Cherry-pickers, Illusionists, Clowns and Fakes

July 25, 2015

Daygame is a squalid seedy world at times. There’s cool sleaziness when you’re trying to squeeze your dick into the un-corrupted back passage of a Kazahk virgin in your flea-ridden airbnb shared apartment on the first date, but there’s also the bad sleaziness when it comes to misdirecting noobs on YouTube. So, let’s talk about the typical shennanigans that will be encountered by the typical guy browsing YouTube for infields. I’ve split them into four different types of misdemeanour.

1. Cherry Pickers
As any active daygamer knows, the reality on the streets is you fail almost all the time and the lays are rare blips of glory. Exactly what your failure/success ratio is depends on all the intangibles such as your strengths (height/youth/looks/body/aesthetic/charisma/technical savvy etc) and on the girl (hotness/age/nationality/availability/religion etc). One thing that’s almost certain is if someone’s ratios sound too good to be true, they probably are. For example I recently had a guy tell me he only opens the very hottest girls and he fucks 1 out of 5 cold approaches. Sure. Even Leonardo Di Caprio won’t hit those stats (if pure cold approaching).

Here’s the rule for YouTube – Every single guy is cherry-picking his best sets for his channel (including me)

That doesn’t mean he’s a fake. When Match Of The Day shows you the one minute of goals and edits out the other 89 minutes of tedium, they aren’t lying to you. You know football is 90 minutes and is often boring, so you don’t shout “fakers” at the screen. It’s expected. So, expect it from YouTube channels. Different guys cherry pick with different rigour. Someone like Johnny Berba is happy to put up uninterrupted blowout streaks and all manner of mishaps and foul-ups. In contrast the likes of Ed Kahn or Daniel Blake only post the bouncebacks. Now I can’t tell you what % they cut, but I’ll guarantee that you’re seeing the best 1%-5% of their work.

That’s not dishonest. It’s showbusiness. Take heart that you’re not as shit as you think you are because your typical day doesn’t match their highlight reel. Many guys are out on the streets every day with the camera turned on. You’re just seeing the very best of a marathon filming effort. Think of it like a girl’s sole Tinder photo.

2. Illusionists
The cherry-pickers at least show you reality, no matter how carefully pruned. This second category are the smoke’n’mirrors mob who show you one thing and tell you it’s another. RSD are the worst offenders that I know of. Sure, some of their coaches have genuine talent (Julien springs to mind) but you always get the feeling that they are blowing smoke up your ass. Rapid cuts, clips cut mid-sentence, dropped audio, girls walking away with the guy but you never see where to, forced intimacy just long enough to capture it on camera before the girl disengages – There are many editing tricks to make you think you’re seeing something that never really happened. Add in voiceovers and hyperbole and you’re firmly in illusionist territory.

The easist way to spot an illusionist is that he uses editing. Some of these clip editors are as hyperactive as a Taylor Swift music video. If the guy can’t just put the camera in one place, mic up, and leave it then he’s an illusionist. Now we’re getting further towards dishonesty. They have a narrative to present and the in-fields will be forced to fit, regardless of how the set went. And bear in mind these guys are also cherry-picking.

3. Clowns
It’s so tempting to name some of these, but I’ll resist the urge. Some guys are just absolutely hopeless but they won’t turn that fucking camera off. If you’re really new you might not spot them because in your mind the act of simply walking up to a girl and saying “you look nice” is a death-defying stunt. Clowns don’t get good results so they tend to dress up their videos with gimmicks – costumes, weird openers, 30-day challenges, social freedom exercises and so on. You’ll also notice the girls just don’t seem very engaged. Another favourite is to post a twenty minute video where they are talking for fifteen about what you’re going to see, and only five minutes actually seeing it – the material isn’t good enough to stand alone.

I include in this category any guy who’s pulling women less attractive than himself. If you’re teaching guys to scrape the barrel, you’re a clown.

4. Fakes
I have my private opinions on who I think is fake but I’ll keep them to myself. Publically calling a guy out is a serious charge and I’ll not do so without evidence, even though I don’t take anyone at face value when forming my private opinions. Fakes are guys who pay actresses or arrange friends to act roles. These are scripted encounters meant to simulate a real infield so that you think the guy has skills he doesn’t really possess. How to spot one? Unfortunately, noobs are often so uncalibrated and so lacking in experience of what real daygame looks like that their spider sense doesn’t trigger to fakes. Here’s some things to watch out for:

  • Extremely stable camera work with the girl right in the centre frame
  • The camera is already in place before the opener. This very rarely happens in real life because opening happens fast and usually the camera man is rushing behind you to keep up
  • Camera never moves. In reality people walk past, the cameraman tries to get a better angle, the girl looks over and you have to move etc
  • Girl has hooked before the opener has been delivered (she’s been told to hook). Now this does happen sometimes for real, but it’s rare.
  • Stilted conversation, like each is waiting their turn to deliver scripted lines
  • Less artefacts of conversation, such as a girl hesitating, or saying something stupid, or the guy starting a conversational thread then changing on the fly because it’s not hitting.
  • The guy just doesn’t look cool enough or charismatic enough to get a girl like that to react so well.
  • The girl agrees too readily to compliance tests when the guy clearly hasn’t done the right things to get that. Again, sometimes a girl is just so strongly a Yes Girl that it doesn’t matter, but if all the guy’s channel is bad game that gets the girl, he’s faking.
  • You can’t find anyone you trust who has winged with these guys and will vouch for them. Likewise, if they coach they refuse to demo or the demos they do are shit compared to the videos.

I’d love to post some examples of what I consider fake videos, but that’ll start a shitstorm. Those pointers should be enough for you to form your own opinions. There are some very good legit infields up on YouTube. Just don’t think they are presenting a balanced picture of how daygame really goes.


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  2. Hmmm, I’ll re-watch all of the Deepak Wayne vids taking into account the above. Maybe he’s not as legit as I first thought, even if he’s super smooth.

    • He’s got the bedroom footage. From my experience I would say he is legit and probably the most impressive day gamer out there right now outside of Nick and Tom.

      • 10×10 but don’t think think it’s strange that his got 6 lay videos that happen to come out in a space between 5 days apart and says “I filmed this last year, summer” his also the only one that changes the girls voice out of any PUA video or prankster video. I’m not sure about his game as well… maybe it’s a reason why he speaks over his videos. guy is fake as it gets. it’s actually interesting that he posted these videos when other PUA guys started posting up SDL’s

      • @ Player1 — There’s a video of Deepak Wayne on Justin Wayne’s channel in which the girls’ voices aren’t muddled and he doesn’t speak over the video,

        It’s believe he’s real. The girls he pulls aren’t exactly super hot. Some are average, some are above average.

        I’ve been following his channel since the beginning and some of his videos back then were posted as-is (even without the face blurred). Unfortunately, sometimes I’ve noticed YouTube takes down inflield videos, especially if the face isn’t blurred…

    • Super smooth?!?!?! Are you joking???? Deepak Wayne’s conversational abilities are utterly cringe worthy and immeasurably tedious. If anything, you should watch him and do the complete opposite. He makes me realise that I’m actually a real charmer with women – funny and intelligent – and ultimately, not creepy like him. He has a real Indian sub-continent mentality towards women which borders on actual misogyny and self-entitlement. Thank God people like that exist! I have seen more sophisticated chat from 14 year old school kids.

  3. I no longer watch infield videos anymore as it really doubted my ability in the early days, thinking I had to learn more or do more things in order to get better.
    It wasn’t until a few well known London Daygamers saw me infield that the penny dropped – I simply had to approach a lot more.

    The truth is, it takes a shit load of approaching and rejections/flakes before you find a few handful of girls that will fuck you. Sure there’s an element of skill involved to increase these odds, but it still requires hard graft.

    A lot of guys seem to forget the basic facts – You’re approaching a complete stranger from cold, trying to seduce her and eventually fucking her with little to no courting. Thats a big ask for most girls.
    That’s not to say it’s impossible. It’s definitely possible, just that it takes a lot more work than what the charlatans try to see you in order to make money. [We are performing street magic. We are going up to girls in the top 10% SMV and saying “You don’t know me, I won’t court you, I won’t spend money, and I won’t commit. But let’s fuck anyway”. K.]

    • This is a very beginner/beta/blue-pill mindset.

      It’s not a big ask nor is it street magic. If you’re a man of value then you’re simply offering your value through (and within) the marketplace of the streets.

      Approaching girls on the streets isn’t some magical shortcut, it’s just a different environment and the girls are largely the same: they’ll fuck the alpha/sigma/masculine/lover man and withhold sex from the provider.

      It takes a lot of work insofar as you’re a provider/beta/blue-pill male where you’ll have a lot of work to do besides the tactical work of what to say, how to approach etc.

  4. Great article nick, I know you don’t want to mention the FAKERS names but everyone knows your referring to Ed Khan and Daniel Blake. [I’m happy to have people discuss who they think is real and who is fake – preferrably with analysis – but I won’t be chiming in with my own opinions unless I have personally winged with someone. I don’t know Daniel at all, and only met Ed once so I can’t vouch for them or against them. K.]

    • We’ll if wee look at the points you ( krauser) listed for how to tell if a vide is fake it’s very clear that their videos are fake.
      It’s a shame, they are ruining the credibility of the industry. I hope the get caught.

  5. A very eyeopening article, having watched Ed Khans videos, it seems hes a fake, comparing Eddie from street attractions same day lay which is genuine, since the camera always seems to moving in the direction eddie is moving. However in Ed Khan video the camera always still. Lastly, his game doesn’t seem to be that good his game is very day game cliche , nothing special that differentiates him to someone whos good at game.

    • We’ll said jhon. These Pakistanis are all crooks!

    • How is Ed Khan fake? Here’s one of his first videos:—oVs

      If you saw the original upload (before YT took it down), the chick’s face wasn’t blurred and you could easily see her facial expressions. They were absolutely genuine.

      And the camera is shaky when he’s in the street. Of course the camera will be still in the bar — set the fucking thing on the table. Do you not know videography 101?

  6. Hate fake puas.

  7. I think you missed one of the biggest giveaways of these ‘bounceback infields’: girl looks like a skanky hooker.

    There’s I watched where I almost started retching when he began undressing her… Jesus wept.

  8. Just call the f8ckers out .. why does everyone want to be coy about it? Not calling them out screws us all long term …

    1) Economically, unless people call out these charlatans there is no correction mechanism to stop them plying their trade & taking business from the few legit coaches out there. If the legit coaches aren’t making enough money to sustain a business we are left with the charlatans who will continue teaching awful ‘game’ (really just spam approaching) and creating more mindless approach monkeys who then burn out locations in London (e.g. I was told by shop girls at least two department stores in London have told their shop girls not to engage with daygamers trying to chat them up etc.). This f8cks all of us up … and we have to start finding new locations in our cities or boarding planes to more and more remote locations.

    2) The fakes are also usually the most attention seeking & controversial (as they need to overcompensate for lack of results). This draws the ire of mainstream media and women are warned about ‘pickup artists’. When you need to get that attention snap in the first 30 seconds you do not need the girl to be categorising you as a misogynistic creepy pickup artist.

    Calling them out is essentially self preservation.

    Here are who I think fakes videos … Ed Khan (scripted patter/camera work which is set up like a Hollywood set from one location to another), Daniel Blake (ditto .. & what is going on with his robo – game? looks like side project in AI which has meant programming an android), Yad (that Russian kiss close video which got him major props but Im pretty confident it fake .. comfort chat leading to a kiss on the street in middle of day/perfect camera and sound/conversation too smooth and we all know about the Russian minute of total frostiness which was absent here) …

  9. Ed isn’t a fake. I know him personally and although he’s not great he does close some reasonably attractive girls (not what I’d consider hot, say 5’s and 6’s). I would say most could get to that level with some hard graft. Same goes for Daniel i imagine although this needs to be reflected in the quality as he’s taller, better looking and white.

    Yad doesn’t get laid Imo. If he does its infrequent and the quality wouldn’t be anything to brag about.

    Johnny berba i don’t think claims to be able to shag hot girls. His channel is more about helping out very shy guys which is fair enough.

    Steve jabba seems the real deal but he’s got some advantages there.

    Justin Wayne has me stumped. I think he’s a fake but not certain..

    • One if the worst coaching sessions I had was with Kezia Noble.She turned up at the bar acting wierd suspect she was a little drunk. She kept asking me do I look fat do I look fat ? I have had a baby.

      All she could do was put me down and tell how crap I was with women. She sat there drinking glasses of wine and telling me how I should do her 4000 pound 7 day course.

  10. Oh and the street attraction guys seem very decent. Richard in particular has talent. Mostly natural I’d assume.

  11. Your main man Torero’s fake looked fairly legit. I guess you never know for sure.

    Some of Vitaly’s stuff is obviously fake.

    Simple pick up are the clowns you are referring to.

    • well he dosen’t hide it… he even dose castings, there’s YouTube videos of him going out with big YouTubers and both are searching for girls to be in his (Vitaly’s videos). but his got a lot of subs and getting a shit load of money. I still watch his stuff even if it’s all WWE.

  12. I hate talking about this guy because I genuinely like his site but I don’t believe GLLs approaches are legit. There’s just nothing natural about them. There was a big shitstorm at RVF about one of his vids which he ultimately took down after guys found out many of the girls were actresses. That calls a lot of his infields into question, for me.

    I’m ambivalent about Khan and Blake, less so Khan. Stuff seems too smooth and scripted.

    I don’t know how Berba gets laid, if at all.

    I love the Street Attraction guys and find them legit. You did a vid with them so I assume you could vouch for them.

    Justin Wayne…I don’t know. I just know that all his guys adopting the last name (Bruce Wayne, Deepak Wayne, etc.) is fucking gay as hell. [I was actually one of the first to call out that GLL video on RVF, then I retracted it because while the video felt completely wrong, I couldn’t point to any direct evidence to prove it fake. I do like GLL’s site though. Lot’s of good material on it. K.]

  13. By the way, if anyone wants an example of absolutely horrible game, check out: Cupid Player and Luis Ramos PUA. The latter is suffering from some kind of mental retardation.

    I’m interested to know what other guys think of Vadim (honest signalz).

  14. I think when you look at daygamers you see that at some point, no matter what system they are using, they just convey confidence and they know how to lead. If you do this over the span of a large enough sample size of young women, you are going to find women who are interested in short time frame sex. A good daygamer is basically a short term sex provider (although with some girls you could get girlfriends). From my years reading PUA forums as well as watching videos and my own experience in field, a small percentage of men will reach the point where they can sleep with 2-4 women per month in a large enough city.

    When I look at Willy Beck, Vadim, Justin Wayne, Deepak Wayne, Nick, Tom, Jabba, any of the RSD guys (who have Hot Seats full of footage ending in sex), Chris and Scotty from GLL, the Street Attraction guys, and some others, I see confident guys who know how to have engaging conversations with women and who know how to showcase sexual intent and how to lead. When you get past debates on technique there is not much difference between them. There all good and I’m sure they all get laid in the same range. Blake and Kahn I’m a little suspicious of because of the quality of their infields. They do look too good to be true and they are both rather stiff (and they are both clearly using Nick’s Overdrive r-selected methods, even down to the comparisons to squirrels, chipmunks and flamingos). The jury is out on them.

    Even on the SedFast forum that I follow as of recently, there are a few guys using different approaches that get similar results and write about the realities of daygame (Cobi, Tarzan, V-man). Its a numbers game, you will need not only years of practice but something special about your personality, probably something genetic that can’t be taught. You will also need a good look, good logistics, a good city, and a good vibe. It also helps if you are in Europe or a really big North American city. There will be a tiny few guys that get to the level of 2-4 girls per month and even they won’t be able to keep that up for very long. Most guys would be lucky to get 1 girl per month. Also, there is the problem of retention which is not easy when you get the more lover-frame sex. (Justin Wayne’s method is probably the best for retention imo.) These things seem to be universal to all daygamers.

    Guys like Janka, Jabba, GLL are probably representative of as good as you can get with cold approach during the day. For me, daygame was good for building up my core identity and getting me good enough with women that I could get hotter girls through social circle. The daily grind of daygame is just too much when you get past your early 40s.

    • Perhaps there is another group which hasn’t been identified in the 4 mentioned … I will anoint them the ‘filter feeders’.

      They go through a place and like a whale who sucks in everything in its path, the ultimate filter feeder, obviously it will pick up some nutrition along the way. These guys are the ones with 0 skill i.e. no game. They open anything and everything .. they open their mouth and blurt out anything that comes to mind. They use the law of large numbers to find a yes girls among the 100s they open. Some of the ‘gurus’ you mention are filter feeders and they teach or taught a similar method.

      Paul Janka has to be the king of this, he used to open (very) indirectly & follow with 1-2 minute of rapport based chat ending in obtaining a number under a false pretence (come to a party or something along these lines). He then called up all of them and waited for a small sample to respond favourably. He was a good looking guy. The strategy was based on avoidance. He has recently married a 6/10. Utter chode.

      The RSD lot are filter feeders as well .. they blitzkrieg a girl with utter douche baggery which is a way of filtering as only the (strong) yes girls would still be in proximity after they finish their deranged baboons let out of the zoo for the night act. The power of RSD marketing means a lot of daygamers, whoops mean approach monkeys, have taken on a similar strategy manifesting in spamming girls with bizarre OTT approaches.

      We all have to filter to some extent of course, but the difference between a filter feeder and a daygamer is that the latter use skill in set while the former just relies on a numbers game (and therefore their numbers are enormous).

      • Janka’s game is adapted to his good looks. You can’t beat up on a guy because he is fundamentally very attractive to girls, knows it, and adapts his game accordingly. It’s a bit like making a cheap shot on a guy who isn’t attractive (am not just talking about looks BTW, Janka is a highly intelligent and well rounded guy) to girls but is trying his best to learn daygame in order to help himself. And BTW, Janka is as far from being a chode as you’ll ever meet.

        The guys who do deserve criticism are those who have allowed the feminisation of western culture to lure them into the kind of solipsistic thinking that women used to have a monopoly on. Thus sprang elliot rodger, puahate and some disgruntled characters on the Roosh forum searching for the ‘pussy paradise’. These are the guys who refuse to adapt their game to the circumstances, because they can’t let go of the remnants of the social conditioning of blue pill equalist thinking.

        The first step in doing this (adapting your game) is recognizing the context of the game and the player you are trying to learn something from. The second step is to actually go out and try some of the things you have learnt. A Blankety Mont Blanc chequebook and pen to the first guy who posts saying he tried Sasha Daygame’s comedy toutine burlesque and got laid.

      • That’s unfair to Janka. Janka was doing this from 2003 to 2009; before Krauser even started and before Yad invented his now famous model. At the time daygame was not as developed as it is now. The best at the time was John Sinn who had a system which retained some Mystery Method routines while adding in some of Juggler’s (Wayne Elise) conversation methods. It was not as good as the LDM.

        Janka certainly leveraged his looks and NYC traffic. He used what I now call a “Tinder day game model”. Basically short sets that show core masculine polarity combined with confidence and good conversation skills. Then on top of that he pioneered the “Zero Date Bang” to use an expression from Roosh’s forum. He mass texted and screened for girls who are DTF. Janka’s system was, imo, better than anything out there today IF you are a tall good looking guy. If I were 23 again, I would use it for the bulk of my approaches and use something like the LDM or Wayne’s Domino Effect if I was interested in either an SDL or “that particular girl”.

        As for his wife, she’s higher than a 6 imo but it doesn’t matter. He got older and he wanted to settle down. There is nothing “chode” about that. And it doesn’t change the fact that he banged many hotties when he was single.

        RSD instructors get laid off of day game even if the approach that they sell is devoid of any art. But remember that RSD is PUA directed at 18-26 year olds, a group of young men that doesn’t need much in the way of technical game IF they have good core value (which admittedly most of RSD’s students don’t have). If you are a good looking young guy with no psychological issues then you don’t need elaborate day game verbal structures. You can just go up to young girls and have relatively normal chit chat assuming that you can vibe and you can lead (ie GLL). That’s what the RSD instructors do and they get laid from it.

        Above average looking, above average height young guys can do the same without the LDM. Young men have value merely by virtue of their age. That lasts to somewhere around 26-30 depending on how you age. I can cry when I think about how easy it would have been for me to get laid off of cold approach when I was 18-25 (in retrospect I realize how many IOI’s I used to get back in the early 90s but cold approach was unknown then as was Game. Its quite sad actually as you realize that you had no chance at taking advantage of the post 1960s sexual free-for-all that was happening all around you. I am very jealous of young men today. They don’t know what type of awesome resources they have access to; ie Krauser, Torero, etc.. [Good comment. LDM is designed for Y-H-T. You don’t need that if you are above average 25yr old. Those guys are supposed to be fucking 22yr old hotties. My only disagreement is “Yad Model”. K.]

  15. The best has to approach 100 times to get laid 5 times. God knows where the average sarger is at. Its crazy.

  16. @ cad and bounder …

    1) Janka is married now so any discussion of his game has to be framed in the past tense.

    2) He didn’t have much game in the first place .. as I said he opened indirectly, often using a ruse of being lost or looking for something, then made rapport chat for 2 minutes, then closed under false pretences. This is avoidance. You may think it ‘worked’ but he gave detailed stats of success which were lousy on a % basis for a guy as good looking as him. It shows that a guy who looks like Krauser with game (no offense meant krauser) can outperform a guy who looks like Janka with no game (we have no idea of the quality of girls but I suspect K would win in this dept as well)

    3) He is a chode as his game was based using good looks and filter feeding … he is now married (a playa, really?) and that too with a 6 at best

    4) He may be good looking and have gone to Harvard but to that I say so what? He has squandered all the natural advantages given to him, after working for some one man and a dog hedge fund in NY for a couple of years from what I gather he is now an itinerant bum in London. Did I mention he’s married LOL.

    apologies for posting a link to a website full of crazies but they’ve managed to get a pic of his wedding which is quite impressive…

    • Your point #2 is all I care about and you are wrong there. He used indirect and then transitioned. He’s doing basically what Justin Wayne is doing today but a shorter version. He was having sex with 40+ women a year off of daygame, all of them young, most of them hot. How many guys can say they have done that? Chris from Gll and Jabba are about the only ones I can think of.

      Dude, who cares about his wife. His daygame career was a total success. He way ahead of the curve. He should be respected. Janka’s success takes nothing away from Nick. [Janka was good and had the right game for his strengths. Things have moved on massively, but he didn’t have access to modern resources because he was one of the guys who was actually taking the early steps in what would later become the modern resources. K.]

      • I can accept Janka was there very early, when game wasn’t well developed. However, why should we award him a handicap because he was early going into the commercial PUA industry and engaging in braggadocio on the Dr Phil show? He was still playing Good looking game, he was still filter feeding and his game if you saw it on Youtube was just awful. His lays to approaches count was lousy (he provided stats in his booklet). I’m not surprised as a hatred of women spilled out of sets he did .. a really off key vibe, which I would assume would actually repel women.

        You claim that “He was having sex with 40+ women a year off of daygame, all of them young, most of them hot”. How do you know this? You realise he was trying to sell his resource at the time right? This is a secondary problem with analysing game results, we can count things like approaches, to dates, to lays, but ‘counting’ the quality of girls is harder as it relies on subjective judgement and more intangible characteristics (facial symmetry, roundness of cheek and jaw, distance between eyes and a 1000 other physiological quantities all coming together in various permutations). If that wasn’t enough we have to take into account the looks of the girl vs. the PUA … lets say he is a 9/10 looks wise .. if he was picking up 6/7s did he use any game? I realise he might not have had to use any, but what use is that to anyone on here, who want to raise their SMV and is trying to actually learn Pickup? Sweet FA.

        Finally on the question of marriage 10*10 you say “He got older and he wanted to settle down. There is nothing “chode” about that”. I disagree. If you are a player and understand the female imperative, why the f8ck would you get married? Essentially you have willingly given away your power to one women for the rest of your life (technically, although you can get a divorce but then you get f8cked in court). If the answer is children you could have a partner and a child with them. To enter into marriage is either because you are a blue pill sheep, a religious type or you got manhandled into it by a women (or a combo of these).

  17. Agreed^
    That’s why i respect Nick(even if I’m undecided about the lifestyle). He’s a guy who hasn’t taken the easy way out in regards to the girls he’s approaching. An average looking guy shagging(by all accounts) hot girls with no natural advantages/abilities is almost impossible.

  18. Interesting to read RSD caters for guys 18 to 26. What pua forums out there cater for guys in their 30s?

  19. Johnny Berba is pure car crash… cringeworthy stuff, he could do with losing the Bobby Charlton-esque comb over as well. Just saying

    • maybe it just feels like cringe to you because it’s not in your reality that someone with his type of game can get success which he dose. I do think however his market is more for the insecure man/women. that’s really what most PUA’s are doing these days anway just look at michael valmont his doing the same type of marketing like kezia noble and I feel both are for the working man in and around thier 30’s these two are just full business

  20. Also he’s getting a bit of a fat cunt in the last video I saw of him. Christ…

  21. I love Tom Torero, really love him. But he got busted faking an infield, and that’s utterly unforgivable in my book. It’s like a world class pioneer in a medical field faking his test data, it casts suspicion on everything he ever did.

    • I still like him anyhow because his game is so sound… but it dose make me think if some of the stories his got in his first daygame book is fake or not…. but I still love what he teaches.

  22. Quite convenient how you all classify all the major non-white PUAs — Ed Khan, Justin Wayne, and Deepak Wayne — as frauds while the white PUAs get the benefit of the doubt.

    And then you have a couple people here defending Tom Torero (“BUT HIS DAYGAME IS SO SOUND!!”) even though he’s a proven fraud.

    Nothing less than what I expected from Krauser’s readership. Amusing, though, that everyone here believes that non-whites can’t have game and are all, thus, fakers. [Nice troll. K.]

  23. Interesting point of view pal.
    In response to Raj, getting married or not is a personal choice with no bearing on wether one is aplha or not.
    Women are not the same.

  24. this will help you [I don’t normally allow you Sluthate types to post here, but I’m approving this video link until I hear a good counter-explanation on the bra/no bra observation. K.]

    • What’s your explanation krauser. You praise ed and Daniels game. But now that it seems fake what do you have to say. [Isn’t it obvious? K.]

      • Not really do you think Daniel and ed khans videos are fake or not. It seems like you don’t want to criticise puas that use your LDM. Don’t be biased.

      • Not really do you think Daniel and ed khans videos are fake or not. It seems like you don’t want to criticise puas that use your LDM. Don’t be biased. [Don’t be such an aspy prick. K.]

  25. Hi Krauser
    what does yht mean?
    (LDM is designed for Y-H-T. ) [Look upwards. K.]

  26. younger hotter and tighter

  27. ok thanks john then for yht.
    Krauser: why then you are disagreeing with “Yad Model? [Yad model = Act gay, talk fluff, take flakey number. What’s the point? K.]

  28. krauser answer the question whether you think these videos are fake, you claimed these guys have the best infields on youtube , the evidence is clearcut on these two, are they fake or not? [You have a shitty tone, you’ve misrepresented what I said, and you’re a stupid cunt. No. Fuck off. K.]

  29. Tom Torrero originally inspired me but i am sorry to say after his fraud videos I lost all respect for him. I know hes a nice guy easy to chat to. However to pay him to teach me day game never. Had coaching sessions with Hayley Quinn great dating coach if you want to learn how to meet bisexual women shes an expert in this area. Despite what people say about Tyler i coached with him back in 2008 and he demonstrated his game with english women in a club totally blew my mind. [HQ is a total joke. K.]

  30. I’ve spotted with these RSD characters there never seems to be any resistance at the entrance of the sex location. Are American girls just sluttier?

    • I get paranoid when a chaste beautiful girl has sex with me on the 4th or 5th date but could potentially have sex in a few hours with the right man. In your extensive experience Krauser are some girls not ever going to have fast sex? I know you have been pushing R selection last couple of years but are all girls all really sluts? I know Im asking alot of questions do forgive me [Fast stuff is nearly always sluts. Sometimes you get lucky with a normal girl. I’ve made a speciality out of going fast with normal girls but that’s a hard-earned skill and I still need to filter hard and get a bit lucky. K.]

      • Ah thank you so much for the clarity. Learning this stuff it’s so difficult to know whats real or not as the material out there can leave you confused and susceptible to bullshit

  31. A good example of a PUA who is misleading the public is Vadim from Honest Signalz…if you carefully watch his channel youll witness how stable the camera is when he interacts with women. Ive seen him live and he does have some strong verbal skill which he admitted that his verbal skills are scripted.

  32. Pingback: Is Deepak Wayne the Real Deal? Indian Guy ‘Fucks 25 Ukrainian Girls in 50 Days’ – Anti-Feminist Theory of Men's Rights, Male Sexuality, Feminism

  33. This post is ridiculous. Let me just repudiate some of the things you listed to watch for “fakes”:

    ” Extremely stable camera work with the girl right in the centre frame”
    This is easily achievable when you have an experienced cameraman with good camera and editing work.

    “The camera is already in place before the opener. This very rarely happens in real life because opening happens fast and usually the camera man is rushing behind you to keep up”
    Is this a joke? This happens all the fucking time when you spot a girl sitting down or standing still. You set up the camera and then you go ahead approach. In these situations, the camera of course would be already in place before the opener. Even when a girl is moving, an experienced cameraman would make a huge difference in getting the camera in place because he can anticipate. Read up some basic cinematography books. Where is that high brow British education gone? [I’m talking about stopping moving girls, which is what 90% of these videos are. Use your brain. K.]

    “The guy just doesn’t look cool enough or charismatic enough to get a girl like that to react so well.”
    So looks do matter after all. [Of course they do. Only a retard thinks it’s all subcoms or game. K.]

    “The girl agrees too readily to compliance tests when the guy clearly hasn’t done the right things to get that. Again, sometimes a girl is just so strongly a Yes Girl that it doesn’t matter, but if all the guy’s channel is bad game that gets the girl, he’s faking.”
    This doesn’t make logical sense. You already mentioned that people cherrypick. What if the guys just put footages of all YES girls on Youtube. Does that make him fake?

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