My interview with Street Attraction

June 30, 2015

I just recently came back from a three-week jaunt with approximately 1/3 of it in each of Riga, Warsaw and Prague. It was pretty good. I took the anal virginity of a hot 18yr-old in Riga (she’s in the video below but gentleman’s honour prevents me saying which girl), then SLD’d a Daenerys Targaryen look-a-like in Prague and D2L’d a Tania Russof look-alike three days later. It would appear the daygame gods no longer curse me.

My weekend in Prague

My weekend in Prague

The week in Riga was with Eddie from well-known daygame YouTube channel (and London coaches) Street Attraction. I’d watched a bunch of their videos and been quite impressed with their solid execution of the London Daygame Model. Don’t be misled by the sometimes comical nature of their YouTubing – Eddie does real textbook daygame when he’s in it to get laid (rather than entertain the subscribers). The boys were kind enough to offer me an interview and here it is……


  1. game of throne on the left

  2. climbing mountains vs chasing pussy, which one is actually confronting reality? My understanding of why for you each new lay is less satisfying than the previous one is that it’s all pointless. Your life is totally empty and pointless and five years from now these immature girls who might find it exciting right now will soon find you creepy and get you arrested. You have mother issues. [You can’t bang hotties. K.]

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this.

    I for one actually would like to see/hear you put out more content revolved around just your inner thoughts on several topics.

    I suppose that’s what you’re doing with your podcast but I really gain a lot of value from it, not in a mental masturbation way, but it’s just because you have a wealth of knowledge and understanding of things and when you create content on it, it really helps for me to understand the inner theory behind all the action I’m taking….. and maybe 3% mental masturbation :p

    Anyways, loved this interview and would love to see more content revolved around your inner thoughts, specifically advanced theory. Keep it up Krauser,

    – Alan

  4. As a matter of fact, that’s not very difficult, considering that for regular people, sex is a by-product of having an actual, genuine, lasting emotional connection with another human being. Seeking validation through manipulation of immature foreign girls is kind of sad. Don’t confuse endorphins release with actual life fulfilment. All that wasted time pursuing something ultimately pointless instead of using your brains (obviously you’re not an idiot) to do something productive with your life, like charity work or making friends. Life is not a video game.

    • Nick helps other men improve their lives with the free content on his blog and asks for nothing in return. He is already doing more charity than 99% of the population.
      Although I suspect you will only approve of his life choices when he stops banging hotties.

      Tell us about the period in your life when you were banging hotties while gave you first habd knowledge of of “pointless” it is.

      • I’ll second that. His blog has has helped me long before he offered anything for sale. I’ll bet that this guy is only tuning in here as he has big problems with women and this messes with his version of reality and that’s apparently painful (ha, join the club -we’ve all been there at some point, the important thing is not to stay there). I see some version of this attitude all the time when I try, foolishly, to introduce some of these concepts and ways of thinking to my friends.

        Tom is the kind of guy who, like my friends, may get sold on natural game (discussed in this video), the appeal being that they don’t have to change who they are and face the hard reality of how this market operates – not a church social out there, it’s a market.

      • It occurs to me that some may be sort of oblivious to the hard realities of a market. Let’s put it this way – you are at a Farmers Market trying to sell your tomatoes. The problem is that the guy with the stand right next to you has bigger and better looking tomatoes. Your tomatoes will not get bought……unless you can somehow convince the buyer that your tomatoes are positively more d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. Free sample, a good line of b.s., being better at the sale, having some cool music at the stand, you gotta find an angle.

        People complain about hypergamy in women when all they are is market actors, like us. That hypergamy hopefully gets overtaken to a degree in a relationship but the essential dynamic is always beneath the surface.

    • You’re rationalizing why you can’t do what Nick does and using the typical shaming language. For example, “you have mother issues.” Rather than projecting your obvious problems onto Nick and others, why don’t you go approach women during the day? It’s not that hard… once you stop shitting yourself. And once you figure out all the other micro-vibe things that you have to have down.
      Wait, did I say it’s not hard? It is hard. You’ve managed to delude yourself into believing that doing it is wrong. I know many, many people who don’t have sex as a “by-product of having an actual, genuine, lasting emotional connection.” It’s not just men, either.

      Summary: chode can’t figure it out, has to go after a guy far more successful with women than he ever will be.

  5. I liked the part on “Micromanagement” which is now something I’m aware of….When I crash, don’t get the bang or the interaction peters out, I now look at the whole interaction and try to analyze it. I’ve become more conscious of what I say but also working hard not to obsess over every word—it’s part of an overall attempt to deal with co-dependency—basing my feelings on the validation of others.

    Yes, if you’re making progress and you see results, then you don’t have to worry whether you were leaning in when you should have been standing back when you asked for her number…

    Micromanagement is important at the beginning of your game journey, but obsessing over details may in fact hurt you more in the long-term as many guys tend to be goal-oriented and focus exclusively on the process instead of the outcomes….Enjoying oneself when talking to a girl is criticial—am I having fun? When you’re not, the girl can sense that and the cocky-funny stops being funny and just becomes cocky-annoying.

  6. Great interview. Despite not knowing you personally, you seem to be very relaxed and at ease with yourself: your vibe is really positive. After listening to your answers, you certainly seem to have one of the healthiest minds in all this PUA community. Your thoughts on looks, the manosphere, marriage, feminism and the future of game are really interesting (I’m your age but discovered game much later: you may be tired of game now, but you are really a great inspiration and motivation for men my age who don’t want to give up that easily). I’m based in Southern Europe (you’ve even been here in my city according to your blog) and I’m actually trying to translate some of your material into my environment… which is not an easy task.. But, like you say, there are so many types of game that one need to find the one that suits him and, if there is not any, try to bastardize his own version from several places. Daygame Mastery was a very good read, keep up the good work!
    Thans to Eddie for the interview, I did not know their stuff.

  7. Who’s this fella doing day game with a man-bag in this video? could that be the reason these sets were botched? 😀
    Joking aside, great interview and you covered some good topics. Thanks for posting. [Jesus, my daygame was awful back then. K.]

  8. Krauser in the interview something you mentioned in passing really struck a chord . That bit about the tongue and cheek psychopath act with girls. Today on the train where normally I would give an inviting look when a girl would decide to to sit by me or not. Instead I looked them in the eyes with a fake deranged expression, did they run away in horror no, they would give IOI’s not that I acted on them, but faking psycho as an inside joke is epic , they got it totally , thanks !

    – ST

  9. I’d be interested to hear what’s the reality of girl’s behaviour in Eastern Europe. I mean, if manosphere stuff is hyperreality and blue pill is idealistic, what’s the reality. How does a sexual life of 7, 8 or 9 Czech, Russian, Ukrainian look like these days between 18-24, do they mostly seek boyfriends and are mostly faithful unless top player (Krauser) comes along and she isn’t in love anymore, and it still needs expert game, do they have lot of one night stands when single etc. How many sexual partners on average they have etc.

    On one side I’m happy to be “enlightened”, but it made me quite paranoid as well, when I see a girl’s photo on night out with short jean skirt in summer, I automatically think “new cock” even though she is quite introverted etc, no coloured hair, no piercings etc. So this somewhat prevents me to enter even R-selected exclusive relationship. I’d like part of that naivety back, kind of, and maybe I’m the victim of hyperreality.

  10. Interesting article, Krauser.

  11. Hi krauser
    I don’t know weather u read it or not after a lot of encouragement I am in a bar .I don’t think I can be good at night game I think I will be good at day game than night game but today I realise something. I am fiercely loyal. I did stand up for my friend. I cockblocked all even the toughest Bully in the club I can’t believe it. As a krauser maniac myself. Imay be I am becoming yourself. As I know u don’t encourage ur followers to be like you . But thank you man
    I just think you helped me a lot. May be after 2 years. I will be able to show myself I worth it

  12. I don’t know. Should I be proud about it or should I be embarrassed. Damm I don’t know

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