An interview with NYC womanizer Goldmund Unleashed

November 25, 2015

My podcast series Womanizer’s Bible has grown beyond its humble beginnings. It was originally just an excuse to revamp my YouTube channel and give me another outlet for mindwank than just the blog. And here we are, eight months later putting up episode #17 which clocks in at a FULL HOUR and it’s only the first half of the interview. That’s a neutron bomb level mindwank!

If you haven’t checked out Goldmund over at his blog, I’d recommend you have a look. He’s a cad and a bounder, writing gleefully about his indiscretions and frequently posting video and photos. This interview gives him a full introduction so no need to repeat it in text. Just click and away you go.

I’ll post up the concluding segment in a week or so. Comments and feedback appreciated either here or on the YouTube channel. So far I’ve put out a whopping 646 minutes of free content, nearly ELEVEN HOURS. Damn, I must like the sound of my own voice! I’m surprised it hasn’t caught on more in terms of views compared to the blog, suggesting either others aren’t quite as enamoured with my voice or else the material is just too niche for the casual masses. Perhaps that’s the inevitable trade-off when trying to do more advanced material. Dunno, what do you think?


  1. I think your podcasts are very good especially the last one on the gamma stuff. They compliment your blog and products very nicely. Your listenership figures might do better on a medium such as itunes. On youtube it seems to be a painful fact that if you aren’t waving your hands like a conman on crack, then you won’t get noticed – the content is secondary to presentation.

    • Would agree with the above. Great podcasts but they are audio so it would be much better to get them from iTunes or some other platform where they can be easily downloaded. YouTube a pain on public transport and you always have to have the app open/phone unlocked to listen.

      • Agreed. I always rip the audio from your YouTube videos and listen to them as audio files. YouTube “podcasts” are a bloody pain. [Just type “ss” in front of the youtube url. K.]

  2. Podcasts are quality. You should post it up on iTunes as well as YouTube if you’re after more exposure.

  3. Jesus Krauser I respect your stuff and clicked the link to his blog from your site, his women are f-ugly bro; losing audience associating with Beta’s mate. The guy ‘writes in his about’ he frequents Mexico and that’s all the quality girls he can post: mind boggling. Good looking loser’s fat chicks and joke approaches have more attractive women his 5’s.

    • Regarding your relatively lower viewing figures, it’s quite high faluting stuff. You’re specialising and there’s bound to be less interest at the top of the pyramid. Not for the TLDR crowd as you rightly say. Your blog has almost taken an evolving story, soap opera-esque format and we’ve all rooted for you. There were lopads of open loops at the start.

      You could consult and make a packet, you know this right? [Yep. That’s likely my model going forwards: a tiny number of high level students. K.]

  4. Had a look at his YouTube channel.
    He’s running good looking guy game man, quite a good vibe but as you’ve said countless times before it’s easy if you’re better looking than the girl. In terms of what you can do to get the numbers up, imo more in fields would do the trick(how to pickup a hot girl in a shop etc).

    And keep it about daygame. Not lifestyle game, photography game, good looking game etc. That’s not what you’re about.
    Please don’t ban πŸ™‚ [I don’t think it’s GLGG, but no danger of banning for normal disagreement. K.]

  5. He seems like a nice guy … and a cool guy … but he is playing good looking guy game in the sense that he is a 7 or 8 in looks picking up girls who are 6s and 7s. I don’t think he is using much game to lift his SMV unless you consider lifestyle (photography/music events etc,) as game which is a wide and loose definition of game. I think if you had a short ugly dude going up to a 9/10 hot girl off oxford st and asking to take a picture of her / asking sexual qs straight up there would be little chance of anything positive coming of it … and there may well be instances of the girl running off to find security πŸ™‚

    More broadly I think there should be discussion of other sorts of pickup styles. R selected Daygame is one way of hooking up with girls, however, most guys wont ever be able to get the skill down to make it worthwhile as its difficult and many men don’t want to do this anyway. Why not talk about social circle game … or lifestyle game … or how to find a girlfriend … ok Krauser might not be the guy to teach this as he doesn’t do it himself, but his podcasts with those that do could be really insightful and give guys a choice.

    Also lifestyle stuff is good .. after all isn’t part of the red pill philosophy that a man’s mission in life shouldn’t be women! Running around every day chasing women is frankly tedious … partly as most women are silly little sods, they must be taken in small doses mixed with other stimulating activities … talking to other smart guys, reading choice books and so on.


  6. I have to second and third above comments; the women in his blog do not seem to qualify a certain quality threshold. I understand you probably won’t comment or respond because these comments are calling Goldmund out on his personal quality (and I’m replying to a 5 day old post).

    As far as blog/podcast dichotomy goes, I think people prefer reading over listening. The same reason books on tape are not as popular as books.

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