMV men.

“You are soooo confident! It’s great” said Petra.
“English people are just my cup of tea” cooed Andrea.
“Yes, we can have coffee” said Sevina
“Your accent is cute” said Milena.

Number close a flaky model

Number close a flaky model

Unfortunately all four dropped off in the subsequent texting and I was reminded of the painful attrition that comes with red-lining it at the hottest women you can find. On the plus side my long game girl came out on Sunday evening after her exams. Including 2015, it would be our fourth date. She was nicely dolled up which bode well and as we sat on a sofa together in the basement of Zmaj cafe she had an odd vibe. I couldn’t put my finger on it but I sensed nervousness. Perhaps she’s decided this is the sex date, so long as I don’t fuck up? I tried to show her some YouTube videos on my phone, knowing full well that the free wifi was too slow and my mobile signal blocked. After several thwarted attempts to show her, I finally expressed my exasperation.

“Let’s just use my own wifi. I want to show you dogs doing backflips”

She wobbled a bit at my apartment door then came in. The final bedroom escalation took about an hour and wasn’t ever really in doubt. She just wanted to be coy and let herself be persuaded. As soon as I looked down her shirt and saw a brand new Victoria Secret’s type bra I knew she’d come to fuck.

“I have had a bad experience with sex” she told me beforehand, to explain her tenseness as my dick was whipped out. “I only slept with one guy and it was weird. I couldn’t really feel it.”

So I slotted another hot twenty year old. It was fairly good. She lay there sweating and panting on my bed, cheeks flushed.

“I think you felt that” I said.

Drop half a point

Drop half a point

The remaining few days were also shit. I started to do good street work but just couldn’t get anything to stick. A few sets were absolutely awesome but just petered away to nothing in the texting. If I’d been living there a month I think a couple would’ve come through. That’s the problem with my one-week-one-city pattern: It inspires me to some fantastic tactical genius during that week, but it is strategic suicide. I hope the tactical improvements will pay off should I ever move my strategy towards one-month+ in a single town.

The final day was completely rained off so I just fucked the young greyhound again. That afternoon I was sitting under a cafe awning with her and two different regulars walked past and saw us. One laughed and the other turned her nose up.

Five days lost to illness and rain, four days of so-so street work. One lay with a YHT greyhound but it just didn’t feel like an achievement against the background of frustration.


  1. hmm sounds like a grind … I think after the pornstar escapade you needed a rest … like a boxer lining up two big fights one week apart. I still am curious about who this pornstar is .. think you should dish the dirt on this krauser. [Nope. I showed evidence to a few of my buddies to verify the story but that’s it. K.]

  2. I am a newbie daygamer, with over 200 approaches done and a couple of lays (Prague and Malaga) from it, just spent my first week in Zagreb, looks tough here, my approach/close ratio decreased significantly, i am heading to Belgrade in 3 weeks, seems like its gonna be challenging as well. Daygame Mastery will be delvered in a couple of days, I hope it will help. [Some places are harder than others, and some weeks are luckier than others. K.]

  3. What are your thoughts on London as a place to daygame now? Do you think that you wouldnt be able to get girls as hot in London or is it that you dont think the girls are as hot in London?

    • London’s a grind, you can get laid here but the process is just less pleasant, if it were as easy to get laid with YHT girls in London all the experienced daygamers wouldn’t be abroad. it is a great place to learn game though.

      • Great point xants. Most of the serious daygamers and/or coaches who actually live out the ‘game’ lifestyle don’t actually daygame in London! They do euro (further afield) jaunts like our follically challenged friend K. This says it all. I will suggest reasons why this is the case ….

        1) English girls DO NOT respond well to cold approach pickup. This la la land “all girls is the same” mantra some of the daygame coaches come up with is just (more) wishful thinking. Its not true … anyone who has opened many sets knows this too well, so the people who spout this gibberish are either lying or haven’t opened many sets. English girls if anything are often actually offended by being approached even in a polite manner, pretty ironic that the woo woo coaches tell their students that “you are giving the girl something special!” … when that student gets a look of disgust from said English girl he believed he was giving a ‘gift’ to 🙂 The cognitive dissonance must be shattering. Even if an English girl does like you and is attracted she is likely to flake as she is programmed to believe this is not an acceptable way to meet guys. I know some guys talk about feminism being the cause, I’m not so sure this is the case. My own view is that English society is a heavily prescriptive rules based society, people operate like robots in all aspects of their lives, anything which falls outside the purview of normality is dismissed as ‘wierd’.

        As an addendum, the above behaviour wipes out pretty much any opportunity anyway but if that wasn’t enough, if you are non white you are utterly done for. English girls consider anyone who is non white to be of lower value to themselves (regardless of their own intelligence or qualities). This I would suggest is a legacy of Victorian colonial propaganda which has left an imprint on British society. What makes it worse is the English are not well travelled or particularly knowledgeable about other cultures. Subtract two points in SMV to begin with fr this which will have to be compensated with in some other way in order to mitigate for this factor. If the girl is a 7/10, if you are non white you will have to be a 9/10 to even stand a chance. Now if any non white friends are intent on hooking up with an English girl there is one caveat to what I just said, the very top (I mean British aristocracy) and the very top (I mean the dregs of society) will engage with you on equal terms (the top is especially fascinating but I wont go into reasons for this in detail here but if you check recent English ducal weddings you will observe oddly several non white marriages [which is even more impactful that a casual relationship]).

        2) So taking into account the above a daygamer in London (or anywhere in the UK) is left with foreign girls walking around for some reason on the streets of old blighty. These divide into two categories …

        a) The tourist … The West End of London is teeming with tourists. The issue which nobody publically acknowledges is that a tourist by nature is usually here for a week or so (with London hotel prices its usually not long at all). You will probably catch them half way through their stay (on average) meaning you have a few days to run the whole seduction process. This means you have to essentially SDL or get the lay on the first or second date (if you are lucky enough to be able to get her out twice in that time). Many will go back home before you are able to close and you by default end up long gaming them until you can go to them or they come back to London. These girls by their nature are difficult to turn into LTRs so if you are looking for more than a one off lay aren’t a good use of your energy.

        b) the foreign girl living here … studying or working in the city. The holy grail of daygame in London. Once identified chase like your life depended on it. All the benefits of a foreign girl (by this I mean non English for reasons given earlier) but living in London so you have time to game and have the option of turning into a LTR.

        So taking all this into account, when you run daygame in London what you are essentially doing is attempting to screen out workable sets. Of course if you meet a girl from Poland lets say who’s going back home day after tomorrow you will try and go for the lay but really you are looking for girls in 2(b) – foreign girls studying or working here. So to give you an idea of numbers out of every 20 girls you open even on Oxford Street Id estimate perhaps 12 are English girls (working or shopping), 7 are tourists and perhaps only one will fall into being a student or worker from abroad. Now apply the probability of that set leading to a lay and you have your answer of why guys prefer to go on jaunts. Its just not a productive use of time or energy opening all the pointless sets on the way to finding the needle in the haystack.

        On the other point of London being a great place to practise, despite my own experience of doing this, I have to disagree. There are LOADS of sets which is the reason used to justify this by the daygame coaching companies. This means you can approach one girl after another, like in many other major metropolises (NY, Paris etc.). However, due to what I said above you will find especially as a beginner a huge FAST blowout rate. This means you will get lots of practise at the front end of the street stop, but you will not get much practise of the back end of the street stop. You will never develop the art of conversation as you wouldn’t get that far! This explains why London has armys of approach monkeys running around … who make a hobby of just running up to a girl and opening, perhaps delivering one line then getting blown out .. rinse and repeat. The nature of London daygame is also so brutal that it leads to a massive attrition rate in newbies, some of which I can well believe have meltdowns and breakdowns as a result. Buyer beware.

  4. That girl in the video looks ridiculously hot. Easily a high 8 I’d imagine.
    Fuck london I’ve got to start travelling😁
    Btw with all this talk of the pornstar was she actually a stunner or more an experience?

  5. Have to commend your ambition too btw. You really do go after the hotties.
    Some guys fuck very ordinary girls compared to themselves but act as if they’re casanova.

  6. Zatara is pretty much spot on with his observations.
    I had the same suspicions about London until I recently decided to go out and test it by approaching 200 girls and tracking my stats.

    Not surprisingly. Of the first 50 girls I approached (Mostly hot Essex birds) only 2 of them were pleasant and were not English. One from Latvia who I Facebook closed but had a beta boyfriend and another I dated and kissed who was from Switzerland.

    Every other girl pretty much ether gave me the brush off, a bf response or flat out flaked.

    I had a discussion with my travel buddies recently who are all into game and are generally pretty astute. And we all pretty much came to the conclusion that the reason why London is harder as a native is simply due to the value dynamics at play. You’re simply a) Not high enough value in comparison to the chodes who are constantly throwing money at the hottest girls and b) English girls simply have a higher asking price for their pussy. They want the alpha fux and alpha fux and often get it if they’re hot enough.

    It’s the reason why lifestyle game and bottle service game was and is so popular over here because it’s the only way you can increase your value if your interest is in the local girls.

    So it really effectively boils down to how ‘shiny’ you are in a given country, hence why it’s so easy for me to get ioi’s in Prague versus Romania where I was pretty much invisible.

    There’s a far meta level of game at play that most guys simply don’t notice when they go out, Having understood this, it’s allowed me to become less judgemental about my own performance.

    With that being said. If you’re a fairly attractive black dude with swagger than don’t fret. If hot English girls are your thing, then you will clean up easily. Essex girls will love you over here as the colour black seems to be the preferred colour in Essex as far as SMV is concerned.

    Apart from that, be prepared for an onslaught of harsh rejections, blowouts, time wasters and flakes. It will toughen you up and sharpen your game. Just be sure to make use of your polished skills elsewhere.

    • I’m black and no I wouldn’t want the rotten hand of seducing an Essex bird.

      • Essex is just full of East London people who made money a couple of generations ago and moved out of the East End into Essex as it was leafy with bigger houses … they have a similar subculture and still continue to speak like their East London kith and kin. Of course as they are nouveau riche East Londoners they act accordingly with crude ostentatious displays of wealth (men usually like to drive a land rover and wear a big hunk of swiss watch on their wrist, whilst women like dressing up in designer clothes, going for facials and so on). So essentially an Essex girl is just a dressed up East London girl, who is the archetype of a working class English girl. Curious point is for all the money they waste on frivolities they don’t seem to invest much in their education (not high on the agenda I assume as their businesses seem to be in the trades, property, garages etc. which I guess don’t require much intellectual rigour, rather fast talking sales and streetwise instinct, which they do hold in high esteem).

        Its hard to say you don’t find English girls attractive as the English are a mongrel European race made up of Celts, Germans, Denmark/Netherlands, French (the second wave made up of Huguenots actually clustering in East London around the mills and weaving industry) with Jews and Irish mixed in additionally in the last couple of centuries. So if you don’d like English girls you essentially don’t like W European girls. Anyway the long and short of this all is would you really say no to the following?

  7. Hi Krauser!
    This video pic above with the hot girl looks good.
    Do you want to share some infield? 😀

    And I like too as well, when you’re just talking a hot girl after the date. And I think this is the most naturally marketing stuff 🙂

  8. @Zatara – Those were the quality of girls I was shooting for in my approaches hence the blowouts. They all seem to fall for a certain archetype, which Nick mentions quite often in his seminars. You only have to look at the guys they’re dating to see a pattern. I personally think it’s too metrosexual for my liking to try and adapt in order to increase my ping range with them.

    I only ever fucked 1 Essex girl who was 17. But she was the exception in that she hated her local guys and was the first guy she fucked who wasn’t black.

    • Essex girls (and English girls in general) favour two archetypes … either the young pretty boy metrosexual or the pumped up muscle guy [credit Bodi who stated this in his blog which resulted in my own observations on this all making sense]. The black dude you allude to being popular is a subset within the ‘pumped up muscle guy’ category which appeals to a certain niche of English girls {Bodi didn’t say this but its my own view}.

      Essex girls also have ‘special case’ characteristics … because they are nouveau riche East London girls they usually have an unhealthy interest in anything to do with money. This is not good for the aspiring daygamer most of whom have a net worth approximating the level of your local big issue salesman … Essex girls like expensive dinners, being taken out to flash nightclubs and generally rolling around with a guy who looks financially successful (big ‘ouse, nice motor and as I said previously a huge rolex or other highly recognisable swiss machinery on your wrist helps a lot). Secondly, as I mentioned previously they are usually not shy retiring bookworms who enjoy trips to the library to reread their favourite passages from a Proust novel. They place low value on general knowledge or anything to do with intellectual sophistication [infact they only have scorn and ridicule for this due to parental influence .. remember their father probably left school at 17 to work in his ‘old man’s’ second hand car business or suchlike). Therefore you cannot impress them with your knowledge of travel, books you’ve read or interesting ideas you may have and so on (removing a key plank of running good game). As a kicker to all this, instead of reading Proust they like ‘going out’ a LOT, their subculture involves ‘going out’ all the time (and talking about it the whole of the next day), a euphemism for going out with their social circle for drinks at a bar or nightclub. Therefore you are competing with their social circle full of the aforementioned pretty boys and pumped up muscle guys.

      So conclusion is … you are royally screwed as a daygamer trying to pull these girls. Don’t waste your time. You have to be clever and work out who YOU appeal to as well as realising what groups of girls are most conducive to Daygame. The only English girls who are conducive to daygame are the ‘outsider status’ girls which Krauser has mentioned before.

      • Agreed. My sentiments exactly. I’ve always had my suspicions and couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I’m glad I now have the empirical data to prove it.

  9. I don’t recall there was much arm twisting needed 😉 Hope you are finally over the health issues, that’s never fun. And you left at the right time, it got damn cold right after your departure. Probably a shift in the force 😉

  10. Central and Eastern Europe have been great gounds for over the years, but do you think you’ll eventually ever get bored of it?

    I am aware you have travelled to the Far-East, South America and Baltics. But, ever thought about other places in the world? Then again, I suppose you have zero interest in North American, Australian, and South-African girls.

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