Womanizer’s Bible – The gold continues to drop

May 10, 2015

I’ve just uploaded the seventh of my deep-theory Womanizer’s Bible podcasts onto my YouTube channel. Go here to find them. That’s now over four hours of free content covering these topics:

#1 – From Intermediate to Advanced Game

#2 – The Balance Between Nice Guy and Bad Boy

#3 – The Solo Daygame Mindset

#4 – Overcoming Princess Behaviour (lay report)

#5 – How To Catch The Teenage Virgin

#6 – Feel Entitled To Younger, Hotter, Tighter

#7 – How To Do Real Bouncebacks (infield)

As usual, I suggest you subscribe to my channel to get first access to these as they are released.


  1. Everyone is gold. Especially enjoyed your discussion with Tom on set pieces. Any chance Steve Jabba will grace us with his presence? Or perhaps the legendary Jambone or Bojangles?

    Here are a couple questions I hope make it to the podcast one day: Krauser, how important is it in your opinion for someone serious about DayGame to seek out and find new game based/alpha social circles like you did with RSG. How feasible is it for someone to learn this in a bubble/completely transforming themselves while keeping a non-game social circle? Also, WHEN should people pay for coaching? Like direct coaching as opposed to the purchase of books and other materials. AND how would you go about looking for these groups, considering forums have the very serious problem of attracting the type of people that usually do terribly with women?

  2. How about a Podcast Episode on Inner Game Krauser? [There’s already been several. K.]

  3. Hey Krauser, most of your podcasts have been from abroad. How bout a how to do a Eurojaunt podcast? Going through how to structure the days, nights, etc so you are as efficient as possible. Differences between doing it solo or with wings, inc pros and cons of both. You could probably do a whole series on the topic! [Perhaps, but you can assemble this yourself from the Target Acquisition chapter of Mastery and then parts of Flowmad. K.]

    • One about that would be awesome, including costs, accommodation and travelling tips, Ive been thinking about doing a trip like this myself and Ive been wondering how much it would cost me, you can always estimate but this would be first-hand.

  4. Great stuff. All of them are quality.

    Best are the two with Tom, Princess behaviour and this one

    The 4th wall observer/participant concept is fascinating

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