The Text Clinic Is In Session

January 7, 2016

A standard tool in the daygamer’s arsenal is the Photo Reply. You’ll be swapping WhatsApp messages and an opportunity presents itself for a solid tingle-inducing retort. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some go-to photos to drop in those occasions where Google Images isn’t returning the right stuff from your search?

Ok, let’s consider some situations and the correct picture to send. I’ve used all of these pictures over the past month, though some are old favourites rather than new entrants *  Bear in mind each one of these pictures is a separate chat – you’re not supposed to unload them all onto the poor girl.

  1. Seasonal Greetings

You: Merry Christmas!

Her: Merry Christmas! How was your day?


Stripclub santa

You: Hey fancypants 🙂  I played Santa at a Christmas party today!

Her: Wow! Really???



2. How’s Your Day?

Her: Good morning!! How are you today?

You: I think I’m ill.


You: Eating porridge and drinking cocoa. Living the dream! How are you?

Her: I had a bad day 😦



3. Irreverent Nonsense

You: I’ve been reading all about dinosaurs today. They are daaaaaaaangerous :O

Her: Haha, what?



You: I had to go to the hospital today for a brain scan.

Her: Oh no! :/  Is it serious?

You: Yes, the doctors are very worried about my brain. It looks like this….

hqdefault (2)

4. She scolds you

Her: Now I’m angry! You shouldn’t say that.

You: You mad bro?


You: Send me a photo

Her: No!



* I’d give you screencaps of them in use on my Whatsapp but I just can’t be bothered to scroll back through all my chats. This is meant to be a fast post.


  1. Style of texting girls in EE is dramatically different than American girls. This asshole requirement level is much lower

  2. Great post. I picked this stuff up from your blog and Daygame Mastery. I use every one of those. There’s also a great Batman Pop Art photo I send depicting Batman shagging some chick with a cartoon of the caped crusader surrounded by a pair of heels….

    Me: I’m Batman

    Her: You mean this?? sends photo of her pencil case or make up bag with bat symbol

    Me; sends photo of Batman fucks….

    A lion biting a lionesses’ tail.

    A magician with a floating woman

    Pin up girls from the 40’s

    All of these work in that bantering ping text.

  3. The smartest girls are the ones who pick up on it and try and game you back.

  4. I’m going to be plagiarising these wholesale, thank you muchly!

  5. These are nice! Btw, to anyone wanting more images in that vein, if you want to be different with your ping texts. There’s a page on fb called “Classical Arts Memes” they’re essentially image macros with overlaid text, they tend to be situational and quite amusing, as they use classical art. So you can easily build a stack of them to use as well.

  6. Hi, Krauser thanks for awesome post. Could I ask you a huge favour and review my intro video to my channel and let me know what you think. The video is not finished yet, it’s about 3 quarters finished, just wanted to get an opinion from someone respected like you. My plan is add more instant date videos, more videos of having fun with girls to show results then a sales pitch at the end.
    Thank you very much!

  7. So much value in a such short post! Looking forward to more of this.

  8. Ideally Id like to be able to engage in short text game as I have had my share of timewasters who text back and forth happily to amuse themselves but have no intention of actually coming out (or if they come out they don’t come out in order to progress to a lay). To avoid the usual fuckery … I usually make it clear its a date, entertain no invites to come out with a group of her friends, make at least one sexual innuendo in the text [but no more than two]. Most importantly if two of my date invites are rejected without a specific reschedule I don’t try for a third (i.e. if they say some other time that doesn’t count as a specific reschedule). I will then stop all contact and only reinitiate if they get back in touch (which has only happened once).

    A timewaster is deadly as they take up mental energy and change your behaviour infield. You want to screen out the timewasters while not throwing out maybe girls who you can successfully game. I am starting to think my approach is a bit too hard on screening and I may be losing some maybe girls through the cracks.

    • I don’t think your approach is too “hard” but without seeing your texts it’s hard to tell. What I picked up from Krauser’s DayGame Mastery is the structure or texting….a couple of pings, then an invite for a meet up. if the invite is rejected or ignored leave it.

      If I make plans with a girl for say Friday and it’s Sunday, I will send a couple of photo/banter/ping texts and then say “See you Friday”…if she doesn’t cancel, it’s on and I will text details and a time mid-week. If she texts back some nonsense about “We’ll see” it’s a flake. I’ll text and say “Ok i’ll make other plans” or “OK maybe another time” That’s often enough to surface any flake…if she’s flaking you’ll know.

      On the other hand, girls flake.. Girls in my rotation flake or start wanting to flake. If I’ve banged them already I will say “Don’t waste my time…” because there’s no other real reason to see them again and I have others.

      Also I like to use photos from Pop art sites: Superheroes, Roy Lichenstein panels, that sort of thing.

  9. I am concerned that the events of Cologne will have a very negative impact on day game. Young women in Germany are fearful of going outside. Pepper spray is sold out and street approach by any male could now be seen as threatening. [Nah. Won’t matter at all. K.]

  10. I’ll just throw in some more of what use from time to time.

    Her: I’ll kill you if you leave me for a girl with D-cups.

    Me: Hey, what are you up to?
    Her: Just eating my breakfast
    Me: Like this?

    Her: I’m really sorry, but I cannot make it this Thursday. How about Saturday?

    I believe some of these pics I’ve picked up on this blog.

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