My winter writing hibernation

January 28, 2016

Regular readers with a firm grasp of past-present-future will be aware that I haven’t posted here in over two weeks. This after a rash of new posts too. What’s up? Allow me to explain.

The Euro-Jaunt season for me begins in earnest in April – because that’s when the weather becomes agreeable – and then wraps up in October. Usually I want to squeeze a little more juice out of the lemon so I may do a short trip in the month either side of this window. Only masochists travel to the continent over winter. I much prefer hibernation. Every player needs an off-season so you might as well take it during the coldest months.

In 2012 and 2013 I did try to avoid winter entirely by travelling to the southern hemisphere but that proved to be fools gold. The women are a substantial downgrade from Europe, the men are low quality to hang out with, and the countries are – frankly – shit. I tried Brazil, Mexico, Cuba and Thailand. Except for the pre-existing friends I got to travel with, all were shit.

In addition to wishing I was back in Europe with civilised people and slim pretty women, I also noticed I wasn’t benefiting from an off-season to recharge my batteries. So I gave up the Tim Ferris freedom porn dream. Wintering in the southern hemisphere doesn’t suit someone of my tastes. I’ve got friends who love beaches, scuba, hostels and mediocre women – more power to them, but not for me.

There’s another reason I hibernate that is entirely business-related. When I’m in Europe I’m constantly thinking about women. I simply cannot focus on anything else. At a push, I can focus long enough to write a 1,000 word blogpost. But a product? Or a book? No chance.

Hibernation is the time that I’m free of distractions. I can potter about all day like a senile old man on his gardening allotment. That’s the time I catch up on my work and get stuff done. Here’s a typical day for me this winter.

  • 11am – Wake up. Put on my dressing gown then walk downstairs to brew a pot of coffee. Sit in a chair next to the radiator while I check my messages, Facebook, and favourite blogs.
  • Noon – After two cups of coffee, I dress in cheap training gear and walk down to the gym. Including stretching and walking each way, that’s a bit over an hour out the house.
  • 1pm – Microwave a Pot O’Gold pre-prepared rice/chicken meal bought from the gym. Have a shower. Get properly dressed.
  • 2pm – Walk to the Costa Cafe in the hospital grounds near my house. Buy a latte, plug in my laptop and tinker away with any business admin, a new vanity project I’m doing. Maybe troll Twitter for a while.
  • 3pm – Start work on the book I’m writing. After four hours or so I’ll have written another chapter. That’s my target – one chapter a day.
  • 8pm – The cafe closes so I’ll close my laptop (or my paperback novel if I did that instead). Walk home, turn on my gaming PC and then spend the rest of the evening switching between video games, TV, internet and arguing with my mother.

Living the dream!

Hard at work on the quadrilogy, yesterday

Hard at work on the quadrilogy, yesterday

This is all a rather long-winded way to bring you to my main point. The reason I’m not blogging much this month is I’m working on my next book, which is volume four of the memoir*. I dictated all the stories into my audio recorder back in December 2014 while the year’s adventure was still fresh in my mind. A transcriber girl turned that into a 200k-word transcript which I then worked with an editor to reduce down to a 100k first draft that was a publishable manuscript.

Thing is, I wasn’t happy to just have a normal book. I want it to be really good. I’ll only write my memoir once so I want to get it right first time and I’ve found that “becoming a proper writer” is a good little mission for me. So after being completely distracted by 2015’s Euro Jaunt, the manuscript was gathering figurative dust on my figurative book shelf on my laptop hard drive. I figuratively dusted it off in December and started the laborious process of re-writing the manuscript from the beginning.

As of this moment, I’ve completed the rewrite up to chapter 27 of 39*****. It’s looking good. Way better literary quality than Balls Deep. Total wordcount just passed 140k words and I expect the final version to be 150k (is it a coincidence that both Daygame Mastery and Primal Seduction were also 150k words?)***

At a chapter per day, I’ll be finished in two weeks. That’s when my blogging ought to pick up steam again**

488 pages. Fuck.

488 pages. Fuck.

Don’t get too excited about seeing Adventure Sex (working title) any time soon. Finishing the manuscript is simply the big scary milestone. It’s not the end. The next step is to begin instructing all my contractors – line editor, caricature artist, layout designer, cover artist – and having a few friends provide holistic feedback. Then there’s the tedious process of fixing typos and errors, then test prints and ……. oh fucking hell why do I bother for a book that I know won’t make any money?

Vanity is a powerful motivating force.

It’s generally accepted that if you blog three posts per week of original content (i.e. not just the “link & comment” tosh which most guys do) with each post around 1,000 words then you are a very active blogger.

Thus calculated, my book contains the content of a full year’s active blogging. That’s in addition to the actual blog. And the podcasts.

It’s something of a strategic risk to devote so much time to writing a book when I could put that energy into expanding my YouTube channel, or posting up theory pieces on my blog, or doing a new technique manual, or writing posts about Donald Trump, Ronda Rousey, Kanye West or whoever else is the link&comment flavour of the month.

The thing is, I don’t like to focus my energy on ephemeral content. Think how many blog posts you’ve read in the manosphere that are completely forgetable. There is a growing literature in the manosphere / PUA sphere that goes beyond throwaway “How to be alpha” ebooks. I want to write books that stand the test of time.****

The feedback over the years has been that my readers are pretty high-brow. They are smart guys who like to read original content, guys who are resistant to lightweight link pieces or generic “Five ways to….” clickbait lists. My readers don’t flit from flower to flower nor do they have the memory of a goldfish. I figure you guys are happy to just wait for good content and then read it when it’s ready.

So I’m working hard to deliver you 150k words of quality storytelling that is loaded with technical advice. It will use narrative to draw you into a state that allows your mind to absorb the lessons without it feeling like homework.

I’ll post up a book extract in a couple of days to whet your appetite.

* There’ll be another post on why I’ve written the memoir out of sequence

** If you’re craving regular winter daygame content you could do worse that to check out some of the newer player’s journey blogs: City Daygame, The Pursuit Of Women, The Alpha Teacher, TD Daygame, Numbnuts McNumpty – These are all guys I’ve met and who do real, consistent daygame in the LDM style.

*** There’s still a hack on my SigmaWolf website that shows a pop-up trying to get you to click onto spam sites. Don’t click on them! The checkout is still secure, so don’t worry about getting ripped off. I’m working on a fix but it’s a pretty bad infestation.

**** With this in mind, that’s why I was happy to spend five days writing feedback to Tom on his new textbook a week ago.

***** In the four hours since posting this up, I’ve done another 4,288 words to bring it up to chapter 28 and current wordcount of 141,270. Go me!


  1. Waiting for the book to be published.

  2. The cold weather and the work-instead-of-play because there’s not that much to play at in wintertime is probably one reason why civilizations have developed the way they have in the North. We see a lot of the same trends in Northern USA

    I couldn’t agree more about Latin America – I used to love it but the New York & Moscow level prices in Rio a few years ago (Latin American currencies are at record lows now, however) put me off. Also there was a gradual realization that every thing man made there was crap (that means every city except the ones built by Colonial powers & preserved) – the only redeeming creation they’d accomplished was the food & some music but sadly they’ve followed many of the ghetto trends in USA music wise. The women have some redeeming features in their culture in that their women go above and beyond anything seen in USA to look as good as possible all the time.

    I’m reminded of the words of a Spanish friend of mine – he said “We in Spain have a flaw in our culture and we have exported this flaw to all of Latin America and now USA” I said ‘what is it?” & he replied “All of our women want to be the boss”

  3. Thats the thing. Your posts do tend to stay in the readers brain. They are thought provoking and more importantly, appilcable most of the time. I think you do yourself a disservice when you call it mindwank. The gammas etc who accuse you of over-analysing are just knee jerk lazy fuckers. Some of your life-style stuff is gold. [Thanks. K.]

  4. interesting post nick.

    Off topic a bit but I’ve been wondering how you keep the fact you live at home with your parents at the age of 40 from hurting your inner game. How do you reality weave that into something that boosts instead of detracts from your vibe and inner game/self worth. Women usually expect an older man to have considerable wealth.

    Not a troll question btw. This is one of my favorite blogs of all time. [I don’t need to live with them. From age 18 to 39 I lived away from home. I made a conscious decision to move back in because I wanted to stabilise myself and remove some of the rootless weirdness that a nomadic daygame lifestyle gives you. It was a pro-active move. K.]

  5. What about the Philippines? I’ve heard it’s paradise for white men. Little brown fuck machines.

  6. You say quadrilogy, I say tetralogy, let’s call the whole thing off.

    I think Graeme Greene would correct his previous day’s work,write 300 words, and then knock off. On the other hand, Anthony Trollope would make himself write 250 words every 15 minutes, and if he finished a book part way through the 15, he’d start another straight away. Right now you’re showing the guy who should have had a Nobel a dirty pair of heels – if you could be arsed to stick at it for long enough you could be composing 19th century fatties.

  7. I have to agree, I went to Brazil and was hugely dissapointed. I did have high expectations but it was nothing like how I imagined, even Colombia I didnt rate that highly for women. What would you say your top 5 countries be for women?

  8. As a regular reader here I’m feeling fairly flattered right now.

  9. You’re living with your mother? :\

  10. Can you elaborate on the Brazil/southern hemisphere thing? I keep hearing Brazil has amazing women… You mention a language barrier. Is that barrier not present in European countries? [You hear about Brazilian women because it’s (i) Americans who are easily impressed due to the appalling standard of their own women and having not visited FSU (ii) p4p (iii) it’s easy for a white man to get trashy blacks there. The reality is they are mostly fat and unpleasant. English isn’t widely spoken in Sao Paulo or Rio, where I went, compared to Europe where English is very common. A huge tell for a guy shit with women is he’s rhapsodize about Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Thailand, Philipines or Indonesia. K.]

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