Womanizer’s Bible Podcast #8 is up

July 13, 2015

I’ve been quiet for the last few weeks – again! There’s no special secret reason why, I’ve just been a bit tired of blogging and of Game. I finally finished editing my new video product and didn’t want to be too distracted from that. It’s still about a month away from release because of some technical issues with my streaming platform. In the meantime, to celebrate the 700th free blogpost, here’s a new podcast:


  1. This podcast episode was right up my ally, going through a lot of this at the moment so this was great to listen to and put what I’m going through into actual words and thoughts. Btw I’m in Belgrade now until July 31st before heading to Budapest. If you’re looking to be social why’ll you’re here give me a shout.

    – Alan

  2. The idea of pushing yourself. I feel this. It’s like I’m now in a place where so far this year I’ve banged 5 girls, , solid 7’s or above the youngest 21, oldest 32. I’ve made out with or otherwise gotten sexual with 3 more. I’m now in a situation where I’m trying to bang one of the girls or a few of the girls in my rotation. The benefits are I’m way more calm and chill. But the downside is i’m always “pipelining”…it’s like i’m trying to line up the next one. It’s almost a hustle mentality, if I miss a week without a bang i’m thinking: “Am I slipping?” This is a great podcast that goes into that.

  3. Roosh touched on the subject of having a limit on how many approaches you can do in a lifetime and how the idea of growing old as an eternal playboy was flawed. If you had told me this at the beginning of my daygame journey I would never have believed it. But now I have discovered absolute truth in this matter.
    When I first started daygame it is was because I was genuinely horny and I fantasied about certain girls that I desperately wanted to have sex with. As time drew on daygame just became an unenjoyable part of my life. I struggled to come to terms with these feelings but the truth I was hiding from myself was that I just didn’t have any more approaches left in me. After I had slept with around 100 women (Although I think I could and should have stopped at 50) I simply wasn’t that bothered anymore. The monkey on my shoulder was gone and women didn’t excite me like they had before. I was chasing them simply to satisfy my ego.
    I secretly hoped that girls would flake because deep down I really couldn’t be bothered to go on date and ride the emotional rollercoaster one more time, or perhaps because I didn’t want to disappointment yet another girl once I go bored of her. These things were keeping me awake at night.
    I couldn’t believe that my favourite past time had actually gotten old. I simply couldn’t be bothered to approach any more women however I found comfort in walking down the street and accepting the fact that I don’t need to approach that hot girl anymore. It was like being reborn into my old life.
    However there is a huge sense of loss because I had accomplished something in daygame that I thought would be a life long …. But it is simply not sustainable. Humans adapt and not because you don’t like women anymore but simply because you’ve eaten too many of your favourite biscuits. In a way I was much happier before I discovered pickup as I had a slow trickle of women to quench my thirst just enough to leaving me wanting more.I also very much enjoyed relationships with women. Gorging on anything as much as it feels like a good idea at the time is not natural and as a consequence I become bored of it and burnt out.
    As a result I even find it quite hard to have proper bonding relationships anymore. I read a brilliant tweet from Bodi that a daygamers pair bonding receptors become fried because of too many women. AS you said ,guys definately need to go on this journey if they so want it, but for the likes of you and I it leaves a lot of unanswered questions about where to go from here. I too know I still want to do daytime but I need to somehow find a true desire to do it again which I have so far unsuccessfully managed due to complete lack vibe protection. May favourite podcast so far. Cheers. [I don’t think my ennui is as extreme as this description, but the basic themes seem about right to me. K.]

    • I think going through this phase isn’t as bad as people think it is and is actually healthy.

      Every man needs to eventually go through it so he can finally unshackle himself from pussy and to finally give him the control he needs to focus on other areas of his life and to be the man that is naturally attractive. It’s at this phase where you become naturally attractive. So things like indifference, stability, dominance isn’t something you no longer have to think about anymore because you just are. Because you no longer place pussy on a pedestal.

      I don’t think it takes 50 or 100 lays in order to begin to feel it. For me, it was much less than that.

      As far as bonding is concerned, I would say that will come in time. The next transition is accepting how things are and to let go of the things currently in your head. Most gamers and seducers are the way they are due to their calculating and analytical awareness. The challenge is making that transition from logic, to feeling. It’s something i’m personally going through at the moment and it’s tough.

    • I think of it like being a bear in a cave or a lion sleeping in a tree or whatever. If they’re on their own and not feeding their young, those animals don’t go out and exert themselves in terms of running down & ripping apart other animals and eating them unless they’re hungry. They don’t have egos. i have a hard time believing that a red blooded, healthy, heterosexual male can’t be well attracted to a hot girl after some time where he’s not ‘eaten’ and is ‘hungry’. Maybe that condition exists

    • It is difficult to speak for anyone but one’s self but I did hear a former UCLA QB tell about how he had slept with so many women that he just wanted to get married. He then found that he could never be as close to his wife as he wanted. It was at a Bible conference just for the record. Take that how you wish but I have also became less interested in pickup as I hit those goals I wanted to reach for so long. Not that I will ever be done with, I don’t think.

  4. Hello krauser,
    I read your blog regulary, it’s very very interesting but unfortunately there is nothing about “people in general” so my question is do you have/will do a guide or a book for socializing with people (men), for example as u have done with women, a programm to be more confident in jobs situation, speaking in front of people, asking for something, beeing open, smile, getting more friends etc etc i think you have perfectly undestand the dynamics between women and men, and u surely understand the dynamics for men but i dont see any book/article on your blog.
    I think a lot of people are interested in topics like that [You could try Marcus Oakley, the “charisma coach”. I can’t vouch for him, but I know other people who do. Otherwise go right back to the source – Dale Carnegie. K.]

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