Belgrade Diaries 2015 – Part Two

July 27, 2015

During my peak of high vibe on Thursday I’d taken eight numbers and begun filtering them, to see what stuck. The most enthusiastic lead was a short curvy hamster girl who’d told me she was on her way to meet her twin sister. When I asked for her number I got the usual “I have a boyfriend” defense which I just brushed past.

Generally, I try not to rate how strong a lead is during the street interaction. I’ve had too many cases where girls who love it on the street don’t reply, and the flip side of mundane interactions lead to solid texting and sex. Instead, I suspend any judgement until she replies to my first message. Her first response (or lack thereof) is the strongest signal of how likely she is to fuck.

This girl responded great and co-operated in the banter until a date was organised. She wasn’t the hottest girl that day but I like large-chested nineteen year olds even if their face is a little below my normal standards. We met at the big horse statue in Republic Square one evening and she walked her twin sister past me, no doubt to get an assessment.

The date went well but it was an uphill struggle. We start off in a corner bar, sitting outside in balmy summer weather. She’s pretty dominant and keeps trying to lead the conversation. It’s easy to just let her talk and then snatch the reins when I feel the need. She waxes lyrical about her travels and before long we’re getting into deep rapport and she’s giving up lots of her inner thoughts. One drink there and we move on to the “moustache bar” (don’t know the real name, but the walls are covered in paintings and models of moustaches), going inside and upstairs to a loft conversion furnished like a 1940s jazz cafe. The outrageous humidity means no-one else has ventured in and we both seem to make the decision to trade comfort for privacy.

A hamster-like face

A hamster-like face

She’s sitting next to me on the sofa and lets me pull her in. She refuses the kiss. “I’ve been with my boyfriend for a year and I won’t cheat on him. I just decided to come because I enjoy flirting”.

That’s not going to stop me, obviously.

I keep laying it on. Prodding her thighs, playing with her hair, grabbing her breasts, dirty talking. She stays there because in her mind so long as she doesn’t kiss, it’s not cheating. Finally, after two hours, her sister is waiting outside and she’s got to go. So I get my dick out and put her hand on it. After five seconds she suddenly snatches it away. “Don’t! I’ll go crazy!”

She’s already told me she has a high libido and is very wet. The last words of the date are:

Me: I want to fuck you
Her: I want to fuck you too, but I can’t
Me: Ok. Enjoy your evening!
Her: Bye!

It’s strange how different my dates are now to a few years ago. I go back to Republic Square to meet the rest of the gang and turn my attention to other leads. It’s 50/50 that she’ll ever reply to me now, but I ping her and she’s responding. A couple of days later she unexpectedly agrees to another date and when I tell her “7pm by the horse again” she doesn’t reply.

I show up anyway, just in case. She’s there.

I walk her back towards the same bar district and she briefly detours at Studenski Park to give her sister a spare phone she’d forgetton to return. We don’t dally. I decide to take a chance and walk her directly to my apartment. I murmur something about charging my phone and how she can smoke in the garden. She comes in. She’s just accepting my lead.

My main thought is to keep her in the garden until her momentum to go to a bar has died. I put two chairs out and we just sit drinking water as she smokes. We make small talk for about twenty minutes. I don’t push hard. I just want to stabilise the “this date is in my apartment” frame. There’s almost no kino and I don’t try to kiss.

After her cigarette I suggest we go inside, where the only place to sit is on the bed. Then I go to kiss. She fights me off a little until I just grab her neck, throw her back onto the bed, and kiss her. Then she likes it. The next twenty minutes are a technical masterclass in beating LMR. Her body is screaming out for sex but she’s determined not to do it.

Gradually I get her top off and tits out. Damn they are good. Then I’m fingering her. She’s moaning feeble protests and not really making any effort to disengage. Then I get my dick out and put her hand on it. “We’re not going to have sex” she says as she starts giving a handjob. It’s time to get sneaky. I pull my trousers off and finger her while I’m kneeling between her legs. When I judge her to be at maximum arousal I just put my dick in and rawdog her. I don’t want the pause while I put on a condom.

But the body made up for it nicely

But the body made up for it nicely

Her eyes briefly go wide, she whispers “don’t” and then I’m fucking her. Within ten seconds she’s all-in, arms and legs wrapped around my back, pulling me in. It’s dirty, raw, hard sex. Fucking awesome.

Afterwards I interview her. She tells me she really didn’t plan to have sex but once it started she loved it. She also tells me she really enjoyed the process of being skillfully seduced – knowing what I was up to and just appreciating the skill of it. She rated the sex 9/10 so I told her to tell the sister (heh!) but she reckons it’ll be a secret from everyone.

“Next time you’re in Belgrade, message me” she says as we make our farewells.


  1. Hey Nick!!!

    Had a similar situation last night. I’m 32. In Ukraine. Daygamed a really tall hot ass 21 year old. On the street she was very shy. Wasn’t sure how strong of a lead it was.

    Texting was very boring but she agreed to come out last night. Took her to a cafe and again she was very shy and the conversation was boring. She wouldn’t even tell me if she likes ukrainian men or if she’s dated many men but…..when i physically escalated she happily allowed it. I was rubbing her long legs, kissing her, pulling her shirt out and looking down at her tits.

    Told her I wanted to leave and go for a walk. She agreed. Didn’t tell her where but just walked straight back to my place. No objections once we got there.

    As soon as we got in I started kissing her and laid her on the bed. Had her down to her panties and had my cock out. Was fingering her and trying to fuck her but she wouldnt let me stick it in. At one point she was on top of me rubbing her clit on my knob but still refused to fuck. With one last ditch effort I was on top of her with my cock on her hole but couldnt get it in. Wtf?

    She left my place soon after and hasnt responded to a text today. She obviously wanted it.

    Not sure what to make of it all. What are your thoughts? You have get lmr like this that you couldnt get past?

    • Happens to everyone at least once, a girl naked on your bed. Ready to fuck, teasing you but does not put out no matter what you do. You have to forget her and just move on to another girl.

      • Hey dude. I met you and Nick on the street in Zagreb last October. You prob don’t remember but Nick was off doing his thing and we had a chat.

  2. Hey, Nick.
    Fellow daygamer here.
    I really enjoy your work and, in fact, have your 3 books as well as Daygame Overkill access.
    I´m a big city guy, but have recently moved to a small university town (population 100.000) and am finding that it is unwise to escalate as quickly as I used to. I had to find this out the hard way by losing a lot of girls who were into me.
    The fact is in small towns women have a more provincial mentality and if you escalate too fast, they´ll vanish and never contact you again (even if they like you).
    I suspect that it may be better to delay making out and fondling to the second date (while mainitaining sexual tension and r-selected frame on the first date, of course) in order to minimize LMR to sex.
    I´d love to know your thoughts if you have the time.

  3. Amazing lay report post. Actually the same thing happened to me this weekend with a geordie lass. Had her on the bed. She was having a massive forebrain/hindbrain conflict saying she just split up with her boyfriend and couldn’t do it.. Yet she was sucking me off and I was fingering her no problem.
    The mistake I made which K pointed out is, I should of rawdogged her just as she was at maximum arousal. It always works but for some reason I took 5-10 trying to fiddle with a condom (and unsuprisingly it totally killed the super fast escalation vibe and her forebrain managed to regain conciousness and blocked me sticking it in!
    Silly thing is, It’s a lesson I didn’t need to learn as I already knew this how to deal with situations like this from previous experience and to just to go for it. Guess we all have moments of relapse even after years of experience where we make rookie mistakes..

  4. “I’ve had too many cases where girls who love it on the street don’t reply, and the flip side of mundane interactions lead to solid texting and sex”

    Interesting observation.
    Would you go as far as making a correlation between initial approach reaction and outcome?
    Greetings. [The whole point is there isn’t one. K.]

    • I’ve had the exact same observations as Nick.I’ve lost count how many great interactions and iDates i’ve had with girls who didn’t respond and flaked.

      Meanwhile, the last two 17 year olds I fucked was due to a shit interaction. The hottest one I basically ended up telling her I wasn’t up for chit-chat and would like to take her number and arrange a meet up. Was about 60 seconds from open to close.

      I showed Nick pics of her last year topless. Amazing breasts for a 17 year old.

  5. I’ve had a brief discussion about this with Paul Janka a few years ago and he said there’s a reason why he kept his interactions short. It was because theres a certain air of mystery that intrigues them and wanting them to find out more. Especially if you’ve stopped them correctly as it puts a massive jolt to their senses and creates impact.
    So in a way, staying longer in set and sharing stuff about yourself in terms of vibe and personality can be a hindrance. As they say, “Revelations before the flood causes the creek to run dry”

    • Ay ! An old Benedictine Monk (who also taught my Dad heh) told us once “Love feeds on mystery” (Mystery would enjoy that one). I did a residential with Tom Torero and there were many times where he would come up behind the woman and run his hand across his throat meaning ‘done, get her digits and cut it off ! All good advice

      I read this 2 part post in a different way – on some meta leval as being what it takes in life, love, and business. Anyone who has ever tried to raise money, get a book published, or even look for a great job that fits him know that it takes this kind of perseverance, but not just perseverance – it’s that AND expertise. One of the reasons I read this blog is because it’s real – it’s against most guys nature to mention the nitty gritty of their ups and downs in a lot of things so they paint an unrealistic picture with unrealistic expectations that make us feel worse when we fail because.we fell so far short of the mark and the things that happen to us don’t happen to ‘them’. all we see is the guy who raised $3mil for this project or to start his business or got his book published or laid the hot girl. They usually don’t wanna tell you about all they had to do to get there – the ups and downs and the failures. It’s like the MJ (Michael Jordan) commercial where he says “Maybe it’s my fault”

      Maybe it’s my fault.
      Maybe I led you to believe it was easy when it wasn’t.
      Maybe made you think my highlights started at the free throw line, and not in the gym.
      Maybe I made you think that every shot I took was a game winner.
      That my game was built on flash, and not fire.
      Maybe it’s my fault that that you didn’t see that failure gave me strength;
      That my pain gave my motivation.
      Maybe I led you to believe that basketball was a God given gift, and not something I worked for… every single day of my life.
      Maybe I destroyed the game.
      Or maybe… your just making excuses.
      — Michael Jordan

      and on that happy note I leave a theme song for the post:

  6. I thought you always used condoms? It doesn’t seem worth the risk.

  7. good work fella….hope you shot your muck over said nice tits!

  8. I was with Tom when he received your two +1 texts. We were in a puke ridden van on the way to the blue mountains.

    Good effort mate 😉 [I just had a read through some of your blog. Nice work. K.]

  9. Hey, I just wanted to give a shout to you for writing some of the realest stuff regarding pua on the net. I’m a big fan of your writings and teachings. If possible, will you be coming to Toronto anytime soon? [Thanks boss. No plans to hit North America any time soon. K.]

  10. These are fun to read in a serial killer sort of way. I think some of these girls are really scared but confused because you’re so nice. Like Ted Bundy. At least you have the decency to stop at sex.

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