Belgrade Diaries – Part Three

August 3, 2015

I’m almost a week into my trip and I’ve found myself doing some impromptu winging with the students Street Attraction brought here. It’s informal, but I can’t help doing a little coaching. So we’re standing by an ice cream kiosk cooling ourselves down with ice lollies. It’s about 5pm and the temperature has finally dipped enough for the girls to venture outside.

The students are really excited. They’re into the fourth week of their Yugoslavia daygame immersion and they’ve all been laid once each, earlier in the trip. Who could blame them? So there’s a little huddle around me while a lick my pineapple lolly and I start talking about pre-open calibration.

It’s good daygame to build a quick mythology about a girl before you open her. You scan the streets for the girls you like and when your eyes rest on one, you immediately pick out what made you notice her and use that to build a little mini-story about her [my Black Book seminar will go into way more detail on how to do it]. You might only get as far as a quick label (“Slow dreamy short-shorts” or “Busy office girl”) but the important thing is it gives you something. Once in set you can expand it into some verbal bamboozlement.

Living the dream, yesterday

Living the dream, yesterday

You’ll also find over time that some girls are more interested in you than others, and you can detect patterns. For example, fashionable girls adorned in many brand names (Prada, YSL, Jimmy Choo etc) rarely like me. I’ve fucked a few but normaly they aren’t interested. Conversely, slightly quirky girls usually do like me. More generally in daygame, slow wandering girls open easier than determined fast-walking girls.

So, as you begin to identify patterns you can narrow-down your potential opens to focus on the higher-probability targets. I advise you don’t take it too far and start weaseling girls just because they are low-probability. Even the 100/1 shot comes in from time to time. Standing in our huddle with the ice lollies I start throwing out example mythologies for the girls walking past – “She’s dressed like a bar code. I wonder if everything beeps when she goes into a supermarket” – “She looks like she’s sneaking away from the scene of a crime. Probably a shopaholic” etc.

“This girl looks like she’ll probably be into me” I announce and chase a red-head across the square. Unsurprisingly, she cracks wide open. I just knew she would. Felt it in my bones.

I’m teasing everything and she’s throwing it back at me, thoroughly enjoying it. I feel the familiar electricity and sparkle. It feels on. I don’t remember much of the set, just that I was in the moment, bobbing and weaving, having a lot of fun while a couple of the students watched. Then I took a number and sent her on her way. The next day the texting is solid. From her very first reply I know it’ll be good. Witness some really easy text game [Daygame Mastery readers will spot all of my gambits]

This is what a strong lead looks like

This is what a strong lead looks like

So I meet her at the horse and I’m greatly pleased to find she’s hotter than I remembered. My approach had been when she had no make-up and was coming home from the gym. Now she was dolled up and looked fantastic. God bless daygame – girls are frequently hotter than you first thought. So I start walking her down to the moustache bar, feeling optimistic.

We sit outside because I don’t want to sweat in the upstairs room like I did the previous night. It’s just so on immediately. Her eyes are sparkling, she’s talking a lot and the kino is effortless. She’s soon sitting next to me telling me “I don’t want a boyfriend. Serbian guys are always trying to lock me down. I think I just want fun now, so I can be free to focus on my language study”.

Ker-ching! I’m ticking all the boxes quickly.

So I give her my speech about society being too restrictive for girls, and too many people watching, and how London is so great because it’s anonymous. And hey, this just occured to me, but isn’t it interesting that nobody even knows we met? It’s like everything we say and do is one big secret…… I make out with her within half an hour. She’s obviously horny and ready to go so after the first drink I’m thinking only about how to extract. She says her friends are having a party a ten minute’s walk away and why don’t we go there. I quickly future-project how that will go:

  • Loss of anonymity / Secret Society
  • Delay of at least an hour, probably three
  • Getting much further from my apartment
  • She has the frame
  • Surrounded by people I don’t know but she does

Fuck that. I have to make a call, try the best percentage play. She’s 100m from my house, horny, and in my frame. So I tell her “we can go there later, let’s hang out at my place for a drink first”. I finish off the rest of her beer and stand her up. She follows. Less than hour into the date I’m walking her home. I do move fast these days – too fast. I feel like the dates are just running down the clock waiting for extraction rather than an enjoyable experience to be lived and breathed in the moment.

She comes into my place without a quibble but once inside she gets a little nervous and starts babbling about the friend’s party. I show her out to the back garden and leave her staring at the stars while I have a piss. I let her relax for quarter of an hour and bring her inside onto the bed. At this point it’s looking good but I sense some awkwardness in her. We make out. I push her back onto the bed and then….. familiar LMR.

She clearly wants to fuck, but just won’t. Grrrrrrrr.

I try my usual things and before long I’m fingering her through the sides of her hot pants, two fingers rammed into her. She’s clutching my back, moaning, and shaking her head. “No, not tonight!” I keep it going, get my dick out, and I just know she’s at the edge of the cliff, about to take that final step off into the abyss.

About to put my dick into something just like this

About to put my dick into something just like this

And she suddenly pulls back. The shutters slam down and I know the lay is gone for tonight. We chat a bit and she wants to go for a walk. Ten minutes of that and I tell her to enjoy the party and let’s meet another day.

The next evening, on the same day I get my first notch (see previous diary entry), I’m back at my apartment with one of the students because he’s kept his luggage there before a late-night flight. My phone buzzes. It’s this girl again asking what I’m doing right now. Oh lord, will this be another of those magical two-girls-one-cup two-notches-one-day experiences? We swap a few texts and then she throws a big shit test: “Wouldn’t it be pointless meeting up for a drink, tomorrow night, if you want to get laid and I don’t?”

Damn, that’s a tough one!

I deal with it and she’s softening again. “I can’t be sure. I don’t know you…. Don’t forget we met just few days ago” Okay, she’s future-projecting her own ASD. I pour in the comfort and she agrees to meet the next evening – my last night in Belgrade. Great, I’ll get my second lay. It’ll be a can’t miss because she’s already externalised her LMR and let me dismiss it by text. Game on.

And then at 3pm on the day of glory…. “Niiiick :/ Something came up for tonight. I have to pick up my little brother from his grandma. There’s no one else to babisitt him. I’m sooorry 😦 “

Fuck. Fortunately while this girl was relegated to long game, I’d still get a new notch that night. To be continued…..


  1. Great post Nick — entertaining & educational — great to get such a good read for free — thanks.
    [FWIW, I have bought all your books, so I’m not just ‘sponging’ or ‘mooching’ or whatever the current slang term is for being just a taker.]

  2. Assuming the black book seminar is an upcoming product?

    Can you share any more details on what content you will cover in it? [It’s an intermediate daygame seminar instructional. Very nuts’n’bolts. More details soon. K.]

  3. I quickly future-project how that will go:
    ◦Loss of anonymity / Secret Society
    ◦Delay of at least an hour, probably three
    ◦Getting much further from my apartment
    ◦She has the frame
    ◦Surrounded by people I don’t know but she does

    She’s trying to reframe to Social Circle Game, likely because of ASD. She’s not convinced of your value. She’s giving you a chance to AMOG her social circle. Also, she likely wants to get her friends’ opinion of you. Potentially you open up a whole new set of hotties in her social circle and can use preselection there to enhance your value. You can set the time expectation for how long you will be with her friends to mitigate the delay risk. The biggest risk is cockblocking, imo.

    • that´s an interesting perspective, but Krauser does low-energy, one-on-one game, so far he doesn´t seem to relish these “own-the-room” occasions, I´m a similar type of gamer and these situations are more of a hassle than anything.

      • Also forgot to mention that the occasions it happened to me, the girl alrready had a potential suitor she liked, and wanted see who would come on top.

      • Sure, Krauser’s almost exclusively a day gamer. Not knocking his pure approach. (I do social circle, clubs, and day game with severe restrictions. I always flirt since I’m looking for an abundance mentality.) There are costs and benefits to taking a more versatile approach. (I have certain social advantages with social circle that I’ve had to learn to use and I’m also a bit of a natural.) Krauser’s rejection of the girl’s social circle venue makes total sense looking at it from his pure daygame approach.

  4. I AMOGed a new venue last Sat. Six broads asked me to dance, including one who cold-approached. Three were bangable. Two of those were experienced dancers who mooned (stared, smiling) while we danced–they were both there with other men, heh. (Experienced dancers typically don’t moon while they dance. More of a beginner thing.)

  5. How did you deal with ““Wouldn’t it be pointless meeting up for a drink, tomorrow night, if you want to get laid and I don’t?”” That’s a hard one.

    • “Life is a beautiful tapestry…Que sera, sera.” Hamster wonders, “What does he mean? He seems very sure of himself. In control.” Builds value.

      “The weatherman is predicting a storm of passion tomorrow night…but what does he know” Hamster wonders, “Is he into me?” Provokes her to chase.

      Create a fantasy for her hamster to chew on.

    • You just need to say something quite basic which shows that what she said hasn’t really affected you, and also that you’re not putting too much pressure on her.

      Example: “Let’s just see how it goes”

      Or flip the script: “Pfft. Presumptuous. Let’s meet at X tomorrow at 8.

      • Thanks for putting the cookies on the lower shelf. My replies assumed the same thing, but were more colorful and added more value, though likely a bit obscure.

    • ““Wouldn’t it be pointless meeting up for a drink, tomorrow night, if you want to get laid and I don’t?””

      My response to this would be the following:

      “I would have to agree that it would be pointless. Anytime I meet up with a woman who I have a sexual interest in for a drink I’m looking for one of two things. I either want to fuck her or have her suck my dick. Now if you have no interest in reciprocating my sexual desires then I appreciate you not being a time-waster (one of the four categories of women I refer to in my book titled Mode One: Let the Woman Know What You’re Really Thinking). However, if there is some attraction on your part which you are willing to acknowledge then I’m sure I can get your pussy wet by whispering in your ear statements like ‘I’d just like to find the nearest motel room so I can bend you over and slowly slide my nice juicy dick in your tight wet pussy'”.

      If your looking for more ways to get a woman’s pussy wet check out my book Ooooo Say It Again: Mastering the Fine Art of Seduction and Aural Sex.

    • I’d use the line I always use when I get those types or responses and learned from K: “Behave…what makes you think I’d want to…you’d have to wine and dine me, the we’ll see”… That usually diffuses that tension.

      • Yeah, you imply that she’s chasing…flipping the script. “Behave” works great for mastery and asserting frame control. I still say that Krauser didn’t demonstrate enough value or else her ASD would be diminished substantially. Why wasn’t she chasing? This was an obvious 5h1t test.

      • That’s treating it like a value shit test which it is not. Its more of a comfort test. No cocky funny is needed; that actually shows her your little more than an uncalibrated player.

        “Lest see how it goes” as mentioned above is fine. Or “lets just spend time enjoying each other’s company with no pressures”, etc. No wise ass stuff at this point is needed (or minimal as in “as needed”). You guys are all over gaming. [Correct. Note 10×10 posted this before I’d put up my explanation in the next post. K.]

      • Likely Buyer’s Remorse was the biggest problem.

        Yeah, you don’t need cocky jerkboy here, but getting a girl to fantasize helps to create comfort. Adding uncertainty also helps to defuse ASD. Hence the weatherman’s prediction of sex adds uncertainty about expectations and helps to defuse ASD. Aren’t weathermen notoriously unreliable?

      • When the girl reframed to her social circle, then it became a value 5h1t test.

      • The girl is afraid of post-lay Buyer’s Remorse. She wants reassurance that she won’t feel sorry about the lay. This is why you have to build comfort post-lay.

        Creating the seed of a fantasy enlists the Hamster to help reassure the girl that she will have a good experience.

  6. @Aunt Jemima. Thanks, makes sense. Flip script response seems good there. Your not backing down that you want sex while at the same time taking pressure off her.

  7. I was dancing with a pretty flight attendant tonight. She complained that her boobs were starting to bounce out of her top and that I likely planned it. I denied planning it, saying that if I had planned it, it would be deliberate and hands on. She danced with me the rest of the night.

    • This is social circle game. Long, slow, lots of flirting and double entendres. Slow kino, etc. Got another neckrub tonight from the flight attendant and she felt up my muscles deliberately, but briefly when I explained that my neck was knotted because of lifting weights. Deltoids, arms, and back. Then she did the muscle beach thing. Right there in class with everyone watching.

      Yes, her boobs are large. It was a sight worth seeing–those puppies bouncing as she jumped.

  8. If all the chicks krauser fucks look like the ones in the photos then fair play. Thumbs up. [I no longer post real pics, for obvious reasons, but I try to pick lookalikes. The 25 people who attended the Overkill seminar got to see a graphic proof of lay slideshow of 18 of my 2014 lays. K.]

  9. I wouldn’t have sent the pic with the spanking man. Too early in the rapport IMO.

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