Beginner Daygame – Coming Soon

April 30, 2015

Within a week all of you cheeky scamps are in for a treat.

There’s no “trick” tied to this treat. You won’t have to sign up for anything. I won’t be dangling a carrot in front of your nose and then leading you to enter credit card details. I won’t be promising one thing and then delivering another. This treat is simple.

Tom Torero and I have spent a year working on a video/book combo product for beginners. My business (Sigma Wolf) is known for colonising the top end of daygame. It’s where the experienced guys go to learn, and where *others like to find inspiration for their own teaching efforts. One thing I’ve never really done is create content for a guy who wants to learn daygame but doesn’t know where to start.

I’ve never done a beginner-focused product – until now!


Hang on a minute….. did I say product???? Sorry, that’s the wrong terminology because I’m actually giving away half of it for free. Yes, completely free. No catch, no bullshit, no sign-up page. It’ll appear right here on the blog and within one click and five seconds wait you’ll have it. That freebie is enough in and of itself to get you started with the London Daygame Model.

So the catch is the other half, right?

Nope. That second half is only £10 and it’s optional. Of course I’m pretty sure you’ll be unable to resist the urge to throw your money my way, but you don’t have to. You can pretend it never existed and still get your freebie. Oh man, I’m too good to my readers. I’ll announce more details very very soon.

* slightly edited from first draft 🙂


  1. Awesome. I have to credit you with helping me to transform myself and my life into something I had always aspired to.

  2. Amazing! I’ve been looking for something very basic and straight forward like this for the last year! What made me come to this conclusion is my shitty results despite doing a bootcamp and a 1 on 1. Also I recently hired a personal trainer in the gym and he was surprised at my horrible form and bad nutrition plan despite being very consistent with it for the last two years. This was like a revelation for me on why my game sucks and my gains stalled at the gym. I have to unlearn a lot of things and go back to the basics. I hope this product meets my expectations.
    Things I hope to see in this product / book is
    1- What to do
    2- What not to do
    3- How to do it
    4- Schedule for going out / how often / how many approaches / or how long each session
    5- Frequency of going out
    6- How hard should I push myself when I am out
    7- What to do out of set / in my normal daily life to improve my infield experience.
    8- When and How often should I breakdown my interactions and to what scope / level / degree. (this is important for me because if i over do it I go in my head)
    9- When to take rest days or what are the signs that I need to take a day off

  3. Thanks for doing this, K.

    Going through your old posts, I read about the time you consulted with someone called Skeletor. Any idea if he still consults? Couldn’t find a way to get in touch with him online. I’m in a similar rut as you were at that time.

    Cheers. [email me and I’ll pass it on to him. K.]

  4. It’s amazing how much free content Nick and TT continues to give back to the day game community via podcasts, blog posts, videos to help new and intermediate level guys alike. I have learned a lot from him in the last few years and that’s why I continue to support him by purchasing products like Daygame Mastery and refer to his products on my own website for free. Even though I am past the beginner level myself, I am looking forward to the release of this one because it’s important to keep the fundamentals sharp.

  5. Krauser

    Do you think a fat guy who’s a virgin in his early 30s is hopeless man?

    Can lost time be made up for in terms of socialization?

    What do you think of some guys going hard on the p4p who are extremely frustrated just to get past intial mental blocks- some guys have recommended this to me.

  6. Any plans on making it an affiliate marketed product? I got my own little blog and offer daygame coaching but have not created a product that teaches the basics. Would be great to recommend a begginers daygame product to the newbees that contact me for training. [I’m thinking about it, but nothing decided yet. K.]

  7. Fantastic. Looking forward to it. Thanks for all the great info.

  8. Good idea. This will give u an idea of who is taking free content and then not buying (numbers). Problem is, business model wise, there is so much to be had for nowt why pay for it? The money is in personal stuff with people with money to burn. Bootcamp stuff, but one on one. Im all over the shop but if I want to sort this out, like I have with other stuff, I can work it out myself with whats freely available. If you want money transfer to the women area, easier to manipulate 😉 That Mark Manson abandoned all this for the safety of “life improvement”. Full of shit, but if his bottom line is better does he give a fuck.

  9. How about a bonus video? You and Tom doing a commentary on one of Berber’s videos.

  10. Found this…a good summary of the “Sigma” as “maverick”…

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