I’m a Man In Demand! – Interview with Christian McQueen

May 29, 2015

I’ve been quiet of late – I’m a bit tired of the game, and I’m trying to get a new video product finished – but I haven’t been completely out of it. Christian McQueen (he of the Vegas hangover experience and Alpha Playboy) was kind enough to invite me onto his podcast. So yesterday evening we blocked out two hours and had at it. I’m pretty happy how it turned out. We discuss daygame, players lifestyle, radical honesty and r/K selection amongst other things.

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Man In Demand Podcast



  1. Great podcast and an enjoyable listen. It was a great dialogue between two great players and influential voices within the Manosphere and Game. Props to you and CMQ.

    I’ve followed both your blogs for some time now and have tried to incorporate and apply the best from each into my own life. It was always fascinating and inspiring to read about how two such different guys find success with women and the player lifestyle in their own way. Although you and CMQ operate in vastly different circumstances / countries, have different personalities and run vastly different styles of Game, it was very interesting to hear the universal principles of Game and gender relations reiterated.

    Cheers [Thanks boss. K.]

  2. K–would you mind elaborating of the concept of “mixed signals” that you alluded to in the interview? in other words, it sounds like you’re suggesting that earning additional money (after a certain point) can pigeonhole a man as a k selected provider–but the same man, earning less money, would get more lays because women would simply accept him as an r selected bad boy. I’ve seen this concept alluded to repeatedly in various locations, but never in much depth. In particular, suggestions for how a man could/should allocate his time towards self development while avoiding the provider trap would be appreciated. Thanks. [I think you’ve already answered your own question. Just apply that principle to your circumstances. K.]

  3. Maximizing “lover SMV” specifically,, brutal honesty and the mindset of “quick sex is a favour that doesn’t lower her value and gives you options”. These are truly game changers for many intermediates.

  4. Hello Krauser,

    Thoroughly enjoyed the Podcast. What I found particularly interesting were your deeper thoughts on mindsets relevant to game. How did you come about these thoughts for example: you’re not lowering her value by sleeping with her/that’s the implicit frame that most men have. Is it that you analysed your thoughts on women independently then looked at the higher frame/mindset behind those thoughts or did they just come as epiphanies overtime from doing this repeatedly or was it reading particular literature?

    Really enjoyed that podcast.

  5. I’ve also been thinking about inadequate language is for conveying true meaning. For the longest while I thought you mean women weren’t tethered to reality in some metaphysical woo-woo type sense, Now after this podcast I’m realising you mean they generally aren’t required to do things that require specific results to occur and thus have to be true to what is real.

    Listening to your podcasts and reading your writing are making me think more and more about a woman’s perspective on events and why they do certain things. I knew on an intellectual level that the sexual world as is known by society is false..but really thinking about things from a woman’s perspective in terms of their objectives/pressures + using my own eyes to see what is really happening …uncovers the level of illusion most men are under…and has me excited to figure out exactly how far it goes..

  6. Been following yourself and Christian McQueen for years now. Podcast content was great and great to see you two on a podcast together, but you should have stayed away from 1 minute political rant at the end,. kind of ruined the podcast in my opinion as it was kinda distasteful and drew away from all the great comments up until that point.. [No concern trolling here please. K.]

  7. Was a great podcast I enjoyed it mate.

  8. You have an interesting way of making navel gazing practical. I especially liked the parts on entitlement and radical honesty.

  9. Nice interview.
    Just don’t agree with the comments about David DeAngelo. I don’t know what his lay count is, And I don’t care. He’s an effective public presenter, responsible for some seminal concepts which now the seduction community takes for granted but which weren’t that obvious 10 or 15 years ago. One of his least known but best products is “Interviews with Dating Gurus”, where he really shines as an interviewer. “Boring” is a word I would much more easily associate with RSD guys than with David D. RSD guys have that unique ability of speaking hours and hours conveying very little content.

    • Ref “Interviews with Dating Gurus”, Brian’s interview is legendary. The guy should have his name in the dictionary next to alpha and masculinity.

  10. Totally unrelated to the post or game, but I had to post this…
    You totally look like Gideon of Call of Duty-Advanced Warfare:

  11. Quick heads up – this site and Rational Male have been blocked by Sky broadband here in the UK. I haven’t checked any others.

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