Male Power Complex – The Blue Pill

January 30, 2016

Irony can be quite ironic at times.

I was minding my own business at the seaside market today. I’d gone along to have coffee with my brother and pick up a series of nice retro Agatha Christie book club editions. Sitting myself down in a leather chair by the fire of my favourite pub, I pressed on with light reading. Bliss.

An hour later the coffees had gone right through me. Time for a piss.

English readers will be well aware of the ubiquitous condom machines in every pub toilets. In the past decade they’ve expanded the product range to include breathmints, cock rings, lube and god knows what else. After a traumatic experience as a teenager of such a machine swallowing five of my pound coins one night when I had a girl waiting for me in the bar, I decided to never bestow my patronage upon them again.

But I did chuckle when I saw the latest machine here.

Photo with my own camera, today

Photo with my own camera, today

Let’s just tick off the unintentional ironic humour……

  • A magic pill to increase your sexual prowess. Check.
  • A herbal remedy for the New Age man whose mind is so open his brain has fallen out. Check.
  • Male power is unintentionally pathologised as a “complex” by Feminine Imperative. Check.
  • Machine is fitted to the wall next to a condom machine, so it’s a useless product right next to one that actually does facillitate sex. Check.

I dare say they’ve correctly labelled it as the Ultimate Blue Pill. I’m being facetious of course, reading far too much into it than it deserves. Anyway, it made me chuckle.


  1. Looks like the word complex is used here to mean multiple elements connected together to form the pill, not a psychological disorder. Like Vitamin D Complex etc. [I wasn’t serious. K.]

  2. Viagra…is another blue pill…

  3. Hi
    I can’t see sigmawolf website, whats happening?

  4. Krauser your shitlording in recent times has generated quite a bit of attention, particularly on MPC. I’m sure you probably know the thread : )

    Sincerely, much respect for saying what you believe, many with a public profile like yours in the Peoples Republic of England would tremor at the thought of even publishing half the stuff you have on twitter. While I haven’t followed your blog until very recently, from what I can tell you’ve had a considerable shift in your view of politics, life values and even pickup over the past few years. I think that would make a very interesting blogpost.

    Good luck mate and keep it up, just not to the point you get deported or gangraped to death by swarthy GRIDs carriers [Thanks boss. I keep the politics off the blog because understandably many guys don’t want to hear it. Also, I have different goals – the blog is to help ANY guy get laid, whereas Twitter is about the type of country I want England to be. BTW, my rightist conversion came from reading blogs like Very British Dude, Old Holborn and Raedwald back in 2008, i.e. before I discovered Game. K.]

    • The politics is disgusting and depressing, but seriously important. It’s like a red-pill rabbit hole in itself, and it’s personally been a huge drain on my time and energy, really compromising my ability to do my work and actually go out to open girls. It feels like even once you solve the mysteries and know what needs to be done, you are powerless to do anything. With girls, you have action then reward, but with this, it’s like an endless pit where you find out the demons are the people supposed to be protecting you and nobody can call them out on it.

      I’m starting to believe that only a military coup that uproots feminism and issues a clean sweep at the top can solve anything in Western Europe. Maybe some real-life James Bond stuff is in order. Without necessarily sharing any opinions you don’t want to, do you think a coup is even possible in the UK? Or is the answer just patience and persistence.

      I’d devote my life to stopping this madness, but I don’t even have a EU passport. Either I stuff my head in the sand and focus on my own life, or get a ticket to Turkey, learn Arabic, and pay some smugglers so I could get in with the refugees. Lol

      • – Check that out. An extra level deeper into the politics/economics/human nature rabbit hole.

      • “It’s like a red-pill rabbit hole in itself, and it’s personally been a huge drain on my time and energy, really compromising my ability to do my work and actually go out to open girls.”

        I’ve read Nick’s blog for a long while now, and thus far never commented, but this statement massively resonated with me. It’s exactly how I feel right now.

        I understand Nick can’t really comment due to not wanting the blog to be bogged down with politics/immigration rants, but I’d also love to hear some answers, or be directed to an outlet (list of blogs etc.) that offers some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. Apologies though, as this isn’t the place…

  5. DR, that link shows some pretty cool history. It’s a reminder that history and politics are cyclical in nature. Even when the Roman empire collapsed (in large part to overly-generous Romans allowing northern barbarian displaced by rogue foreign invaders to settle in the empire and completely compromise their ability to defend themselves – directly leading to their destruction) life went on. I think it was called the Dark Ages, but I’m not expert on the matter, I just know that city-states were eventually formed and today the place is called Italy.

    DS, I feel your pain and am glad to know I’m not alone in this. Judging by NK’s twitter, we can safely assume he feels the same way too. I haven’t found any light at the end of the tunnel other than my own conclusions above, though most blogs that educate us on this just lead to negative energy – so once you feel like you’ve solved the puzzle or at least understand it, it’s best to wean off them. Just like Rollo’s stages of the red pill, there has to be a final period of acceptance that you can mold into positive action. I’m not quite there yet, but I’d recommend Tom Torero’s youtube page as he’s got a great audio series that’s both relative to daygame and very uplifting in general. I think his last podcast hosted a guy named Rami, and it’s literally about action-oriented positivity. Good luck, and yeah, apologies Nick for the derailment

  6. I read the first comment in this article and immediately thought of Krauser.

    “Someone should start a tourism industry of vacationing to these areas to beat immigrants for a week or two.”

  7. Try them out, fucking brilliant 👌

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