Womanizer’s Bible Podcast #4 – Overcoming Princess Behaviour

April 29, 2015

Last week’s podcast is a case study when I talk about a recent lay which was very unusual. This 24-year old Serbian girl threw everything at me from the Silly Buggers playbook and a few additional difficulties: poor English, different country, very busy at work, ignoring texts, blowing hot and cold. It was worth it in the end because she’s rather hot. Click below for the podcast and head over to my channel to subscribe and you’ll see Podcast #5 featuring the notorious legendary Tom Torero.


  1. Just listened to your number 5 podcast – that was another level. Possibly the most biologically congruent type of daygame? My God what lives you pair lead. Wonderful stuff. Also, your presenting skills have improved 10 fold – real smooth and relaxed, K.

    Cheers. [Thanks boss. K.]

  2. For podcast #4 I related to this a lot. I’ve had a few of these girls I’m gaming just constantly cancel or throw tons of shit-tests only to bang them in the end. The latest one was a 29 year old teacher I met on OKC. I gamed her….she was hot, cold, on off…here, not here…I never lost frame but I didn’t pander. Finally two weeks ago I texted her after a party I was at. She was in the vicinity. We met at 3am and came over to my place. More shit tests followed…including her confronting me with a screen grab of me sending her friend the same OKC greeting I send to all girls…I just laughed it off and said “Don’t be jealous”. In the end I banged her. She now wants to meet up again. My own strategy was not to pander or pedestalize but also not to totally give up. I just put her on the back burner and contacted her again after a few weeks. I was bothered by whether I was over-investing. Does the end justify the means? Your post here was insightful. I wasn’t chasing but at the same time I didn’t give up. Asking a girl out or suggesting an activity isnt’ chasing. leaving it and then following up or waiting for her to follow up….that for me was the IOI I needed to continue. If a girl says “I’m not free this week” and doesn’t offer an alternative it’s a judgment call. I may follow up one more time and based on the tonality of the second response decide how to proceed. If I get two shut outs…next. But then again I take into consideration: quality of my initial interaction, her tonality, her personality type, the tonality of her responses, the timing/frequency of her responses….It’s too easy to say “NEXT’….context is king here.

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