Scott Adams and his Master Seducer / Persuader series

January 11, 2016

I’ve just started reading Scott Dilbert’s Adams’ blog and in particular his Master Persuader series on Donald Trump (h/t Mike at Danger&Play). Each time I read a post I start transposing words like a find/place bot swapping “Trump” for “the player” and “voter” for “girl”. That in itself was interesting because I’ve found this is a general habit for me. Every time I learn something new my mind tries to find a game lesson in it.


But let’s stick with Dilbert Adams. First allow me to quote him at length.

“Have you ever been listening to Donald Trump speaking, or reading one of his quotes, and found yourself laughing out loud?

Maybe you think he has a good sense of humor and he says funny stuff. Maybe you think he is so shocking that you laugh out of social horror. Maybe you love how he pokes your political enemies. If you are not a Trump fan, maybe you think you are laughing at him, or laughing out of disgust, or out of certainty he will be dooming himself this time for sure.

It’s a tell for persuasion. You laugh at Trump because you feel the persuasion, on a subconscious level, and not because anything was especially funny.

When I learned hypnosis, the instructor taught us that subjects often laugh during an induction.”

Laughter is a tell for persuasion. A causeless laugh means you got persuaded to the point where it challenged some long-held truth in your mind. The laugh is an automatic reflex in that situation.”

People often tell me that making girls laugh isn’t seductive: “bro, you’re not a comedian”. If you’re on a nightclub dancefloor grinding a drunk horny girl, I’ll agree. If you’re on a street stop or first date with a girl then I most certainly disagree.

Game is about persuading the girl to sleep with you. That’s the very essence of dealing with Maybe Girls. Note that “persuasion” is not the same as wheedling, begging, imploring or logic-ing. You are attracting a girl’s attention, getting her interested, then persuading her to reach a decision that leads to action. It’s the AIDA model from sales. When you lay a cocky tease on a girl early in the set she laughs. It’s not a ha-ha laugh, it’s more like a “I’m can’t believe you just said that” laugh that crackles with sexual tension. The better your sexual vibe the more she’ll produce illogical giggles and laughs as an exhaust pipe for her growing sexual interest.

The girl is feeling persuasion. She senses her increasing sexual attraction towards you and can’t help laughing to cope with the tension. Look for it. It means you’re winning.

It's not his money that makes him alpha

It’s not his money that makes him alpha

Let’s try another one of Adams’ posts from the series:

“I can’t stop laughing about Trump’s Iowa reframing. You probably heard about it. The setup goes like this:

– Trump was trailing Cruz in Iowa polls.
– Trump taunted an Iowa audience with “You have not picked a lot of winners.”
– The media reported Trump’s taunts.

And the very next poll showed Trump slightly atop Cruz. The trap that Trump set for Iowa is that they can either vote for him – in which case he wins – or they can vote for Cruz and prove he was right about Iowa having a bad track record. Then, say the polls, he will go on to win New Hampshire.

What you think you see is Trump telling people they should vote for him. In the 2D world, he is simply using different language to say what all politicians say. But in the 3D world of persuasion Trump just created a situation in which…wait for it… Iowans are voting on their own intelligence. That’s an identity play. You should recognize it by now as the strongest form of persuasion.

Here’s what does NOT work: “Look at my awesome policies.”
Here’s what DOES work: “Smart people vote this way.”

This is exactly what we do when we’re reframing the girl on the good girl / bad girl spectrum. We are inviting her to position herself as either:

  • The bad girl who has to pretend to be a good girl, but we both know better, nudge wink
  • The good girl who has a bad girl inside her trying to get out

Both positions increase the likelihood of fast sex. This is the “Iowa picking a winner” position. The alternative is for her to be one of those boring good girls just like everyone else – the “Iowa having a bad track record position”. We are making an identity play on her wish to be different from all those other girls.

So we cold read the girl and reframe the adventure sex option. “You look like a kitten on the outside but there’s a tiger inside”. “I get the feeling you are more adventurous than you look”. “Look at that [item of clothing]. You almost convinced me you were a good girl until I noticed that.”

There’s a segment in Daygame Overkill all about how to do this and why. Like Adams says, it’s an identity play. You aren’t convincing her that you’re a logical (i.e. high SMV) alliance to make. You’re persuading her on the basis that she’s a bit special and likes adventure. Then you provide her with a safe outlet to pursue it (you).

“When you hear mentions of Trump as a good front-runner it means – to borrow a phrase from the world of investing – we are on the brink of “capitulation.” That’s the point where everyone just stops resisting the idea of a President Trump and starts adjusting to the reality of it.”

A girl might resist this positioning but if you keep reframing her you’ll often feel that moment of capitulation arrive. She decides she’s gonna do that one crazy thing after all. She’s capitulated to the idea of being in your bed and starts adjusting to the reality of it. YOLO.

Add together the two Dilbert Adams’ concepts and you get why the Daygame Overkill style fractionates between the highly sexual bad boy and the charmingly polite gentleman. We need the smarts to verbally convey the reframing and as the likeability cover for the outrageous pushes and pulls that make her laugh.


  1. Thanks for the article Nick. Have a nice one!

  2. Good stuff. Isn’t this cold reading designed to play on a girls ego so she will “run the gauntlet” and prove herself to a high value man? You’ve laid down a gentle challenge by reframing her as someone she wants to be and she wants to take a nibble?

  3. Hah! I have an article in reserve about a similar topic, but it won’t be published in a bit, as I’m trying to upload an article per week…

    I agree with you that laughter is sorely underutilised in game as people fear becoming a clown. In either case, I think there’s two types of laughter in situations wherein you affect people’s opinions. One is the Louis C.K. variety where you laugh due to Schadenfreude, you laugh because you realise that there are others far more pitiful than you. This changes your behaviour in that you identify the behavioural patterns that would lead you to avoid becoming like the person that evoked said feeling and avoid them at all cost. This is the least effective, and overall less desirable position.

    The second variety comes in the George Carlin variety. He has such a strong frame, and such an ease to reframe issues in whatever light that he sees fit, that he makes you accidentally cross the socially accepted line. Then he turns back, and crosses it a couple of times for good measure, in case you missed it. You laugh because you realise that you’ve crossed it, as you agree with his frame, and you have ceased to care momentarily about the preestablished social order. If this momentary fluctuation is capitalised on and solidified, you can permanently change people’s opinions on all types of issues. This is what Trump has done to a great extent with a lot of people.

    • *Whoops, I made slight slip of the tongue, since I can’t edit it. I’ll just write what I meant below, as otherwise one sentence is nonsensical…:

      This changes your behaviour in that you identify the behavioural patterns that would lead you to become like the person that evoked said feeling, and you avoid them at all cost. This is the least effective, and overall less desirable position.

  4. I’ve been reading his blog daily, or as often as he posts, since I read his Hot To Fail At Everything and Still Succeed book last year. His stuff is amazing.

    I’ve also been wondering when you are going got start to put your innate hypnosis skills to work on the masses for political viewpoint indoctrination, Krauser. You may have found yourself thinking that now is a political turning point, or soon will.

    And somewhat the same way that PC dogma is piped into peoples brain’s for etching into their subconscious mind, non-pc pro-nationalist views can overwrite the PC views with a good audience who can be relaxed and focused while listening to the opinions you want them to have,

  5. Ya, I’ve been reading his blog lately too. I can’t remember how I stumbled on it. Scott Adams tweeted about D&Ps book marketing strategy, and then I learned that D&P is also aware of Scotts blog, and the Trump series. Small world now.

    Persuasion and hypnosis are important talents, easily underrated and overlooked.

    In some sections of the manosphere you get big groups of people who are very class conscious, and don’t much believe in class mobility. Rollo and many of his commentors for instance tend to talk about Alphas and Betas and hypergamy as if the only option is to be aware of your real place in the scheme of things; there is next to no talk about changing one’s place on the ladder. No talk about seduction being a learnable skill, and no talk about learning to generate strong passionate non-negotiated sexual desire out of a woman way outside of a mans physical attraction league. Such a concept is instead seen as self delusion and even holding the concept further proof of further self delusion. You get groups of guys reinforcing learned helplessness through the categories of Alpha and Beta, who believe that woman go after “Alpha Thugs”, and that they can only protect themselves using red pill knowledge; they can’t actually improve their lot and get hot girls to fall deeply in love with them.

    Adams talks about the 3d way of thinking, and using that analogy many in the manosphere are stuck in 2d thinking, and have no way to conceptualize the powers of persuasion.

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  7. Speaking of Master Persuaders, have you read “The Art Of The Deal”? I think it has many ideas to be extrapolated to game… I will quote and replace the word “deal” with “girl”.
    ” For starters, I keep a lot of balls in the air, because most girls fall out (flake), no matter how promising they seem at first.”
    Now, I will replace “people” with “girls”:
    “You can’t con girls, at least not for long.You can create excitement, you can get wonderful promotion and get all kinds of press, and you can throw a little hyperbole. But if you can’t deliver the goods(value), girls will catch up eventually”.
    The book is full of game parallels, and with the recent turn of events (the uprise of Trump), and reading this I can see that he’s an Alpha and money is only just one parte of his Alphaness.

    • I just don’t understand this fascination in the PUA community for Trump. His business book resembles the work of a 16 year old work experience student .. and not a good one at that. As for Trump’s life … he grew up the privileged son of a real estate developer, he used insane leverage offered by banks in the mad bad 80s to overpay for real estate developments and got blown up as a result several times over … he then resuscitated himself as a media star, a business version of kim kardashian.

      Perhaps the game community likes the fact he’s had a couple of hot wives, though he had to wife them up and got steamrollered by the first in a divorce … & of course I would suspect he is playing what David Wygent called ‘Big Daddy’ game (or what is more commonly known as money game).

      I’d watch this in order to get a better picture of the man. He’s a fraud. I do think though that he has accidentally hit upon some truths … US foreign policy, their alliances with terrorist sponsor states, relationship with China being particularly potent. [Veering into player-hate here. K.]

      • I don’t think its unhealthy to criticise when justified.

        He definitely isn’t an ‘Alpha male’ .. one only has to watch his childish petulance, small minded tit for tat comments and laughable boasts to realise he is a archetypal Gamma.

      • The PUA community likes Trump because he’s got game. It’s blatantly obvious to anybody paying attention, and it makes the rest of the Republican candidates look like clowns. It’s also really entertaining to watch because he uses game effortlessly to win and the other candidates/media don’t get it so they think he’s crazy. Then, once you consider that the alternative will likely be Hillary Clinton, is it really such a mystery that people like this guy?

        It would be good to know more about his track record on real estate. Not that it would change anybody’s mind, but it would be important information of interest

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  9. Speaking of hypnosis, is this what we have come to accept from our dear leaders?

    Our “leaders” are the enemy, resistance must start.

  10. Off-topic mindwank:

    Do you think there would be a point to distinguish between different types of sigma?

    Vertically, we could talk about Lesser Sigmas and Greater Sigmas, of course. But that just speaks of how good at being sigma someone is, not differences in expression.

    Speaking horizontally, we could have sigmas who differ wildly in how they do sigma, but still achieve the same functional result: social independence and sexual success.

    I propose some archetypes:

    Type I: The Classic Sigma. Ie the enigmatic guy with a high IQ and an innate eccentricism that works for him. Similar to natural PUAs, *may* not have much technical understanding of his modus operandi. Vox is an example (and obviously understands what’s he doing).

    Type II: The reformed Gamma. He has gone through ego purgatory, and emerged victorious. Narcissism and secret ambition have been transmuted into a true IDGAF, “you do you, I’ll do me” attitude, backed up by real performance. Possesses great understanding of ego, and knows exactly what he’s doing. Krauser would be a good example.

    Type III: The disengaged Alpha. Someone who could have been the center of attention, but for reasons of personality and intelligence chose not to. Can go toe to toe with Alphas in the charisma and leadership departments. Penn Jillette might be a good example.

    Type IV: The Sexy Omega. A sexual and social reject who somehow manages to beat the odds and trick the system. Can’t think of a good example, although this is the archetype that Mystery’s method appealed most to (it’s a cold, hard, rational system – or at least appears to be – so not enough ego stimulation to appeal to gammas).

    Type V: The pseudo-Sigma. Other SMV ranks who are on their way to Sigma, but haven’t quite made it yet. Usually a Gamma, I would think. At some point a type V turns into a type II, but there’s plenty of grey zone, where a guy might for instance be having objective success, but is not processing that from a Sigma perspective yet. There might be a risk of getting stuck in semi-sigmahood, due to lingering gammaness.

    Krauser, thoughts on my system?

  11. Krauser, your rss feed has an error in it. All continue reading links have a space < in them. [I didn’t know I have an rss feed. K.]

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