Beginner Daygame – Free Instructional Video

May 3, 2015

This really doesn’t need the hard sell. Tom and I have put together the perfect introduction to daygame and it’s absolutely free. Click below to watch a 25-minute instructional course. We take you through the simplified London Daygame Model (so simple there are literally just FIVE words you need to remember in-set) and provide multiple infield examples of each stage. If you’ve ever found daygame confusing then this will put everything into it’s place for you.

Okay, good stuff?

Yup, we know. Thanks. Please share this video with anyone and everybody who might be interested or entertained. We want this to get passed around. We want guys to milk this free content for every drop of daygame goodness. If you’re the type of guy who wants everything for free and thinks he can learn entirely from YouTube then this is your first port of call.

So are you feeling inspired? Have you looked at those hotties and thought “yeah, I want some of that”? It’s really not so complicated is it? FIVE words. That’s all you need to keep in mind to get going. Naturally, we’ve broken it all down into more practical steps in the book and given lots of examples. So, for a £10 investment you can have that too.

Book cover BDG

Get your full-colour 130-page Beginners Daygame PDF by clicking here

Yeah, £10. It’s almost a crime to give it away so cheap. Act quick before we recover our senses and add another zero on the end of the price.


  1. Ridiculous value for money. If you are a newbie and can’t spare the price of 2-3 pints for this then you have no business attempting day game.

  2. The pay pal module doesn’t load… I’ll try later.
    Paper back soon ? [I haven’t heard this problem before. Is anyone else having trouble with it? K.]

    • Wasn’t a problem for me. You might want to try a different browser – or you’re waiting for the paypal page to switch to a document…it’s not going to, you’re going to get an email.

    • changed computers and now ok

  3. The logo (female silhouette) looks like a trap.
    Otherwise nice, might get it.

  4. This is not caveman game like GLL. He is alpha big strong and bold. This is more like Neil Strauss kind of stuff- caveman works for true alphas.

  5. Thank you.

  6. Excellent product. I’ve purchased the book now and I’m relieved that you have a product that simplifies the explanation of the LDM. One question. For the sets that you and Tom are opening in the video, are you using your advanced techniques as well or are you guys dialing down your performance to give the viewers a more simple understanding of what their sets should look like as beginners?

  7. Will there be a bound paper book available? If so, I’ll wait for that. If not, I’ll buy the ebook now.

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  9. Nick, what constitutes value to the women you’re approaching in the streets and who are responsive about it?

    You’ve talked a lot about SMV, but that’s only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is to know your “customer”. And the marketing strategy is obviously linked to the customer’s needs and desires.

    Could you talk about the needs you fulfill in a woman by approaching her with the mindset that you have as a pro daygamer? [There a 690 posts on this blog, including where this is addressed. Have a trawl through and you’ll find a lot of discussion about this kind of thing. K.]

  10. Hi Nick, I’ve ordered the new Primal Seduction ebook from Steve at authenticpua last month but not received anything, been trying to get in touch with him via email and the number given for the past month. Since you sell it as well, and know each other offline, is there any way you can get him to contact me at this email please? [He said your email address doesn’t work. Can you try a different one? K.]

  11. Hey thanks for the tweet and link to my podcast episode on your twitter krauser, I really appreciate that.

    I’m actually planning on doing a full on review of Overkill and have it listed on my site for my “go to” resources for going from intermediate to advanced in daygame. I’ll shoot you a link whenever I do the review.

    I also like the beginner daygame stuff you and Tom are doing, although of course I’m a bit passed that right now, I’ll make sure to link to that on my site at the end of my free daygame guide for “further knowledge” with getting started in daygame.

    – Alan [Thanks boss, I look forward to reading your review. K.]

  12. Hi
    Nick I brought beginner day game but the link i got from sigma wolf doesn’t work once I open that link it says “No payments matching your request were found.”. ??? Can u help me many thanks
    Saneesh [Could you please forward your proof of purchase (e.g. paypal receipt) to my email and I’ll get it resent. K.]

  13. I got the e mail I have downloaded it thank u

  14. Tom T is not a bad looking fellow, I read somewhere he was the opposite.

  15. Great Podcast #6…. Betas don’t feel like they deserve hot girls… that mindset is one I’ve spent 5+ years deprogramming with tremendous results…not just with banging girls but with other areas of my life. Demand respect and you’ll get it.

  16. This is awesome stuff guys! I just started day game cold approach yesterday…I did pretty well and got a few phone numbers, but it’s mostly improvising and rambling and without a real structure. I watched this video today, went to a mall and talked to a girl there, and something happened so I have a question–if you’re doing you’re stacking and she is not really returning the vibe at all, displaying uninterested body language, is there any point in continuing to try and get to the next step? Yesterday, all 5 steps came easily and naturally so I feel like if the girl is interested it will naturally get to the vibing and beyond because if she isn’t, she will deliberately “shut you out” from vibing with her.

    What has been your experience with this? Thanks and rock on,

    Drexel Scott [Game involves a large element of filtering. When a girl is telling you “no” – either overtly or covertly – it’s usually best to just filter her out. K.]

  17. Is it possible to get access to the 10 minute section you removed in DG OK Krauser? [No. There’s a reason I didn’t just release it online. K.]

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  19. Good sequel, also like the game during the day, the daygame has its advantages, for a long time had the problem of not knowing what to say, I filtered the I wanted to say to a woman, and that’s the problem, because I thought as much, but both the subject end up crashing and getting no subject to talk about with a girl

  20. Hey Krauser, why did you took this down, it was insanely educational, didn’t think there was anything like it that was this concise and to the point. Is there any replacements? Can we pay to watch the video? [Thanks. Tom and I decided to break our association. K.]

  21. shame it got taken down and im glad i still have the book cos now thats discontinued, it was a little gem…

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