Adventure Sex – Book Excerpt #1

February 2, 2016

This winter I’ve been knuckling down with the business of writing my next book. I left the local cafe this afternoon having just finished chapter twenty-nine, making the total (current) wordcount 144k and my rewrite has gotten up to 121k of that. I teased an excerpt so here it is. Bear in mind this is still a draft.

Chapter Twenty – Greater Serbia

My week in Newcastle was all about relaxation, seeing my family, spending time with my nephews, and playing a few video games. Travelling uproots me because there’s no sense of grounding or stability. There’s a kind of meta-stability in the sense that in every country I visit, I can follow the same routine and there’s a certain familiarity with the method and with it a certain predictability. Nonetheless, I’ve found it whittles me down over time. I returned home to remind myself that I can be a normal person doing normal things, if only for a week before the wolves start howling again.

I’ve found that the transience of Euro-jaunting unmoors the boat and separates me from the local and specific. Think of it this way: as a young boy my entire world was a one-square-mile patch of land around my house. That’s where I ate, drank, schooled, played and explored. I knew every path of that land – which neighbours would chase you if you jumped through their hedges and which wouldn’t, where the stingy nettles were, which trees were easy to climb. We local kids had our own names for the best play areas. For example, my house was built over an old mining railway that had long since fallen into disuse and had the tracks removed. So now there was a long straight trail of several miles leading from the top of the hill down to the river. About a hundred metres down from my house there were two identical tiny railway bridges side by side – which were now pedestrianised – spanning a two-lane road. Weeds, long grass and nettle bushes turned the twenty metres between the bridges into wilderness, a steep high wall marking the drop to the road below, and a council yard full of building materials occupied the other side.

We called this area “the Blue Bridges” and it was great for hide-and-seek and also doing dares, such as walking along the outside of the bridge while the traffic whizzed twenty metres below. It was the last frontier of “our turf” before the next housing estate which we rarely ventured into.

Kids stuff, I know. The point is that as a child my life was intensely local and specific. I was tied logistically and emotionally to a small patch of land and the people therein – blood and soil, if you want to be dramatic about it. Euro-jaunting represents the opposite end of the local-global spectrum. I was now ranging far and wide across entire continents, cherry picking very specific elements as my cocoon to live in. I’d stay in a city a month without seeing much more than a few streets, cafés, bars and clubs. The only people I’d meet were women aged eighteen-to-thirty and at the upper end of beauty.

“Where did you go this time?” my grandmother would ask as we shared tea and biscuits at her nursing home.
“Minsk, Belarus” I’d reply.
“Oooooh! That sounds far away. It is nice?”
“Yeah. It’s the former Soviet Union” I’d continue.
“Oooooh! What’s it like there? Are the people interesting? You must have seen a lot of the world now!” she’d excitedly ask.

And I wouldn’t have an answer for her. In my month in Belarus I’d not seen a single theatre performance, no cinema screening, nor been inside a museum. I couldn’t tell you a single street name except those honouring Bolshevik idols. I’d not spoken to a single local man in a social context. At least John had been to the cinema to watch performing monkeys.

That’s how it is with Euro-jaunting. It made me disassociated from humanity. I’d feel like I was a ghost floating several inches off the ground and never quite touching anything real. It was like Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense. Eventually it messes with my mind.

I might post more of this chapter later. Any thoughts? I suppose this is a little like those open betas video game developers do.


  1. interesting that you have no interest in exploring the cites culture, landmarks or anything that isn’t inline with day game. I have never done a euro-jaunt however when i do i would have things to do such as exploring the city culture and other local means(or even something trivial) purely for the face that when day game becomes the first priority or even the only priority the authenticity of it ceases.. a lot. For my own experience anyway.

    Do you chose to approach it this way for a reason? and if so what are the advantages and/or disadvantages on your results?

    • Good tourists are crappy daygamers. Unless you focus on number farming and dating you won’t get real results (notches). And if you do focus there’s no time left for sightseeing.

      I tried to enjoy both the cities and daygame but with more pressure on sights you just can’t push enough approaches.

    • When I was married I loathed travelling, I’m not much into art or culture and I’d invariably get dragged around the shops, I must have seen the inside of Zara in 20 different cities. Now I’ve found something worth travelling to see, the women, I guess the irony is I still spend lots of time hanging around the shops.

  2. Writing seems good but it’s a bit short to form an opinion

  3. I think what would separate your work from every other I WENT FROM ZERO TO HERO pick up story out there is the theme you’re currently developing there – obsessive pick up as a dehumanizing experience. It would be interesting to expand on that, as I think too many guys are seduced by war stories, and there’s not enough honest introspection or exploration about the human experience as a whole.

    good stuff so far though

  4. Seems good stuff, just as a free sample I would expect a bang story or a near-miss one, or at least part of it.

  5. You present the problem well. It caused me to wonder how to fix the problem. My thoughts follow.

    tl;dr Enrich your life even if seduction is your work.

    All “work” (daygaming) leaves you feeling like your life is shallow, insipid, dehumanized, and unattached. Maybe the rushed approach that you take to seduction is suboptimal? Perhaps it would be better to add some culture to your seduction. I like the fantasy angle for that. Chat up some local people for places to go and things to do that are their secret favorites (i.e., most other locals don’t know about them). Maybe you can meet those people on fb and do secret favorite prep before you jaunt.

    Make the seduction a fantasy for you as well as for her. It should be about you anyway. Enrich the seduction with your own good feels.

    Here’s where I am coming from. I don’t have your problem.

    I live on a 1.3 acre plot on the edge of town in a city (population around 1.5 million) where my nearest neighbor is 350 feet away and we sit about 300 feet off the street. The house has a small pond and a wrap-around porch and lots of trees on the property. We are empty nesters and I have a rich social life. So I don’t feel the same way about my life. I feel very attached and happy with my attachments.

  6. Good excerpt. The blog continues to be a welcome refuge of authenticity in what is generally a jungle of unconscionable PUA bullshit.

  7. Krauser, you write incredibly well. Of course your descriptive techniques are paramount when telling us about your childhood and I find your extrapolations to the real world and ability to deconstruct each system interesting. From the child’s playground to the adult playground. From the title of adventure sex (bad boy) to the picture of you sitting telling your gran in her nursing home about the trips. From the drive to hunt like a wolf, lone or in a pack, to shuttling back up north to drink tea and play video games. Dichotomies we all experience in game and can relate to.

    It would be interesting to know whether you have a desire to “connect your Daygame to humanity” or whether the dissassociation you describe is integral to your success and having the freedom to explore techniques/tweaks to your game. Entertaining mental masturbation so far. I look forward to reading the book when it’s out.

  8. Great post. But from a literary standpoint my feedback would be to create more mystery and tension off the top to seduce the reader. Example:

    “Where did you go this time” my 90 year old grandmother asked handing me a scone as though I was still that little boy from Newcastle. The boy who …add colour.

    I paused at the innocence of the question. Where I had been was worlds away from ..

    Tease the sex capade. You know it…gramma has no clue…how does that align with the feelings you describe later in this post? A kind of secret you have and can’t or won’t share. Or maybe she would understand?

    “Minsk” …and take it from there.

    My feedback is that your blogs and manuals are excellent for their clarity. But an autobiography or novela needs to be less explicit and more subtle and sublime…just like when you game a giirl by text and get a shy girl to open up…

    Good stuff!

  9. Yup. I think in general, game is deeply isolating.

    Blue pill guy friends – you sorta start hating them for their chodeliness and drop out. Seriously, a solo sarging session is much better than small talk with the faggot gang.I don’t make many female friends anymore – friendzone is repulsive.

    Movies – Everything is just disney romance. Initially you’re angry at the lies and bullshit and then after a few months, you’re just plain bored.

    If you lead a dual life, then you start minimizing useless social interactions. I’m no more interested in either the 49’ers or the Mets.

    The things that i do now for my own pleasure are working out in the gym, reading, listening to music, learning guitar, playing on the PS4, and sarging; All of them solo activities. One of the consequences of systematically cutting out blue pill influences from my life has been increasing loneliness. For a newbie player, that sometimes overwhelms you a bit. But then it’s ok.

    As far as i am concerned, there will be plenty of time to go to the theater and learn about history, once my dick stops working. For now, i’m fine scattering my husks in the winds of female affection and letting them travel far and wide – till they are discharged and flushed down the bathtub. Or in a tissue. Or whatever.

  10. so does adventure sex not pick up where balls deep ends? [No. It’s volume four. I’ll do 2 and 3 later. Long story. K.]

  11. Good stuff. I would have thought at least you would do the touristy stuff for material for your pick up?

    Write the way you want. Your real life adventures are enough drama without adding in fancy language.

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