Every group of men has it’s “ladies man”

November 22, 2015

Let me relate a story to you that my Brazilan friend and former RSG Bastard told of his early days in London game.

On rolling up in England, Fernando found a job as a tradesman working on commercial properties in central London. While he was back at base with the various carpenters, joiners, electricians and so on they’d quite naturally banter on the shopfloor and while snatching cigarette breaks in the delivery bays. One such colleague – let’s call him Franco – was known as the ladies man. Every Monday without fail he’d have a good story from the weekend of drinking, carousing, and sometimes depravity.

The men had come to look forward to his stories. It took the edge off being back at work for another week.

Fernando was an eager listener. Franco was getting hammered in bars and making out with girls, sometimes taking them home and other times sharing a knee-trembler in the back alley behind the nightclub. There were stories of wives, nurses, tarts….. all of them eye-popping. Franco knew how to tell a story and these ones rang true. Damn, it sounded great being a ladies man, Fernando thought, but it’s so alien to my own life: work, sleep, a few beers with friends.

As readers of my Balls Deep memoir know, Fernando read the Neil Strauss book and decided to try this Game thing. He attended a PUAtraining bootcamp in London (there wasn’t much else out there at the time) and then tried daygame. A few sessions in he saw me number close a hot girl and came introduced himself. We became friends very quickly and Fernando “got it” faster than I did.

Skip forwards a year or so and Fernando finally decides to tell his workmates his own saucy stories, of pulling two Polish blondes out of a Lodz nightclub so he and fellow RSG Bastard Ace can fuck them. Of a couple of girls in Vilnius, Lithuania. Of a girl he pulled home from a salsa night in Clapham. Finally, he felt like he could swap stories with Franco on level-terms. He was becoming a bit of a ladies man himself.

Monday morning during the first cigarette break, he tells his story. There’s a pause…. how will Franco take it? He takes a drag on his cigarette, looks out into space and laughs.

“Haha, nice one mate! Give the next girl one from me!” he says, giving Fernando a friendly pat on the back.

Next week Fernando has another story, of near miss with a tall black girl he met outside Covent Garden underground station. Then another one the week after. And another. Swapping stories every Monday morning, Fernando and Franco are bonding over the shared experiences. Then the bomb drops.

Fernando is regalling the boys with his latest story, another Polish conquest. They all stand in a huddle by the cargo doors because it’s windy. One of the plumbers pipes up.

“Was she hot, mate?”

“Actually” Fernando thinks aloud, “I’ve probably got a photo of her. She’s on my Facebook now” and she opens the app to scroll through. “Right, this is her” he says and pans the screen around the group.

Franco drops his cigarette in disbelief.

“Wait…. wait…. that’s the kind of bird you’re fucking?” he almost stammers.

“Yeah. Come on, you must have a few dirty photos of your birds, you horny bastard” Fernando replies.

“Yeah, Franco. Show us!” encourage the group of eager lads. “You’re the ladies man”

There’s a long silence.

“Um. I’d rather not” he replies.

This is a true story, though I’ve embellished the dialogue. Fernando said it was one of the moments he knew he’d arrived in Game. You can read more about him on his blog here.


  1. Off topic – there may be issues with your “Sigma Wolf” site. Just tried to get on and it kept redrecting my browser to a dodgy site claiming to be Flash PLayer update. Tried again and similar. Thought you should know. [I just tested it on my PC and smartphone. No issues. K.]

  2. Game is deep down a solo journey. The worst trap a player can fall into is comparing dick sizes with other men.

    Any man with ample experience will have fucked the absolute ugliest girls at his worst, and the absolute hottest girls at his best. And although very hot girls can sometimes be fantastic and bring great value to your life, once you have validated yourself and proven to yourself that you can do it, there is no point pursuing SMV and being a validation-junky your whole life. It is an weasel to settle for a 7 if you haven’t fucked the hottest girls, but if you have and the validation is there already, it is fine to spend time with an average-looking girl you enjoy as a person. [I’ve never fucked an ugly girl. Not once. K.]

    • Of course it will hurt your business to admit that, but any man who denies this is a liar or kidding himself. Even Roosh admitted it during his talk in New York. Not that long ago every other tweet of your’s was a +1. That is why I point out the hazards of gaming women for other men and not for yourself.

      • Ya, right. That’s the kind of “I know what I know because I know it” that abounds on the ego protective manosphere.

        Anything that threatens one’s own self esteem could not possibly be true.

        An old man having a love and lust based relationship with a young girl? “I know what I know because I know that CAN’T be so”

        Some guy who chose not to fuck any ugly girls? IKWIKBIKI. [He wants us to co-sign his dumpster diving. K.]

      • Mr. Krauser, hilarious. Whaler Steve and his har-har-poon.

        I’ve never dropped panties on any broad below a 6. Never did any fatties, even with a pretty face. My experience isn’t ample,however.

        I was in a drop-panties phase (just did some fingering) back when I was 15-16 and didn’t want to fuck because I didn’t feel emotionally ready for it. Fucking autism.

        I wonder if anyone else felt like they weren’t emotionally ready to fuck and just fingered girls when they were younger?

      • @theasdgamer

        That and lamer. I didn’t bang my first two girlfriends because I was afraid of the ‘responsibility’, even though I was with each of them a year a piece in high school and they were both gagging for it. Lost the second (hotter) one to a pot smoker who actually understood what to do with women lol. When I finally started banging girls in my twenties I was a supplicating mess. Only thing that saved me was dating a punk girl who insisted that I yank on her hair, cum on her face and basically pretend-but-sortof-for-real rape her. Scared the shit out of me at first, but taught me some skills that helped me get over myself.

        To this day I have to remind myself that being sexual and aggressive is both healthy and absolutely required.

  3. Really enjoyed Balls Deep..when is #2 coming out?

  4. A real lady’s man should be able to spell. The title word should bi “its.”

  5. Krauser, yoy should check this out. http://youtu.be/FFarAtoL4Bc
    This is like watching your flamingo girl set of overkill all over again. I don’t know wht your french level is but just from watching the stop you can catch all the subtleties: the eye locking before the stopc the palms down sigh, how she is fidgeting with her legs and soaking in the energy… It’s almost identical. Except the player’s name is Nicolas Dolteau. You’ve probably heard of him, hems an very good daygamer and I figure it’d be interesting if you made a post on how, coming from totally different backgrounds people in game often come to the same conclusions. He’s probably never heard of the london daygame model and there he is, assumption stacking,spiking, generating rapport in 10 minutes… I believe it’s a great subject for a post. [I don’t speak any French. There’s a few French guys who learned the London style then started their own French-language businesses using our material uncredited. I have no idea if he’s one of them, or he just figured it out for himself independently. Seeing as I don’t understand a word he’s saying, I can’t read between the lines either. K.]

  6. I remember the Lodz story. Fernando came up to me and said “Sam, how far do you live” haha. I just looked at the chick he opened earlier and approvingly gave him keys to my filthy 9th floor hotel bangroom that was walking distance away. Luckily his chick was local and knew where it was. Sadly, the hotel was knocked down a year ago. S [Happy days. K.]

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