What is a good vibe for daygame?

June 10, 2015

Since I got myself back into daygame in mid-March, my vibe has been volatile. Much more than usual. It’s triggered another round of introspection as I try to figure out a new level of optimisation. I realised I’d stopped having fun with it. I’d stripped my model down so far towards pure r-selection that I was now aggressively screening for Yes Girls ready to fuck quickly. With my narrow ping range, it’s a tough ask to find many of them. When I did, I could drag them through the model in a couple of hours but it was pretty far from optimal.

So, I’ve been trying to put more fun back into my street game. Here’s how that looks with two days in the baltics.


  1. Nice One; Any estimated date for the release of your new product? [Probably within the month. It’s not actually an infield product though. Just theory. K.]

  2. It’s hard not to be a giddy schoolboy when the sun is shining up there. It’s like a daygame fairytale. Going back next month, can’t wait.

    And that intro logo… looks like a new product is brewing.

  3. Long live the Kinks 🙂 Nice cover…
    Are you wearing Sendra short boots? I love mine, but they’re uncomfortable as hell.

  4. I’ll buy it, Krauser, but none of us would hate you if you did another infield product. Tom Torero, too.

  5. Nice video Nick. Brings the fun back into DG.

    I’ve noticed my session’s vibe is often at its best when I’ve checked one or many of these boxes: slept well, went for a work out, meditated, not stressed with work / life issues, and of course sun is out.

  6. Some of those women look real nice.

  7. You know a really sick product I’d like to see you do is a R selected date/bedroom escalation product.

    About 40%-50% of my dates lead to lays and after watching Overkill my dates are definitely more R selected but I think there can be even more tweaks to it, But what I’d really REALLY like seeing is the bedroom escalation….

    Without seeing your dick. HA

    The times I bounce the girl back to my place usually has a high percent that I’ll lay her but I still feel like my bedroom escalation can be a lot stronger and I think you could create a pretty strong product that encompasses dates/bedroom escalation

    Just a thought

    – Alan [I would, but something like that is on dangerous ground. K.]

    • Parts could be with an assistant or something. I don’t really need true infield bedroom footage. Dates, yeah, bedroom…assistant demonstration of physical game will do.

    • Yeah I guess that’s understandable

    • I personally don’t think it would make sense to release something like that because the whole purpose of r-selection is to screen girls who are up for sex. If they’re in your bedroom, it’s generally assumed by both of you that sex will happen. The only obstacle is making her feel comfortable, which is generally pretty straightforward.

  8. What’s the Black Book about? [I’ll announce it in due course. K.]

  9. Maybe what you define as push pull, matched pairs, the cathedral buliding…maybe it’s preventing you from next level. .Isn’t it kind of what you and Steve talked about, the losers idea of a winning man, the James Bond, balancing on the rope all the time, isn’t it ultimately a weak position? I mean, as an example, when you inject game of thrones in every interaction, as a “safety net” for the knowledge bit, or when you purposefully misinterpet girl’s name for the 100th time, isn’t it what truly bores you?
    By now you clearly are guided mostly by calibration, as you often say – in judging the girl, the response..but maybe you believing your raw SMV is lower than that of Steve, and that it needs to be compensated for by more structured game…is wrong. Personally I think you look just as good, maybe the belly could be smaller, but otherwise, yes. The difference is that Steve’s childlike intent comes out fully while you are sometimes held back by structure, at least in available sets. Tom still says beginners need routines first. I think this is wrong too, and it’s where this “problem” stems from. The unwillingness to focus fully on the undercurrent of the interaction. Of course you can’t “be natural, bro”, but this is sometimes explained as dichotomy when it isn’t, or discarded as “good looking guy game”.
    Like an example, let’s look at Tom. He had a quite detailed dating strategy – questions game, parody this, that, bamboozle…, he sometimes felt like an entertainer who didn’t get laid that much for his great “performance”. Now he has much quicker dates where he often plays The Royal Flush. Maybe the strength is in hard filtering itself? Gamey dating …maybe it’s avoidance, prolonging the date where it shouldn’t be prolonged, giving the girls exactly what they want, high quality attention, while dancing around the real moment of truth? Maybe the fact that you singal “I have options, I walked the path, and it got me to the point I wan’t the answer quickly, but I still enjoy the process” is stronger than any perfectly balanced 3 venue date where you give her a caleidoscope of emotions could ever be? You seem to look at it as “loss of fun”…while it may be just hardening the true core of the process, stripping away the last layers of BS. Respecting the reality. Not having a game persona and a real Krauser persona, even though Game persona takes the best from Krauser, they’re not the same…

    To me your journey looks like it started from a wrong place, obviously, as you yourself admit, and you became kind of “a man with a fish” routine guy first as in Primal Seduction example of “the wrong path”…not really, but the idea was the same. Now, when you have the reference experiences, the core belief of value etc…you just constantly use less and less flashy and more and more authentic fish, but it’s still a fish, which creates this artificial ceeling for you at the moment. Your game is still more concerned with optimising the net result, or percentage of getting “the bang”, than your standards and boundaries. I would ditch the fish. [I think you are approaching the right issues but I think you don’t understand Tom and Steve’s game as well as I do – not surprisingly seeing as I see it first hand over several years. Steve is massively better looking than me. It’s not even close and it’s not mindset. I tested it showing his photos to girls I’m dating and they all think he’s extremely hot. He simply has an extraordinarily wide ping rang and therefore filters hard and is reckless with leads due to abundance. Tom and I can’t do that if we want Y-H-T. We tried it. Tom’s “royal flush” isn’t a new form of game, it’s just an expression of the impatience you can have with silly girls when you’re in a period of abundance. He says in that podcast that it’s enormously risky and usually it’s just a filter to next recalcitrant girls (I call the technique “The Talk” in Mastery). The main reason I lost my love for the game recently was because I was doing the harder filter etc like you say and it simply didn’t work. I went back to my Overkill style and my results picked up again. Good-Looking Guy Game really is different and it’s only for the chosen few. Steve’s work on mindsets is extremely important but you still need to add game to get YHT. K.]

    • Thanks for the reply. I admit my opinion is influenced by unwillingness to execute complex models. I just like to quickly recognize yes/maybe girls. But some girls truly called me out on being too responsive in texts or liking them too much etc. when I tried to drop some of the investment dynamic game and just replied as I wanted, also dropped kind of “man in demand” subtle game and this also worked against me. But I think the mistake wasn’t in specific behaviours, rather slow overall progress to sex and change of dynamic where I didn’t keep it R, which is a mistake whatever the model. Of course if I kept the dynamic right using the investment techniques, I’d be the “mysterious man” for longer, but the mistake was elsewhere. [I think in many skill sets – not just game – the issue isn’t “do more” vs “do less”, rather its “do it correctly” or “do it at the right time”. Obviously I haven’t seen your game so can’t comment on that, just talking generally. K.]

    • Nick, you’re cherry picking and probably frame pushing to get the answer you want

      I’ve seen discussions on other forums about me (yeah it’s funny), where I’ve been described as “funny looking” and not significantly above average. Not by dudes, by girls who have seen my picture.

      My own Tinder results bear this out.

      Let’s not get into downplaying my “game” (I dislike the term because as you know I find it geeky and I favour a holistic approach). I also find it tiresome as it’s simply not true. I outperform based on what I “should” be getting.

      • @Jabbs we understand you still put in good effort since those of us who go out regularly see first hand how all men have to deal with women’s fickleness somehow.

        The point is not so much that you are Adonis and thus lack “Game”, Steve. It’s that in **comparison** to Nick your engine needs less HP to get round the track just as quick. You hug the turns a bit tighter too. The better looking you are the less stones you have to flip and thus the faster your lap times will be on average (meet to pull) assuming equal “Game.”

        Krauser’s got to take a different racing line than you otherwise he’s at a constant risk of binning it.

        Of course she won’t just split like a banana for you because of your nice jawline…I think you could agree to that.

  10. ^ where did that dude come from? I thought he had left the scene.

  11. What’s Y-H-T?

  12. I saw Steve jabba out and about a few years back and thought what the fuss is about his looks? He is only slightly above average looks wise (he may have got drunk badly the previous night and was not looking his best self or something).

    But you would have thought If a guy is below average looks wise (say red pasty faced, double chin, horse like face and stuff), it will have a (negative) effect. Along with other stuff like being a race that is perceived as a lower value, height, build and so on.

  13. whats with the cowboy boots dude??

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